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  1. I just did a Giath Awaken Boss scroll and a Bheg Awaken Boss scroll (another guild members), or at least I think I did. The bosses said <Awakened> in the title above there name. Honestly I think the scrolls are bugged currently. Nothing about the loot I received was any different in quantity and quality (no boss armor received from either ;-;).
    I don't know if anyone else who has done their scrolls is feeling the same way, but it might be a good Idea to just hold onto them until Daum can confirm that the scrolls are actually Awakening scrolls.
  2. Post on Horse Appearance in Suggestions

    By Silmeria, posted
    Hello all~
    After playing black desert for awhile I have flound that the loyalty shop could use another item that to me does not give the player any advantages in the game. A horse appearance change coupon would be awesome in the loyalty shop. Since the pet coupon is already in the shop at 1400 points perhaps the horse coupon can be priced at 2800 or 3000 I would definitely log in for that ! The coupon can also be restricted to just the normal appearances and not the special appearances. That way people can still purchase the other coupon if desired or just buy the normal one if they do not want to wait for the log in requirement. 
  3. Housing decor dropping from Santa presents contains only 4 items out of 5 set items.
    Recalling same event on Russian server - 5th item is a Christmas Tree, which was available to everyone for 1 loyalty. As well as Rudolf horns were there for 1 loyalty as well.
    Add loyalty items to the game, please, it is a part of event you are holding now.
  4. Post on Megaphonica in General

    By Trixologist, posted
    Dear Daum Kakao
    There is a rapid influx of Megaphonica spreading throughout the New World(s). Zpaks will not cure this.  These boys are sending love notes faster than political tweets at 3AM.  Reports of "Git good.", "Harambe Lives",  and pictures of actual fecal defecation are being received. We need shelter...HALP!!!
    Oh right, I meant to ask for  a loyalty event where we earn loyalty.  That would be nice. TY
  5. Most people know about it … people got 3x the amount of awards in boss gear boxex, loyalty … etc. by creating characters on all 3 servers.  
    So should we all create characters on all servers to take advantage of the upcoming server merge? Even if its just for Loyality points for 2 weeks.
    Whats the advice for players who only play on one server? 
  6. I'm proposing a slight price adjustment for Kamasilve's blessing. Currently 14 days of loyalties for 1 day of kamasilve's blessing is just excessive and no one will use it when they can save loyalties for other things that are more useful. In fact, Artisan's memory is a better deal than Kamasilve and gets you much further than 1 day of Kamasilve blessing does.

    I'm proposing both an overall reduction in loyalty cost for Kamasilve Blessing, and also higher duration packs you can get for loyalties.

    1 day=400 Loyalty. 3 Days=800 loyalty. 7 days=1200 loyalty.

