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  1. I know you guys arent the devs but bear with me.

    Looking at it from a Common sense and lore perspective, it kind of irritates me that if you kill even once in a desolate and lawless wateland and die, you are taken to jail.

    while at the same time, you have the freedom to kill 6 times or more in a completely populated and civilised part of the world, without any reprecussions.

    It seems quite opposite doesnt it? I mean, the empty desert has guards that are somewhere invisible and suddenly appear when we die to take us to jail, and the country which actually has guards patrolling the roads just watch people get killed and go like, 'Ayy bro, imma give you 5 more chances atleast to get straight ya hear!?'

    To me, it makes MUCH more sense that if you are red ad killed in Balenos/serendiah/calpheon/mediah you get taken to jail. and then have the desert in valencia as a completely lawless location. PK all you want, go -1mill karma, no concequences.

    Things make sense like that.
  2. http://black.game.daum.net/black/guide/introduce/index.daum

    There is a massive amount of lore within these pages that we have yet to see in-game, including a ton of lore pertaining to Kamasylvia (the last button) that we can't find in any other source.  I understand that BDO NA/EU has recently gotten its own translation team, and this has been something major missing from the beginning.  I had asked for this prior, but it was much earlier on and was likely passed over due to other urgent matters and suggestions.
    @CM_Aethon I'm not sure if you could pass this along in any way or not.  But now that BDO NA/EU seems to be focusing more on translation accuracy as well as proper storytelling—I think this is potentially very integral and perhaps something lost along the way.  I don't know who else to contact about this, so you were the natural ping!

    Das Team der deutschsprachigen Rollenspiel-Plattform www.bdo-rollenspiel.de hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, das Rollenspiel auf Black Desert Online zu fördern und zu unterstützen. Es wird eine Plattform offeriert, auf der deutschsprachige Rollenspieler miteinander interagieren und sich austauschen können.

    Was können wir euch bieten?

    Unter anderem folgendes:
    Eine vom Tätigkeitsfeld klar getrennte Administration und Moderation.Eine neutrale und strukturierte Moderation.Eine Bibliothek für die Lore von Black Desert OnlineEinen Vorstellungsbereich für eure CharaktereEinen Ankündigungsbereich für Events und aktuell stattfindendem Rollenspiel.Einen Gallerie für Handmade-Kunst sowie Screenshots.Die Möglichkeit Unterforen für deine Gilde oder dein RP-Projekt zu beantragen…Und vieles, vieles mehr.

    Schaut einfach vorbei und unterstützt uns bei der Tätigkeit die deutschsprachigen Rollenspieler zusammenzuhalten und somit unter einem Banner zu vereinen.

    Euer www.bdo-rollenspiel.de -Team
  4. Post on Elf lore in Off-Topic

    By Ama, posted
    How could the sun elves fight with moon elves if they were so cute.
    It doesn't make sense since although the kamaslyvan tree gave lots of power, true power comes from ones own cuteness.. maybe the young elves were too narrow minded to see this?

    what would you do if you were in the war.
  5. So I was wondering if anybody knows if there is any lore behind the node war and territory fights we do each week. Is it as simple as guilds just being a bunch of mercs with a warlord running around conquering areas and taxing the people or is there more to it?
  6. I bet im not the only one whos noticed this but there's a pretty big landmass across the Sea of Valencia which is west of Valencia City and on the shore of Arehaza town.
    I looked at the concept art for the map and there's not "supposed" to be water there ( although this isn't an issue as concept art =/= finished product ) 
    Still, I found it interesting and leads me to wonder what kindof content we could meet there once it gets added in the game ( which isn't going to be anytime soon as they already have tons of stuff coming and planned ) 

  7. So Korea's latest update includes the port city of Raht, which is a part of the new Haso Kingdom. As you can see, it has an asian theme, and there is speculation that the 'foreigner' classes are from this place:

    also at the end of the trailer:
    As a Musa and Ninja player I would love to get some more backstory about the origins of my characters. I tried googling it, but there is not much info out there. Does anyone know if there is some lore available on either Raht city or the Haso Kingdom? . If so , let's collect it here.
    As a sidenote, does this mean we are from the near north-west instead of the far east?!

