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  1. Um das Bewölkte Bauholz, ein Material für die verstärkte blaue Panzerung der Galeere, herstellen zu können benötigt man:
    2x Candidum Schale
    1x Haut eines Driftenden Jägers
    100x Palmenholz
    10x Spur des Aufstiegs
    Das alles x50, da man 50 Bewölktes Bauholz für die Panzerung benötigt. Hier ist das Problem: Der Candidum droppt 1-3 Schalen (2 im Durchschnitt, Test mit ~10 Monstern), was bedeutet, dass man rund 50 Candidum jagen muss. Die sind zwar ein bisschen schwer runterzukriegen, aber kein Problem. Ich denke aber nicht, dass das so gewollt ist, da jedes andere Seemonster 5-20 seines spezifischen Lootes droppt.
    Besonders auffallend ist es bei dem Meereshorn für den Seeadlerbug:
    10x Stück von Neunhais Horn
    10x Spur des Ursprungs
    1x Haut eines Driftenden Jägers
    10x Robuste Holzplatte
    Das alles x2, da man 2 Meereshörner benötigt. Der Neunhai droppt wie alle anderen Seemonster (Candidum ausgenommen) 5-20 Lootteile. Also müsste man ihn im Durchschnitt nur 2x töten.
    Den Rest der Materialien für den Seeadlerbug ist einfach zu sammeln ohne das looten von weiteren Seemonstern.
    Hier meine Frage:
    Ist es beabsichtigt, den Candidum 50 erlegen zu müssen, um dann weniger als die Hälfte der benötigten Materialien für die Panzerung der Galeere zu bekommen, während man beim Seeadlerbug, ein Ausrüstungsteil mit weitaus nützlicherem Effekt, mit Leichtigkeit an alle nötigen Materialien kommt?

    Wäre toll, wenn jemand beantworten könnte, ob es wirklich so gewollt ist, oder ob sich da ein Fehler eingeschlichen hat, da ich mir nicht vorstellen kann, dass es so beabsichtigt war.
  2. We are going to have a new forum, I also post a same topic there. Click Me.
    It’s the time for another maintenance. I just have nothing to do, so I post this.  Well, it’s good that a game still keep updating. But after I saw the update content preview….*sigh*
    Let’s get back to the topic. We can see lots of suggestions in the forum. But, seems many of them are hard to fulfill.
    For example, some players want Daum to rebalaance the classes.
    It sounds logical and I agree with it. But it’s really hard to fullfill.
    Because Daum has no ability, responsibility and right to do this!
    They are just publisher.
    Only Pearl Abyss, the developer,  has the power to do these core change.
    Fix bugs? Rebalance classes? Ask for new male/female classes? Change game mechanism?  Fix desync? Fix memory leaks? Fix FPS? Optimize graphic? New game content? UI change?.......
    Daum can change NONE of them!!!
    Only Pearl Abyss can do these, Daum can only “suggest” them.
    So what can Daum do?
    According to the events we had before, Daum can…
    1.Change the monster loot drop. (Dark Knight Seal event)
    2.Change the monster loot drop rate. (Black Stone event)
    3.Change the gathering loot drop. (Play Your Own Style event)
    4.Change the gathering loot drop rate. (Play Your Own Style event)
    5.Change the fishing loot drop rate.
    6.Add new NPCs. (Most of the events have)
    7.Apply all the changes that Pearl Abyss did in the Korean server.
    8.Gives global buff to all players. (Weekend Bonus Exp)
    9.Adjust the price of pearl items.
    Daum has these ABILITY and RIGHT to do these.
    I think these are really enough to make NA BDO much more better.
    To be honest, if the gaming environment doesn’t change.
    It’s no matter that you don’t update the Horse Awakening, because only 84 horse in NA can be benefit by this patch.
    It’s really no matter that you don’t release Valencia, Margoria and Kamasylvia, because they are all DISPOSABLE maps. You completed the main-story quests? You checked all the nodes? Even if you don’t do either of them, you will back to Pirate Island and Sausan. The core game is still stop at Mediah version. The rest have no better reward compare with these Mediah stuffs.
    I can get more exp at Sausan and Pirate Island, why should I go so far away to desert?
    I can get Sharp Black Stone Crystal easily from the sheep at Serendia mountain, why should I go so far away to Valencia to dig those hard-to-find desert herb?
    I can do all world boss if I stay at Sausan, why should I sail so far away to Margoria to miss those boss fight?
    Aakman Temple? Hystria Ruins? Okay, I can do those mobs if I go with 4 more guildies. But,   does the drop rate increased? Not at all, at all, at all. The correct solution is that we 5 players all ALT+C at Sausan and exclude all other players. This is the most effective way to level up and earn silvers.
    The end-game of all MMORPGs are hard to exclude PvP.
    Why you grind so hard? For higher level and better gears.
    Why you play so much life skills? For more silvers to buy better gears. And it makes you easier to grind mobs.
    What’s the next step after you conquer all mobs in a MMORPG?
    Start PvP, find stronger players and beat them down. And enjoy the progression of your character and your controlling skills.
    And currently, BDO makes the road to high level / good gears TOO boring.
    Only Sausan and Cox Pirate have the highest effeciency to get the top.
    And you start this endless loop since you are Lv52!
    Grind same mobs from Lv52 to Lv 60?
    Gathering the same spot for next billion silvers?
    WTF logic?
    Nothing changed since Mediah version? All of the later patchs are a FAKE?
    I’m also so surprise to the logic of Daum,
    You are able to give away ultimate END-GAME accessories just by logining in with one click.
    But you don’t dare to change the game environment by adjusting mobs exp/drop rate and gathering exp/drop rate from Valencia and later patch.
    Why you don’t take good use of your ABILITY and RIGHT to make different fish pools for us weekly.
    But keeps giving fish directly to us DAILY.
    That’s not even a game! A true game should let the players get what they WANT on their OWN.
    BDO is not a trash mobile game, and tons of players are supporting you by CASH.
    Can you Daum make BDO better?
    Well, you Daum can ignore this post if you CHANGE the game name from “Black Desert” to “Black Pirate” or “Black Sausan”.
    I will have no more opinion, yes I promise, no more.
    Start lazy life-skilling from now on, unless Daum makes some change to the gaming environment.
    Get back to play World of Tanks, League of Legends and some PC games on Steam.

