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  1. So I had a horse up for sale on the market and then my friend said that they wanted it. So I went to cancel it from the queue on the market so I could put it back up when they were on. After canceling it, my horse disappeared. Is that supposed to happen or did I do something wrong?
  2. The selection of only the system messages "Private Item" for a chat window displays marketplace registrations.
    I use this window to know what items I pick up, etc. but it tends to get filled with market place registrations for some reason. I believe that category of system messages is miscategorized as we have a specific category "Marketplace"

  3. I'm bit frustrated on a lot of things available or not in marketplace for example there's quite huge pre-order of pets and value pack the issue is we have huge demand of this on marketplace but not enough seller coz honestly the value in marketplace is quite low or not worth selling. (including tax seems bit huge even with value pack)
    There's also bit issue of game seems restricting user from buying more expensive items but at the same time the system unable to detect bots manipulating the marketplace prices that always buy cheapest and controlled the prices at desired prices makes you frustrated when you just want to buy items 1 or 2  but it always tells you you can't buy the items coz its not the cheapest.
    Not sure also if its bug or not some items on "bid" considered cheapest so you can't just skip it or buy which really annoying.
    Hopefully Daum will request to the Kakao to introduce more "player-driven economy" instead of bit dumb-down marketplace that its bit really annoying from time to time.  We just want to sell-and-buy freely not restrict too much there isn't even a  player 2 player trade system here you guys should at-least fixed the economy
  4. Hello, I am still a fairly new player (played less than 2 months) but I have a small suggestion in terms of the marketplace. I still can't wrap my brain around the fact that only the lowest price for an item can be purchased leaving thousands of choices untouched. The only viable explanation for this is to reduce the marketplace traffic but it seems like the only thing it does it force people to buy 1-5 items at a time and wait for the bidding phase of the lowest to end only to grab the lowest priced item. It get's really annoying for items like black stones where so many people post then at a given time and people who are willing to buy them are forced to stop and wait for the lowest price as the recommended seem to suggest the lowest bought price. 
    Is it possible to remove this feature? it seems like it only gets in the way and cause the game to spend more time on tedious things rather than doing something efficient. 
    Sorry if this was recommended before or posted before, it just seems like the biggest thing that's bothering me about this game.
  5. Can you add a collect all button for people who don't care to see which sales they have but just want to collect the money?  Currently, each sale has to be collected one by one.  I don't see the harm in adding a single click function to collect all sales, much like the collect all mail attachments button that collects multiple pages of special sales with one click.
  6. I registered 9 xl energy pots on the marketplace and 4 sold, but now they won't appear in the list of registered items, and I don't think they're appearing on the market. I've waited about 4 or so hours since I first noticed it to see if it would fix itself, maybe I'm just and idiot, but if anyone can help it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hey guys Im a new Zerker and I sold all my stuff to reroll and I placed a pre-order on a liverto axe at +15 for 75,000,000 silver. If anyone has one or would be willing to enhance one you would be doing me a great service ;-; 
  8. Hey peeps in the world,


    This is just a wild ideas from me


    International trading:


    Increase the supply on the marketplace: international market. A market place where everybody can sell his belongings, exchange and buying from other players in the World.

    A large trading server between EU, NA and Korean 

    A possibility to negotiate the price for all types of belongings.


    It's also place where you can exchange belongings with friends and with your guild. A special sort of market stall.


    This increases the supply on the marketplace and you can exchange with your mates
    Have fun day!!
  9. (This was posted earlier on, NOT my original idea, just thought it should be featured on this thread)
    Would like to suggest a system in which every month, a player gets the "first-time-buyer" status. With this status, purchasing pearl items will be easier for the masses.
    Every pearl item that would go up would, in it's first 2 min or smth of being on, get the "first-time-priority". This would allow people who haven't purchased any pearl item off the markeplace this month a chance to actually snipe that costume. It would not make a HUGE difference but it would definitely spread the items that are available more evenly.
  10. Post on Player-to-player trading in General

