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  1. Can we get one of these in game/ in cash shop for our Maehwa's/Musa's please. The short bow is aesthetically displeasing already but I'd love some headwear!
    Examples below (please don't respond with Maehwa/Musa isn't a samurai blah blah, this is all about aesthetics and what I think would add to the character of the class immensely (+ I'd actually buy this even for Daums bad prices)
    (Multiple images to convey style/colour etc)

  2. I made a Maehwa the other night, and now find there's movement issues with the class. When a guild mission is happening the onscreen counts seem to cause her to move each time it comes on screen. The autopathing isn't working on quests. I click on to autorun to the objective nothing happens if the mouse moves away from the quest log. If you click the button to just show the path it won't display. You have to look on the map and then click there to create a path. Then when you go back and hit T to autopath it doesn't work. Standing idle she'll leerch forward or run a few paces for no reason, I'm not even touching the keyboard or mouse. I have several other classes and dont have any of these issues. 
    Thank you for looking into this 
  3. Hey guys, I've just hit the level to learn ultimate chase in the NA version (I've only leveled up Chase 1, not 2).
    However, I've noticed from testing the skills and animation cancellings that the NA version of Ultimate:Chase (U:Chase from now on) wasn't working properly, compared to the KR version. Since the skill chase itself changed so drastically, I just thought that it was an aftereffect of that, but after testing some animation cancelling chains I came to the conclusion that the U:Chase skill in the NA version wasn't working at all.
    Let me explain with two videos, one taken in the NA servers and one in the KR servers.
    The NA Ultimate:Chase
    1. Kick cancel into U:Chase. Doesn't cancel
    2. Normal attack cancel into U:Chase. Doesn't cancel
    3. Decapitate cancel. Slow. Same speed when I had Chase at level 1 only and didn't have U:Chase
    4. Dragon Bite - Chase string. Slow, chuncky.
    The KR Ultimate: Chase
    1. Kick into U: Chase. Don't even see the animation of the kick.
    2. Normal attack cancel into U: Chase. Don't even see the animation of the swing.
    3. Decapitate Cancel. The afterdelay is completely gone, with U: Chase doing its job.
    4. Dragon Bite - Chase string. Much smoother, since U: Chase cancels out the afterdelay of dragon bite.
    I hope that this issue is resolved immediately; U: Chase is such a core component in PvP for canceling skills and with its current state animation cancelling on skills is nearly impossible.
  4. Post on Maehwa PvP Combo in Maehwa

    By Eternis, posted
    Here are two different 1v1 combos (long combos like these don't work in GvG) that I've used in the past in the KR servers. Just use this as references in building your own combo; copying others is fine but it doesn't help you at all when you have to improvise on the fly.
    1. Stub Arrorw - Blooming:Phantom - Dragon Bite/Claw - Blind Thrust - Backstab - Backstep Slash - Decapitate - RM/RM:Ascension
    2. Stub Arrorw - Blooming:Phantom - Blind Thrust - Decapitate - Dragon Bite/Claw - Blind Thrust - Backstab - RM/RM:Ascension
    Edit: Included skill chain
  5. Hello I just started playing Maehwa and I am loving the class but I have noticed several things that seem to be out of place or broken imo about the character and her animations... I'll rate them from Minor to Major in my personal opinion.
    ((MINOR)) First her idle animation seems odd.  Often she will go from the Musa animation to shifting to her normal animation it seems odd to me and quite jarring.  Compared to the Musa.  I wasn't sure if it was intentional for her to go from holding sword on her back to the Musa stance then suddendly to Maewa stance.  
    ((MAJOR?)) Some of her attacks seem to not function properly unless I am using them wrong or the translation is wrong. Dragon Bite for example says you can charge it up but I have not been able to do so.  I have not played a Musa so i would not have an idea if it's just a Blader/Plum Issue or the short backstep is the charge mentioned in the tooltip.
    ((MINOR)) No talking animation for character when typing.  This is for the RPers out there.  She sorta just moves her head and keeps her lips shut.
    ((MINOR or MAJOR for RP)) No walk.  I've already mentioned RPers... This one will annoy the crap out of them.
    ((Minor)) Collision Animation... When she walks or is bumped into she does not react to it.  The sound plays but the short animation does not.
    I just wanted to point out the minor issues I found.  Figured it would be helpful to pick out some of the easier housecleaning fixes they could work on.  Unless it's intentional and all Maehwa's are unfeeling mute telepathic terminators with a minor malfunction which causes them to stutter figuring out what stance they want to murder you with...
    I'll keep updating I guess... I love the class tho but I'm gonna wait and keep working on leveling my Tamer to 50... My war has been 50 for a bit... I'm loving this game basically.
  6. Let's have a contest & enjoy some fun together!
    Would be nice so see who has the most beautiful Maehwa.
    Rule: Those who get most likes, wins!
    Ends: 30. april