  3. This is the third time in twenty casts I've 'caught a fish' but not gotten any fish loot (window doesn't even show up).  Only happens when fishing in Margoria as far as I can tell.

  4. We're flying high. We're watching the world pass us by. . .
    Hello, Peasants!

  5. Can anyone confirm they have found a Golden Chest anywhere in the Vast Ocean Areas? (An area where you have no mini-map)
    I know of several secret caves and spots where there absolutely should be a Golden Chest, in VERY our of the way areas, and yet despite checking them regularly have never sen a chest there.
    I have however found Chests in the original content areas.
    I think the developers may have forgotten to add them to the new content.
  6. Since the launch of Margoria expansion I have seen a lot of reports of players fishing especially in new Margoria sea areas and successfully completing the fishing mini-game but nothing appearing in the pop up loot window (see attached screenshot).
    This happens on the ferry ship to Port Ratt and I put it down to the height of the ship and waves causing some issue. But it is also happening on Fishing Boats as we used before and also Epheria Sailboat in Ross Sea for example, without high wave weather.
    It is continuing as I experienced today and seems a wide spread issue. Please fix as fish/ relics etc. successfully fished (active or auto-fishing) are going missing to the player.

  7. Post on That moment When in General

    By Allyisah, posted
    When ur trying to get to Margoria on ya fishing boat and a shark comes along and destroys  ur boat and u run out of stamina for swimming

  8. Post on Margoria Trading. in General

    By MTaeYeon, posted
    Can anyone please screenshot the the items from the trade manager in Margoria please, if there's more than one please do take a screenshot of their's aswell, I just want to know the prices and the level requirement for those items, I don't want to spend 45 min to go there for nothing, THANKS HEAPS
  9. Post on Phantom Ship in Technical Issues

    By Zryst, posted
    Welp The game just got me killed. I was sailling in the Margoria Sea and a guild boat started Following me which is fine pvp is allowed but the thing is while fleeing(my boat was faster) a Phantom Ship spawned for me so i can't run away and the margoria spectre can't be killed. Now i'm stuck in the middle of the margoria sea. This is really fun.
  10. So, Guild tried going out with 5 people to kill Sea Monsters in Margoria after killing a few last night and making some guild funds, but as we've found out today, after 2 hekaru, a nineshark and a small pirate boat, there was no loot, on ANY of them, currently we're unable to get anything from hunting in the Deep Sea, So guild unfortunately wasted a few hours, any ideas on when a fix will come for this? since it was working fine last night
  11. It took me a while to get to this quest item, I had used 2 breathing crystals, a breathing potion, and a whole lot of other crap! If you follow the quest guild line to the bottom you can get there, but good luck keeping your breath! Here's a picture of the actual item you need to click on called "Ocean Lantern"