    These prices would be more reasonable and more competitive choices for players versus other items in loyalty shop, and would render more players giving Kamasilve blessings a try. At current cost, no one in their right mind will spend a straight two weeks of loyalties for 24 hours of (Admittedly limited) benefit, since it also ticks down while offline.
  7. 100 Loyalty points per day is rather little and may not be enough of a incentive for players to do certain activities.
    For instance it won't make players try PVP if they play PVE, or vice versa, or in regards to trading vs crafting and other activities.
    Add additional methods to gain loyalties, as part of a 'daily' account wide quest (not event based but resets every 00:00 UTC).
    You can get a additional maximum of +250 LP in addition to the 100 LP logging in each day.
    Some of the daily requirements are set at a slightly high difficulty, meaning new players or low leveled characters might not have full access to them at the get go.
    PVE Loyalty quest might request you to collect and turn in 1 set of a few types of monster drops, you have to pick them up, and turn them into the NPCs for them to count.
    Like 3-4 sets from hunting the various types of Giants in that region. The request is scaled to the highest character level for combat oriented quests, or highest skill for crafting or trading quests.
    Adding more loyalty items:
    How do you even use the 'page' function? I think its bugged
    EDIT: Okay figured out how to remove the 'new page' functions. 
  8. Please add the Cliff's Skill Addon to loyalties as well, or give them to us with these awakening updates. I need to be able to test out the different awakenings without having to pay near 10 bucks. I still have no idea why any skill point resets are a pearl item. Even f2p games have a way in world to reset skills for gold. 
    Thank you.
  9. I haven't seen the 100 free daily loyalties and lantern oils for a few days now. I thought i might have recieved/ claimed and forgot about it. But i paid some attention and noticed they aren't showing up for me to claim anymore. I only saw the daily grinding hour EXP boost....
    I stayed logged in for a couple of days to breath training or afk fishing. For that reason i did not claim daily grinding hour exp boost for a couple of days. Maybe that's why daily 100 loyalties won't show up? Usually both would show silmutaneously everytime i'm back to my character... Some guildies said i need to log out and back in to see it. Did that but still nothing pop up. just daily grinding hour exp boost that i haven't got a chance to use...And i know daily grinding hour exp boost does not stack for me if i don't recieve the previous day.
    Is this normal...? I asked around and others daily free loyalties would stack up if they haven't claimed it from the previous day...but i got nothing claim for a few days now.
  10. the 7 day Kamasilve's Blessing says it gives Energy Recovery +2, I am still only getting +1 energy every 3 minutes. I have looked at it tick for 9 minutes and only gained 3 energy. Please fix this.
  11. Expanding how you can earn more loyalty can be interesting in that it will increase incentive to using the cash shop more often.
    1) Increases Options to earning points.
    Daily red battlefield or objectives that takes a certain level of effort can grant 100 loyalty points per day.
    This tempts players to try things they've never want to do sometimes.
    These objectives should be fairly time consuming to do each day, so end game players can't do it better than newbies.
    2) interesting Loyalty products taken from a Cash Shop, but modified and priced.
    Imagine 7 day costume rental, no stats applied, can't be dyed. Sets starting at 1400 points.
    The idea is to provide a way to sample cash shop products using loyalty points.
    Yes, Sample. You aren't actually owning anything, these are rentals for trying things out before spending real money on them.
    24 hour Merv's pallet for 500 points can be a way to play with dyes and dress up temporarily.
    3) Implement tier of loyalty system that impact cash shop via discounts.
    For instance passing certain milestones in the loyalty system grants a slight permanent discount to specific products in pearls.
    Unlocking the 30 day milestone equates to bronze tier, which is 10% discounts to dyes in cash shop.
    The next milestone can be 100 days i think, which is Silver, applies a 10% discount to permanent account / character boosts such as inventory boosts.
    The last milestone is Gold, which can be 500 days: Applies a 10% discount to specific clothing sets.
    The point of my thread is not to give away freebies. Unlike other thread which is basically uneducated people asking for more free stuff.
    By consuming time, we exchange it for rewards.
    By raising the exposure of players to cash shops, you market the products to them, raising awareness.
    This thread is as if a business were to appeal to another business to make a deal, not a random guy demanding that Daum give him Freebies because he is special.
    A lot of posts on this forum that I see is majorly biased and selfish.
  12. Dear Daum
    It would be great if upon purchase of pearls we got loyalty too. You know, loyalty for the loyal.
    Ok thanks bye.
    Love Samu.
  13. ...because I failed to "log in" every day.
    I keep the account pretty much constantly "logged-in", so that Workers/Farms/Energy Regen/etc continue even if I am sleeping and etc.