    Prices: I kindly ask CM_Jouska to reward the winner with a World boss Weapon of choice. +15, +10 and +0 for the top 3 winners.
    What you say @CM_Jouska ?
    I start with mine
    Edit: some ask for bikini part of the contest, so here they are

  7. Post on Maehwa in In-Game Bugs

    By BioXer, posted
    While Tiger Blade is active on Maehwa you can't climb over wall ect ect, dunno if it's inteended but sounds like it's a bug. Also you can only cast Dragon Bite and not the following combos of it while Tiger Blade is active.

    Also Dragon Blade can't be charged as the skill says.
  8. Does anybody know when they will be removing the Starter Packages? I would really like to have it, but I also have the outfit packages I have won from the Beauty and the Beast contest. I want to use that outfit package for it's time before buying the starter package so I don't feel like I wasted it.

    Also, does anybody know if they are going to add more pets to the Pre-Order Pet Package? I really want the Brown Cream Puppy because it is the only doggy that looks close to mine.. A Yorkie.^^
    As well as add Maehwa and Musa weapon skins to the Pre-Order Weapon Skin Package? I can't be the only ones saving this for these characters, or even for other people saving it for their Ninjas and Kunoichi.

  9. Post on Maehwa iFrames in Maehwa

    By Silfay, posted
    The aim of this topic is rather simple: to answer the question of how does the maehwa skill "chase" work as an iframe and whether there are any other skills on maehwa which count as iframes. The reason I am starting this thread is because there's a lot of confusion as to how exactly musa/maehwa iframes work.
    These are the claims I've read or heard from all over the place in regards to the topic:
    The game client states that: ("State change: Invincible -> Super Armor -> Normal" and ofc that this does not apply when skill is used on cd.)the questions would be, at which point throughout that half a second long animation does the state change take place? Is the actual iframe window something negligible like 0.20s?does super amor  also reduce damage taken or does it only grant cc immunity?is it really justifiable to give a melee squishy a 4s cd on it's iframes while sorc/wizard don't have any icd on their iframes?Another description I've read was that super amor applies to the skill when dashing forwards and iframe while dashing backwards, with no regard to the skill cooldown.Any elaboration would be greatly appreciated and welcome. Cheers
  10. Alright, I've been on the KR server since Maehwa/Musa's launch and have leveled the chars up to 57.80 / 51.00 respectively, with Maehwa being my main.
    My gear was 200/240 (now 150/220 since I've sacrificied my accessories and weapon/armor to the black spirit T.T) and I have participated in countless guild wars/seiges so I think I can talk about how end game pvp is like for both classes.
    PvP wise and PvE wise, Musa wins flat out against Maehwa. The reason for this is because of the core difference between these two classes: Red Moon/Rising Storm, Decapitate/Gale, and the 100% black spirit skill.
    Let's talk about the difference between Red Moon/Rising Storm first. While red moon has the edge in terms of damage and the extra guard stance during activation, it is a channeling skill and has a huge afterdelay. With the resistance build that everybody is going for in KR, a lot of time the airborne on RM doesn't activate (the airborne CC is only on the first upwards slash, contrary to the description), giving the opponent a huge amount of time to counter with grabs or CC moves to the back. Musa's RS doesn't have the guard frame and has a slightly long activation, but the CC chance is huge (6x airborne compared to 2-3x airborne with RM) and you can cancel it with chase or guard or whatever, giving Musas the extra edge in survivability. Survivability in 1v1 and RvR pvp is essential, and RM kinda sucks at that. Furthermore, most of the time RM/RS is going to be used as a combo ender anyway, so the activation time delay with RS is negligible. Damagewise, RM-RM's afterattack is similar to RS-RS-RS:Burst so Musas can also dish out the damage when necessary.
