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  1. I sold stuff on the market for about 4.4 milion, check logs please. I had that now all i have in storage is 260k. Can this get explained to me? where does it go? its not in storage. Please help.
  2. So, I can't seem to get to this soldier I'm supposed to find? The marker looks like it's on top of or in this tower thingy, but I can't seem to get up there. Any help?
  3. Hi. Today I wanted to go to Pirates. When I took out my boardship from Velia I was bugged. I was in the air. I was trying to used escape option but it doesnt works. Also after a few secs, I was dead and I pressed to revive in the town, i was in the same bugged location in the air. After my 2th death I finnally was to the near node. But I lost 2% exp and and my crystal =( 

  4. I received a T5 horse, one week ago, but once I log in today, he isn't anywhere to be found, he don't even appear in the stable as injured, what should I do to recover him?
  5. Hi my fellow BDO players mates friend whatever.
    Im not a computer PRO or technical team support so i might not know much but, my fellow guildies that had the same problem manage to fix their situation and im here to give some tips,( support team doesnt help so)
    although, i cant 100% confirm if it will work for you guys. But heres how it goes:
    #1 Go to your Black desert Folder
    #2 Find Version.dat
    #3 Rename Version.dat to config.filecheck
    exactly the word i put in, and when you Relaunch your black desert it will repair it with File check
    It says 49.89gb but really its just file checking.
    My guildies said this worked for them, im currently file checking/repairing. Finger cross hopefully it works and i hope it works for you guys too. 
    back, it workd for me btw
  6. Regardless of which server I try to connect to, I get a server timeout/unable to connect saying "Connection to the server has been lost".
    I've tried servers in both NA and EU and the issues persist regardless of how crowded said server is. I've rebooted and restarted my router, tried at least five different channels on both regions, made sure the firewall is off, no virus program running in the background and disabled Windows defender, but nothing helps. 

    Does anyone know what to do? 
  7. There are a lot of connection issues with Black Desert Online. I am posting another as the issue needs to be magnified. I have submited a ticket as well. 
    I downloaded the game the morning of 2/11 This was the trial. It took most the morning to download/install. 
    After complete, I kept getting a corrupted file error(attached) when trying to launch the game. I then followed the KB article (https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/210761289-Corrupted-files) - The fix for this was finding the corrupt file, deleting and relaunching the game. It seemed to do a file check and download that file. (time stamp changed on the file that was corrupt) ~ took about 15 minutes 
    After being frustrated, I was able to get the game to launch but kept getting the Disconnect Error about 1-2 minutes intoplaying
    game. I would click "OK (ENTER)" and it would close the game. 
    This was annoying as after trying to launch the game again and try a different server I would have to wait. (OnQueue - wait for 10 minutes) This happened the good part of the afternoon. (handful of times) I tried 4-5 different servers. 
    I was able to finally get into a server (NA_Velia4), played for some ofthe
    evening then a friend wanted me to be on the same server with him. (NA-Olvia1) After doing that I got the disconnect / on queue loop. I tried going back to the server I was on and it would not connect it would give me the loop again. 
    I was still on the 7-day trial and thought maybe the servers would take priority over free players vs paid players so I bought the Explorer's package. This made no difference. Now, 2/12 I tried to launch the game and I am still getting the loop.
    I tried to log in the morning of 2/13 with the same issues.
    When the connection issue happens I do notice other players on the server but I cannot hit "R" on anything...after 3-5 minutes I get disconnected.  
    I tried to disable my AV/Firewall.
    I tried to reboot my modem and router. I waited 5 minutes before plugging them back in. I plugged the modem in first waited for it to connect then plugged my router in.
    I do not use a VPN booster or any proxies set up.
    I am able to reach ports 8888 and 9991 - 9993 - I port forwarded them for the heck of it. Tested using : http://portquiz.net:8888/ 
    My internet Speed is 30 down and 5 up. I am reaching these speeds. I ran more than one speed test. 
    When I downloaded the game I was reaching 3-5 mbps. So, should I be able to play the game with ease? No...
    I am using WLAN with no option to use LAN. All people that have Wifi have connection issues? My wireless card is a Linksys AE6000 which is capable of the speeds. My router is Linksys and it is N. I went as far as testing my speeds between my computer and another computer on my network by copying a large file. Both computers are on WLAN. The speed was ~ 4 MB/s. The file size was about 600 MBs. WLAN vs LAN should not be the issue.
    I disconnected all other connections to my router. (WLAN & LAN) I was the only connection to my internet. This changed nothing. 
    This game should not be a LAN only game. 
    I downloaded this game on another system and it still happens using the WLAN card. This system was a laptop. I was able to plug this one into the LAN and the game works. 
    This seems to be poor engineering. I do not have issues with any other games on my computer. 
    Please get this issue fixed!!
    I'll provide some links to others that are having connection issues: posted between 12/01/2017 to now 02/14/2017. I won't collect the ones before 12/01/2016 because if I did there would be to many. 