    A couple of days ago, I realized that I had been in the mid 7K of Loyalty points a month or so ago.  Never really kept much track of it, as it is a resource I consider to be "Will use when a sudden need occurs"
    Admittedly, I also have "32 Un-received Rewards"; of course, this comes from limited storage space... although mostly from fear of "Character Bound" (or even Family Bound/cannot place in a Wagon)  items clogging up spaces when I have no immediate use for them, or at least I do not understand that I might have an immediate use for them.
    It appears that one can have over 101 days of actual "Played/Online" recorded (not to mention my early days of not needing to be constantly online, where I only checked in once a day), but only have 8,400 days rewarded/Loyalty Points... even if you have never spent a single LP.
    I joined a couple of weeks after launch, but even expanding that to THREE weeks after launch, it has been 107 days that I have been online.  So I am missing 3,300 Loyalty Points.
    Nearly 40% of what I should have is missing.  Again, never spent a single LP.
    This isn't a "Waaah, me, meesa wants compensation" post.
    But it _IS_ a "Hey, you all might want to make sure that you reload the game daily" post.
    I realize that I am unusual insofar as I have only played a single character this entire time, but still... make sure you "character select" daily
  14. The "Valencia" update is near and the Crystal Extraction tool still isn't implemented in the Loyalty shop. Please, bear in mind this for future updates.
    All of blacksmiths speak about this tool when we want to extract a crystal and we only can purchase the Black Spirit Essence in he Pearl Shop to do it
  15. i am not sure if this has been suggested before.
    i would love to be able to buy a friend trial with my loyalty 
    i have so many friends that wanna try the game out but dont wanna buy it before trying it i only got one friend code with my pack so that was gone quick 
    i am sure it not hard to be able to make it a coupon that you can buy and get a code and it means i have some thing to spend my loyalty on and it would generate more people at least trying the game and in turn more people buying the game so everyone wins 
  16. Add a trigger to automatically proc the Daily Reward without having to change server or relog to receive it if the character is already online...
    We really shouldn't have to relog or change server or change character to receive the daily loyalty reward...
    Every time the "day" officially changes on the server the reward should be pushed to all the online players.
    The game is designed in this way that we never basically "exit" the game... I think this has skipped the attention of the developers and it is very easy to get implemented.
    @CM_Jouska It's such a small fix that a LOT of people will appreciate it.
  17. There should be +8 and +4 inventory purchasable with loyalty just like you can with pearls.
    +1 inventory - 1000 loyalty or 150 pearls (100%)
    +4 inventory - 3000 loyalty or 450 pearls (75%)
    +8 inventory - 5300 Loyalty or 800 pearls (66.6%)
    bump if you agree.
  18. Hello BDO community
    \o/ How is everyone today?
    So im here looking for someone i can connect with maybe through discord or even just steam, gameplay or other means. Looking to try a 7-day guest pass.
    I had acquired a Beta key back when the last beta was launched but i had a situation in life that made me unavailable to try the game. So im here to ask someone from this community to let me come play on your server and learn the ropes. Im a big gamer and i have been for a long time. Played things from FFXIV and FFXI, Archeage, Tera, Lineage II, Trove, etc etc you get the point. 
    Above you can find my steam account, you can send a friend request there. You can even send me an email here DarkEetrius@yahoo.com
    Im looking for someone i can play with. And if at some point you quit or i quit there are no hard feelings. 
    Just feeling like this will be a good change of pace from the usual F2P MMO, even GuildWars2 was a lot of fun, played that till end game WvW was a blast with my guild but then they lacked the depth of the content. So lets connect if you feel at some point you are comfortable with me then send me a guest pass and lets have some fun.
    Thank you to anybody and everybody who reads this. If this is an illegal post and or i am not in the right section please let me know.
    *Edit : I am a NA Player just in case anyone was curious
    Just give this a bit of a bumpity bump
  19. PLEASE READ -> EDIT: After talking with some other players I was told you can actually see the contents of what you are buying by clicking on the item and hovering over the "components." I'm leaving this post up to illustrate how confusing this can be for players, as those who might use pearls to buy slots need to know the same description is given as it is on the loyalty slot expansion item. This was an issue with my competency of the descriptions and not the publishers.
    TL;DR: I used my loyalty points to buy a slot expansion that was believed to increase my slots to 9. There was no language that said it would only be one slot, and every other item in the cash shop tells you how many slots it increases by. (e.g. +1, +2) I have proof below and tried to make it as non-toxic as possible. Hope your day is going well.