    The next difference is Decapitate/Gale. It comes down to preference for this one: Decapitate for the standing CC and Gale for the down CC. With the introduction of the new CC mechanic, Gale actually got a buff because it became an option to continue comboing even after the opponent is down.
    Finally, there is the difference in the black spirit 100% skill. Musa's 100% skill hits opponents like a truck, even rivaling Warrior's awakening weapon 100% in terms of damage alone. Maehwa's 100% is an aoe stun, but most people in KR wants it deleted because it has a huge activationd delay and a huge channeling delay. It cuts combos that would otherwise connect with regular Decapitate, and in RvR situations you basically become a free target for ranger/witch/wizard fire or grabs. It can be good if used well, but it needs to be used EXTREMELY well. I'd rather have Musa's 100% skill as it doesn't interfere with combos and you can surely kill an enemy after getting them CC'ed, which is not a problem for Musas and Maehwas.
    Maehwa does have another CC with Backstab, but it's very situational as it only works after a regular Blind Thrust, which has terrible range. I do use it frequently though in my combos, but it doesn't change my views on Musas and Maehwas.
    PvE wise, again Musas with the no cooldown RS wins out flat against Maehwa. Maehwa has just a bit more survivability in PvE due to the guard frame on RM, but at end game PvE when most mobs die with RS-RS-RS, Musa's going to be much faster at clearing out mobs. At real end game PvE (talking about Basilisks/Lava tribes) the channeling on RM actually serves as a disadvantage; mobs will hit the sides and get your animation to cancel, resulting in a ton of lost damage while you wait for your RM's cooldown. With Musas you don't have this problem, as RS doesn't have a cooldown and you can easily evade after the animation.
    Anyway, the reason that I chose Maehwa is because I just like the animation effects, the cherry blossoms that fill up my screen. I don't care particularaly about the PvP difference / PvE difference; its all about my own personal satisfaction.
    I've been leveling up my characters, I've noticed that there was a 4s cooldown to the chase tree, which means that the animation canceling chase won't be available to the US servers. I guess survivability is going to be a problem, but I'll learn to deal with it soon enough. Hope this post helps anybody
  11. Just a thread to show off your Maehwa characters!
    Heres mine~

    Original template here~
  12. I'm sure a number of you have noticed by now but there are several interesting and unique bugs with Maehwa~!

    Bug 01 - "White washing" - Fix Thanks to Cake
    It seems that some of the "default" character settings accidentally transfer over into the game

    Bug 02 - "Why walk when you can run"
    Maehwa's seem to have 1 speed, run! The walk toggle doesn't work

    Bug 03 - Missing character creation options (Thanks to Yuuki_Konno)

    There might be a few more, so lets spam them all into 1 thread =D
  13. Well decided we'd need one of these threads for the Blader's today as there will be many new faces in Olivia.
    Here is mine : D

  14. Hello!
    I got a question for all of you who actually know how the Maehwa plays. I am coming from the game "World of Warcraft", and I wonder if the Maehwa playstyle is remotely close to the one of the WoW Rogue. Stunlocking people while killing them in the matter of seconds. I am currently playing a Ranger in BDO, having not hit level 50 yet. I really like the shotgun kill and just gtfo before anyone else gets you. Is Maehwa like that? Hit(Kill) and run? If so, who do they focus, what is their main damage abilities (AoE / Single) and at what level is their mobility. Also, do they work in Node Wars / GvG sieges?
    Thanks in advance!
  15. Post on Skillung in Maehwa

