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  1. Get em ready, we riot at 16:00 utc.


  2. Hi, i bought a Guild Name Coupon, i changed the name of the guild at monday, the coupon description told me the name will change after maintenance. Well, today is Wednesday after Maintenance and the guild name is still the same.

    want to ask if there is a technical problem, did i lose my coupon? Or is it because of holidays? 

    Guild Leader Florani, from the guild "KamasylveWatch" former "Kanji"
    EU Server
  3. I am asking for help in a game suggestion,
    for an icon next to friends or guild members that shows Away-Yellow or active-green
  4. Dear Sirs & Ladies of the BDO maintenance team, 
    why do you time the server maintenance during daytime in the Europe? Many of us (well at least some I suppose) would like to play during the daytime rather than at night because we got work to do at daytime and mostly we sleep during the night time. I would suggest you to change the schedule of the maintenance operations to the night time in European server as well, if possible. 
  5. Post on Downtime in General

    By AmberChu, posted
    So what's everyone doing while waiting for Maintenance to be done? o uo
  6. Hello!

    Personally I understand that you take the time you want to make sure the maintenance/patches will work and you know better than us on that aspect. So I do not mind having a 6hours maintenance... On the otherside, I do not understand how you can say that you want to avoid having a peak of users while planning the update from 10:00 to 16:00 CET which is when a lot of people are starting to connect (not to mention the update is global so you are doing it while a lot of players in OCEANIA are online...).

    I would suggest that you do it way earlier, like some other games are doing, which is from 5:00 or 6:00 until 11:00 or 12:00 CET - it would minimize the impact it has on NA/OCEA/EU.
    At the moment the time frame is completely wrong as it is not optimized for when there are less people online (which is from what I have read, what you are looking for).

    Thanks for reading me.
  7. Post on WTB Patch Notes in General

    By Coeprandua, posted
    I'm willing to pay DaumCash, if you post the Patch Notes now. Why keep us waiting until after the maintenance, you meanies?
  8. Maintenance currently underway!

  9. I am new to BDO so i am not sure when they're patching or doing their maintenance.
    Is it tomorrow and will there be a fix for Blader/Plum? 
  10. I waited 3 hours thinking the game was down because the website was down, only to find out at 14:00 it never went down. Now tomorrow I'm gonna wait another 5 hours for the real maintenance.
    Why is it so hard to stick with your maintenance pattern that everyone expects or at least make maintenance times more visible?
    Update: My bad. It was indeed posted. 
  11. Please don't perform the Regular Maintenance on Europe Servers in the morning. I don't want any compensation, I only want to play the game. You can find any solution to this, I am sure.
    Best regards from Spain!
  12. Estimated time: 2 hours
    The Auto-path looping feature has been enabled in-game.
  13. https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/91
    Dear Players,

    We will perform our weekly maintenance as follows:

    Date: Wednesday, 06.04.2016 
    Duration: 5hServer Down:Server Up:Global08:00 UTC13:00 UTCWest Coast (NA)01:00 PDT06:00 PDTEast Coast (NA)04:00 EDT09:00 EDTCentral (EU)10:00 CET15:00 CET
    Patch Notes including improvements and new features can be found in our Forum after the maintenance
    We are still waiting on Patch Notes. Keep you posted.
  14. Just a friendly reminder this week will be the same as last week, no in-game announcement about servers going down 10:00 CEST / UTC 08:00. ( 50 minutes remaining as of this post is submitted )
    The website still says 10:00 CET, it should be CEST, don't do last week's mistake again Daum
  15. Hello!
    Seems that theres been some kind of trouble during yesterdays maintenance. My character has vanished from my account!!! 
    I created another character and looks like my account has been fully reseted! 
    anyway of that beeing fixed? 
    thank u,
  16. Post on Maintenance Timings in General

    By Rido, posted
    Why every EU/NA game developer make its Maintenances during EU daytime?
    Every single MMO that comes to EU and NA has its maintenance at EU daytime....why?! Can't you Devs make them at like: 5a.m~6a.m to 10a.m~11a.m, so that both EU and NA players don't get theyr Playtime screwed?
    Most of the time Black Desert online is under Maintenance i'm away from home, it doesn't affect me that much, but there are alot of people that only have mornings to play due to theyr work and end up not playing, or people that have "hardcore ingame objectives" and end up watching NA players getting them first. Not fair at all imo.
  17. Post on Eight hour maintenance? in General

    By Vix, posted
    So I just opened the official website to see if the maintenance for tomorrow is announced.
    It's 8 hours long. O_O From 9am to 5pm in EU too, so if you're not working tomorrow- you're going to be really bored. I don't think anyone can sleep until 17!

