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  1. Hello everyone~
    I'm a mid-level player, currently going through my cooking recipes to expand my knowledge. I'm trying to complete the Lizard Kebab recipe, but I see that it requires reptile meat to perform. Though I could, I've never really ventured much far past Heidel, so I'm at a loss as to where find any reptile. Any tips? The closer to Balenos/Serendia, the better.
  2. First of all, I have a character that is 45+ (not 46 yet).
    Second of all I was on my level 21+ (not 22 yet) character.
    I was sitting on my horse in Altinova next to the storage keeper looking at the map to decide where I was going next.
    I got a couple flashes on top of my map that said my mount was being damaged.
    I tabbed back to the game and it was black and said "you have been killed by [ *&^(&^( ] (don't want to encourage the person if they are hacking)
    I don't have negative karma - I am at +19738 karma
    I am not in a guild.
    I want to repeat, I am on a low level character, inside a safe zone, and I got killed by a player.
    I don't have a screenshot because I was peeved off and resurrected and left before I thought of the fact a screenshot would be helpful, and a screenshot of the chat window won't help because that could have been anywhere.
    Here are my questions:
    Does reaching level 45 on one character make all your characters on your account able to be PVP'd?Is there something special about Altinova that makes it a safe zone that isn't a safe zone?Were they hacking to be able to do that?Can anyone explain how this occurred so I can prevent it in the future (or at least be aware of the circumstances better)?Thanks!
  3. As of now I feel inclined to speed through levels in order to reach my passion of PvPing due to the pvp level restriction. I would like to go through an experience something like, quest some, pvp some, explore some at any time and in anyway i feel. This game has promoted going any path you want from the start. However PvP is not in those options.  Here I will propose several options and ideas that could result in the satisfaction of just about everyone.
    1.PvP starts at level 1 or something very low like 10-15, all pvp avaible at this level
    - Introduce low level arena public and/or instance
    -Low level though may be ineffective can join in on guild wars
    2. Open world PvP
    - PvP  channel where everyone can attack everyone or if no PvP channel  mutually flagged players can attack each other STARTING FROM LEVEL 1 or something low like LEVEL 10-15
    3. Karma System
    - High level difference kills give higher level player EXTREME penalty
    -Minor penalty for killing similar level player, but that adds up if you are killing alot of players to become more severe
    - No penalty for retaliation
    I feel this allows people to enjoy PvP as they take their time through content and learn their character, instead of feeling like me and wanting to race to end for PvP action
    And for those afraid....They either can just not flag for pvp or not join a pvp channel 
    Side note.....
    4. Gear - Now this is a stretch and conflicting idea compared to others which there is no argument for opposing it. But I feel gear should have a minor impact where two people with equal skill the one with better gear should win, and someone with good gear and avg skill should not beat players with  avg gear and good skill. However something like Great gear avg skill should beat  good skill avg gear. And great gear great skill should be able to kill multiple opponents at a time.
    This part helps low levels  not have to go gear rush crazy and can relax and enjoy game and  win with skill and let gear be icing.