    By Tulli, posted
    So ehm, while we're on the forums (I see you gm's), we might as well hold a poll about the trading system.
  11. Greetings everyone, let's start a little story. The name of the story is in the title, and I'll add on my own personal twist from the story told at the end. 
    In a game known as Black Desert Online, the gameplay is high paced and skill dependent (Excluding the periodic server issues and desync that might occur.) It is enjoyable with a vast world to explore. In this world though, the GM's are limited in what they might do. These GM's care for the players that they play their game, and one day, the GM's found out that quite a bit of players were exploiting! Now not all of the players in the area were exploiting, there were quite a few who would risk their lives to go out into the barren desert and start digging in hopes that they might obtain a rare black crystal shard! Of either Hard or sharp, they likely cared not, but the sight of one was joyous indeed. Then, came the exploiters. These exploiters filled their inventory with junk, and left a hard shard and a sharp shard as a placeholder. They would then stock up on their shovels, and then shovel away at the desert! Though it was not the Vanadium, or the various gems and crystals that lie under the sands! It was the black crystal shards that were their only goal. Most of these brave adventurers were after the same thing, but the exploiters did it for specific reasons, since they would not lose energy until they got a black crystal shard! Most of these exploiters would go and sell the shards that they obtained on the market and reap the profits of their work! Though the caring GM's heard of these exploiters and their deviousness, and lied down the hammer upon them. They fixed the problem within the world and got rid of the evil adventurers. 
    However, as time went on the faithful adventurers learned of how even the exploiters who sold the rare gems on the marketplace were contributing in their own way, despite doing it to satisfy their own greed. As time grew further on after the exploiters were banished from the game, the adventurers would go to their favorite marketplace Shai and find that the marketplace was fresh out of stock of either of the black crystal shards, and even the stones that they would be turned into! The adventurers would grieve that the ability to strengthen their gear would slow because of the lack of these rare shards being available and cheap to them like they once were. Now the poor Shai are flooded with requests for back-ordering (Preordering) on these shards and adventurers throwing their money at them so they might get the chance at getting these rarities to further advance themselves, now that the mighty drought of the memory fragments is over. But we go from lacking in one, to lacking in another preventing these mighty adventurers from advancing and catching up to their predecessors. You can still hear some adventurers saying: "Ah I would not even mind if the exploiters were still around, at least there were shards on the marketplace!" The Kind GM's have wanted the adventurers to advance and have been throwing events to help so, but even doing so has its difficulties in performing the task that is trying to be done. 
    Now for the suggestion of the story-teller. If we are lacking in the black crystal shards, I suggest a way to not game-breakingly fix this problem but to ease the people back into a time of where they are no longer afraid to upgrade armor, or perhaps upgrade other armor to sell for a profit! The adventurers of this world possess workers that run to the very lengths of what is known to gather resources without rest and only at the cost of some beer. Though only having beer is probably quite unhealthy, but it seems to work for them. My suggestion is, allow these workers the chance to obtain such rarities as the Hard or sharp black crystal shards, the same as the chance that adventurers do! It would give even more reason for the adventurers to hire workers and it would give the adventurers the prices that they most desire! The amount of shards gained would not be tremendous though, as it is likely an adventurer would obtain around one to two a day due to the chances of getting one at all. The adventurers who are low on silver would be able to sell the items, thus giving them availability on the marketplace, and those who have some extra spares are able to buy. The first rule of economics is that an economy flourishes when money is circulating! And the adventurers who wish to upgrade their armor are able to save the ones that they own, allowing them to use their energy for talking to that suspicious looking man in dark clothing who will only make his services available from 10 PM to 7 AM to get the mighty legendary armor of their dreams that come from mythological level creatures that seem to always return after a certain amount of time just to be killed by the adventurers of the world. How this guy got a hold of such things is beyond me, but regardless!
    This method I feel is a balanced way to assist North America, or perhaps any of the other servers, to further upgrade their armors and weapons while not breaking the game of its current mechanics, along with helping the market stabilize and promoting game advancement! Thank you for your patience and for listening to the story! 
  12. Post on Marketplace spam in General

    By $lick_$loth, posted
    I keep getting "[item] has been listen on matketplace registration" and "[item] has been purchased by pre order" on my ui, every 5 seconds.
    I am a new player and I have no idea how to turn this off, I have gone into settings and turned off Marketplace notifications but still my ui just gets flooded with messages.
  13. Post on Great bdo idea here! in General

