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  1. Post on Macros Question in General

    By littizie, posted
    Was wondering if a macro that presses "F + Enter" would violate the ToS just for selling and putting things in the warehouse? Or are they only thinging about Combat macros in the ToS??
  2. CM_Aethon CM_Tytyes PM_Jouska
    I was wondering if a Cm / PM could let me know if its against the rules to make a macro, I wanted to use it for a phrase that would normally take too long to type while casting or using skills in combat.
    If someone could let me know I'd really appreciate it.
  3. Post on AFK Health leveling in General

    By Taj, posted
    Okay, so I thought before I jump into doing this, I wanted to make sure it is actually allowed.

    Now that we can both AFK train our Strength and Breath (and even horses), would AFK Health leveling, using a macro be allowed or not allowed or is this a grey area?
    It can of course be done manually, but it would (at least for me) be a lot easier if I was allowed to do this while I was AFK training my horse anyways.
    @CM_Jouska please 
    Uno Server Calpheon U1 Shard, the schmuck died from NPCs after I went Hulk Hogan on him. 
    While rewards would be nice, i can't get the reporting function to work properly. I do have a second video available if needed, but pretty much the same stuff.
  5. Post on MMO Mice & Macros in General

    By Cytoxx, posted
    Ridiculous - CM_Jouska in god mode:
    Closing this thread now as it has outlived its usefulness and the question has been answered.
    You can also refer to the official macro policy.
    It is not being answered - at least not satisfactorily. The mentioned macro policy is too abstract and leaves room for interpretation. The question still stands:
    Is using gaming gear with applied macros bannable, or not? That's all I want to know - and yes, I understand it's not supported.
  6. I have been using my keyboard's G-Keys for things like looting automatically without smashing R button to death or just holding down shift to run and now i try to do that and it doesn't work. Send help I'm dying
  7. Hi all,
    I have repetitive stress injury (RSI), and I'm interested in using Voice Attack to type for me in guildchat in BDO.  Will xigncode flag such a use as illegal macros?
    Also, can I say a command like "fire" to press and hold my fire button?  Would that be an illegal macro?  I would think not.
    I realize that I can't use voice attack to chain up several keystrokes at once: e.g., fire, step left, step back, jump, all in one command, would be illegal.  But how about (1) dictation and (2) saying "fire" to "hold down" my left mouse button?
    Hmm, no replies.  I've tried sending a private message to Gemu; no reply to that either.  Should I submit a ticket?  I just don't want to be suspended or banned for using a voice program that helps me play without injury.  If anything Voice Attack disadvantages me, since voice tends to do things slower than with keyboard/mouse/gamepad.
  8. Dear GM's and Dev's,
    I am a Gamer that enjoys playing Black Desert Online, but I have one issue and that is  I am Handicapped with only the use of 1 Hand and would love to be able to macro the complicated keystrokes, is there any such program's allowed to safely use with the game, or is the use of mechanical keyboards that can macro bind allowed or Mice with simple macro abilities allowed?
    I am in no way shape or form attempting to automate the game play and don't desire to do so. I just desire to play the game with my friends and simplify the 3-5 key spell/action binds that are currently in use.
    As this game is now it is not Handicap Friendly in anyway and hard for a limited mobility player to participate in it's features without fear of being banned.
  9. Voilà je suis de nature à ne pas trop aimer les petites actions répétitive. Par exemple, lorsque je veux déplacer un stack d'objet de mon inventaire vers un entrepôt. Il y a toujours ce petit pad numérique qui s'ouvre me demandant d'inscrire le nombre d'objet que je veux transféré. Comme de fait, dans 99% des cas je veux transférer tout mes objet. J'ai une souri qui me permet de faire des macro justement utile pour ce genre de situation. Je ferais bien une macro éxécutant RMB->F->ENTER, mais en regardant les conditions d'utilisation je suis passé sur ceci : 
    Donc, j'aimerais savoir si cela comprend ce genre d'opération et/ou si je suis autorisé a faire ce genre de macro sur ma souri. Sinon, est-ce qu'il y a une option qui existe pour changer le comportement du pad numérique en jeu?
  10. Is Voice Attack permitted in BDO?  I'm a casual middle-aged gamer with recurring repetitive-stress injury, and after a week of too much BDO, my hands hurt.  I'm going to try switching to a gamepad, which may help some.  But something like Voice Attack would be even better.
    The BDO Terms of Service say: 
    Voice Attack does use macros, I guess.  But I wouldn't be using them to "allow the automated operation of controls."  I'd say each command every time.  On the other hand, I imagine VA could give one an advantage in doing combos without using the hotkey bar?  That strikes me as the most likely problem with VA.  Perhaps VA is okay if I refrain from doing this?  Maybe BDO's botware-policing software would catch unfair use of macro-combos?  
    So, does anyone know whether VA is legal in BDO?  Is there a way to ask a GM or someone official?  Thanks in advance.
  11. Hey I was wandering if I might get banned if I use one of the button of my mouse to bind the ping button that is only available on the keyboard and not settable in the input option.
    Ty ^^
  12. Post on Report Button Ingame in Suggestions

    By Feylon, posted
    Hi there,
    well i kinda walk by severall Boters or Macro Users and just ignored them the first few times cause i was to lazy to write something in the Forum. I think a Report Button ingame would make this much easier. Well i dont know if this is the right Forum or not. Just wanted to improve the Game for People who actually play this Game themself.
    See You.
  13. Hi, I'm wanting to know if there's a way to loop gathering water? Alchemy can use a lot of water, and to fill just 50 jugs of water it will take over 15 minutes. If there's no loop-gather feature to do this, is it 'legal' to make a macro to do this, or would creating a simple macro for something like this be a breach of the terms of service/EUA?

  14. Post on Macro's in General

    By Snow90, posted
    Dear BDO,
    we all know that its unfair if people use "cheat/hack/packet" programs 
    like BDO Russia - we may have a problem with those people too!
    but what about more "harmless" macros like "Auto-Pot" or "Skill Chain Macro" for combos?
    or the most famous one - the auto fishing macro? (the one who autofish and auto exchange fishing rod).
    are macros in "general" - forbidden? because some people have custom programable keyboards/gaming pads