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  1. Post on Delete/Re-roll in General

    By Coeprandua, posted
    So the theory is toons created later in time have a higher chance of obtaining good stuff from various sources including world bosses and gathering than toons created earlier. This is a weird catch-up mechanic employed by Black Desert to help new players.
    I don't have proof of this. I noticed that my original toons consistently have way worse "luck" than my newly created alts. After some in-game conversations we will be monitoring the situation with friends and report the result. However, if you've had a similar experience that would corroborate our suspicions, now is the time to say so.
  2. Greetings!
    Recently i been wondering to get a "Luck set" of armor and buff up my luck to max (have a swimsuit anyway) and try farming low lv mobs instead (i am quite sick of max lv farming) to see if loot-money is any good. But as i hear luck only effects drop from same lv mobs. . . 
    Ok so how does Luck basically work. What does it effect! What counts the "same" lv mobs....because if ppl did not notice even grey mobs give exp. (i almost leveled from 50-51 on farming sheep blood)
    Also...is there any point getting luck at all? Is it usefull or just a pseudo mystical bs? 5 is only soft cap or you can actually go above it?
  3. Et non !!!! hahaha

  4. Post on My Will is Broken in General

    By Karack, posted
    This game has an incredible amount of content and things to do. Hats off to the developers and the amount and work they’ve put into it. On the other hand last night I’m doing Kutum, our server starts on Velia 01 and goes down the channel line. After five fights I died a few times got some gold bars and lost a few crystals worth way more than the 10 or 12 million gold bars I received.
    I’ve had bad luck getting boss gear from drops, the night vendor, and never winning a bid on the AH . In those 5 Kutum fights, while I lost about 30 mil in crystals in three deaths, a single player got three Kutum box bundles. It broke my will to continue in spite of so much great content. Maybe I’ll feel like playing the lottery again after some time away but for now this RNG broke my will to keep trying.
  5. Post on Shard drops is ridic.. in General

    By Gotcha, posted
    The drop rate on these thing is ridiculous I get 1 for every 1000 energy on average. They need another way of getting them then just gathering so we can at least craft as well. Or set it to at least get one every 300 or so.
  6. Hello, I'm a level 56 sorc fairly geared on Edan, I have a few concerns and inquires about a few things in the game and decided to start a thread about it to read and see how other players have experienced in the game so far. I self admit that RNG and I do not agree, and as such my luck, when it comes to anything other than enhancements (the fail stacking part not the succeeding part ) is down the drain. I always have +5 luck in case anyone wants to know that.
    Players having better luck than others and node investments: (I will use Hexe node for witch earrings as that is what we tested it on)
    So my buddy (a ranger) and I created an account literally right next to each other, in the same room! So far, he has had way better luck than me when it comes to any rare loot. He does not care about knowledge grades (he does have mostly C's, we've checked to make sure), and he does not care about node investment or connecting the nodes, he knows going any where and farm for an hour he should have at least 1 if not 2 rare loots by the end of it (haven't gone to Valencia yet, do not have pri+ gear yet) I even had him kill 1 mob at a time to make sure its not a massive number of mobs he is killing per hour compared to myself. On the other hand, I spend hours, even days just to get 1 rare drop. So I started to reset my knowledge on mobs in the hope of getting an S or at least a B for a better chance, no luck with that. So I then invested energy in the node, that helped for a while, I got plenty of relic shards (I want to say a total of 50 max in the span of weeks) and 2 witch earrings and junk loot, but as soon as I got it to level 9, I rarely even get witch pouches (no witch earrings, no relic shards either)... So my question is, is the luck account based? as in if I create 10 accounts, each account will have random luck with it or what? Also about node investment, is that even worth it? because I have a level 9 node, farmed for 5 hours a day for 3 days straight, and only got turn in loot and 3 witch pouches only and I am sure I got better results before I had the level 9 node.
    To put it in perspective, my buddy, another guild member (a witch), and I went there to farm, in 20 minutes my buddy got 19 relic shards, while me and the witch got nothing after staying there for about an hour and a half, and by nothing I mean not even a witch pouch. Is this normal or what?
    Shard gathering for gear improvement:
    I am a PvP minded person, while I understand I have the chance of sniping them of the market or pre-ordering them for over 15 mil for 1 sharp, I have taken to gathering in order to improve my gear. The result so far have been abysmal to say the least. Professional 4 gathering on my main, 232 energy, 5 characters. Over the span of 2 weeks, I have gathered a total of 5 Hards and 1 sharp (nowhere near enough with the amount I need with the luck I have). I then started crafting tools in the hope of getting lucky tools, got 5 of them, used 4 of them and got none. I thought using Lucky tools would improve my chances, but so far they have diminished my chances instead, I can however confirm that I have gotten way more trade items using them than the regular tools. Is this normal when it comes to lucky tools? Is the drop rate that I got normal compared to you? And lastly, has anyone found a better way (consistent way) to get them?
    I really want feedback on your experience when it comes to node investment and luck when it comes to getting rare loot.
    I know I'm a sorc, heard it all, really, best one is "Oh you are a sorc, set it to free looting, we have an extra pet in the party" *party leader set party loot to free looting*
  7. Post on Luck Stat in Suggestions