  8. who is this guy? btw im here, i really want to know

    EDIT: I found another one


  9. BDO-Roleplay is a new community site for roleplayers of Black-Desert Online. Both the NA & EU communities are coming together to build a community that is supportive and welcoming of all RPers. To build this community we are reaching out to all who would like to be apart of building something special not just for themselves but the community at large.
    Somethings to note about BDO-Roleplay are the following
    Both NA and EU communities will have equal representations on the site. (2 NA & 2 EU mods along with 3 assists each)There is no site leadership beyond moderators, and moderators will be held to the same if not higher standards than membership with their own conduct.We are building our site lore, citing sources, and gathering an accurate representation of Black-Desert's Universe. Looking for those interested in helping out as Lore Gurus.   We are a respectful community of individuals with differing opinions, and we do not discourage that. We encourage transparency and openness and no one will be punished for that. 
    If you have any questions about BDO-Roleplay you're encouraged to PM me, or visit our community @http://bdoroleplay.enjin.com  

  10. BDO-Roleplay is a new community site for roleplayers of Black-Desert Online. Both the NA & EU communities are coming together to build a community that is supportive and welcoming of all RPers. To build this community we are reaching out to all who would like to be apart of building something special not just for themselves but the community at large. We are a small community of roleplayers hoping to grow together. We have extensive forums,an Inter-region forum that combines our NA & EU communities to discuss game topics, weave stories, and make introductions! We also have respective NA & EU forum sections so that each region can post their own character profiles, events, and associations or player networks and businesses. We are building a Lore Wiki, it will serve as a comprehensive cited guide for BDO lore that everyone is welcome to use and volunteer information. 
    Somethings to note about BDO-Roleplay are the following
    Both NA and EU communities will have equal representations on the site. (2 NA & 2 EU mods along with 2 assists each)There is no site leadership beyond moderators, and moderators will be held to the same if not higher standards than membership with their own conduct.We are building our site lore, citing sources, and gathering an accurate representation of Black-Desert's Universe. Looking for those interested in helping out as Lore Gurus.   We are a respectful community of individuals with differing opinions, and we do not discourage that. We encourage transparency and openness and no one will be punished for that.If you have any questions about BDO-Roleplay you're encouraged to PM me, or visit our community @http://bdoroleplay.enjin.com  
  11. We are DragonLore, a gaming community founded 10 years ago. For an overview of what we do please visit our website at dragonlore.eu or join our forum’s.
    In BDO we are an all aspect guild playing on Croxus and we offer an active community. We do weekly guild events and missions. We are looking for active players with no extra requirements. Teamspeak is recommended but not mandatory.
    If you’re interested you can find all the info you need on our website. Join our forums or join our Teamspeak now! You can also just reply on one of our frequent recruitment massages on Mediah C1 or whisper me in-game (Helyan)
  12. On BDO KR's website, there are lore articles around that describe the world of BDO's major countries and goings-on.  I'm speaking of the ones here.  These are articles describing the history of Calpheon, Mediah, Valencia, Serendia.  We also see lore articles on the Awakenings which reveal a great deal more than just the Awakening's histories such as this.
    Though many people have done their best to translate these, it would be best (in my own opinion) if we get these articles translated for our version of the game so that we can get the information directly from the source.  There are a lot of names listed, for instance, that we can't transliterate because of the usage of Korean characters and the difference in sounds from Korean to English.  Obviously, these could (and should!) get translated to German and French as well.  They are a wonderful lore source that tell a coherent story and reveal a lot that we may not already know.  I think the game would directly benefit from having them readily available in BDO NA/EU's supported languages.
    @CM_Jouska, @CM_Tytyes, @CM_Praballo 
  13. I find it rather difficult to understand the lore and quests in this game.
    I would suggest to:
    Instead of having the dialogue bar say "next", write new dialogue that shows what our character is saying back to the NPC so we can easily understand and grasp the quest and situation
    Make the NPC quest bubbles opaque and let them last longer
  14. Hi guys

    At first i made this video for myself and my Twitch channel, but friends liked it so i finished it up and posted it on my YT.