    I did it! I finally saved up enough loyalty points to buy my expanded character slots. I refused to buy dyes or waste it away on megaphones. It was a proud accomplishment that was soon brought down by the worst realization. After nearly two months of play, I bought my slot expansion and found this in my inventory:

    "Wait, what?" I ask the game in a tone that some would describe as 'fix'n to punch a baby-like'. Did I buy the wrong thing? Maybe I misread the item description and just need to be more careful next time. No sense complaining. Let me just pop in the store and make sure....

    "Uuuuggghhhh" I exclaim to the gods of old, so that they may aid me in destroying anyone who has written ever. There it was, the dreaded  'up to' clause. The only thing that would even HINT that it was only one slot addition. It was my understanding, do to this language, that I was getting unlocking up to 9 slots with this item. Even the first sentence of the description was terribly written. "Expand the character slot for your family"...."expand the slot" SLOT. This item was going to expand A slot. What does that mean? The slot itself will expand?!? Will I finally have my chance to make the obese tamer of my dreams?!?!?

    Soon my love...Soon...
    I know that I should've expected this, what with there being a pearl bought slot expansion as well. "It's Daum, one of the cheapest publishers in the industry. Why would they just give you something for playing their game? You're an idiot!" you might be thinking, or even replying right now. All valid points! I was really going to let this go and not bother writing anything on the subject, but after seeing these respective loyalty items come with concise titles and item descriptions I can't help but wonder if it was done purposefully. I know one shouldn't assume malice when ineptness is equally as likely, but seeing these items specifically say they expand the slots +1 while the loyalty did not really got to me on a mental level.

    I humbly request that the publisher pays attention to the details of things like this. We already have players pissed that the "ferry" is a rowboat and many players who BOUGHT WITH MONEY items from the conquerors pack that were intentionally misleading: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/59361-conquerors-pack-horse/

    It's as simple as adding a +1.
  20. Post on Loyalty shopping in General

    By Akesuke, posted
    I am browsing through the loyalty section of the Pearl Shop and there are many items to choose, here is a list of them for the convenience of players that can't check the shop now:
    Megaphone Loyalty 100Character Slot Expansion Coupon *L 5000Weight Limit Increase (50LT) *L 3500Inventory Slot Expansion Coupon +1 *L 1000Partial Combat Skill Reset *L 400Single city storage slot +1 *L 500Artisan’s Memory *L 1000Blessing of Kamasilve (1 Day) *L 1000Elixir of Oblivion *L 25Unknown Dye Box *L 200Elion's Tear *L 500Energy Tonic (Small) *L 100Extra Life EXP Scroll *L 300Extra Skill EXP Scroll *L 300Extra Combat EXP Scroll *L 300Max MP Increase Scroll *L 300Max HP Increase Scroll *L 300Horse Skill Removal Coupon *L 700Boss (Level 45+) summon scroll *L 500~100I'd like to kindly ask the community what is most convenient, most handy or most preferable to buy, in your opinion, please.
  21. Post on loyalty points in General

    By Specatorus, posted
    So during the irish event we where able to spend 1 loyalty point for a green dye wich was pretty amazing. The only thing that is bugging me is that i have 99 loyalty points that i cant do anything with. My question is, are there gonna be other events where we are gonna be able to spend loyalty points on (small amounts of loyalty) so i can use all my loyalty for stuff in the shop?
  22. A week ago I purchased the loyalty shop +50 LT for 3000 loyalty, and I got +5 LT instead of +50 LT. I put in a ticket, no response yet, but I thought other players might want to know this happened in case they were thinking of purchasing this reward. I know one other person that the exact same thing has happened to, so it's not an isolated issue. 
    Hopefully some nice GM will refund me my loyalty or award me my +50 LT
  23. Please add the [profession] Transfer Coupon
    http://bddatabase.net/us/item/17603/ (example for fishing)
    As a LOYALTY item.
    There is one for each profession, and as it says, it allows you to transfer profession exp from one character to another.
    Why is this important? Because there are many people playing temporary classes till 'new' ones come out, or people just want to play another class.
    Why not just use your current class as an alt? Several reasons, first your energy regenerates faster on an active character, second you gain leveling exp, third so you show up in the ranking on your main character, etc.
    Why should it be a LOYALTY item? Because there will be 12 classes in this game, 13 if you count the upcoming dark elf. If you ever want to switch main characters, which a lot of people do, you'll without a doubt want to transfer profession EXP as getting to artisan takes about a month! There are currently 9 professions and more will be added later. So people will want to transfer their professions, and you cannot expect people to pay real money to transfer 9+ professions multiple times. If it is not made a loyalty item, you'll be expecting people to play for months or over a year to just get their professions caught up. So it does not make sense to tell people to pay real money or play for a year. Please make them loyalty items or loyalty and cash shop.
    Weird, this is on the front page of the /r/blackdesertonline reddit sub, but nobody seems to have seen this here..
  24. Hey,
    I was wondering if it would be possible for Daum to add profession EXP scrolls in the loyalty or pearl shop?  I think it would provide a good source of income for you guys if you added fishing,training,etc EXP scrolls.
  25. Either I am completely blind, or there doesn't appear to be the Horse Appearance Change Token available at present.
    If I am being blind could someone point it out to me and if not anyone know when it will be available?
    Thanks in Advance