  12. I really enjoyed the screenshot contest for the new ocean content. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see all the screenies that were sent in. Or some ppl just didn't make it in time for the contest.
    Therefore, share your favourite pics here. Epic ones, funny or scary ones... ^^

  13. Post on Stuck In The Ocean in PVE

    By Terrill, posted
    Hi all, I disconnected while taking the ferry from Port Ratt to Lema Island, and ended up swimming in Margoria Sea.
    The things is I have already used the map, and escape option doesn't help me move at all, also I basically cannot swim with no stamina, and sadly 0 stamina doesn't kill me either.
    What should I do now? 
  14. Post on Missing Fish? in General

    By Nephanor, posted
    There have been many times where I am active fishing in the deep ocean since the margoria patch (New ocean areas) and after getting a perfect cast or completing the minigame letter press, I get no fish.  This has happened from 6 letters and up, so I have a feeling there are either a couple fish that aren't in the game, or there is some kind of bug causing this.  I have Artisan 4 fishing so unless there is some fish that can't be caught at certain levels and the game doesn't give an error saying this, we have a bug.
  15. I know the Margoria content is not complete, but please put ONE purchaseable house in Margoria, it would be enough to give only the residence option to it, so I can put a damn bed on the island to sleep for energy recovery for amity game.
    Right now, I have to travel back to Lema island to my house to recover my energy efficiently by sleeping. I dont know if this is intentional to make the new area "not so easy", but in my opinion this does not make it more difficult, just more annoying. Consider this suggestion to make our Margoria experience a bit more pleasant.
  16. The Massive Potential of Margoria
    The Margoria update increased the physical game size by about 1/3. Naval warfare was introduced. A new continent is available (even if only the small port). Underwater exploration was added. There is a lot here. But somehow, it feels so empty. What I am trying to say here is that this feels like only part 1 of a much larger update. Margoria has HUGE potential. My suggestions below are about increasing what can be done in the massive ocean.
    So far we have:
    GvG naval combat.Personal Sail Boats for travel and trade (with minor combat abilities)Sea Monsters to kill (which pretty much takes a guild Galley to kill, aside from the weakest one). They drop items sell-able for guild funds and mats and to craft ship parts.Underwater gathering (which is very difficult being productive without the shark suit)Cross ocean trade (with max of +150%, same as desert trade bonus, I believe)Pirates to fight (do they even drop anything, or are they just an annoyance?)And that's about it. For a single expansion, this is a decent amount.
    The question is, how can we make this better?
    Node Wars could be held in Margoria with a slight change in how it works (due to there being no land).
    The Magoria node war should be held on Velia 1 at the same time as Conquests. It is not a territory, but does give guild funds equivalent to a T-3 node.Once a victor has been decided, the guild symbol will be visible at Port Ratt.The node war area would be circular in the center of Margoria, about 1/5th the size of the ocean. The map would be visible for the duration of the war. All hostile monsters and ships will despawn.[Guild] Buoy - Purchase-able from guild harbor master for the same cost as a T-3 fort. Marks a guild's territory in the ocean, similar to how building a fort prevents other forts from being built nearby. It is built with the same materials as a normal fort, except the rough stone is swapped out with cedar plywood (common planking for old fashioned boats). Unlike normal node wars, this is not the structure that needs to be destroyed. It is more of a base point for respawn. The buoy acts as a harbor to bring back destroyed ships and buy items. Discovered Buoys will show on the map, just like forts. The Buoy also comes with 4 cannons facing the cardinal directions for what little offense/defense they may provide.[Guild] Guild Flag - purchasable from guild harbor master shop for 1mill guild funds.  The owner of a ship uses this to designate a guild galley as the 'Flag' ship. Only 1 flag ship is allowed at any time. This is the target of the node war. If no flag has been bought, your guild automatically loses the war.During the node war, the flag ship has 4x the hp of normal galley, but takes a 10% speed reduction and cannot be repaired using the usual items. The flag ship must also always be within a distance of 500 from the Buoy. Go beyond that, and the speed reduction increases gradually to a mazimum on 90% decrease until it returns within the perimeter. The Guild Flag must be installed on the ship before the start of the war (no time is taken to do this), and the ship will automatically be transported to the Buoy at the start of the war, including all guild members riding the boat. The flag ship will not show the flag until the node war starts. While other ships can leave the node war area, the flag ship cannot. Once you lose your flag ship, you are out of the war.If players die, they are able to respawn at the Buoy at full hp. Respawn timers are still in effect.If a player's ship has been destroyed, all surviving guild members on the ship at the moment of destruction will receive the option to be transpoted to the Buoy.Offensive items that can be bought from the guild harbor master for the node war:[Guild] Shrapnel Cannonball - only usable by a Flag Ship. Deals little damage to other ships, but massive damage to players.[Guild] Chain (Bola) Cannonball - only usable by a Flag Ship. Deals little damage to players but massive damage to ships.[Guild] Sea Mine - explosive barrels that can be placed in the water to damage enemy ships that hit them. Members on the boats may right click to drop them from the boat.During the node war only and only in the node war area, all participating ships (both Galleys and Sailboats) do not need cannon balls to fire, aside from special cannonballsI feel node wars on the high sees would be an amazingly fun experience. Imagine 4-6 guilds, each with 1 - 3 Galleys and a dozen sailboats waging full on naval warfare!
