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  1. So, my friend and I we're dueling over at Mediah castle. Obviously I fell off, cause im a dumba$$.
    Anyway. I was climbing up some cliffs, and behold. The easter egg of the century. I found a dead rooster.
    Just sitting here. Very entertaining. Anyway. I think you guys should make up some lore or something for this Rooster.!

    Helms Höhle Grinding Guide     
    Ich möchte euch hier erläutern, wie ich rund 15-30 Mio Silber die Stunde mache, indem ich die Helm Golems Farme.
     Westlich vom Elric Schrein ist die Node Helms Höhle und auch der Eingang in diese.
    Muss ich die Node ausbauen?
    Ihr müsst dies nicht. Jedoch baue ich meine Grindin Nodes aufgrund von erhöhtem Trashloot immer aus.
    Meine Node ist derzeit auf Level 9
    Gear Anforderung:
    Ein Ap Wert von 160+ sollte reichen um die 14 vorhandenen Helm Golems in der Channel Cooldown Zeit von 15minuten zu töten
    Buff Food:
    Buff Food wird nicht benötigt, dennoch kann es euch je nach AP/DP helfen, wenn ihr Serendia, Mediah, Valencia und/oder Calpheon Spezial zu euch nehmt.
    Wo sind die Golems?
    Die genauen Spawn Punkte und die in meinen Augen beste Route werde ich euch am Wochenende nachliefern.
    Vorerst kann ich euch dieses Video aus Youtube bereit stellen:
    Dies ist nicht ganz meine Route aber vorerst sollte dies ausreichen
    Wie viel Silber mache ich die Stunde?
    Dies variiert recht Stark, aber 15 Millionen solltet ihr mindestens innerhalb 1 Stunde bekommen.
    Dies ist eine Durchschnittliche Ausbeute von mir:
    3X Scarla Necklace = 6,6 Mio
    16 Schwarzsteine = 3,2 mio
    12 Verbotene Bücher = 9,6 mio
    Trashloot = 2 mio
    Rüstungsteile = 1,5 mio
    Gesamt: 22,9 mio
    Wie funktioniert das Ganze?
    Ziel ist es die Elite Mobs Namens Helm Golem zu töten. Es gibt im besten Fall je Channel 14 Stück. Diese Mobs haben eine ehöhte Dropchance auf Schwarzsteine, Verbotene Bücher und Scarla Halsketten. Während wir die Golems töten, töten wir selbstverständlich auch die Helms die in der Höhle umherirren welche eine Dropchance auf den Ancient Guardian Seal haben (9Mio im AH).
    Nachdem wir dir 14 Golems getötet haben  stehen wir wieder außerhalb am Höhleneingang. Nun werfen wir den Trashloot / Sammleritems in unser Pferd und wechseln den Channel und das fröhliche Golem Kloppen beginnt von vorn.
    Der "Guide" wird stetig verbessert, vorallem jetzt am Wochenende.
    Bei Fragen oder Verbesserungsvorschlägen einfach ein Kommentar hinterlassen.
    Ich bitte Spam zu unterlassen

  3. Was a very fun fight to all involved. Gravity vs Vision, ChoNation,Support, Hikikomori, and Wolvesofwar. All memes are for comedy purposes. Great fight to all guilds involved.
  4. So, umm........

    Serendia, Knights, Valencia, Mediah, calph, balenos, 

    Why are these all now personal transaction unavailable ?

  5. Hello everyone ! 

    I recently started to build a worker empire because i learned that you can make load of silver that way. Everything went smoothly until i noticed that i could make a lot more if i process/make those materials into secondary items. I've made a list of the things i gather from workers and was hoping you guys could lend me some knowledge. 

    What should i do with this items ? (What is the most profitable thing i can make):
    -Silk honey grass
    -Zinc ore
    -Iron ore
    -tiger mushroom
    -copper ore
    -sweet potato
    -white cedar timer 
    -sky mushroom
    -acacia timber
    -maple timber

    As some of you might notice, those are all the materials gathered from nodes in Mediah. 
    Hopefully you guys can help (and i know you can) and i also hope other people wondering the same thing will see this and find it helpful !

    Thank you all in advance !
  6. Ich habe da so einen schwebenden Boden nahe der Rennbahn (Mediah) / Nord-Östlich von Steinschweif-Pferdehof gefunden.