    Im a huge lore lover, so i gathered all i could find and made it in to a story telling video.

    Its mostly from the Korean translations so i can’t take credit for the translations. (links in description)

    Hope you like it..... Part II is in the works

    Kind regards
  15. I am here to ask from members of the community who have delved deepers into the background and lore of BDO......
    Is there something in the lore as to why we have feathers all over our cosmetic armors? There are many sets of heavily plummaged armors and now horse gear, that its going to make some gatherings look like a Las Vegas floor show!
    Would be less irked if there IS some in game reason for this, at least!
  16. Currently, there is a bit of an issue many of us in the RP community are facing.  There are some very majorly apparent gaps in the lore for those looking to flesh out their characters.  With Daum KR's permission, it's my hope that Daum NA/EU can add a bit onto the lore for some quality-of-life stuff for us RPers.  Currently, there are a few topics we know nothing of:
    Are there Female Giants?There is no evidence of female Giants existing lore-wise whatsoever.  None even refer to female giants in passing, despite their huge presence across all human cultures.  It's for this reason I actually wonder if they aren't an all-male race, meaning that Giant men are actually humans, just a particular variety of human that only expresses itself in males.Are there Male Elves?A male elf was once shown, and according to rumor there were/are files for a Male Elf NPC in the game, but there isn't a single Male Elf to actually be found.Unlike Giants who can be handwaived as possibly human-born, Orwen is "Half Elven, Half Human".  We know that those deer people (Demibeasts) aren't the "Male Elves" as there are both male and female Demibeasts.  There logically should be a male elf, but we have yet to see one.  Is there a reason for this?Are there Female Dwarves?How long do Giants live?How long do Elves live?How long do Dwarves live?How long do Shai live?This gets a bit confusing, as the knowledge on Shai says they only age to be 40 and die, whereas two (or more!) Shai NPCs refer to the short lifespan of humans, and the knowledge of one Island-Dwelling Shai lets us know that they become depressed in old age because of their long lifespans and sometimes lose the will to live.  So we have conflicting knowledge on that one!How long do Giants live?Are there various Calendars per culture?  (A Valencian Calendar, a Far Eastern Calendar, etc.?  We know that there's an "Elionian Calendar", so we can assume that Mediah and Valencia don't use this.)What are the names of the months?  And many months in a year?What are the names of the days of the week? (Do we have the standard Monday-Friday, or do they have their own names?)At what dates do the star signs fall?  (IE, if you're born under the sign of the Sealing Stone, what time of year would that be?  The more specific the better.)What are some holidays and festivals across the continents?  (And can we see these celebrated as in-game events?)As a minor suggestion, one way to have holidays/festivals line up to the real-life Calendar is to make the in-game world follow our own calendar.Aaaaaand another teensie suggestion is to take out the "Christmas" event and add something a bit more world-specific, and to have more world-specific lore events.  It's one thing to have Saint Patrick's Day event where it isn't effecting the world and we just get some fun dyes and items, but with the Christmas events there are electric lights and "MERRY CHRISTMAS" signs everywhere that really serve to ruin the immersion for many.  An in-world version of Christmas would be much better.Does the "Western Continent" have a name aside from that?Does the "Far East" have a name aside from that?Are there more continents/countries out there that we don't know of?What are some current events going on in Kamasylvia?  Dragan?  The Far East?  Beyond?Different regions speak different languages, what is the extent of this?  We know that Valencians sometimes struggle with pronunciations, grammar, and correct wording through some NPCs encountered already, which indicates that they speak another language entirely.  There is also a language barrier preventing us from talking to a Far Eastern fisherman.Do Medians speak another language?Does (or Did) Balenos and Serendia speak different languages?Do Southern Calpheonians have their own language?Do Calpheonians have their own language?Do most know a "Common" language, and a local language?What are the in-world views on same-sex relationships?For instance, in certain universes such as Dragon Age, the view on same-sex relationships vary per nation/region.  You see one nation accepting it entirely, another viewing it as a "quirk", and another nation openly disliking it.  Personally (even as a Gay man) I find this to be the most realistic and interesting.What are the types of magic out there?Currently we know of Black/Dark Magic, which is connected to classes such as the Sorceress.  However, we don't actually know all that much about the "Light Magic" used by Valkyries, or other forms of magic in the world.Figuring out the inner-workings of these kinds of magic would also be helpful.  Are they simply different frequencies of magic?  Does magic have a particular power source?@CM_Jouska, I feel this is all pretty important stuff for the RP community (and people interested in the lore/story of BDO's universe in general), and am hoping in the future you all may be able to shed some light or release some stories (or maybe even some readable in-game books! ) or something to give us the information.
  17. Lorekeepers, Sages & Curious Folk
    Be It Known…
    I am Kyaerna, a Valkyrie of little renown but great faith... I seek the lore of this land, to scribe to my Tome of Knowledge. Please post your Sacred Links to this lore I seek, and I shall share with all!
  18. Hello peoples and things!