    By Ririchiyo, posted
    Hallo, ich habe ein paar Fragen zu der Plum. Ich hab so nach manchen Youtube Videos und mit dem Skill Calc auseinander gesetzt.
    1. Zu dem Bow- Skill: Charged Stub Arrow und Grapple
    Ich bin mir da sehr unsicher welcher besser ist. In 1on1 wäre denke ich Grapple sehr nützlich, aber in mass pvp kann man sich mit dem heranziehen selbst töten. Da hab ich diesen Knockdown skill lieber, aber ich würde mich hierbei freuen, wenn mir jmd etwas dazu sagen könnte.
    2. Devider:
    Ich kann mir sehr gut vorstellen in PvE ist der gut, aber sind die anderen Skills nicht reichlich um die in PvE auszuschalten? Ich will nicht wirklich Skill Points waisten.
    3. Retaliation.
    Ist der Skill sinnvoll bis max zu lvln oder reichen die beiden ersten mit 0pkt. Ich bin trotzdem unsicher weil beide 100% crit haben und ca. 2x 550% dmg also 4 mal.
    Zu den anderen Skills bin ich selbstsicherer, dass die brauchbar sind!
    E: 18.4 18:12
    Hm, ich dachte es wären so viele Blader und Plum im Forum unterwegs. Vielleicht sind das doch nicht so viele wie ursprünglich gedacht, weil keiner meine Frage beantworten kann. Normalerweise informieren sich die Main Plum- oder Blader-Spieler im Vorfeld, welche Skills sinnvoll oder sinnfrei sind. 
    Irgentwie seltsam 
  16. Na, wer von euch wird alles eine Maehwa spielen? (:
    Ich kann es kaum erwarten. 
  17. Hey @CM_Jouska @CM_Praballo @CM_Tytyes !
    Can you please activate the forum section of the Musa/Maehwa? So the threads will be organized on the correct spot.
    Pre Release the forum sections of the other classes where in too :>
    Many thanks in advance!
  18. Blader and plum's....Erm, Musa and Maehaw's release date has been confirmed!
  19. Hello ladies and gentlemen,
    So I've been enjoying this game alot and just like many others I've been waiting on  blader / plum  (musa / maehwa) to really spend time and maybe buy some outfits finally but my biggest problem is I never know what to choose..

    I like blader because his the first decent male char in this game but I like playing with girls because.. well I rather look at a womans behind ingame than at a man, altough with both looking good as it is I'm not sure what to pick.. I've seen many youtube vids about both.. altough there are less of plum sadly and it still didn't help me..
    So at the end what do you think has the best animation /spelleffects and looks best in gear and maybe the pros and cons the little differences are, I don't really care for that lil bit extra dps.. I like to play one just because I will enjoy it.
    thanks for viewing and maybe replying your thoughts about which u'd pick and why.

  20. I know for whatever reason you can't/won't tell us when you plan on dropping Musa/Maehwa, either because you're afraid of missing the deadline and upsetting fans, or because you honestly don't know, or for whatever other reason...
    But can a CM please confirm that you will provide at least 24 hours notice so that we can queue characters for deletion that are saving the name we want for our character?
    That or remove the delete-timer with the release of the class so that we aren't stuck waiting an extra day for deletion.
    This doesn't seem like an unrealistic request, and hopefully this was already the plan. Can we get someone in here to confirm that is the case?
    EDIT: It occurs to me this should have been in the Suggestion section of the Forum. My apologies!
    EDIT 2: We got our notice! April 20th. A little sad that they couldn't get it out for 13th maintenance, but I guess that's an extra week to devote to Dark Souls 3! (4 bosses in so far)
  21. Post on More character slots? in General

    By Xanos, posted
    Should we expect to see the slots cap go past 9 characters per server with their addition? Would be good to know for altaholics.

  22. I think it would be much more lore-accurate (and interesting) if we kept the names Musa and Maehwa for Blader and Plum, respectively.  This is especially considering that Musa and Maehwa come from the region known as the "Far East" (Ninja, Kunoichi, and Tamer also come from this area).  I suggest this because "Blader" sounds somewhat awkward to many, and "Ronin"/"Samurai" (as I've seen him called) are inaccurate considering both classes were based more on Korean swordsmanship.  I would suggest this for Tamer as well, but I don't know quite what her intended name is, or if it isn't just a catchall rather than something specific.

    (As an aside: It would be great to see the "Far East" some day!)