    Apparently both website and forum will be offline, so we can't even whine about the timing here.
    There is no information as to why the maintenance is so long too. Just the usual "improvements to game stability".
    I assume Mediah update?
    Maybe? Yes? No?
    If it is Mediah- this is probably the first game I've played where big important updates aren't announced to keep the hype up, but instead are kept secret and sneakily put into the game!
  18.  Chers joueurs,
     Nous allons procéder à une maintenance dans les conditions suivantes.
     Date: Mercredi, 23.03.2016
    Durée: 8h
    Mise hors ligne du serveur
    Mise en ligne du serveur
    08:00 UTC
    16:00 UTC
    Côte Ouest (NA)
    01:00 PDT
    09:00 PST
    Côte Est (NA)
    04:00 EDT
    12:00 EDT
    Centrale (EU)
    09:00 CET
    17:00 CET
     La maintenance a été étendue pour une durée de 2 heures. (18:00 UTC / 11:00 PST / 14:00 EDT / 19:00 CET)
     Raison(s) :
    • Nous sommes actuellement en train d'améliorer nos outils liés à la capacité de la bande passante et la latence des serveurs. Par conséquent le jeu, forum et site web seront inaccessibles pour la durée de la maintenance.
    • Détails du Patch note concernant les améliorations et nouvelles fonctionnalitées du jeu peuvent être trouvés sur notre >forum< après la maintenance.
     Note : Notre équipe fera de son mieux pour accomplir la maintenance dans les délais annoncés ; il se peut toutefois que la durée soit allongée. Dans ce cas, nous mettrons à jour cette annonce.
    Suivez-nous sur Twitter pour les dernières mises à jour.
    Merci pour votre compréhension.
    Bien à vous, l’Equipe BDO
  19. As title said, you could make some use of the launcher, putting the scheduled maintenance times in the launcher, maybe in succession to other game related messages (like that information about the server's order that was changed), like in other mmos.
    It would save some frustration to players that open the game and after 5 minutes appears maintenance outta nowhere.
  20. i like this game a lot. but i think it is unfair to the eu players to maintane the game when they want to play. Na doesn't have any problem with the maintenance because they are sleeping, but we in eu just can play from 10.00 till 15.00 that's just unfair. please make this a bit different. like 1 week the maintenance is while Na is awake and 1 week when EU is awake or something like that.
    i would like to know your thoughts about this.
  21. Post on Server Maintenance in Suggestions

    By Elvania, posted
    Would it not make sense to take down the EU servers on EU AM Time stead of US AM time? for 2 days in 1 week servers are being brought down at stupid times (Just when people are coming online) to do 5 hours of maintenance (from 9 am to 2PM). Surely it would make way more sense to take the servers down at say 2am to 7 am as there would be way less people playing.
  22. Fair enough we usually get the short end of the stick during the week and thats fine. Locking us out of a weekend prime time just for a few small fixes that could be put into next weeks maintenance is a bit of a kick in the nuts.
  23. Does BDO have weekly server maintenance (they should)? I haven't seen any info about it. Lots of things need to be fixed (Increase the freaking spawn rates on mobs!)
  24. Though I realize the launch-day maintenance has been extended and is still ongoing, I did notice something troubling when I checked my account page this morning: the [Pre-order] Package - Name Reservation item's Check button has been been replaced with an Expired label.
    Perhaps this is just a mid-maintenance account page display issue but, with the maintenance still in process and my working for the next 8-9 hours, I cannot confirm one way or the other.
    I reserved the name mere moments after reservations became available and, because it was announced that these names would remain reserved indefinitely until further notice, sat on it for use on a future alt.
    Fortunately, I can report that the maintenance has indeed reset my redeemed-but-not-delivered coupons.
    Please advise,