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  1. Greetings,
    I've updated the old Map from last years event-guides. This is an advanced map, for those who already knew the spots and need a better all-in-one-map. (If you need more details for a single spot, check out Dulfy's Easter Egg Locations and Event Guide)

    I have found new spots while i was looking for the older ones. The 3 new Spots are all near Orks/Spiders and i haven't looked further yet. So i asume, there are way more spots all over the Map this year.
    Let me know, if you have found new spots too. So I can update the map for you!
    [update] - added 14 spots to the map. For the locations check out below, since they are not to find in any other guide.
    [update 2] - added 5 more spots around the marshlands.
    [update 3] - addedd 11 more spots around south and north-west serendia, and east-mid calpheon area.
    [update 4] - added 23 new spots of the oceans, from epheriaport to Iliya (excluded the 4 pirate-islands).
  2. Hello, BDO Community!
    I have a fantastic idea about an in-game notepad system. I am currently a new player, and have found myself forgetting certain spots in the game due to it's vastness. What if there was a way to put a custom marker down on the map, and add a note to it? Say I found a fishing spot out on the open seas that tends to spawn rarer fish. I could place a map marker on that spot, and then type in a note for the spot. (i.e. Rare fish here!) After having a collection of notes, I could access them from a notes page in the bottom right corner of my map and see all the notes that I have typed. Clicking on a certain note would drag the focus point of the map to that location. I believe a note system would help players remember certain things on the map that could be forgotten over time. Please share thoughts, comments, or suggestions to improve on this idea!
  3. Hi all, today I put a new version of the BDO Interactive Online map live at somethinglovely.net to include the upcoming Kamasylvia region.
    Link: somethinglovely.net BDO map
    New features
    Kamasylvia nodes & map - I've added the nodes, node managers and trading information for upcoming Kamasylvia Content to the map and added some temporary base map tiles for the new region. I will be updating them as we know more about what this content will be like for NA/EU, including adding grinding areas and any other useful info.
    Other features that the map has had for a while:
    Node map with node managersCorrect translations!Levelling/Grinding AreasDetailed gathering data (trees, ore, herbs, etc)Trade packs/Trader infoTimers for night-time/daytime, daily reset and imperial cooking/alchemy resetsWhale paths and Sea Regions with full fishing info!A community-contributed fishing hotspot sighting layerTreasure ChestsWild HorsesA separate horse calculator (http://www.somethinglovely.net/bdo/horses/)A crate calculator tool (http://www.somethinglovely.net/bdo/crates/)I'm also working slowly on adding a node calculator to the map that will let you plan and calculate your node network and CP!
    Thanks for all the kind words so far, and all feedback welcome!
  4. Bonjour,
    Bon, tout le monde sait comment faire mais au cas ou y'a des nouveaux qui cherchent a le savoir.

    Screen pris depuis le Bazar, faut aller là ou y'a les deux flèches rouge, les joueurs se réunissent sur la colline de droite
    Quand vous êtes en face des deux collines, normalement, vous êtes censé croiser un tas d'os par terre comme c'est indiqué sur le screen en bas a gauche.
    Voila!: c'est ma petite contribution ^^
  5. Post on Margoria Ocean Mobs in General

    By Feonie, posted
    I wanted to make this for myself, guildies, and others who are planning to go hunting margoria mobs/shipwrecks
    Basically, it's a map (estimation) of where the mob densities are for each species. 
    Each mob looks like this (uploads courtesy of Dulfy) :
    I tried to make it as accurate as possible; I've been sailing a lot with friends and by myself, but my record-keeping isn't the best. Hopefully this helps someone with locations.
  6. Hi all, today I put a new version of the BDO Interactive Online map live at somethinglovely.net to include the upcoming Margoria region.
    Link: somethinglovely.net BDO map

    New features
    Margoria nodes & map - I've added the nodes for upcoming Margoria Content to the map (and will be updating them as we know more about what this content will be like for NA/EU) and completely re-done the base map tiles to update them to the latest data.Gathering: Updated the gathering resources. All the Mythril and other ore nodes in the desert are now mapped as a result, and underwater gathering nodes can be displayed.Fishing: Improved the Sea Regions - Now its easier for me to update from Moonraker's amazing fishing data, and you can now search for fish by name. Theres now a sidebar that shows the drops and has a button to zoom to the origin node for each sea region too.Hunting: Added the Blue Whale paths to the hunting overlayBosses & Grinding Areas: Started adding the important drops to each boss and region so you can see what is dropped where (still working on this but I'll have the rare accessory drops and Black Magic Crystals on there over the next few days!)Other little things: Fixed an issue which caused the map to break. You can click on the map to show the coordinates in the bottom right, then click on those to copy them to clipboard.Other features that the map has had for a while:
    Node map with node managersCorrect translations!Levelling AreasDetailed gathering data (trees, ore, herbs, etc)Trade packs/Trader infoWhales, Sea RegionsTreasure ChestsWild HorsesA separate horse calculatorAll feedback welcome!
  7. Making a thread the goal of guiding players to obtain the elusive Archaeologist Map.

