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  1. Post on exploration level in General

    By cmacv1995, posted
    I am a new player to the bdo community and am learning. i have recieved a scroll for summoning a boss, yet to summon a boss i need to have an exploration level of 45. the thing is i dont know how to even check my exploration level or really where to begin on leveling it up. i have some idea on lvling it up but i really need to know how to locate the skills in a pop up menu.
  2. Post on exploration level in General

    By cmacv1995, posted
    I am a new player to the bdo community and am learning. i have recieved a scroll for summoning a boss, yet to summon a boss i need to have an exploration level of 45. the thing is i dont know how to even check my exploration level or really where to begin on leveling it up. i have some idea on lvling it up but i really need to know how to locate the skills in a pop up menu.
  3. Well, here goes...
    I'm a lvl 51 Valkyrie and I've been soloing this game for a very long time. It'd be of great help if someone could tell me how to begin on getting better gear. I don't have any friends in game nor am I part of a guild, obviously. I have other characters I play on as well that could use the help, too: Dark Knight -50, Maewah - 41, and Kunoichi - 44. Thanks in advance.
    The requirements for said guild requires discord for the most part and I'm not too particularly a fan of one of the requirements being that I have to talk to people every day I'm in this guilld or end up being booted from the guild. So I haven't found a guild lust yet.
    Never mind, it seems that I thought the forums would be better than the people in-game. Nope, still the same ol' people.
    Thanks for nothing.
  4. Are named workers better then normal Artisan workers?  (EXPLAIN WHY THEY ARE OR WHY THEY  ARE NOT) 

  5. Is there a node that i can send works to to get? (plz send pics) #not ----- pics;)

  6. Im a beginner lvl at Alchemy and i want to be master as fast as possibel idc about money how would i go about power lvling to master (Dont be vague)

  7. Bonjour all,
    Je suis un nouveau joueur et après ( pas mal de création de persso etc) j'ai enfin trouvé un persso qui me donne envie d'en apprendre plus ! ( lire mes sorts, comprendre les combos, faire les quêtes , le commerce, grind et j'en passe ... )
    Donc j'aimerais savoir pour ceux qui ont un peut d'xp a ce niveau,
    Comment bien débuter au niveau du stuff ( Taritas, Grunil ou autre, les colliers, les bijoux, arme etc )
    Donc en gros, quel stuff choisir " de base " avant d'avoir tel ou tel armure, ce que je devrais viser, ce qu'il me faut,( ou si quelqu'un a un bon guide à me link ) je suis preneur j'ai déjà cherché de mon coté mais je n'ai rien trouvé de sûr...
    Juste pour avoir une base de jeu quoi,
    Donc je suis une Sorcière, de niveau 10 actuellemennt avec 3millions ( pour vous donner une idée de ce que je peut acheter )
    Merci par avance et bon jeu a tous !
  8. NOTE: I myself play several hours a day and i am suggesting this not becouse i feel left behind or too overpowered becouse of the level. This is just something wich i noticed would be a real problem in Siegewars and Nodewars becouse it starts getting booring if you can just steamroll everything or get steamrolled everywhere you go.
    I really dislike the fact that players can level above the "MAX-LVL" wich the released content is adjusted to. The propably biggest reason is that leveling takes a sh** ton of time and there are people who are able to play this game 24/7 and those who cant. 
    I KNOW that the game is supposed to be hardcore and grindy BUT if there would be a considerably high Levelcap at which you wont get any experience apart from Skill-EXP(wich could be sped up at this point to make leveling to MAX-LVLmore atractive regarding the nolife-grind it is) people with much time could still have a higher level than others while those with limited time are able to catch up/ not fall back to far.
    If a person would then be to reach the MAX-LVLthere can be a channelmessage:"[Player XYZ] has reached MAX-LVL!"  (For those wo are grinding for the power and fame )
    Now to the second thing i want to adress in this post. Skillpoints.
    Many people may have noticed that it is a pain in the *** to farm enough skillpoints to have the basic skills wich are needed for PvP and then you will need more for the awakening Weapons.(No idea if you are granted some through a Quest for that or not)
    I myself make about 6-9 Skillpoints an hour and i have around 650 wich isnt enough to have the basic skills for PvP.
    A possible solution i came up with would be a reward from daily quest similar to Contribution-EXP wich would allow Players to reach the highest amount of skillpoints (Skilled all Skills available), furthermore it is actually possible to have a second char with his required skills or to start a new class wich might be released later on in the game (Kunoichi/Ninja and the Nightelf)
    What do you think about this idea? Your opinion in the comments please    (Please no Bullshit like:  F*** Max-lvl this is stupid idea bro, l2p get skill, nab!!!)                                   Ignore possible grammatical issues or anything similar, english isnt my first language.
  9. I had heard that leveling fishing nodes was bad since it increased the drop chance for silver keys, which is bad for money and exp compared to getting a yellow/blue or a relic shard. I have read that leveling a node increases the quantity of turn-ins before but now I'm wondering if it's also like with fishing where the increased rate of certain items is increased on top of quantity and so rare drops become less likely to pop up. The description is really vague and I shouldn't expect much with the quality of translation with other misleading stuff like fishing speed vs fishing ability or attack vs AP and so forth but here's what it says ingame:

    Rate from Dictionary.com :
    noun 1. the amount of a charge or payment with reference to some basis of calculation: a high rate of interest on loans.2. a certain quantity or amount of one thing considered in relation to a unit of another thing and used as a standard or measure: at the rate of 60 miles an hour.3. a fixed charge per unit of quantity: a rate of 10 cents a pound.4. price; cost: to cut rates on all home furnishings.5. degree of speed, progress, etc.: to work at a rapid rate.6. degree or comparative extent of action or procedure: the rate of increase in work output.7. relative condition or quality; grade, class, or sort.  It seems slightly different from straight up chance if they really chose their wording carefully. While I'm talking about the subject of node levels, does anyone know what city levels do exactly? I have read a plethora of myths ranging from amity gain, worker craft rates and transportation speed but this is all hard to confirm.
  10. Post on Horse Show! in General

    By jaximusjoker, posted
    Welcome one and all,
    I made this in hopes that people show off their best horses in order to see what all is out there and what to strive for as a trainer and horse breeder. Also hope to see highest tier horses people got out there to see what all is possible in NA and EU.
    Enjoy the show.
  11. Hi, I just hit lvl 48 I intend to hit lvl 50 today but I'm curious what I should be expecting once I hit 50 (and what I should be preparing for). Just some background, I've played a lot of League of Legends and I consider it a staple of my pvp gaming. I like small arena's and I know bdo has an arena but I mostly just want to know if there are some optimal things to I should do to prepare for end-game pvp content.
    so in short, what are your suggestions for a pvper to do at lvl 50?

  12. <Sakurai> is recruiting on Croxus EU. We are a PVX focussed guild looking for friendly and active players to join our ranks. We currently have 60+ members, doing PVP, Wars, guild quests, guild bosses and summon scrolls every day. If you're interested in joining a guild where you are noticed, valued and helped out, then you'll enjoy our guild's mentality.

    Requirements to join our guild are the following:
    - Level 50+
    - Be active
    - Be friendly
    - Use Discord
    - Participation in guild events
    - Interested in PVP/Wars and coming Nodewars

    Preferred but not required:
    At least 100 AP and 100 DP
    But as stated this is not an actual requirement

    What you get in return:

    - PVP / GVG / Node Wars
    - Guild Bosses
    - Friendly and awesome atmosphere
    - Help during PK's
    - Help during grinds
    - Shared knowledge
    - Daily Scrolls

    We are growing rapidly but hope to expand more to start making a name for ourselves in PvP and be a formidable opponent to other guilds when the node wars patch arrives.

    We only speak English in guild chat and swearing is allowed. We use Discord and have a laugh there every day. If you are interested please leave a reply here or message us ingame:(Family name, Ingame name) Katsuma Tsukimara, Hanakozu Kageneko or Townsen Uly. You'll find us mostly on Calpheon C2.
  13. Hi!
    Ich habe durch viel Herumlaufen bereits Lvl 11 im Bereich "Atem" erreicht, bin bei Stärke und Gesundheit allerdings immer noch auf Lvl 1 mit keinerlei Erfahrung.
    Bei Stärke muss man doch Lasten tragen (?) und um Gesundheit zu erhöhen, Nahrung zu sich nehmen (?)
    Wo finde ich erstens diese Lasten, damit ich durch "Schleppen" ein höheres Stärke-Lvl erreiche und welches Essen muss ich ab und an zu mir nehmen, sodass sich mein Gesundheit-Lvl steigert? (Trockenfleisch hilft mir lediglich bei LP-Wiederherstellung)
  14. Post on Beware of the scammer. in General

    By Bardic, posted
    Just a heads up, player LvL on Jordine is a scammer, beware of trading with him.
    If you need more info feel free to ask.
  15. Hi,
    How much time do I need to get lvl 50 without only grinding spots? With this I mean following the main quests and what they tell you to do.
  16. Hi community,
    I wanna know if i can start upgrading my weapon, or its better to get a hight lvl weapon and then start to upgrade it.
    Thx guys
  17. Hallo Community,
    hier ist eine Map mit den Levelebieten für PvE Monster. Mir persönlich hat die Map sehr geholfen und deshalb wollte ich sie mit euch teilen.

    Mehr Infos und Guides auf www.theblacklegion.wordpress.com
  18. Bonsoir, bonne nuit ou bonjour.
    J'ai lu quelque part que sur la version Co il n'y avait pas de  lvl max.
    Donc, dans notre version va t'il avoir un niveau max ou pas ? Si oui combien ? 
    Et pour les métiers, y a t'il un niveau max ?