    My guild will slowly be trickling into Orwen over the next couple days and I wanted to establish some connections for comprehensive and intuitive Roleplay. With this in mind I've been listening to some RPers in-game while leveling and collecting as much lore information as possible. Some are forging stories coinciding strictly with the Lore of the game, while others seem to abandon it completely and make their own cosmology and cosmogony respectively.

    I'm not against intrinsic lore, but I find it's hard to keep the laws of the world constant and even harder to interact with any guild other than your own, seeing as there is a lot of oversight with what is known ICly and OOCly. My guild is coming over from Elder Scrolls Online which, despite what anyone can say about the game itself, has a deep and rewarding cosmology and a plethora of source material. 

    So, with that adieu out of the way I was wanting to ask if there is a network of connected Guilds that respect either the Lore of the game or their own source stories and culture, and which would you say is more prevalent?
  19. DAUM EU - Black Desert NA/EU Website Suggestions
    This post contains some suggestions about possible improvements and additional content for the NA/EU Black Desert website, based mostly on features of the Korean website of the game, surely older at this time, but including definitely more content that would be great to have also in our version of the web page.
    1) Game Information / Lore
    The Korean website at http://black.game.daum.net/black/guide/introduce/index.daum has lots more information regarding the game, its history and main regional aspects. It would be nice to have this knowledge included in the website of our version as well, and it would surely help promoting and introducing the game to potential new players, as well as providing a beautiful lore reference for the game for everyone.

    2) Interactive Map / Guild Occupation Status
    The Korean website at http://black.game.daum.net/black/guide/world/map.daum hosts a beautiful artistic map of the game, reporting many of the main in-game locations together with some beautiful screenshots, which surely give a wonderful idea of the beauty and variety of the different landscapes that one can expect to find in game. 

    Another version of this map also shows the current status of guild occupations on the server. It would be great to have that. Daum has shown great interest in guild sieges content in Korea, also periodically featuring short footage of in-game sieges on their official YouTube channel/website (see http://black.game.daum.net/black/pds/video/index.daum#1).
    I hope this will be possible for EU/NA as well, and that Daum EU will follow the occupation status of the main in-game regions with the same interest!

    3) The Wiki
    The Korean website at http://blackwiki.daum.net/ hosts a wonderful and comprehensive wiki of the game, containing a massive amount of information regarding the many many different aspects of this really big game.

    It would be awesome if we could get an English translation of this wiki, and have it included in our EU/NA website for the game.
    4) The Fankit
    Daum KR recently released a downloadable Fankit for Black Desert. This includes logos, images, icons, screenshots, and part of the Soundtrack for the game. It would be great to have that or an expanded version of that for the NA/EU community as well in the future. It can currently be found at http://black.game.daum.net/black/pds/fansitekit/index.daum on the KR website. So please keep this possibility in mind Daum!