    Life Skills
    Right now, all we got was an increase of gathering items, but the sea is full of so much more. Lets improve a few other life skills with the potential the sea has to offer.
    Net FishingNet fishing is both a single player and party fishing method for Artisan 1 fishers and above.Nets can be crafted in tool workshops in either Velia, Port Epheria, or Iliya Island using flax thread, rope, and black stone powder. It would take a lot of mats, but nets are repairable.It is only available in deep sea (where the map disappears).Nets are attachable to fishing boats and sail boats only. Once attached, a player can drop the net by selecting it on the boat. The pilot must then move the boat around until the net is full (the boat will slow to a crawl when full). In the meanwhile, everyone can fish as normal or do whatever. Once full, the players then work together to pull in the net. The more players in the party, the faster the retrieval.Each net haul brings in anywhere from 5 to 15 fish of varying rarity and the net's durability will decrease. Each member of the party can individually loot the full fish net.The number of fish obtained is balanced out by how long it takes to fill the net, but active net fishing with a full group far faster than normal fishing and comparable to hotspot fishing when net-fishing solo.A net can be prematurely hauled in at the cost of a major reduction in fish caught.If a sea monster attacks when the net is out, the net will lose durability, but it can be repaired 1 durability by having 10 flax thread in your inventory and going over to it to select repair.Underwater SpearfishingFor Master 1 fishers and above.Only available in the deep ocean (where the mini-map disappears)Fishing Spears are different than the thrown harpoons in that you only have one, the mini-game is different, and it is repairable.Fishing spears can be crafted in tool workshops in either Velia, Port Epheria, or Iliya Island suing flax thread, steel, and pine timber.Spear fishing works like horse taming in reverse. You swim up to the fish and stab it, causing the fish to flail and swim away. You then have the same horse struggle mini-game but constant as you try to pull in the impaled fish. The difference is that when the fish is about to flail, you need to let it have control (let the gauge drop) or the tension will rip the harpoon out and you will lose the fish. Once you completely pull in the fish, you get it. If you lose the fish and it swims away, you can chase after it again if you still have the breath to do so.If you run out of breath, you lose the fish, so preparation with potions, gems, and even the cash shop suit would be helpful.Target-able fish will need to be added to the ocean, such as tuna, swordfish, orca, sperm whale, sunfish, giant squid, and other yellow grade fish. Only yellow fish are caught by spearfishing, but they would be difficult to find in the ocean. The rarer the fish, the harder it would be to find one, and the harder the mini-game to catch it.Dolphin Taming (1 - use only)For Skilled 1 training and above.Be able to tame a dolphin to take you from the ocean to either Port Ratt or Lema Island, whichever side of Margoria you last entered from.This is an emergency measure to save people from being stranded in the ocean.To tame a dolphin, all you need is chum and a rope. Chum can be made by grinding any fish. Right click it anywhere in the ocean and a dolphin will appear. Lasso the dolphin like with horse taming (further using chum like sugar for horses) then "mount" the dolphin by grabbing is dorsal fin. An option will then come up asking if you would like to travel back to land. Selecting yes will bring you to Port Ratt or Lema Island as stated above. Selecting no releases the dolphin. 
    While GvG is fun and fighting sea monsters with your guild mates is fun, there needs to be something more for the solo player or non-guild associated party. Here are my ideas:
    More "weaker" monsters that can be fought with a single sail boat. From what I hear, only the red whale looking sea monster is feasible killing without the guild galley.PiracyHave NPC trade ships moving across the ocean, similar to the caravans across the desert. Players can take a karma hit attacking these for loot.Drops can include general crafting materials such as logs, rough stones, black stone powder, as well as more valuable items like gold bars, weapons, black stones, and trade items.The better the cargo, the more smaller support ships will be there, so players can gauge reward vs difficulty.5k karma is lost per support ship destroyed and 25k karma is lost per trade ship destroyed.Anti-PiracyThe same trade ships above will at times be under attack by the NPC pirates.Destroying the pirates will result in a small reward from the trade ship.The larger the group of pirates attacking, the larger the reward, so players can gauge the reward vs difficulty.Saving trade ships gives a large karma boost: 2K karma for small pirate boat, and 15k karma recovery for large pirate ship.The reward for saving the cargo ships is significantly less than the loot from destroying them, but karma is recovered in return. 