    There are many more posted. This is an obvious issue that needs to be resolved. 
  8. Good evening.
    since this morning i keep crashing every single time i log into my character regardless the channel i pick, it keeps telling me connection have been lost or something like that; I know for a fact is not our connection at home because im not the only one who plays video games online here and we have 40mb of optic fiber.
    Thanks for your time.
  9. in awakening update.
    GTX 670
    amd phenom ii x6 1090t black edition
    RAM 12 GB

  10. I paid 30 eu and the game present this issues... Whatta hell.

    Otherwise, Hello there, my client stuck in "Now process" when i try to connect with my char / and after, server lost connection.
    I did da possible, deleted .version and repatched , deleted cache folder, reset router, port forwarding, dmz turned on, NOTHING TO DO.

    Just yesterday, i created a new char, and after that, was possible log into the game.
    Today, nothing.

    Who can help me pls? It's frustrating...

    Sorry for my bad eng
    up pls.
  11. Hi there!
    When the game first launched, I had a similar issue with the game, I could log in, create a character, but at the moment I logged that character into the world, the game would load it until the loading bar reached it's limit, then freezed for like 5 mins. (music still playing and cursor still moving), then it would crash to the main menu, with the message "Connection with server has been lost", if OK was pressed, the game crashed to desktop.
    That issue did not let me play for about the first two weeks or so.
    Now that I have some more time after my finals and I'm playing again more seriously, I have the same issue, but in a different fashion. I can log in and play just normally, but after 5, 10, 15 mins, more or less, the game does the same thing, crash to main menu, Connection with server has been lost, etc. And it's getting to the point that's is really getting to me.
    Any clues?
    I'll post here as well another small issue I have ingame with a NPC.
    Daphne Dellucci is supossed to give me a quest where she introduces me to another NPC in the mountains which continues the begginer Hunting quests, but she does not. I checked the wiki and the only requirement for her to give me this quest is to have completed the previous one (which consisted in shooting some beehives with a matchlock) which I have.
    Thank you!
    Bump and update.
    Is it going from bad to worse? Yesterday I tried to log in and when the loading bar was full, after a few seconds it crashed to desktop. I never had this kind of issue before. I reopened the launcher and the game, tried to log in again, successfully, but after 5-10 seconds, Connection lost. Try to log again, then another crash.
    After 5 tries, I could finally play, but seriously, I'm starting to get mad, I checked my internet connection and the disconnects have nothing to do with it, it goes perfectly fine.
    Yesterday, I played Black Desert. Nothing special. Then I switched to my brother`s account to level his ranger. After ~40 min I wanted to show him something on my ranger on my account.
    I logged in and as soon as I clicked on "play", the launcher said "You don't have access to this game". I went to the BDO homepage to check my account. There, it also says that I've never bought BDO (The list of bought things is totally empty).
    I contacted the support, hoping to get an answer.

    Day 945, still waiting.
    Day 1034. GIVE ME BACK MY -----ING GAME!
  13. I deserve some compensation. The game has been disconnecting back to back and as a result, when i logged back in (I was fishing) I was placed UNDEr the ship and I was NOT able to swim back up to get on.