    By Zeta441, posted
    yo, just found this post here, great idea, think this is one of the actually usefull ideas on the suggestion posts.
  14. As the title says, does pre-ordering on the marketplace work?
    Does it work when you're logged off?
    Been trying to buy something that has a price of 2.5m (shown price), I pre-orded at 3.0m, 3.5m, 4.0m and no luck...
    Does it work? Or is someone bidding over 4.0m on it?
  15. As title says. There just seems to be a lot of guess work and hearsay on how the pre-orders actually work. Is there an official source or quote on how they work?
  16. I fell in love with a few of the outfits for my class and horse armor, but on the marketplace I notice the following seemingly BDO unique “odd” things. Perhaps someone can clue me in as I’m baffled!
    The Pearl shop tab list tons of items as grey. You can set up a ”pre-order” but it never actually works.You can set up a notification but it never seems to notify.I see outfits and such appear on the marketplace if I leave the tab open in real-time, such as 4-8 items or sets listed for sale, but they vanish within 10 seconds, sometimes one at a time. If I actually wanted to buy a particular outfit or horse armor, what’s the best way to do this?
    There seems to be some kind of in-game system to list items, but they vanish so quickly. I have read on other sites that an RNG bidding system is in place, but over the course of 8 hours yesterday I must have watched over 300 items go up and vanish immediately.
    I’m coming from Tera, and am relatively new. My expectations are probably misguided, thinking that players are selling costumes and such for in game silver, like you can do in Tera, but it amazes me that no listing have any form of a shelf life greater than 12 seconds. I must be missing something, so I thought I’d ask here to get clued in.
    Thanks in advance!

  17. Good afternoon, I've been trying to buy liverto for pre-buy and there's no way I've even tried to put a different amount to see what it puts me and says I do not get the money (logico when you put 11 liverdos xD) so I put it back One single and that message that you can see in the image I closed the game and try again and there is no way, I sold my liverto the sorcerer to buy the dark knight class, can help me or if they know if it is something of The options (I have not touched anything but if there is something I should tell me please) came very excited to try the class after being without internet 1 week (worse than the dependence of smoking D;) and it seems that I have bad luck now with the Marketplace TT
    thanks in advance, sorry my English'm still learning and I need a translator for some phrases  ^_^u
    PD: The marketplacer npc stayed the same as me with the message xDDD
    Close the post already solved sorry for the inconvenience and thanks alike cya! ^^
  18. Hi guys,

    Just wanted to let everyone know about this before you'll end up spending couple of days reinstaling software, programs, playing with nvidia/amd settings etc. LIKE ME

    So recenlty i upgraded my gaming laptop to GT83VR 7RF, it's really beast machine so I was wondering why the hell I'm still experiencing some FPS drops and stuttering while playing the game.
    After trying ALMOST EVERY solution possible, that includes registry editing, windows files editing, messing with nvidia settings etc I found out that the Micro-Stuttering I had is caused by God damn Marketplace.

    Found this post on reddit


    "OK, don't know if this is just a placebo-effect or pure coincidence, but if you have the problem that your game from time to time suddenly starts to stutter like crazy or FPS are for no reason suddenly very low, than try the following: Open the menu, click on market place, go to "mine" and close the window with the X. I read that somewhere else here on reddit and... it's crazy, but it seems to work. Someone mentioned that there could be some bugged routine with the window that shows the marketplace and that black spirit minigame, so it sometimes needs huge amounts of CPU time for no reason. Don't know if this is true. As i wrote: Not sure if this is maybe just coincidence, but try this when you have the problem too."
    As I checked, this soulution works especially for MICRO-STUTTERING (check youtube how it looks like, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LkokfEeaIQ - here is a good example on witcher 3) BDO has this problem that if you start to micro-stutter it wont go off after you "close the marketplace properly" so it's reeaaaaaaaalllllly annoying. I was experiancing drops from constant 60FPS in the open to jumping arround like crazy 44,48,58,61,35 even when idle.

    I hope this helps guys and you won't end up like me with reinstalling almost every software you have. Have a good one!
    There is one more thing. Apperantly cohorent in your processess of CPU causes to overheat it and uses too much of your cores power. If you want smooth gameplay make sure u force to close it. I was told that you won't be able to browse marketplace after this so make sure you know what you are doing. Restart the game if u want MP back.
  19. it might be an idea to be able to make a personalized Marketplace tab, say i wanna buy all grunil gloves, rocaba helmets and rough stones, it is a pain to keep up, if we were able to put them on the same page it would be a lot easier.
    Or am i the only one that finds this a pain?
  20. Ok kakao it would be good if the min and max prices of the market stay the same for a while, some like top predict what the market is soon going to be at, and with the constant up and downs my way of making money is useless, please don't treat the NA market as if it was the EU or KR ones.
  21. I'm sure by now everyone has noticed the marketplace is complete bullshit when Bid Phase is active.

    After forcing myself to sit at marketplace for 12hours straight non-stop with little breaks between staring at marketplace I can personally say, the marketplace requires some changes urgently.