    What is the Archaeologist Map?
    -It's a permanent item that allows you to return to the nearest town. If used again while staying in town within 30 minutes, you can teleport back to your original position. Cooldown is [6 hours] but has unlimited uses.

    How do I get it?
    -Obtain Map of Unknown Pieces from two different mobs from Sulfur Mines and Pila Ku Jail.
    -There are a total of four pieces, each piece drops from each specific mob.(Confirmations below)
    -The pieces look the EXACTLY the same so keep track what mob dropped and store them in different places. Yes there are 4 different Map piece IDs.
    I have the four pieces, now what?
    -Assemble them so it forms an X shape with the four resplendent gems dropped by the field bosses.
    -Thanks to Shumie for providing the following information from KR:
    as far as it's known in KR, one piece drops(no.1 from top left) drops from Lava Tukar, while second piece(no.3 from top left) drops from Lava Devourer.
    For Pila ku pieces, one piece drops(no.2 from top left) drops from Iron fist Warder, while second piece(no.4 from top left) drops from Sordid Deportee.
    The Map pieces go from Top-left: Tukar, Warder, Devourer, Deportee
    The Resplendent Gems go from top-right: Emerald, Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby
    KR Original Source : http://www.inven.co.kr/board/powerbbs.php?come_idx=3584&l=26844
    Best of luck (and patience) to you all.

    Confirmations/Map piece order from Top left:
    No.1 - Lava Tukar

    Thank you Honora for posting this proof.
    No.2 - Iron fist Warder

    [S rank, Lv10 node, no special items. Back entrance, first loop.]
    No.3 - Lava Devourer

    [S rank, lv10 node no special items. the loop was a small hill [coming from the villa] just past the first mine entrance. About 10-12 of them.]
    No.4 - Sordid Deportee
    Thanks to Zakr for donating this confirmation.
  8. Hi
    When you go to the marketplace in mapview you can't search for anything with the letter M, because it closes mapview. 
  9. From time to time on my mini map I see a Blue ring/circle pulse on or near my location on the mini-map. I am curious as to what this is for, or what it may be indicating. Thanks in advance for any helpful answers and responses.
  10. > Open the map
    > Open marketplace through the map
    > Type M in the search box
  11. Post on world map in In-Game Bugs

    By RenZwei, posted
    when u press M the world map opens up but if u click and move on the map its self it closes out for me or if i hit wasd or use arrow keys to move around on the map it closes too
  12. Hi all, I've just pushed live a new version of the BDO Interactive Online map at somethinglovely.net
    Link: somethinglovely.net BDO map
    New features
    (screenshot) Meat, Blood & Hides are now included in the gathering filters. Huge thanks to Mortis for doing the hard work collating all of the data for this feature!(screenshot) Fishing Hotspots have been added as a filter, which will show you the location of possible fishing hotspot spawn locations and which fish they have. FoxHumbug has supplied all of the data to get this started, so all the credit goes to him. If you'd like to contribute additional hotspot data give me a shout. Remember that fishing hotspots spawn randomly and their visibility depends on your fishing level, and for non-hotspot fishing somethinglovely has a Sea Regions overlay too to show which fish originate from which region (screenshot).(screenshot) There is now a clock and timers showing the current time in-game, the real-life time until the next nightcycle and the time until the next daily/imperial/jumanji resets.Still no ads! Instead of ads, I've added a feature that highlights a few of the BDO community's Twitch streamers when they're currently streamingAdded visible names to the sea regions without having to hover over them.All specialty nodes now have correct trade packs, and all worker nodes have been double checked to make sure their output is correctI'd also like to highlight a feature that people missed from the last update: The ability to calculate the minimum required CP to connect two nodes together (screenshot). Hoping to add a full node calculator in a coming update.