    I died due to lack of breath and lost some fish and I had no choice but to be transported to the closest node which is on an island. Now my ship is stranded away from me. 

  14. Hi,
    I do not know if I am just crazy or if it actually a bug but I remembered to put my daily Bheg scrolls into one of my storage.
    I am always collecting them so I should have 3 scrolls by now in one of my storage but I am not able to find them. Nowhere...
    It seems that we are not allowed to store them on a wagon/horse/boat so I have no idea where they are. I checked all the towns
    It's the scrolls of sunday, monday and tuesday that are missing. I have the wednesday, thursday and friday on my player.
    I remember to place them in Calpheon but they are not here.
    Is it a bug from the Valencia update? Do you have an idea where they can be ? A place that I did not check other than in town?

    Thanks !
  15. Hi,
    Why The party member is almost same size and color then NPC on the Map. Very Hard to Find my party members when there away(far) from me..
    Please Change the way this is done.. You could Make it like the Quests marker - Vertical Highlight line  but diff colors(blue,green,yellow,pink..etc).
  16. Post on Missing Euro2016 Dyes in General

    By Jasonos, posted
    Hi all,
    Was there any patch today?
    Yesterday i dyed part of my Armour with black dye ( the one from EuroEvent ) and today, i cant find the rest of them? They arent in pearl inventory or in my palette... i used only one (black)
    Does anyone experience this also? 
  17. So I have been working on leveling a tier two female horse. She had the usual one breeding chance, I left her on autoloop for a while and when I came back the breeding chance said zero. This horse has never been bred. It has taken quite a while to level her up, can anyone help?
  18. I don't experience latency issues in any other game except Black Desert, which disconnects me every 5-10 minutes, with the error of connection being lost with the server.
    I was trying to do the Cherry Blossom event last minute, which requires the player to stay logged in the whole time in order to allow the crops to grow (terrible feature when the game has this many connection issues). Lowering my graphics down completely and not moving at all in-game bumped up the disconnects to every 20-25 minutes. After a painful day of constant reconnects, the trees were finally ready to harvest. I harvested them, lagged, and got disconnected like usual. Logged back in, trees are gone and I have no petals to show for it (or more like, only one of the trees counted before the lag kicked in). 
    Was hoping this issue had been resolved, but a quick look around the forums says that many still experience these frequent disconnects. Any fixes?
  19. Field bosses spawn and they drop stuff.
    Rangers use ranged attacks and they shouldn't be so easy.
    Wizards and Witches use lightning, like, elemental magic, and it hurts too much.
    Enemies drop items that you can sell for silver, who tf thought of this stuff?!?
    The economy is going down the hole because the game has only been out for less than 2 months and it's still stabilizing.
    My Black Spirit stopped asking me to check out his teeth.
    Hackers hack like in any other game and that's totally unfair!
    My horse isn't a -----ing unicorn.
    My Care Bear Stare has zero effect on anything!
    People kill me while I kill innocent denizens of this land.
    I can't remember my past but gained great power in trading my memories.
    Something about rng.

  20. Post on Lost Horses in General

    By ReViiZe, posted
    So, i tried to find my tier 5 horse today in my stable. I used it last night and today it was gone... I've checked all stables, even checked if it was connected to a wagon which it was not.. Another guildie lost his pets today when he logged on. Can anyone please tell me what this is about? 
  21. So I created a tamer yesterday, but today when I try to find that character there is no such thing on any of the servers...??
    What's up with that? I tried every server and no tamer...
    Anyone else had that happen?
  22. Post on Lost saddle and stirrup? in General