    Really hope @CM_Jouska can have a look at this, and let us know if these extensions will be possible in the future. I'm sure they would be happily welcomed by the whole Black Desert community. Feel free to add your voice to this thread, especially if you want to support these changes or even propose possible additional improvements!
  20. So there have been some hate on the fish costume in terms of immersion and it just being silly. That it shouldn't be in BDO because it's just cash grab. that only costumes that fit should be welcomed......... i guess the costume is a little silly........... 
    However .........
    On iliya island i found lore that very much points to it being festival wear, that almost without a doubt justifies in the game via the NPCs own goddamn words. and the stuff on the island itself. First theres the fish statue which bares a very striking resemblance to the suit in terms of the fish used. both are of similar fish, hell i'll even say the same fish. Secondly Fishing and trade is very important to the islanders, just talk to the chief and a few others and they'll tell you. they talk about fishing as part of their very livlihood and have recently been upset about the decline in the fish population. Lastly there is mention of a festival about to take place a sort of anual celebration very important to the people, given the fact that there is a giant fish statue, emphasis on fishing, and son on i can only deduce that this festival has to do with fish and fishing. and what better time to wear a fish costume than then. tourist to the island would find the costume more than nice and would probably bring it to the mainland, and with such a reliance on trade the island would happily oblige.
    So to those that think the fish costume is silly i point to literal actual in game lore to say in your face!

    Before i justified it by saying its possible festival wear, a childs rain coat that became popular, a play costume (because street performances can happen in this world), a costume created by a grandfather/father for their child to encourage them to learn to swim that later became popular with adults, and lastly a superstitious suit used to bring luck to sailors, predominantly fishermen. not only that it is very obvious by the design look that the fish suit is made out of materials and with craftmanship very readily available in the game.
    but if the devs have anything to say about this, like if the show up and deny this then that shatters everything i've said 
    as you can see below would be the docks at which the ferry drops you off, one of the first things you see is a fish statue, and right behind my on top of an archway like structure that i climbed is another fish statue. Fish costume is cannon not a cash grab. FishXiliya island confirmed and shipped 
  21. Post on Lore Thread in Art & Media

    By ClearArrow, posted
    Hi there, I'm in the process of creating a mega thread for all things lore in Black Desert. 
    I really think there should be a Lore section also in community creations - that's why I'm posting about it here.
    So far I've started will all lore I collected during CBT2 about the Balenos region, you can find it here:
    That was the wrong link and the forum is being gimpy so I can't edit my post haha.
    This link: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/17790-massive-lore-compilation-spoilers/#comment-369897
    That was the wrong link and the forum is being gimpy so I can't edit my post haha.
    This link: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/17790-massive-lore-compilation-spoilers/#comment-369897
  22. Hey everyone,
    So I was part of the Closed Beta 2, and noticed that the one and only thing that bothered me just a little bit was having to either get on a horse or walk to my next destination. As much as this is just my thoughts and not just a request, I still think it would be a nice thing to implement.
    I've noticed that in some large, open world games like ESO they have a form of fast travel that is both effective and lore friendly. It was a system of WAYPOINTS and SHRINES that were spread throughout the map every now-and-then that players could use to travel the distance. Now I do understand that this could not be 'LORE-FRIENDLY' to the world of Black Desert (if there even IS a lore in the game), but I think it would be convenient to players who are stuck on a donkey or don't even have that. This would have to have either a quest or a challenge the player must do in order to make it active in that city. It could also cost a certain amount of Silver to be able to use the system too (maybe it could be taxed by the guild that controls that area). Another thing for it would be players would have to go and activate the travel point in order to move to that major hold too.
    Either way this is just me rambling after talking to some friends and playing the Closed Beta for a little too long one night. Still what's your thoughts on this? 
  23. Post on Lore Section in Suggestions

    By Vulfgar, posted
    I've noticed we are missing a very important subforum - a lore section.
    A subforum where lore could be showed, discussed and explained. 
    I believe the Black Desert lore is deep and vast. It could be very fun to read and discuss different stories/lore that happens in the game especially the hidden quest arcs. 
    I imagine it to be under GENERAL. 
    There's already a person who is creating a vast thread about the lore given to us through the little pop ups in the left upper corner.

