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  1. Hi! So i started playing a game some days ago, i got maehwa to lvl 50, and i'd like to know what gear i should get? Mostly for pvp. I guess i still need to get to 56 to get awakening and all that, and i think ill buy gear at market, but which one? Thanks
  2. Gear linked below

  3. Gear linked below

  4. Post on BUILDS MAEHWA in Maehwa

    By CHUCKNODRISZ, posted
    Bonjour maehwa's et maehwo, j'ai beau faire le tour des post EN et EU je n'a pas vu de builds récents de notre belle classe.
    Aussi je vous propose de faire en commentaire vos différents builds selon vos préférences.
    Ma petite proposition http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/36999
    A bientôt IG.
  5. I was hoping some BDO veterans could help someone considering buying the game choose a class. After watching A LOT of videos and reading a couple forums I've narrowed it down to about 3; Dark Knight, Maehwa, and Valkyrie. 
    I was hoping some people could give me some pros and cons on each one and give me some advice on them as well.
    In case people wanted to better understand why I chose these three; Valkyrie because of tankiness and surviveabillty plus seems to do well in groups, Dark Knight because it looks like she deals pretty good damage and has some flashy moves, and finally Maehwa because she seems to have a pretty fun play style.
    Also what do people think of Tamers?
  6. http://www.thisisgame.com/webzine/news/nboard/5/?n=57623
    The link is an old article made before Tamer was released in KR. It is an interview of the creator of Tamer and they speak a lot about how they started designing the Tamer and stuff. For people who don't speak Korean, Tamer was named Tamer because originally they tried to make a class that actually tames character, but BDO is more of an action based game so they didn't make a Pokemon-ish character. Also the effects of Tamer's skill was created to look like ink being sprayed around and the motion capture actor learned Wushu to create a more Asian like animation. The inspiration of Tamer was Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown, but the hawk was removed because Tamer having ranged attack and close range attack would be overpowered in both PvE and PvP (Awakened Ranger, Musa, Maehwa, Awakened Wiz/Witch with pets, and Awakened Dark Knight???) so they had to remove the hawk concept. The tamer has low HP so she will be played like a bouncing rubber ball. (I guess they scrapped this as well with the awakening) And there are other not so interesting
    So tamer was originally supposed to be Nakoruru, but they made her into Rera for balancing.
    Another interview with the creator of Tamer. Here there are some interesting things. The original name of Tamer was Tamer, but since there is no taming the name became 금수랑. So PA threw away the name tamer and after years we get the recycled name for NA/EU. Great. Also the designer mentions AI scaling as level and skill increases. I guess they scrapped the AI scaling too.
    So... what happened with the whole "having both ranged and close quarter is op" thing? What happened to the AI scaling? I heard rumors of the designer of Tamer resigning, but that doesn't mean they should neglect this character.
    Also one last thing. If PA ever makes a male Tamer can he have the hawk please? The male tamer having a hawk and being more focused on ranged combat will make him unique and more interesting to play.
  7. More history and RL related stuff. If you are not interested in history and RL, then there's nothing interesting here for you. Move along.
    First I am going to talk about Musa's awakening weapon, Woldo. I'm not going to talk about Maehwa's awakening weapon because I don't know where the heck they got the idea of a wavy spear. The only weapons with wavy blades I know are Flambard, a Renaissance European weapon, and the Kris knife, which is a Philippines weapon. Kind of straying away from the original topic, but looking at the awakening weapons makes me think PA is sexist. Musa (Korea inspired character) with Woldo (Korean weapon), Ninja (Japan inspired character) with multiple Katanas (Japanese sword, but even the Japanese only used 2 max.) And then there we have Maehwa (Korea inspired character) with Kerispear (Origin unknown weird spear), and Kunoichi (Japan inspired character) with a hula hoop nicknamed chakram (People claim it's India inspired, but Chakram is a small ring shaped throwing weapon, not a hula hoop with blades.) Of course BDO is a fantasy game and PA can do whatever they want to do with their game, but when this creative freedom only occurs when it's a female character then it's a little fishy. Back to the Woldo. https://youtu.be/q55H_3otHCc This is a video of people performing the sequences written in Muyedobotongji. I tried to find a better video, but there aren't much videos of it out there. Anyway as the video shows there are a lot of spinning motions. The woldo weights 3근 14냥 (1근 is 16냥 and 1근 is approximately 600 grams so it should be 2.3 kilograms. For U.S. people who use pounds it is 5.1 pounds. DISCLAIMER: I used the conversion written on Wikipedia because I have no idea what 근 and 냥 is. So the calculations could be off.) and when the mass is mostly focused on the end of the weapon it is hard to control the motion of the weapon, so they do a lot of spinning the blade to take advantage of the momentum and make it easier to control the blade. Spin 2 win is confirmed. Totally legit, historically accurate spin2win never seen before in other games (I am joking.)
    Next topic is the stub arrow. The Korean name of this skill is 편전 (pronounced Pyeonjeon) and well... It is a very very misleading name. Pyeonjeon is a special arrow used with a tool called 통아(tong-ah? pronounced something like that. Not pronounced like the nation Tonga.) https://youtu.be/LgmBO-TeC-8 This is a video of a random man using the 통아 to shoot a Pyeonjeon. As you can see in the video, pyeonjeon is a very short arrow and needs a special rail in order to fire it without the arrow going through your arm. Pyeonjeon is definitely a fitting skill for Musa and Maehwa, but the problem is the skill name is Pyeojeon and yet Musa and Maehwa shoots normal arrows. If PA made Musa and Maehwa use real Pyeonjeon then it would have made them much more unique than now. Ranger using a longbow and normal arrows, Musa and Maehwa using a recurve horn bow with Pyeonjeon. Makes them much more unique, but PA decided to just name it pyeonjeon and give them normal arrows. Very very disappointing.
  8. A lot of player feel Maehwa is weak in PVE. I think the problem is not how much damage the skill does(it is a problem but not most important problem). I think the most important problem is when Maehwa's skill is cooldown the damage will be decrease like 50%. That make Meahwa so weak in PVE.
    NO skill can help Meahwa keep farming. Is so bad. 
  9. The purpose of the "Legends of the Arena" series is to showcase entertaining footage with the toughest, most reputable players NA. If this video is received well then I will continue the series.
    This was a tough Giant, and a cool guy that even posed for the cover page. I don't duel Giants often so this was a nice change of pace.
  11. Which class is the least gear dependent and could handle themselves better 1v1 or small group pvp open world with less gear?
  12. Hey everyone,
    I have recently leveled a Maehwa to 56 and gotten my awakening.
    And I am love it (such fluid combat and the speed!!), now I'm looking for an awesome outfit/costume for her but I can't choose which one.
    (Personally debating between Order of the Apricot and Jegrina)