    By Vyl, posted
    Hey everyone. I recently had acquired a saddle and stirrups over on the Pearl Shop using leftover Pearls. I equipped them on a horse, and now out of my entire stable(s) I cannot find both of those items. They're not in my Pearl inventory either. I remember selling a horse but I know for sure it wasn't equipped on that one. Is it all gone for sure?
  23. Schönen guten Morgen,
    ich bin gerade eben wie jeden Tag auf den Server connected und wollte mal ein paar Schritte gehen und siehe da... ES passiert schon wieder.
    In den letzten Tagen bekomme ich immer wieder Disconnects vom Server.
    Ich habe gerade mal sicher gehen wollen das es "hoffentlich" wirklich am Server liegt und habe daher mal einen Speedtest gemacht.
    Ergebniss: http://www.speedmeter.de/result?download_speed=204323&upload_speed=5959&ping=20&connections=2852 (200k DSL Unitymedia)
    Es hätte mich Generell gewundert, wenn die DSL Leitung dran schuld wäre, daher habe ich auch meine Grafikeinstellungen überprüft und von den mindest bis zu den max Einstellungen alles versucht.
    Übrigens selbst während ich diesen Text geschrieben habe bin ich gefühlt 3-4 mal Disconnected.
    Also, woran liegt es jetzt das es dazu immer und immer wieder kommt?
    Ich dachte die Server Hadware wurde extra verbessert. 
  24. Post on Pet lost in In-Game Bugs

    By Jonett, posted
    I bought the adventurer edition of the game, got the Pet via ingame mail, I opened the mail and "received" the pet.
    Once opening the mail, I never got it in my Pet selection or in my inventory? 
  25. @GM_Gemu
    @GM_Gemu For over a week straight day in day out since last patch I have not been able to log in. People who lost 4 days at head start get compensation but 8 days,  get told they can't do anything wait for next patch. OK, I wait, still same ole issue.  I paid for the game did I not, I have a right to play, yes. 8 days of leveling, collecting, missed an entire event. Ive gotten to play a total of almost 2 weeks. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, repaired, tried numerous times a time to get in, ran there little test, and as you can see my internet connection is strong. It will let me select server, select a character, then when loading in it disconnects. I think some compensation to myself and any others is due, as well as an immediate fix is in order. Tickets have been submitted. Request #68387 Being most recent.
    |                                      WinMTR statistics                                   |
    |                       Host              -   %  | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last |
    |                  dsldevice.attlocal.net -    0 |   50 |   50 |    0 |    1 |    8 |    0 |
    |23-126-60-2.lightspeed.lsvlky.sbcglobal.net -   53 |   17 |    8 |   20 |   22 |   25 |   25 |
    |                  -    0 |   50 |   50 |   20 |   23 |   29 |   22 |
    |                  -    0 |   50 |   50 |   21 |   23 |   27 |   22 |
    |                  -    0 |   50 |   50 |   22 |   24 |   27 |   24 |
    |                 -    0 |   50 |   50 |   32 |   35 |   38 |   33 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   11 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                 -    0 |   50 |   50 |   33 |   35 |   41 |   38 |
    |                 -    0 |   50 |   50 |   34 |   36 |   41 |   35 |
    |   be2789.ccr41.atl01.atlas.cogentco.com -    0 |   50 |   50 |   34 |   36 |   40 |   37 |
    |   be2687.ccr21.iah01.atlas.cogentco.com -    0 |   50 |   50 |   49 |   50 |   55 |   49 |
    |   be2065.ccr21.lax01.atlas.cogentco.com -    0 |   50 |   50 |   78 |   79 |   84 |   79 |
    |   be2160.ccr21.sjc01.atlas.cogentco.com -    0 |   50 |   50 |   91 |   91 |   96 |   92 |
    |te0-0-1-0.agr14.sjc01.atlas.cogentco.com -    0 |   50 |   50 |   91 |   92 |   97 |   92 |
    |te0-0-2-2.nr12.b007366-1.sjc01.atlas.cogentco.com -    0 |   50 |   50 |   91 |   92 |   96 |   92 |
    |                   -    0 |   50 |   50 |   91 |   92 |  100 |   92 |
    |                 -    0 |   50 |   50 |   91 |   92 |  101 |   92 |
    |                  -    0 |   50 |   50 |   91 |   92 |   98 |   93 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   11 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   11 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   11 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   11 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   11 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   11 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   11 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   11 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   11 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   11 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   11 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   11 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
       WinMTR v0.92 GPL V2 by Appnor MSP - Fully Managed Hosting & Cloud Provider


    Packet info winmtr (2).txt