    Kraken World Boss (We can give it a BDO lore name later)
    The ocean is huge, so why not have a world boss that spawns in the ocean?
    The Kraken would spawn in the north-eastern side of Margoria.The spawn interval for the Kraken would be 36 hours with an 8 hour window.Players will receive a 1 hour warning before the Kraken spawns.Both guild Galley and personal sailboat cannons would be able to fight it as well as attacks from players on boats that are not using cannons.How to fight it:At first, only the 8 minor tentacles will be visible and attackable above water. (if you dive, you can see the entire Kraken)Killing all the tentacles will bring the head up and the two main feeding tenaclesOnly the head needs to be attacked to kill the kraken, but killing the feeding tentacles will rid it of some of it's abilities.Attacking the single large eye will be considered a critical hit.Killing the feeding tentacles creates floating masses for players to stand on to attack the headKraken attacks:In the first stage, the 8 minor tentacles will swat at nearby ships and players. Each also has a ranged attack firing high-pressure water. The damage is minimal, but can knock players off of their boats if they are not pilotingIn the second stage, the two feeding tentacles and the head each act on their own.The feeding tentacles deal more damage with swatting and the high-pressure water. They also get a new attack where they will go underwater and rise back up quickly. It is difficult to see where they will rise unless you have a spotter under water to see where.The head has two attacks:An eye beam that charges and fires in a cone in front of it. This attack deal little damage to boats, but massive damage to players. Dive under water or move out of the way to avoid it.Slamming its mantle down on the water. This attack does massive damage to ships caught under it. It will rear its head back before slamming it down, so there is some time to get away.Loot: (based on party, not individuals, so that the ship pilots can still get loot if other members in their party are attacking)1G to 100G gold barsBlack stonesCrystal ShardsGiant SquidLiverto Weapon BoxMagic Crystal of Infinity - Underwater BreathingAncient Magic Crystal - Air (+30 seconds underwater breathing)Other high grade magic crystalsKraken's Aura (collect 100 to trade at Port Ratt for the item below)Kraken's Eye Alchemy Stone (Boss Class Item)Unlike normal alchemy stones, failure at higher levels will not have a chance at destroying it but instead will drop it by 2 grades.EXP from corals. Low: Coral Piece, Med: red, blue, green, white, gold corals, High: Twilight, Prarie, Breezy, Daybreak, Sun coralsImperfect: +100 Stamina, +25HP, +25 MP/WP/SP, +5% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +5 seconds, Carry Weight +50, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Rough: +125 Stamina, +50 HP, +50 MP/WP/SP, +6% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +10 seconds, Carry Weight +75, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Polished: +150 Stamina, +75 HP, +75 MP/WP/SP, +7% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +15 seconds, Carry Weight +100, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Sturdy: +175 Stamina, +100 HP, +100 MP/WP/SP, +8% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +20 seconds, Carry Weight +125, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Sharp: +200 Stamina, +125 HP, +125 MP/WP/SP, +10% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +25 seconds, Carry Weight +150, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Resplendent: +250 Stamina, +150 HP, +150 MP/WP/SP, +12% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +30 seconds, Carry Weight +200, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Splended: +300 Stamina, +200 HP, +200 MP/WP/SP, +15% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +45 seconds, Carry Weight +300, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Shining: +400 Stamina, +300 HP, +300 MP/WP/SP, +20% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +60 seconds, Carry Weight +400, Duration/Cooldown 10min.
  17. Hey-lo!
    ich spiele Black Desert fast seit der ersten Minute die es in Europa spielbar war. 
    Als der"Pay2Win" Faktor kam , der zwar eigentlich seeehr gering ist. Hatte ich aufgehört.
    Bis das Margoria Update kam und ich doch wieder gehyped war.
    (Mochte bei Archeage das Meer auch seeehr!)
    Nun hab ich es mit meinem Fischerboot endlich geschafft, ich bin in Port Ratt!
    Bin an der Quest reihe dran!
    Sammle Corallen!
    ehm.. und jetzt?
    Ich habe Tunnel, Höhlen, alte Ruinen gefunden, schöne Fische etc.
    Nur nichts das irgendeinen Wert hat...
    Keine wertvollen Gegenstände oder Wissen oder sonst was.
    Mache ich was falsch oder ist diese Update einfach nur eine große Pfütze dreckiges Wasser?
  18. So i know you need a level 4 ship part workshop to make them. I've had the materials to make them however... they're not implemented? Anyone else know about this?
  19. Hello!
    Just wanted to say that i loved the GM Event that brought us to Margoria. Here is an awesome pic of me and GM_Dranzerkai <3 and GM_Felaxus. Thanks for an awesome evening, i had lots of fun. Please do more of this in the future! <3
    BtW Vheena-chan, i still like you