    By Astray-78, posted
    A lot of players including myself are a bit confused and frustraited with the current luck information. I am by no means asking for specific or statistical information on the luck system but more of a clarification for all players. Currently the only real confirmation is that luck does increase drop rates from monsters. However due to the fact that traders outfits give +1 luck gives us a reason to speculate about what else could luck give a bonus too? Does it effect gathering? Fishing? Farming? Processing and cooking crit procs? This is something i honestly feel should be confirmed and would make a lot of players more happy just knowing.
    Thank you!
  8. Post on Farming Garden & Luck in General

    By fNeL, posted
    Does having +5 luck increase the chance of finding items through pruning/killing insects. For example: monk branches, spirit leaf, sharp/hard black crystal.
    Because if it doesn't, i would rather equip my farming armor for 10% exp boost.
  9. Clarify once and for all whether there are base account differences in some way, for example with loot luck.
    Clarify once and for all whether there are character differences (whether they be entirely RNG or based on starsign or other things), like with loot luck.
    Clarify once and for all which stats are RNG upon level up in addition to mana & hp, and whether there is a differences between chances to get more overall stats between characters.
    Clarify the rumors about whether there is a prevalent exploit problem with these things on RU and that our version is also vulnerable to the same issues.
    There are countless threads are about these issues and people in many guilds are increasingly believing the worst case scenarios are true and are getting very cynical about the whole situation. Tell us the thruth about it, end the speculation and own up to whatever systems are in place and tell us whether you intend to keep things as they are.
    If there is nothing to hide, there is nothing to fear.

    Added a nonsensical poll for effect.
  10. So i was grinding for tree spirit belt in treant forest. and noticed that:
    1. The Khurutos at the entrance of the cave respawned A LOT faster but only dropped silver.
    2. Mobs near the Treant Forest Node respawn A LOT faster and were MANY more than those near Treant, the drops where the same e.g. Crystals and japtems/trashloot
    So they drop the same Stuff but i see nobody farming at the Treant Forest Node, instead they stay near Treant, Why?
  11. Oh dear, I already forgot the numbers how many times I tried to get one from the Marketplace. And guess what? I still didnt get one yet lol. Does the Bid system really has a Failstack counter like  entchanting?
    Let the Pool beginn!
    What is the Gathering "stat" in costume/profile? Does it affect gathering time or does it give us better chance to get fruits, cherry and/or trade pack items too?
    Which is the better in rare/trade item/cherry droprate? Higher gathering ability or higher luck?
  13. So:
    1) Does luck and/or node investments affect professions (farming/gathering drop rates)?
    Thanks for the replies!:)
    Oh and a second question: 
    2) Does killing higher level mobs and gathering from them having higher drop rates than lower level mobs of the same type?tyty:)
  14. Hey guys. I've been playing BDO for a few days now. I'm pretty comfortable with the game, and having a great time playing it But there is one thing that's been puzzling me, and I can't find any info on it by searching the game guide, this forum or the rest of the net..
    You can get items that increase your "Luck rank". What exactly is "Luck rank", and how does it differ to Luck Level?
    Thanks for the help!
  15. Post on Luck, RNG, and YOU! in General