    It would be fun to have a place where we lore fanatics can discuss it in peace and not be swallowed by all the cash shop outrage threads. 
    What do you think ?  
  24. Now I don't know about you, but this game has got me hooked hard and fast. It's the game I have been waiting for to truly sink my teeth into.
    The world is SO immersive and beautiful (reminding me strongly of my wide-eyed wonder while exploring the world of Skyrim five years ago) and I have found myself just wondering around on horseback during CBT2 wanting to see as much of the world that is available to us at the moment.
    Yet I find myself wanting to know MORE about the world, I want to know EVERYTHING there is to know about the world of Black Desert. History, locations, people, beasts, trade.....everything!
    I had a look online and I couldn't seem to find a decent website that had all of the lore compiled into one place, so that's where my idea for this thread came from!
    The knowledge section in-game is pretty extensive so I thought it would be a good idea to actually have it written down on one thread, so you don't have to be in-game to read it!
    This is going to be a massive task so if anyone wants to help please post on this thread with the text and the picture! Once it gets enough weight behind it I might transfer all the lore over to a website or something.
    I'll start with what I managed to find during my time in CBT2, beginning with as much lore I found about the BALENOS REGION!
    That is all the information I have on this region from my adventuring in CBT2, I will make sure to fill out the gaps once the game is out! I also plan to do the same type of set-up for the Serendia and Calpheon regions and continue this thread in as much detail as I can about all lore of the world of Black Desert Online - but it will take a while to accumulate all the information as I do not plan on rushing the game!
    If anyone has any more information/history/lore about the Balenos region, please comment below and I will add it in!
    Clear Elvenhein
  25. Un petit résumé des Valkyries et également de ce que l'on sait sur les dieux du jeu. Merci aux divers contributeurs de Désert Noir ainsi qu'a Nashuuhra pour ces textes, que j'ai légèrement réarrangés pour améliorer la lisibilités et regrouper certaines informations. Des modifications pourront être faites selon ce qu'on trouvera IG. Toute contribution ou relevage d'erreurs est bienvenu, envoyez moi tout ceci en MP!
    I. Les Valkyries
    Les valkyries sont nécessairement des femmes.
    Elles savent manier l'épée, le bouclier, la lance et/ou la hallebarde, et tirent leurs pouvoirs curatifs et de défense de leur foi. Après moult discussions, aucune preuve ne dit que leur pouvoir vient d'Elion mais peut venir d'une fois envers une divinité bénéfique (Lumière). Elion n'est pas le dieu principal de BDO mais de la fédération de Calpheon (voir point II). Valencia et Mediah possèdent leur propre divinité, Ah'al. Leurs pouvoirs de lumière viennent de leur foi (c'est précisé [NdlR: Sûrement en jeu. Si je trouve quelque chose je le posterai.]), mais pas spécialement d'un dieu. D'ailleurs, les renégates qui tournent "mal" conservent leurs pouvoirs.

    Pour devenir valkyrie il n'y a qu' une seule solution: entrer au sacro-saint collège des Valkyries de Calpheon, appelé la Sainte Faculté (ou Sainte Université). Cette école est une sorte d'école où les jeunes filles entrent dans le but de devenir des valkyries éprouvées et rodées au combat, au soin, à la défense et bien d'autres choses encore.
    Il s'agit réellement de la seule structure prodiguant la formation rigoureuse nécessaire. Le seul équivalent connu est le centre d'entraînement des "moines" à Valencia. Nous ne pensons pas qu'une valkyrie puisse être autodidacte. Par contre, des valkyries qui ne suivent pas leur formation jusqu'au bout, et auront donc des lacunes dans certains domaines, ça doit être possible. (lacune dans une matière, dans un art martial, du mal à canaliser la magie, ect.)