    Other features that the map has had for a while:
    Node map with node managersCorrect translations!Levelling AreasDetailed gathering data (trees, ore, herbs, etc)Trade packs/Trader infoWhales, Sea RegionsTreasure ChestsWild HorsesA separate horse calculatorAll feedback welcome!
  13. I bet im not the only one whos noticed this but there's a pretty big landmass across the Sea of Valencia which is west of Valencia City and on the shore of Arehaza town.
    I looked at the concept art for the map and there's not "supposed" to be water there ( although this isn't an issue as concept art =/= finished product ) 
    Still, I found it interesting and leads me to wonder what kindof content we could meet there once it gets added in the game ( which isn't going to be anytime soon as they already have tons of stuff coming and planned ) 

  14. There are a lot and i mean a lot of maps that can be found online, these tell you spawns, best xp zones, fishing spots, so on and so on! 
    But I personally have found a number of places I would like to be able to mark in game on my map as key areas (say a dense area of herbs i can gather). Is it possible to implement a simple custom marker/note system onto the game map that is bound to the family so all notes from each of my characters shows?
  15. One aspect of this suggestion has been voiced previously, the ability to make client-side map notes. I don't know how far up the development chain this would need to go, but the minimal feature of map markers would make a TREMENDOUS difference to the game-play quality of this BDO, especially for committed gatherers/crafters, (who are integral to the maintenance of an active in-game economy). This could expand the degree of customization offered by the game, augmenting our sense of place in the world as established through our node networks. 

    This very simple feature would make an enormous difference to my personal enjoyment of the game. I love how many things are tucked away at the various corners of the map, and at the very least I'd like to be able to mark where I can gather the various hides. 

    The second, accompanying suggestion is to make a flat, 2D version of the world map view-able. We know this already exists in some form, as the mini-map displayed in the top right corner. The 3D world map is glamorous and delightful, but the 2D map could still have applications, as in precision orientation & navigation. The world map already has an impressive array of view modes available, and this may refine an already impressive feature. 
    Let me iterate, custom, permanent map markers are by far the feature I'd most look forward to. Such a feature would dramatically enhance my exploration and personal connection to the BDO world. 
  16. Hallo,
    ich suche verzweifelt den Steinschweif-Pferdehof, da ist leider mein Pferd gelandet nachdem ich in Tarif im Stall -entfernte Sammlung- anwählte.
    Leider half mir auch die BDO-Map nicht weiter!
    Kann mir jemand eine Wegbeschreibung geben-bin zurzeit in Tarif und Umgebung aktiv.
    Danke, Nekrosius
  17. Hab mal ne Valencia-Map angefertigt, auch bei den Knoten angeführt was man dort sammeln kann.
    Wird zwar bestimmt noch was fehlen, aber ich glaube das meiste habe ich da zusammenbekommen.
    Karte habe ich mal in meine Excel-Tabelle (google) eingefasst.....
    So, die Karte sollte jetzt mit allen Knotenpunkten versehen sein!
  18. Hi,
    I am just Hoping to get a Mod or Patch that would Give Us the ability to add Marker or Favorite Spots on the World Map  Like up to 10 Markers with Color and Comments box for reference later where to find our farming stuff and other nice materials.
  19. Please add the option of zooming out a lot further on the minimap. Thanks.
  20. Greetings,
    I would like to post a suggestion for Black Desert Online in regards to the world map. I could not find a topic containing this suggestion, but I apologize if I have overlooked it.
    So here's the thing: it would definitely be incredibly useful to be able to save custom markers on the world map. I know this feature from another game, where you could mark a spot on the map and choose to save it permanently with a short note and call it up whenever you needed it. You could even link them in the chat so people could click on it and see the marker on their own map. (This has been partly solved with the ability to show markers to guild or party members, which definitely makes things easier!) Players had the ability to save a certain amount of markers in their list (I think it was 15? Maybe 10?) too.
    Most people I have talked to seemed to find this feature just as useful as I did, so I decided to suggest it here.
    For example, imagine that you are running around with a full quest log, and stumble upon an NPC with another quest in the middle of nowhere. You could put a marker on the map that says "quest npc" and come back later when you got some more space in your quest journal.
    Or do you remember that spot way up in the mountains you found at night and said you'd come back during daylight to explore and maybe find something new? No? Too bad you didn't have a marker for that.
    So I hope the devs can give it a thought and see if it has a chance to be implemented.
    Thanks for reading!
  21. Dearest Daum and Pearl Abyss,
    I know that is an accomplishment to have your guild earn "a node" for node wars however allowing their icon to be placed on the map over the node is a bit too much. Not only does it clutter the already busy map, the colors often clash, there is no way to see party members without zooming in if they are located within the node (talking to an npc perhaps) and frankly - I just don't give a hoot.
     At no point in life do I want a reminder that Legacy owns the whole server which isn't the case at the moment but will be shortly.  Also some of these logos are very similar to quest icons. This is confusing and further adds to the irritation created by allowing these icons on the node.  We should have to actually click the node to see who owns it - further, if I cannot see the sub-nodes and products that an area produces why should I see ownership without drilling in?
    Clean up is required here.
    tl;dr I do not want to see guild logos.  Please provide an option to toggle guild ownership (node ownership) logos off. 
    Thank you.
  22. Hi,

    Problem:  I use a trackball mouse, which doesn't have a scroll wheel.  The map in-game, however, would appear to require a scroll-wheel to zoom in/out.  How can I do this without a scroll wheel?

