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  1. Hello there,
    The magnate debuff that reduces the amount of maximum trade items you can buy once you reach a certain amount has seemingly been changed with the 26/04/16 update on EU/NA servers, as you can see http://puu.sh/vyOFI/7449b84f0d.png
    I then started rolling between Velia and Finto Farm, Heidel and Alejandro Farm to check what was going on and if I could completely ignore the magnate debuff.
    Given the fact I haven't had the opportunity to roll actively for more than 30 minutes, I can't 100% confirm that it's correct, but I've been able to completely sell out my items on 3 channels (give or take 400 trade items) without getting affected by the debuff.
    On top of that, the amount of XP I won was absurdly high, which lets me think we never got the infamous "50% less XP on trades between managers within 500m of each other" nerf. Over 30 minutes of rolling, I was able to get 11% XP from Master 3 to 4 with 72% life XP bonuses. Rough summary : https://puu.sh/vySgi/df6e579665.png
    This would mean the technique used by many traders back in December (when the master 2 hype started) might be viable again to get to master 2.
    With that in mind, if the trading XP charts I found are correct (October 2016), it would still take 1670h of rolling to get from M2 to M10 which is kind of silly. I still believe trash crates are the most viable way of getting to master 10.
    EDIT : Guide on how to powerlevel master 2, courtesy of AsukiKuro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6uGfJQ7pKI - Just add Heidel>Alejandro back and forth inbetween channel swaps.
  2. IMPORTANT - Le patchnote du 26.04.17 a modifié le fonctionnement du magnate debuff.
    Une vidéo follow-up est prévue ce week-end, je devrai tester pour voir si la méthode des roulades est de nouveau 100% viable pour un master 2 en 70-90h.
    Introduction au buff maître 2 en commerce. Comment, quoi, pour qui ?
    Twitch : http://www.twitch.tv/Karmek
    Discord : https://discord.gg/7zQzFjj
    Twitter :  https://twitter.com/KarmekTV
    Introduction au buff Maître 2 Commerce
    Liste des buffs Lifeskill XP et post Reddit (EN) :
    Musique : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPTYlomyo3s