    98% des jeunes filles de la Sainte Faculté sont issues de la noblesse. En y entrant, elles y passent une grande partie de leur vie, on leur y apprend les bonnes manières, la danse, la lecture, la prière, le chant, mais aussi savoir manier les armes précédemment citées, la stratégie militaire, l'expertise des engins de siège, à gérer des sièges/attaques. Bref, à être des chefs militaires de très haut rang. D'ailleurs, sauf si elle préfère le soin, une valkyrie n'est jamais, sur le champ de bataille, une soldate péon. Elle est toujours officier ou capitaine, bref, gradée, en raison de ses compétences.
    Il n'y a pas de refus lié au lignage, ce n'est qu'une question de prix, une somme qui est élevée, même pour le leader d'une grande guilde marchande. A partir de là, il n'est pas improbable, bien qu'exceptionnel, qu'une recrue soit prise par arrangement ou par intérêt, en évitant la question financière (cachée une fille illégitime, par exemple). D'autant que la corruption traîne dans le clergé d'Elion.
    Pour ce qui est de l'apprentissage des arts (danse, chant), nous n'avons encore aucune preuve écrites IG à ce propos. Et plutôt que les bonnes manières, c'est plutôt le respect de la hiérarchie, en suivant une suite de règles strictes. Des livres présents, il en ressort fortement le côté militaire: elles sont formées en tant que guerrière d'élite, et non comme dame de noblesse.
    Des valeurs comme le sacrifice, l'intégrité morale (bien que des valkyries puissent s'en détourner), au service du peuple (autant comme modèle, que par connotation militaire comme "bouclier en temps de guerre, canne en temps de paix") leur sont inculquées.
    Sinon, c'est une troupe d'élite. Théoriquement, les valkyries ne se mêlent pas avec d'autres troupes, donc, ou en force d'appui. A voir comme un GIGN / Raid. Et si il advenait qu'une valk doit composer dans une troupe autre (genre Delphe), nous ne savons pas si elles prendraient la tête, sachant que Delphe possède une hiérarchie bien à eux.
    Il est possible de jouer une valkyrie instructrice. Faute de preuves, une nouvelle fois, nous allons nous référer à l'armée de Terre avec : Sergent Instructeur.

    ? Si on part du principe qu'une valk ne croit pas en Elion mais une force supérieure bénéfique, est-ce que leur magie s'en voit diminuée, comme les sorcières noires avec les Pierres Noires?
    Vu que même les valkyries qui tournent mal peuvent utiliser leurs pouvoirs, je doute que ce soit spécifiquement lié à Elion, sur le degré de puissance de leur magie. Pour le coup, je dirais que c'est comme tout: certaines personnes sont douées dans un domaine, d'autres pas.
    Elles possèdent une sorte d'uniforme un peu particulier: en effet tout le temps de leur apprentissage dans la Sainte Faculté, les jeunes filles (apprenties) doivent obligatoirement avoir les cheveux roux/rouges. C'est un signe reconnaissable, comme si elles avaient une jupe plissée ou un blason. Par contre visiblement, elles sont libres de les déteindre, une fois sorties de l'école (toutes les PNJs valkyries en jeu n'ont pas les cheveux rouges, d'où cette conclusion).
    La couleur rouge symbolise l'intensité du soleil, pour l'image combative. Il n'est, en rien, question d'Elion ou d'Ah'al. [NdlR: Il me semble que c'est lié à Elion, cette histoire de soleil. A vérifier.]

    Notes du contributeur :