    My idea? A Failstack-like system one that adds 1 failstack per failing bid within the respective section of marketplace (Account wide Failstack). An example would be failing a bid for a value pack would add 1 failstack for the pearl items tab, failing a bid for a kzarka weapon would add 1 failstack for the Main Weapon tab etc.
    Im aware this idea seems stupid to some, and some will simply say "Git gud at clicking" but the issue is the RNG counter thats being used, its completely unfair to most due to it being RNG.
  22. So after a long while of being frustrated with market sniping and not being able to give certain items to guildmates because of the lack of player to player trading. Why not implement a guild only market? The market would only be available to that guild, could be accessed through the Guild Managers, and you could even keep the same market control algorithm/whatever used for the "public" market. That way, there is an option to sell items to anyone or if a guild member is in need of an item that you can sell to them, the option is there.  This would be something that I would especially love to see for the horse market. Guild members have spent a ton of hours raising horses to sell and a lot of the time they want to sell these horses to their guild mates because they care about their horses and want their guild members to have them too. It's so disappointing and disheartening to have to figure out a time of day when you can try to sell the horse to someone and they still may or may not get it. My guild mate has tried to sell two T8 horses for guildies and they've both been sniped and they're absolutely depressed and livid that all their hard work isn't even able to be guaranteed to a guild mate to help out with the guild in general. 
    This is something I think would be really valuable in the game.
  23. Hell kakao,
    Tbh most of your players including myself are unaware of how the bid system works on the calculations of the dice for each user, but I think that i would have a really nice proposal that will definetely work for all of us, let me explain the case. 
    Problem Case: 5 Users are doing their best to try and grab a Value pack from the marketplace 
    Jack Sparrow Jhon WickChakachakaMelanieMichaelAll them bid for the item at the same time and the same circumstances in 10 ocasions which leads to the lucky Jack Sparrow to get the Value Pack in 4 ocasions leading the table shown has below
    Jack Sparrow / 4 Value packsJhon Wick / 3 Value packsChakachaka / 0 Value packsMelanie / 2 Value packsMichael  / 1 Value packNow the problem raise if the bid is held by 500 players.
    Is this a problem?: Yes
    Why?: As some players get their items as desired (RNG) most of them will be left out of the play leading to bewilderment of some players even if they do their best to obtain it
    Why is this happening?: The lack of a system that controls who is doing a mayor effort to obtain an item
    Elaborate a database that will keep record of the attemps performed by a player on a certain item, RNG will play the rol on the players with the highest attemps 
    Jack Sparrow     1Jhon Wick          1Chakachaka       1Melanie              1Michael              1RNG Dice is performed and Jack sparrow wins as usual and gets the Value pack
    Jack Sparrow     1Jhon Wick          2Chakachaka       2Melanie              2Michael              2RNG Dice is performed and Jhon Wick wins as the 2nd RNG lucky person on the first table and gets his Value Pack
    Jack Sparrow     2Jhon Wick          1Chakachaka       3Melanie              3Michael              3RNG Dice is performed and Melanie is now the winner of the Value Pack
    Jack Sparrow     3Jhon Wick          2Chakachaka       4Melanie              1Michael              4RNG dice is performed and Michael wins the RNG game and gets his Value Pack
    Jack Sparrow     4Jhon Wick          3Chakachaka       5Melanie              2Michael              1RNG Dice is performed and finally Chakachaka as the only contender gets his Value pack
    This way RNG will still play a role on the players with the best luck, but the players that do their best with the worst luck will get also their piace of the deal, by removing the winners from the table, Abuse can't be performed on this way because even if you try to get all the Value packs non stop at the moment that the player get his item they will be reseted
    Why i am saying this? because i know people besides me that are trying to get a market place item such as, Pets, Value packs etc. for months now, and never had a chance, i know that i have the worst of luck and there's nothing that can be done about that, but we need to take in mind the big effort that most of the players do on a daily basis with this system everyone will get their chance instead of always rolling a dice between 500 players and never get a chance.
    And also having a stack tracking will help you out to detect any Sniping bot that is being used.
    Comments welcome.
    Best regards
  24. Post on Outfit bidding in General

    By Zachiru, posted
    I've been trying to get an outfit for little over a week now, with no success. Well over 100 bids, and nothing. Is there really no fail-stack or any other factors to this than pure luck? Do people shit and lie when they say they have sniped 3+ costumes a day when I cant get a single one in a week. And I have literally camped at the market for hours every day and when ever someone has listed the item I have instantly bid on it. 
  25. "only cheapest Items and be purchase" plus the delay of old sales not refreshing / cleaning old sales after sale has past makes it impossible to picking a sale impossible
    with high number of shoppers buying the same thing in high numbers just chaos it feel like black Friday even time you come to town.