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  1. Post on MMO Gathering in Suggestions

    By Foghen, posted
    Hi there!
    So I have this idea where gathering becomes a multiplayer option, where you team up with your mates and go gather some wood, timber, logs og what ever name you want to call it.
    Starting with the concept: 2 player lumbering saw
    What this will do is party leader will be wearing the saw in lef tool slot and use it on a tree then 2nd player in party will interact with the saw and there will be lumbering.
    The saw will have a higher yield than axe and a faster gathering rate since 2 players work together
    The saw will come in low durability white up to high durability yellow
    The will be craftable:
    White Rarity 5 Ash Timber and 15 Copper Ingot,
    Green Rarity 10 Ash Timber, 15 Bronze Ingot and 10 Black Stone Powder,
    Blue Rarity 5 Maple Timber, 15 Steel and 20 Black Stone Powder,
    Yellow Rarity 10 Maple Logs, 20 steel, 5 Pure Iron Crystal and 40 Black Stone Powder
    Which will make it rather expensive and ofcourse you will need someone to work with
    It will have twice the durability of a lumbering axe of the same rarity so white = 60 durability, Green = 120 durability, Blue = 260 durability and Yellow = 500 durability
    I also see this possible with a fishing net but they would have combined effects of rods so there would be a net with combined effects of Balenos and Epheria rod so it had auto-fishing time and increased durability OR Mediah and Calpheon with higher chance of rare and big fish
  2. The Character version
    OMG.. this video made me fall in love with BDO all over again.
    God, I almost forgot how much I love this gorgeous game.. 
    The World version
  3. Hello <Bloo> Guild again back at it with recruiting!
    Currently looking for active players who enjoy pvp/grinding/Node wars/Guild wars. As it stands we are hoping to find players who are level 50+ but we accept all levels that are determined to get 56. Currently 10 spots open, as well we are looking for two more officers. We are a small guild planning on growing so finding an officer to help that process would be great. 
    -Color Blue
    -not really sure just dont be a drama king/queen
    Please whisper 
    Striel (ME)
    Tacodog (Officer)
    Katsunye (Officer)
    Maeryne (Officer)
    ReddKing (Officer)
    Its_Yames (Officer)
    if interested in joining
    again we accept all levels who want to reach that 56 mark and would like to pvp ♥
    Current Icon:
  4. Post couple photos here! I want to see more couple photos! These photos were a bomb from spring is in the air!

                                                                                                             Sadly this guy is lonely 

                                                                                                        So I took this random photo lmao  

  5. Hello fellow warriors.
    I'm currently halfway to 57, but i'm not really sure what i should focus on. From what i know, I need to focus on increasing my AP and first step to that i guess is to get my weapons to duo-tri. However, my Liverto is at 24 durability and my greatsword is at 19 durability and i got about 30 failstacks on 4 characters by now.
    I'm not filthy rich, i'm making money but not in light speed. I fish for relics to do discos for mem frags. I also feel that i need to get the greatsword and liverto up to atleast pri to grind efficently or so, instead of stacking up on money just to roll the night vendor and pray to rngeous for a Dandelion or a Kzarka.
    What would some of you do in a position like this, what would you focus on first? Liverto? Greatsword?

  6. Post on Ouh boiii in Ranger

    By Tiempo, posted
    Guys, i think i've fallen in love... this class has so much potential and so much fun to offer... i wish i hadn't been so stupid and gave this class a try a long time ago. Grinding is fun just as it was in the other class i love, warrior. However in this case, i can actually grind more efficiently and at a higher pace, making grinding as a whole, a lot more enjoyable. I haven't pvped yet with the class or done any gvg, but i just wanna say: rangers, the nerf is not even a thing when you compare the class to pretty much any other. <3 love ranger, go ham guyz
  7. Hello guys, i just wanna say my story, this is fkng ridiculous!
    I found the forum spreading bot, registered (for money), checked it and immediately reported it to the forum administrators of the black desert. I gave them access to my account, that they explore this program and found a solution how to deal with it. And how do them repay me? Block me!! What the hell is wrong with them, damn it?!
    There are cases when not only do you not block people who actively used the bot, but simply forgave them because they used it for the first time. Great reward for helping make this game clear from bots, thank you! Thank you very much and burn in hell! This is ridiculous!

  8. Anyone care to discuss here as well?

  9. PureLuck Recruiting For Endgame GvG & Node Wars
    Are you interested in having some of the most entertaining and fun PvP in Black Desert you've ever had? Want to be at the top of the node wars fighting at castles? Want to be in a guild where you make a boat load of money from regional tax money? Then PureLuck is the place for you!
    While all of that above stuff sounds nice, the hard line is, we want good PvPers, we are one of the Top 3 PvP guilds on Uno, and we WILL take a castle for node wars. We are almost constantly war dec'd against other guilds and large scale PvP is an everyday occurrence for us. We are however not slaves to anything, if you can show up and PvP that's great, but at the end of the day we want people that are active and fun, we are not militaristic or a zerg, we are just a group of tryhards that like to win.
    If you are interested in joining us, please make sure you meet the following requirements and them message either the GM or one of the officers below and we will give you an interview and see if you fit in with us. We may also test you in PvP to see where your baseline skill is at, you don't need to be god tier at PvP but you need to have a solid base and we can show you the ropes.
    Active mostly in evenings, and available for at least 1 node wars nights, Friday/Saturday/Sunday
    Well geared and level 56+
    Love of PvP, you don't get discouraged when its 20v100, you get excited instead
    Constant strive to always improve and wanting to stay at the top
    GM & Officers
    GM: Vindicta
    Officers: VincentXXVII, Meralux, Liza, Ozs, Devilhealer
    Here is a taste of what you can expect on a daily basis when you join us

  10. Post pictures of your couples and Rate the one above from a scale of 1-10!
    Let love blossom!
    Lucian + Ashellia


  11. Post pictures of your couples and Rate the one above from a scale of 1-10!
    Let love blossom!
    Lucian + Ashellia