    Anyone with half a brain will see that with Iconic, Relevant, and LotD tied up in Mediah, there’s no reason to not build upon all the regions and fight amongst yourselves rather than force all of yourselves into a battle royal at Balenos.
    If all of the guilds that showed interest in Iconic’s Balenos PvP Tournament and any other guilds that want to PvP this Saturday were to spread out on all of the regions, Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, and Valencia the face of Orwen’s PvP landscape would be transformed for the next couple of weeks.
    Do your duty in revitalizing PvP in Orwen by building everywhere and anywhere this Saturday, instead of getting a shitty region you can get a free castle.
  8. Well I did my guide for Valencia (http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/112635-updated1609-valencia-spots-guide/) Now I'm doing the guide for Mediah. 

    Just like the Valencia one, I'm counting with you! To help to improve with more and more information to make this guide perfect. =D So please, share your feedback on the comments.


    *Updated 23/09
    Map remade. (Ty for all feddback, keep going pls)

    Pls still with your feedback, and if possible, give me the info of the missing spots just like i did with the Saunil model.

    Money Rate
    (1hr Grind: Fast Clear / Node 0 / Luck+5)
    Trade/Sell Itens: 2M600k + 50k Silver
    DropRandom Drops: 2 Relic Shards / 8 Talis Gear / 10 BlackStones
  9. Bonjour à toute la communauté,
    J'ai un soucis depuis que je suis arrivé a Mediah, je n'arrive pas à augmenter mon niveau de conversation avec les PNJ (à part le forgeron d'Altinova). Du coup je ne peux pas accéder a des connaissances que j'aurais aimé avoir. Ailleurs je peux obtenir jusqu'à +200 point de conversation alors qu'à Mediah je peine à avoir +6 point ...
    J'aimerais savoir si il y'a parmi vous des gens qui ont le même soucis ou c'est simplement un bug venant de ma part. Je précise que sur le statut de connaissance des intérêts des PNJ j'ai 12/12 par exemple donc il ne devrait pas y avoir de problème par rapport à ça.
    Merci beaucoup pour vos réponses 
  10. My guild recently completed a large Mediah subjugation mission located at Helms Post (Kill 3200 Helms). While in the Helms cave, I noticed that the new enemies (Helms devourer, destroyer, raid captain, crusher) did not contribute to the kill count.
  11. I didnt look too closely, but i didnt find any inventory quests in Mediah. just wondering if there were any. and if there are any oin valencia we should keep an eye out for?
  12. I'm wondering what are some good spots to grind in mediah from 50 up to 55+. I'm currently at 51 and I'm more looking for spots to grind for money more than exp right now, I was told that Elric Shrine is a good spot to do that, but I'm wondering how contested it is most of the time and if there are alternatives to it should the spot get too hot that I cannot hold it or whatever.
    Also I've read that some mobs drop the grunil armour pieces, could anybody care to elaborate which mobs drop them? Would definitely save me on repair bills for my grunil armour when I smash blackstones into them.
    I'd appreciate if anybody could help me out and if possible just present the suggested grind spots similar to below (maybe in brackets indicate if the spot is better for exp or money, no brackets if it's good for both):
    Lvl 50 =Alternative Spot(s) =Lvl 51 =Alternative =Lvl 52 =Alternative =Lvl 53 =Alternative =Lvl 54 =Alternative =Lvl 55 =Alternative =etcEither way thanks for the help in advance!
  13. If anyone is trying to do quests in Mediah and gets one in Abun that wants you to get milk. I found the cow farm that lets you milk the cows. Yes, I know that you can buy milk on the market in Altainova but I avoid that place if I can. Plus, I always think well if they ask for "whatever" then it's somewhere. 
    Cows that can be milked in Mediah = Stonetail Horse Ranch

