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  1. Bonjour,
    Le costume de Venecil est-il vraiment utile pour le craft afk ? en quoi est-il avantageux car il y-a toujours une limite de poids ? je craft des Caisses de Calpheon, pour le bois le costume est-il efficace ?
    Merci A Vous 
  2. Anyone know why when I withdraw pots from storage I only get 6 as opposed to the 40 I'm able to deposit? Doesn't make any sense to me...
    IIRC this issue has been brought up WEEKS ago. Why is this still an issue? Anyone know of a fix?
  3. Post on PA is sexist! in General

    By Rogan, posted
    Pearl Abyss is sexist!  Why no male maids? Could rename the transaction maid to a male accountant assistant or something...
    What's with all these gender locks???
  4. So If I go and buy 10 storage maids, do I only have to click the "storage button" on 1 maid once and then I can just put 10 things in the storage or 1k LT in the storage?
    Or do I have to click each maid individually because that seems long
  5. I put my maid in Altinova residence, but I can still use it to store thing from pirate island to Calpheon. Does this mean the maid work from anywhere? I have no maid in Calpheon.
  6. Post on Maid icon blinking in In-Game Bugs

    By Nirax, posted
    i purchased two maids and deployed them in my residences. one in heidel, the other one in altinova. both are storage type maids.
    as you know once you deployed a maid an icon will be present in your main UI screen.
    Issue: The icon is constantly and erratically blinking/pulsing orange. Its _extremly_ anoying. I´m not aware what it wants to point out. The maid is placed and both are usable. I´m not aware of any additional attention they require. As you can see in the below picture. once i click on the icon it shows the "Fairy Maid List". The calls are allowed, nothing points out i have to perform any action that orange blinking would point to. 
  7. I want to hear what you guys/girls think about the subject!  thanks glhf in-game
  8. Hi Leute,
    ich muss mich jetzt echt mal beschweren. Die Sache mit den Mägdten ist doch wohl nicht euer Ernst.
    Die kostet 12 Euro, und wenn ich sie dann rufe, kann ich nur 1 (in Worten EINEN) Gegenstand ablegen, und schon hab ich wieder 20 Minuten Cooldown?
    Ich fühle mich aber sowas von beschissen. Das war das letzte mal das ich Perlen gekauft habe.
  9. Post on Venecil Set Bonus- EXP? in General

    By Saramew, posted
    I know this set bonus has a Processing success + remote storage type of set bonus (already searched what that meant exactly), but does it offer any EXP bonuses?
    For example, the Canape costume offers:
    +10% Combat Exp ... Death Penalty -10% ... Amity Gain +10% ... Vision Range +10m ... Jump Height +0.5m ... Weapon Durability Consumption -10% ... Max Stamina +100 
    +Cooking Skill Exp +15% ... Cooking Time Decreased by 2 seconds.
    What will the Venecil do for me? Will it offer Combat exp and death penalty -10%?
    (+ if anyone who has it could be so kind to screenshot what the main black part of the dress looks like in Heidelian Snow Red?!)
  10. Post on Maid in General

    By Lester, posted
    @CM_Aethon Hi CM, just wondering if we will get maid soon?
  11. Edit, fixed by reloging
  12. Post on Where is the maid in General

    By Marat, posted
    It say she's in the patch notes, but I dont see her in the Cash Shop :c
    Here is why you guys should also want a maid c: