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  1. Are they planning on releasing a male version of sorceress at any point? That class seems to be the closest to what I'd love to play, but I prefer to play males to be able to project myself more easily into the world and have a more immersive experience. I'm sure many would agree.
  2. Post on New class - Male Archer in Suggestions

    By Vas, posted
    I wanted to give suggestion on new class. Since we should be expecting a male class, why not give us a male ranger? 
    Here is an idea of a male ranger/archer
    @CM_Jouska      @PM_Jouska

  3. As the title suggested, male characters need more freedom on how we want to make are hair look like instead of just length. Females have the freedom to control their hair to an extent, why can't males too? 
  4. The only reason why its so hard for Me to get into this game is because there is no class I would like to play. The Dark Knight does look something I would love to play, but I don't like to play as a Female, just to gay-ish (hehehe). Not to mention, one of the coolest classes, like Archer and Sorcerer. are Females and doesn't have Male version. I know that BDO has the most beautiful Ladies, but still, make some room for Man!
  5. Now i know this has been done, a lot, but even so I thought i would just throw it out there. I know that it has been stated that they will "Consider" adding a male version, but I truly think it would be a hit, as it stands there are an abundance of female classes (though not bad) it limits the experience for the male population who would rather play male classes such as myself, now i have nothing against female classes, just for me I play to immerse myself in the game and for me its very hard to get immersed if I am playing a gender opposite to my own, in a way alienates me from the fantasy when I play. 
    Now I do not expect them to go back and make counter parts for all of the lone females classes that would be absurd but i would just simply suggest and wish that they would keep their current trend like they have with Musa/Maewa, and Kunoichi/Ninja. There is no need to make it an entirely different play style, weapon, what have you just simply make a male counter part that functions closely to that of the female version.
    I know that PA, Daum, etc want to make money, it makes sense they are a company, but making this class a dual gender class, while it may be a little more work appeals to a wider demographic and in turn would make them more money, via cash shop, and potentially more customers, at least in my opinion if i saw a beautiful MMO like BDO begin to blossom into a wider variety of classes, genders, etc I would pick it up in a heart beat. Of course i already play, but I know I am not the only one who wishes for this, nor am i the only one with this mindset. 
    Sorry to bring up the same old discussion but i hope it is considered much more and there is more thought put into it, i know me and a good number of people would love to see this created and would be a very nice thing to see some more love towards the community who plays the game and supports it! 
    Thoughts and opinions are welcome. 
  6. I'm interested in playing this game though i was sad to hear that the ranger, my favorite class in pretty much everything, is gender locked to female and doesnt have a male counter part. I would most certainly play this game had there been a male ranger/ counter part. Ive looked at fourms all over the place saying that it might happen but no date on when. So could some one update me on when that might happen if at all.
  7. I represent a member of your LGBTQ fanbase in America, and there are many fans who enjoy creating beautiful male characters as much as beautiful female ones.  The fact that this game shows so little attention to detail and quality for male characters is a huge black mark in an otherwise excellent world setting and game experience.  It is terrible to play a game with one of the most amazing character creation systems ever, and be unable to appear as one wishes to appear on each class.  Every female class is classically attractive, and capable of producing a wide range of different appearances.  Only three of the five male classes are (and don't even get me started on the ridiculous gender locking of classes, and the inbalance of male to female characters).  This is a major stumbling block for myself, and also I know for many others like me (both male and female, LGBTQ and allies).  Please address this in a timely fashion, as it seems well within the reach of the technology you have already created for this amazing game to allow for greater diversity of appearance in male characters, both face AND body.  And if you'd really like to make us gay guys jump for joy, consider de-genderlocking your classes (especially classes with no clear story purpose to be gender locked).

    PS:  Attached are some of my characters, including my attempt at a decently attractive wizard.  However, even if the face textures are replaced, the old body is still a problem too.  Please fix!

  8. Post on Male Sorcerer in Suggestions

    By DanteToharu, posted
    So after a good while from since I had played the trial, I decided I wanted to create a new character and saw that Sorceress would be exactly what I'd like my new character to be. Except there's no male equivalent. Sure there's a Wizard already, but honestly, he doesn't fit the role in the same manner. However I'll probably make-do in the meantime, but it'd be nice to see a male equivalent of this class ( and surely there's people feeling the same way about Ranger, Tamer and/or Valkyrie as well, as I understood that was more of a Paladin than just Warrior. Maybe some feel that a female equivalent of Berserker would be nice, too? )
    But to the reason as to why this would be nice to have is for both variety and to not have gender locks on classes. Sure, it's nice for people to be able to look at their waifus in their short skirts and heavily otherwise exposing armours - which, if you like to do, then more power to you, keep playing how you like playing - but for myself, I tend to play and create male characters instead.
    If there was a thread about this topic already, then it's likely that I missed it when trying to search for any thread governing this same idea, but I'm definately not the first who thinks/feels this way and surely not the first to make a thread out of it.
    Anyhow, maybe in some patch in the future we may see this. 'Till then, I got plenty of things to catch up with from my last visit.
  9. Hello Black Desertlings,
    1. What is this post about?
    Although I really think the charactercreator is extraordinary awesome, I painted a few suggestions for new hairstyles.
    2. Why did I so?
    I understand that people like manga/teenage/k-j-popstyles and its good to have them, for sure – although I don’t really understand as an example, why we have three here that look pretty alike (adding sliders to one of the types might help creating these three at the same time)

    What I miss a bit in the overall designs, is on one hand some sort of tough and wild  appereance (according to the bodyoptions, the clothing, etc). On the other hand, I really miss some more simple styles. Very long hair and short cuts for the women, etc. (actually, lots of women don't care about the clipping issues). I know it’s a fantastic setting with fantastic heroes, but a good reason to also offer some more “simple” styles is just because  things that people are familiar with, can generate some kind of sympathy and comfort.
    3. What have I done?
    I painted neutral faces for both, male and female, and sketched hairstyles to them, from which I think they could add something to the characters. Keeping references from games and TV in mind, I designed some wild and some more neutral ones. I shared these with the german roleplay community, and all the people that responded agreed, that I should definitely give it a try suggesting these here.
    If you have an opinion about it, share it here. Please do so in constructive way, that we can discuss in a good climate, thank you <3
    Best wishes,
  10. Post on In game Males. in Suggestions

    By RavMedic1984, posted
    I'd like to share few of my observations about Male chatacters in game, especially playable. First thing is bit odd body shape. I don't know why it looks like a (bad also) copy of Aion's male body model with that strange sunken belly/abdominal part of body. Even fit males has no sunken belly areas...we have here pretty muscled boys so what about abdominal muscles? Another thing is bums...I know Asian males has a bit flat bums by race-anatomy type, but in whole world avilable game we should have possibility to make regular more round bum to our guys too. Males you like it or not has a bulge in their crotches, it's normal and natural. So if we have beautiful Ladies with their feminine bodies...we'd like to have boys like this too. It's RPG game...let us Play a roles with friends like some "Life" things too.  Another thing -male hair styles...no "normal" casual hair actually. All styles are like taken from an Anime or other cartoons. I'ts good but I (and some others too I bet) would like to create more realistic man without hair lifted up to the sky. Much scarce hair shape moddeling options than ladies ones. And last thing...running animations. Did you ever play Lineage 2? remember these long, springy and elegant run steps? Why we have tiny, funny looking steps with body twisting from side to side. Mighty warrior looks like running Geysha in her wooden sandals. I love the game that's why I'm writting that. To give some points that could make game even better  so please don't read it as an attack, but friendly advices  
    Cheers to the all ppl involved into creation of that great great game! 
  11. If they call the berserk like a Giant race they should at least make them that way because the don't feel like giant their footsteps is too less they must be louder and the their footprints deeper with screen shaking with object shaking when the pass over them, and the must be bigger like a Giant for example Cyclops size will be good^^
  12. I am begging for the option to create a young male magic user without wrinkles.
    Give us a pretty boy face for the wizard or create an entirely new YOUNG MALE class that uses fire.
  13. Post on MALE RANGER! in Ranger

    By Phirewulf, posted
    In a town south of Calpheon there are Male human NPC's with bows and arrows on their backs that would make GREAT Ranger class! lets get the ball rolling on breaking FREE of the Gender locked class system and give the player more choice!
  14. Post on Male Tamer in Off-Topic

    By TinyToe, posted
    I wish there was a male tamer, I just cant play as a girl it doesn't feel right, but the class looks like so much fun.
  15. How come the Witch isn't an old crone, but a smoking hot 20-something? Why is EVERY female class human-and hot looking? Hell, i wouldn't be surprised if they released a preteen human female berserker next, the way this is going. What the hell, though? I initially, before picking up the game, decided on picking up the ninja, blader or whatever, which, of course, i saw had a hot, human female counterparts in the Korean version, from Youtube-vids. But I didn't care. "Surely there will be male choices an counterparts too for the other classes, right?" I said to myself. Then, as i started my character creation, there was NO blader, NO ninja, and the only class i could pick if i wanted a NORMAL-looking, relatively young human male, was the warrior class. I absolutely, utterly and completely hate warrior classes. Always hated it. Especially the ones where your play style requires you to constantly have a target locked. I usually play support or rogue-like classes, but guess what? I didn't have the option. I do NOT want to be forced to hop on the bandwagon of playing teenage female sluts and/or kids in certain cases. (Tera(?))

    So like, what's the deal? Is the ninja or whatever coming out anytime soon? I'm extremely unmotivated to play on my boring ass warrior, especially because half of his skills are useless due to the fact that there are better skill-options that do the same, with additional perks related to them. My options are basically playing as a super-old geezer, a... thing, with an extremely crooked back, and a plain vanilla warrior without any interesting mechanics about him whatsoever (from my perspective anyway; the same old stunlock, defence and damage-thing)

    How my characters look are just as important to me as their play-styles. You might as well rename the game "Hot female anime babes' desert", just sayin'.
  16. From what I have seen from the way the developers have talked about classes, it doesn't look like we are ever going to see a male version of a pre-existing female class. at least not in the same vain as the Wizard/Witch, but something similar to the Fighter/Valkyrie is still pretty plausible. So I wanted to play around with this idea I have been having. I am doing this for two reasons one so that maybe our western devs might bring it up to Pearl Abyss and see if there are plans for anything like this, and two just to get the idea out into the community. I know its a bit early to be asking for new classes, but I just have to get the idea out of my skull.
    When I watch the sorceress I get this vibe off her like some sort of dark martial artist. Like a Witch in Wuxia movie, so I was thinking what if the male equivalent was like a monk. This character would share the Sorceresses focus on control, evasive potential, and mix of melee and ranged attacks, while differing both mechanical and thematically enough to be a whole new character.
    My main reasoning is obviously selfish I love CC classes and think the game play on the Sorc looks like a blast, but I prefer to play guys, and honestly hate her theme and overall appearance, I feel the dark gritty goth shtick is really overrated, but would love to see something that plays similarly with a theme and look I could get behind.
    Mechanical Differences
    First and foremost the Monk (or Martial Artist, whatever floats your boat really) would have a stronger focus on melee and less focus on ranged attacks. In addition it would be cool to see them with a bit of healing and group buffing potential like the Wizard and the Valkyrie (It said she does in her description but I have heard she doesn't).
    Thematic Differences
    In addition to a significantly different theme, that of a Kung Fu master, well a Taekwondo Master with most eastern classes based in Korean thinking (All the better taekwondo kicks are the best), his attacks would also feel more physical and solid, and rather than shooting blasts of dark energy, he would release blasts of radiant Chi/Ki/Breath/Ect. to devastate his foes, and maybe heal his allies?
    So what do you think? cool idea or am I just blowing hot air?
  17. So I keep reading how developers won't break the gender lock classes because it is basically the same work as making a new class. So I was thinking that if they are going with that reasoning then why not make the counterpart of the female ranger have a crossbow? They have some classes with out counter parts in terms of gender. Limiting the flexibility for a player fully immerse them selves on this game. 