    So I would love to see your pearl store Maehwa costumes and outfits that you dyed (or didn't) ingame!! 

  13. I need help deciding!
    Both of them look like so much fun until i see their awakenings which makes the decision so hard.
    I looked at Musa forums and saw that he is all aoe farming and node wards/ GvG but consumes a metric ton of wp pots
    And Maehwa is all small scale, 1v1, crappy pve and requires good gear for it to be good
    So I ask you what should i pick? I like to pve alot but also do pvp sometimes.
  14. Hello BDO Community,
    I want to buy the Trumpet Creeper Costume for Maehwa, but I cant find on in the Market. I buy both variation just the "Costume Set" or the entire "Bundle" which include the weapons.
    I pay 25kk, but we can talk about the price. I play on the EU server.
    If you are interested send me a mail or write a comment  
    Kind regards Yasukami Rosakiri
  15. I would like to know why we just cant trade our Founder outfits in for Musa/Maehwa and Ninja/Kunoichi?
    Share your suggestions
  16. Post on Need some help! in Art & Media

    By Amsel, posted
    I need some help! I had this for my plum when she was around and i loved it. Im trying to get it for my witch now. But i am terrible with these, and i cant find a good base to work with. Is anyone able to help me out? thanks so much.

    I think this was the one i started with originally, http://www.bdotemplates.com/plum/anika/ maybe.....