    By Darmok, posted
    I know this topic has been brought up before, but honestly I couldn't find the most recent topic that discussed this particular issue....so I made a new one.
    All the characters that I like to grind with have +5 Luck.  Yesterday, I grouped up with a guild-mate for the second time this week to grind out some levels in the Khuruto Cave area.  My guild-mate informs me that he only has +1 Luck on his character.  After about 3 hours of solid killing, he ends up with about 2 of each blackstone and a bunch of other high-priced/valued items.  What do I get?  One Steel Dagger and a ton of crap items.  Are you kidding me Daum?  If you have a system in place which states that you will get better loot drops with higher Luck and it doesn't deliver then I guess it's all a lie.  Why even bother with Luck altogether?   Seems like a huge waste to me.  Before someone says that it's because I was grouped with him, I would like to state that my luck with items while solo grinding wasn't much better. 
    Anyone else want to chime in?
  16. Hey guys,
    I found this post http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/29007-mega-thread-119-new-guest-pass-on-hold/
    but apparently it was put on hold because of the gold spams
    Any chance someone has a spare code they would be keen to give away?
  17. Post on Worker Luck in PVE

    By Mizuki Nagano, posted
    So I've been reading about how valueable having luck on a worker is and so I'm wondering how I would go about maximising it? I read that humans are the luckiest type of workers but how would I go about increasing their luck or obtaining a skill that would increase their luck. I've seen it on some workers before but is random and does the increase in luck remain permanent after getting promoted? For example if a worker started off with 10 luck and a skill increases it by 2 then when promoted, will the worker have 12 luck to start?
    Thanks for the help in advance!
  18. Post on +5 Luck broken? in General

    By Esca, posted
    So my wife and I have done some testing on this. I have a node set to +2 and I have +3 luck. She has the same node set to +5 and +5 luck. Before I continue I know  I know RNGesus but hear me out. 

    Testing session 1: Me
    Unlabeled Node: +2
    Luck: +3
    Grind Time: 4 Hours
    Black Stones Collected: 16
    Testing session 1: Her
    Unlabeled Node: +5
    Luck: +5
    Grind Time: 4 Hours
    Black Stones Collected: 0
    Testing session 2: Me
    Unlabeled Node: +2
    Luck: +3
    Grind Time: 4 Hours
    Black Stones Collected: 12
    Testing session 2: Her
    Unlabeled Node: +5
    Luck: +5
    Grind Time: 3 1/2 Hours
    Black Stones Collected: 0
    Testing session 3: Me
    Unlabeled Node: +2
    Luck: +3
    Grind Time: 30 Minutes
    Black Stones Collected: 0
    Testing session 3: Her
    Unlabeled Node: +5
    Luck: +3 <-- (removed her luck armor and put agerian back on)
    Grind Time: 30 Minutes
    Black Stones Collected: 2
    So after removing her luck armor set and putting her back into Agerian she got two black stones back to back. When I talked to her she mentioned that she has only gotten 5 black stone upgrades since she's been grinding with me on ordered loot since we started playing. We are now lvl 41 and have been playing since Conq Headstart.

    Also, she is playing on the first character slot and since we have removed her Luck armor set she is actually getting black stones to drop more regularly now.

    Might want to look into this.

    Additional information as requested:

    Me: Ranger on Horseback
    Her: Witch with aoe
    Me: +8 Yuria Longbow, Steel Dagger (for now)
    Her: +9 Yuria Staff, Steel Dagger
    Exact same downtime during each session as we both stop for BR breaks and snacks at the same time.
    Loot Rules:
    Ordered Loot
    We both have 3 pets, two dogs and a hawk.


    Alright so we tried again to determine the effectiveness of her luck versus mine. We had to move to a new location and while we were farming we had her dogs try to spot any elites and we never encountered any in the area. In this test we did two four hour sessions with the following conditions:
    Testing session 1: Me
    Unlabeled Node: +2
    Luck: +3
    Grind Time: 4 Hours
    Black Stones Collected: 0
    Loot System: Free Loot i'm on a horse and not looting. No pets out.
    Group Leader is my wife.
    Knowledge ranking: C
    Testing session 1: Her *group leader*
    Unlabeled Node: +5
    Luck: +5
    Grind Time: 4 Hours
    Black Stones Collected: 0
    Knowledge ranking: B
    Testing session 2: Me
    Unlabeled Node: +2
    Luck: +3
    Grind Time: 4 hours
    Black Stones Collected: 0
    Loot System: Free Loot i'm on a horse and not looting. No pets out.
    Group Leader is my wife.
    Knowledge ranking: C
    Testing session 2: Her *group leader*
    Unlabeled Node: +5
    Luck: +3 <-- (removed her luck armor and put Agerian back on)
    Grind Time: 4 Hours
    Black Stones Collected: 16
    Knowledge ranking: B
  19. Post on Luck and Drop chance in General