    I felt like making the male ranger be a crossbow user could...motivate the developers a bit more into adding a range male class to the game. I play with archer like characters in almost all my mmo's but when I saw how lacking this game was with classes... I kind off hoped they would at least put the work on changing the avatar look. I don't mind if they keep the same mechanics the present ranger has. Didn't find any issues playing with her. 

    What do you guys think? Has this been mention before? If so link me up and I will read it and take this post down.
  18. I recently read the latest interview where they mentioned a valkyrie male counterpart is there any more information out there about it? Because that'd be the class i'd like to play most of all.
    ''Currently, there is no plan to create a male version of Ranger, Sorcerer and Tamer. We might however provide a counterpart that offers a similar look and feel such as Valkyrie vs. Warrior with slight adjustments to fit its nature.''
    Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/18464-interview-with-the-developers/
  19. Post on Classes after launch? in Classes

    By Sharingan, posted
    Does anyone know of any plans for the classes after launch (Blader,Ninja,Plum,Kunoichi)? Or of there release date? Or of any plans for male counterparts to Tamer, Scorceress etc?
  20. Post on Gender Lock in Suggestions

    By Sunbreaker7, posted
    I was amazed not to see any topics about this while searching through the forum. I hope I am not reposting the same thread twice here.
    I really don't see any reason behind the decision to gender lock the game. I think it is the most stupidest thing an mmorpg can do to its players, being that one of the biggest parts about mmorpg is to be able to make a character that speaks to your personality. Being able to choose between male or female no matter what class you take does not take anything away from anyone and it does not make the game worse in any possible way.
    isn't it kinda stupid that every single ranger in the game is gonna be a young female? Every single warrior is a male, every single wizard is an old man, and so on... I can understand that the big guy swinning the double axes is a "race" of its own, thus they will always be big and all that, but again... no chance to make a female version of that, come on?
    I would love to know an explanation behind this decision to gender lock the game. There must be a good reason to do this. Someone actually had to take time out of their day to come up with this design choice and direction the game is gonna take. So let me hear your opinions people, you think it is okay or good to have a gender lock?
    Also, just know that just because you have the class that happens to be the gender you like does not mean it is okay for you to say along the lines: "yeah I don't find anything wrong in it..." Think about the rest of us...
    Thanks for reading ^^
  21. He's been teased since the beginning trailers, and now we learn they have no plans to ever release him.  Personally, I find this disappointing.  They still have my full support, but this is one of the things I'm going to be annoyed with as I was actually really looking forward to seeing him, and he's the only class in the trailers shown that we don't have.

    Daum still has my support, but I would really like to see the Male Ranger class revisited!
    What do you all think?
  22. I think about two "new" classes, which could be add to the game - male sorcerer as warlock and male ranger as hunter or trooper. What others think about this idea?
  23. Post on US Male Archer? in Ranger

    By foamrule, posted
    So, I normally like to be ranged (aka archer) in MMO's, but i noticed that theres only a girl version of this available for at least the US servers that are opening soon...Will this be updated? Im a guy, and I dont really like playing as a girl, i feel like people will think im a perv.
  24. I love the direction the game is going and I believe mostly everyone else can attest to this same idea. But When looking at the character roster, I understand having some exclusivity to the class selection. It is at an even state gender wise of having three options for males and three for females with a duel option of witch/wizard. But I think it would be really awesome if ranger could share this duel gender feature as well. I know there will be dlc that allows more options for male and female characters, but I see rangers as a unisex class. There are plenty of male archers and female archers out there. The move pool that is presented looks neither more feminine nor masculine ( I don't think any attacks have more female or male qualities to them anyway, rather more aggression or less aggression), I just think it would be really neat to have the option of choosing male or female in this class. It would still keep the genders equal being 4 instead of three available genders for classes. Just a little suggestion to maybe make the game a little bit better.