    What I've Tried:  I've spent well over 2 hours googling for the answer and checking every single config (even some *.ini files for BDO) and can't find a solution.  I tried re-configuring the input for the scroll wheel to a button (hoping I could at least get a "zoom in" or "zoom out" ability and re-opening map would reset for "default"), but that didn't work.  When googling, I encountered 3 suggested solutions, none of which work.
    1)  re-sized the game UI - this "might" work for changing the default map size, but it's extremely cumbersome and makes the game entirely unplayable. (http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/25582-how-do-i-zoom-out/)
    2)  In options, there is a checkbox to enable non-scrollwheel binding - this setting does not exist (I spent over an hour looking, asked in-game, and had countless friends try).  I can't find the link again referencing the name of this checkbox, but it was from 2012-2013, so the feature may have been removed?

    3)  Using a background application to enable alternate binding - won't work, due to game thinking its hacking software or something.

    There is a sizable demographic of trackball mouse users (due to carpal tunnel syndrome not being able to use regular mice) and EVERY video game (I've got a steam library with hundreds of games) I've ever played has support functionality for those without scroll wheels (usually you bind +/-, [/] or pgup/pgdn).

    Please help...it's infuriating playing this game without this functionality.  Frustrating enough to quit playing.
    Update:  (didn't work)  I tried using "X-Mouse button control" to intercept the middle mouse button (default in "Inputs" for game) to my mouse's 4th and 5th buttons (for scroll up/dn).  When I use this app OUTSIDE of the game, it works perfectly (I can scroll these forums, for example, with the buttons).  When I enter the game, the 4th/5th buttons can't be bound, which tells me that the game DOES recognize the intercept functions as being re-bound to the middle-mouse button (which my mouse technically lacks, but it doesn't know [nor does it need to know] that).  HOWEVER, the buttons to scroll (zoom) in/out on the map do not work, even with this interception.  Which tells me there is likely some anti-hack feature being triggered.

    Should I be posting this in a different forum sub-section?  I'm noticing only 5 view in 10 hours, which makes me think I may be in the wrong area...technical issues are usually quite popular sub-forums for many games.

    Thanks for your help!
  23. Edit : Considering some people had trouble loading the images probably because of the size of it I have added download links on the main page. I apologise for the inconvenience and hope this helps.
    Hello everyone I have finally completed the best map for horse spawns ^^. Go take a look at the site I made for it.
    and here is a small preview of the map 

  24. Bonjour all,
    Bon... je sais que j'étais parti sur Sorcière mais en fait .. non,
    Le gameplay ne me plait pas, j'accroche pas du tout ... au début ça allait et plus j’avançais plus ça me disait ( non, arrête toi là, c'est pas pour toi cette classe ... )
    enfin bref .. voilà,
    Donc, j'aimerais avoir vos ressentis sur le PVE et PVP/PK et GVG;
    J'aimerais avoir vos retours sur les classes en général, laquelle se débrouille bien ( stuff et skill à niveau égal ).
    Je ne veux pas une "god" classe mais ... juste vos retours d'xp,
    Moi j'ai eu des retours comme quoi le Tamer est useless en GVG et moyen en PvP , très bien pour le PVE mais alors le reste ... bof bof,
    Le rôdeur et la sorcière sont OP apparemment, mais j'accroche pas du tout; et oui again x) )
    Le guerrier et la valkye je n'en sais absolument rien, je sais qu'ils sont beaucoup demandés au niveau de la recherche de guilde mais .. voilà, rien de plus.
    Merci d'avance et bon jeu à vous
  25. Hi there,
    i find very impracticable when i want to fishing in auto mode to dont have a possibility to check the global map and do some actions there.
    The same is the problem when i craft something or cooking.
    Its very stupid to sit and see how my hero make a bier after bier especially when you are lvl artisan or bigger or you have a lot of experience with
    such activities. Its more interesting to do something usefully with your economics.
    Guys, if agree, please support!