    http://imgur.com/a/BRKSc (file to big to upload to the forum)
  20. @CM_Aethon @CM_Serenity @CM_Yukimura
    Please communicate to the community whether or not Gold Chests were implemented with Margoria. 
    Just yes or no. It's not fair to ask us to scour the ocean floor if they are not in the game.
    We all expected them to come out with this content, and now we are unsure if they are or are not in the game. It's fine if they are coming later, just clearly let us know.
    Other's who are interested please just bump till they answer.
  21. Post on Looting trade items in General

    By Kerry(Ayra), posted
    @PM_Jouska @CM_Aethon
    Hello, I was wondering if the trade Items are destroyed in the new Margoria Zone or with the new Items comes dropping the trade Items? Do we actually get a reason to go outlaw. Is trading worth enough money that people will do it and will bring PvP/PK and have strategy and fun outlaw content? If not will there be some kind of way to loot trade packs or content valuable enough to have a dense population out there, because the way the Desert was set up, not being as valuable monetary wise as the other places, it is usually empty. Why make content that does not necessarily entice people to explore and thrive in?
    P.S. please buff the money in Valencia or nerf media/pirates to make all zones viable. 
  22. Hey everyone,
    I've been diving for almost 45 to the same spot just to get a quest objective. The quest is called The First Sailboat Bound to Margoria. It's the quest after you've killed 60 pirates. Now when I'm diving to the quest marker WITH Agile Seal Elixir I still don't have enough time to get to the marker or even any chance to search the around the shipwreck for what to inspect. Could any one show me exactly what I'm looking for here? And what can I do to increase my time underwater to search it if I have to. I can't even get close to the bottom without automatically going back up again.
    Thanks in advance!
    Video of what I mean. 
    PS the barrels don't do a think and on top of that I barely make it that deep.. 
    PSS apperently there are gems for boots that allows you to dive longer. Be sure to grab them... Silly me..
  23. When diving underwater people use the S key to back up.  Instead make the S key swim upwards while going back. 
  24. Hey, 

    also eigentlich melde ich mich nie im Forum und dieses Spiel ist an sich auch das beste mmo was ich kenne, aber jetzt bin ich wirklich sauer! bei der neuen Quest - Reihe ab der Quest "Grotesker Graben" kommt man OHNE das neue Kostum nicht weiter. D.h. Man wird dazu gezwungen Geld auszugeben um im spiel vorwärts zu kommen. -.- 

    trotz der beiden steine a 15 längerer Atem und 15 sec Trank schafft man es nicht. Während andere mit ihren Kostum was zudem einfach dumm auszieht, easy an einen vorbeiziehen und gemütlich weiter machen können...