  17. Hi guys,

    I'm relatively new, or actually just returning to play this game again. I initially played at launch but quitted after a few weeks, then decided to come back to try out musa when it was announced on US servers. However, that was short-lived. After seeing the wizard awakenings being announced in KR, I was inspired to hop back on the game again.  Except this time, I'm unsure of which class I should continue playing with, or rather if I should start from scratch again. I am relatively a casual player; I used to play hours on end on games like Guild Wars 2, Vindictus, Tera, Blade and Soul, Ragnarok, Cabal, and a few others, but the gaming habit sort have died down since last year due to college, club activities, etc. 

    I actually didn't get too far on any of my characters that I've made besides my Musa which is currently at level 42. I started with warrior initially but switched to valkyrie afterwards, but quitted after getting to level 20.  

    My question now, is which class should I continue or switch to playing?

    A little background about my preference:
    I tend to prefer classes that constantly keeps me engaged, play tactically and counteract to opponents attacks. I also have a strong preference for melee oriented classes that tend to be agile and dexterous but I also find wielding two handed weapons like a greatsword, or polearm to be pretty awesome. Wizard awakening has also peaked my interest in trying out a magic-based class for the first time. At the moment I'm thinking about continuing my Valkyrie based on what I'm seeing their gameplay so far, it seems to be very heavily based on counter play. However the Musa seems pretty attractive as well due to it's ability to engage and disengage in combat. The ninja class looks pretty awesome too, I'm a huge fan of dual wielding characters.
    Classes I've played in other games:

    Guild Wars 2: Warrior- Greatsword/axeshield, Thief - dualdagger/shortbow, Guardian - staff/greatsword
    Vindictus:  Lann - Twinspear/Twinsword, Hurk - Greatsword
    Tera: Warrior, Berserker, Slayer
    BnS: BladeMaster, KungFu Master

    If I can get a quick list of class suggestions, it's pros and cons, gear dependency, and suitability for casual players, that would be awesome! 
  18. With the awakening for Maehwa, I've found that her flashy red colors, which worked great with her abilities before, do not match her new ice skills. This led me to dyeing her armor.
    I found that the red moon armor has a large picture on the front that can not be dyed. It is a dark red, which decreases the colors that match for the rest of the outfit.
    If possible, it wouldn't hurt to go back and revisit a few of these older outfits to have more dye locations.

  19. Post on Awakening Skills- ADDS? in Maehwa

    By Sunte, posted
    Hi, what skills ads you use? cuz before i was playing with normal skills, i never died with maehwa now shame on me with awakening i die, cuz i dunno how to cansel some skills, to shift+1+2mouse button i can rest i don't i see i need mroe practice, give me some advices guys ?
  20. The Royal Rage add-on has an incorrect buff being displayed. The 'All Critical Hit Rate +20% for 9 sec. for self' when used it gives '+10% attack speed'. Looking at maehwa videos in the JP client the '+10% attack speed' seems to be the correct buff.

    JK, it's an innate skill. that gives the 10%speed I misread the skill
  21. Just a quick suggestion which I think that many players would like to see in game. 
    The pre-order costumes were avaliable with the classes which have been released with launch of the game. 
    I ask, have the devs ever created those costumes for the classes that have been released later on in the game? I am talking about Blader/Maehwa and Ninja/Kunoichi classes.
    As all four classes were not out, players which main those did not have a chance to get those costumes if they even exist? If they do exist, please add them to the pearl shop, if not I would like to see those created in game.
  22. Our male mirror class forums seems to be buzzing about the awakening coming tomorrow.
    So what about you few who main a maehwa, arw you hyped?
    I am. 
  23. The Maehwa's Blood Moon Costume special animation, in-game, does not match the Pearl Shop preview animation. In-game, the facial animations blink frequently and appears to wince in pain.
  24. Imagine in your mind, it's november 22nd, and you're going to sleep nice and early to wake up just as early for maehwa's awakening.
    That first hundred title's gonna be yours! 
    ... But where does the quest line start even? Any KR players that wanna fill me in?
    P.S. attached pic of baehwa