    Voilà. J'ai utilisé le conditionnel quand il s'agit de choses sans éléments probants IG et/ou de simples déductions logiques/cohérentes de ma part.
    J'ajouterai que dans le collège, il y a des valk en formations qui sont... dissipées, voire ont carrément une mauvaise conduite: boire (de l'alcool) en cachette, faire des farces et bizuter les premières années, parler mal dans le dos des autres étudiantes, se plaindre de leurs enseignants, etc.. Bref, des lycéennes militaires (car le "college US/UK" = lycée FR).
    D'ailleurs, le coup des premières années m'a fait m'interroger: Vu qu'elles peuvent entrer très jeune dans le collège, quel est l'âge "normal" pour y entrer, et combien de temps dure leurs études. Car je vois mal des "dernières années" de 18 ans aller emmerder des "premières années" de 8-9 ans...
    II. Théologie: Les Divinités du monde de Black Desert Online
    Ce texte provient, encore une fois, de Désert Noir dans sa grande partie. (Source: http://desertnoir.fr/forums/index.php?/lore/univers/théologie-elion-et-les-divinités-mineures-r8/ )
    Elion, principal objet de culte dans l'Elionisme, fonda une cité entre le paradis et la terre pour gérer les affaires du royaume des hommes et y plaça ceux qui furent charger de les surveiller. Des exemples similaires peuvent être trouvés dans des histoires de dieux mineurs et d'autres mythes. Le point commun parmi elles est que Dieu plaça ces "surveillants" pour oppresser les humains. Mais on peut aussi interpréter ces contes comme un Dieu permettant aux hommes de vivre libres de sa domination.
    Eléments synthétique au sujet de l'Elionisme et de ses fidèles:
    Des missionnaires sont envoyés pour propager la parole d'Elion (Ex : Gray Briants dans la Ferme Casta).Les prêtres féminins et Elfes sont acceptés.Les enfants sont exposés très jeunes au Culte, par l'apprentissage de chansons dédiées à Elion.Les fidèles croient aux péchés et au repentir.Le Culte d'Elion se matérialise par des églises présentes dans le monde.Toute personne souhaitant suivre les préceptes d'Elion est acceptée au sein de l'Eglise.Elion est le dieu tutélaire des natifs de Calphéon, et parallèlement, des cités conquises par celle ci (d'où la présence de missionnaires et de prêtres un peu partout, bien que certains agissent par pure foi). Bien qu'étant une religion très tolérante, les fidèles d'Elion ont tout de même un concept d'hérésie très présent.
    Des fidèles à Vélia nous apprennent que, dans l'Elionisme, le souhait de vie éternelle est une hérésie, car ce serait un refus d'entendre d'appel d'Elion. On peut donc clairement imaginer que pour les Elionistes, il existe un concept de "paradis", ou plutôt, d'une vie après la mort. Néanmoins, nous n'en savons pas beaucoup plus sur ce point.
    A ce propos, la question fut soulevée. Quid des Valkyries et des Wizards/Witches qui peuvent soigner? Serait-ce donc un paradoxe dans le culte d'Elion?
    Nous en avons conclu que les soins étaient une volonté d'Elion, pour les Elionistes, que si un mourant était soigné, c'est qu'Elion voulait qu'il continue de vivre. Elion aurait donc droit de vie et de mort sur chaque individu, dans l'Elionisme.
    "Au commencement, Elion créa plaines, arbres et animaux avec la Pierre Noire. Finalement, il créa les êtres civilisés. Elion enseigna que les hérétiques devraient être avertis trois fois de leurs transgressions. S'ils échouent finalement à changer leurs habitudes, ils devraient être laissés seuls.
    L'hérétique va vite réaliser que la voie d'Elion est la vraie voie, et qu'Elion est le seul et unique sauveur. L'une des caractéristiques typiques des hérétiques est leur déni de l'infaillibilité des écritures."
    Quid des athées? Les athées ou agnostiques sont courants. Beaucoup de raisons existent pour ne par croire en Elion et dans diverses couches de la société, ou dans diverses tranches d'âge, il existe des incroyants. [NdlR: Je n'ai pas trouvé d'éventuel châtiment infligé aux hérétiques, ni le sort réservé aux non-croyants s'ils tombent sur un prêtre un peu trop zélé.]
    Ah'al est le dieu tutélaire de Valencia et de Mediah. On ne sait, pour le moment, rien sur lui.
    Hadum est le Dieu des Ténèbres. Lorsque l'Alchimiste Immortel se rend au château de Cron, il donne au Roi un parchemin représentant Hadum, et pour des raisons mystérieuses le château sera détruit. On apprend beaucoup de choses sur le Château de Cron et sa destruction dans l'Ancienne Salle de Pierre, que vous pouvez consulter ici: http://desertnoir.fr/forums/index.php?/topic/395-wip-informations-diverses/
    Herawen. Hormis une évocation de la part d'Orwen, rien de précis sur elle. Elle serait l'Intendante du Temple de Kamasilve. Plus d'infos seront disponibles dans un post spécifique aux elfes!
    Kzarka. Seigneur de la Corruption, il serait aussi puissant qu'un Dieu, et aurait été scellé dans une tombe près d'Heidel. Cependant, un groupe aurait tenté de le ressusciter, et depuis, le tombeau a été attaqué de nombreuses fois par les forces d'Heidel pour tenter de le reprendre, sans succès.
    La Fée des Dents. Une histoire de Serendia, qui dit que si un enfant jette une dent perdue sur un toit, il en repoussera une nouvelle.