    By Coeprandua, posted
    So I have 5 Luck and it seems to have no effect whatsoever on loot drops. I literally get like 1 blackstone for every hour of farming no matter where I do it. It's the same as when I had 2 Luck.
    I'm in the process of pumping up Catfish node level, please tell me node investment is worth it... 
  20. Post on Luck stat in General

    By Thifiell, posted
    As I read luck only affects the drop/loot from the mobs that have the same level as you (+/- 1).
    From my own testing, with 5 luck, i can see an increase of 50% or more. So i guess that every luck point gives around 10% better chance at drop
    Does luck affects also finishing chance? Or in amity conversations with NPC? When do I use luck scrolls for instance, except grinding?
  21. Post on Haters gonna hate in Off-Topic

    By Tenrai, posted
    Went for the first time to kill skeletons... droped 2 Witch's Earring in 15 min.
    didn't even opened that node.. have 2 luck.lv49 ;D
    Korean Random God love me <3 

  22. Post on Luck past +5? in General

    By Rip The Jacker, posted
    I know it's possible to reach higher (with titles, crystals, underwear, etc.) but is there any benefit past +5?
  23. Post on [POLL] Enchanting gear in General

    By Collz, posted
    Enchanting can be a real pain in your pants. The enchanting system can be veeeery annoying. The RNG nature (based on luck) of the upgrading system will lead to rage, suicides and even worse a lose of customers (yeah ppl will quit the game cuz of it).  Be prepared for a LOT of investment of time and resources for higher upgrades. RNG based progression is, aside from being terrible design, only benefiting certain players with the time and resources to beat the RNG.
    You can spend a lot of time farming to try to upgrade your gear and still manage to fail while another guy doesn't even have to WORK to succeed. Does he deserve to get nicer gear without having to work for it just because he is lucky at that moment?

  24. This thread is for all the people who have not played this game and still claim the post +15 gear enhancement system is "hardcore" and a "necessary system."
    A "hardcore" game is a game where it takes a ridiculously large amount of time and effort in order to advance, not a game where you advance based on the amount of luck you have.
    By your definition of "hardcore," the LOTTERY is a hardcore game. It does not depend on effort or skill, only good rolls of RNG. 
    Without further adieu, I will be posting my attempts to reach +17 on some pieces of my gear and exactly what happens when you fail an enhancement after reaching +16 (because outstandingly, the people defending this system seem to have little to no idea what it actually is.)

    Attempt 1: 

    Reaching +16 on a Greatsword with 25 fail stacks

    Unfortunately, I failed reaching +16 on my Greatsword with a 25 fail stack count. I will continue to attempt this on this character once I obtain another seemingly unobtainable advanced blackstone.

    Attempt 2:

    Reaching +16 on a Neil Trees Chest Plate with 25 fail stacks

    YIPPEEE!!! I have successfully enhanced my chest piece from +15 -> +16! :)))

    Now to go for gold, next up will be my attempt to go from +16 -> +17

    Attempt 3:

    Reaching +17 on a Neil Trees Chest Plate with 34 fail stacks

    Unfortunately, I failed reaching +17 on it. And.. What happened to my +16? It reverted back to 15. Now, I'm going to have to reach 25 fail stacks again in order to go back to reach +16 again  (See Attempt 2.)

    So with the money and resources I spent, today's conclusion is:

    No progress on Great sword, in exchange for the loss of 10 durability and a 4,000,000 silver advanced weaponstone.
    Successful enhancement on chest piece! Extra defense <3 :), in exchange for a 2,200,000 silver advanced armorstone. Nevermind, no progress on Chest piece, in exchange for the loss of 10 durability and 2x 2,200,000 silver advanced armorstone.

    (And for the people saying "LOL HERP DERP DUMMY NUB U SHUDA USED THE ORBS THAT PREVENT IT FROM REVERTING x}", I'm not going to explain to you why using those orbs to get to +17 from +16 is economically a giant rip off and not worth it at all, because if you actually played the game you'd understand it for yourself.)

    Stay tuned if you are curious / want to see all my failures I started doing this late, my other characters have plenty of fail stacks that I could have been posting to show you the past failures of myself. I will continue to update accordingly!