  14. Clockwork is recruiting members!
    We are PvX with an active group of core members lvl 50+.
    We accept all levels and will help new players.
    Our main focus is on building up our members so that they have better gear and become stronger players.
    We are part of the Brotherhood Alliance and one you meet the requirements for other guilds in the Brotherhood, you can move to them if there are openings.
    Players already looking to join other guilds in the alliance that do not meet the requirements, talk to that  guilds leader and mention joining us until you meet their requirements.
    We are currently trying to recruit more level 45+ players that are active in order to do more guild boss scrolls.
    We do boss scrolls, world bosses, relic shard groups, and guild bosses.
    We do a lot of relic shard groups for gear and exp!
    Our main requirements are that you use Teamspeak for voice(if you don't have a mic you can sit in and listen, and we can also know if you are actually afk or not because of the afk channel.), use Discord for texting/forums(we are using it to replace our guild site and will store info there, Its also a great way to keep in touch outside of the game when you can not be logged on but need something.), and help with guild missions(if you are in the middle of popping an exp scroll or relic scroll group for example, we don't expect you to just drop it and run off.)
    We are more than happy to help out new players and players that have been in the game since day one, but we do not accept leeches in our guild. Our home channel is Mediah U1 and unless its for farming or world bosses we expect you to be on the same channel. It is where we do all of our guild missions and it is the only channel we will renew contracts on. This is the help the guild over all so that people are not just on for the guild buffs.
    All of that being said, we are a laid back group of players who do not throw salt(taunting and being a smartass are ok), and have a lot of fun playing the game.
    Whisper me on Aurri in the game if you are interested in joining. If I am afk, I have a window just for whispers I check every I come back form afk. You can also message our officers Rookio and Grenton for invites.
    If you are a small-med size guilds who are having trouble expanding or are just looking to merge with another guild feel free to message me as well.
    - Matthew
    Aurri(Warclaw) - Guild Leader of Clockwork
  15. Just take a look at the new Mediah trailer... (soooo hyped)
    Holy cr*p... I thought the first Mediah trailer was good... now I'm just drooling ! ! !

  16. Clockwork is currently recruiting new members that are active players. We are a casual PvX guild that is part of the Brotherhood. We will help and build up new players to the game, but we also help with players that are in their 50's who might not be up to spec to join other guilds in the Brotherhood, that have higher requirements.
    Teamspeak is a requirement to join the guild, you are not required to talk if you do not have a mic or some other reason prevents you from being able too. The important thing is being able to listen in so that you know what is going on within the guild.
    Discord is another requirement, we use Discord for texting chat, we have the voice channels turned off. The reason we use it is so that we can use it to store important links and also have it so that we can communicate through text chat from anywhere.
    You are required as a new member to help do guild missions so that it is not just the guild as a whole helping you, but you helping the guild(it is especially important for players who plan to move onto other Brotherhood guilds). Obviously you are not required to do every guild mission, especially if you are in the middle of doing something important while it was started, but will be looked at case by case so that members do not abuse our laid back style.
    Clockwork is a casual guild, but we do have very active members that are on every day. We are currently hoping to start doing guild boss scrolls as soon as we have a strong enough force to do them without having to worry about the time limit. We are also pretty active in doing relic scrolls and other boss scrolls.
    Groups join us - we do accept larger groups of players wanting to join us, or smaller guilds wanting to merge into our guild. If you feel that this would be a good option for you and your friends or your smaller guild. We will do an interview to make sure that we fit well together of if another guild in the Brotherhood might be a better fit for you.
    If you are interesting in joining Clockwork please contact me in game on Aurri or Eodiin (one in a blue moon on Deviie). If I am not on feel free to contact any member and they will get you with an officer.
    Thank you, 
  17. i read the last patch notes from this game and they mentioned that helms and manes ect in mediah that  their EXP were increased, just wondering if it feels like ur getting the same exp from them like u would for the sausans? idk if u guys have noticed it or felt that it does, it seems like it to me then again im 55 trying for 56 everything seems slow to me when getting exp.

  18. Enroll Here

    sanc·ti·tyˈsaNG(k)tədē/noun1. holiness, saintliness, or godliness.
    2. sacred or hallowed character
    3. a sacred person or thing


    1. To set apart for special use or purpose 2. To purify

    The countryside beckoned. Today was a day of sunshine and rambling for Aidala, with far too many apples packed into her satchel. The sunshine was brilliant, a radiant, singular all-watching eye, but not yet with the heat of late spring. The fields were no longer patches of rutted mud, each one was softly verdant, the new stems ruffled by the light breeze. To the unaccustomed eye the scene was a beautiful swathe of rolling green casually laid out like an eiderdown quilt, rising and falling in soft waves. Dividing the flat farmland were walls of trees covered in mossy green as mountains loomed behind curtains of translucent clouds, picturesque by any standards. Aidala stood upon the bark-colored tiles, her senses soaking in the changes since she had last stood upon this very same rooftop in winter. The air had more warmth and more fragrance. The music to meet her ears was an auditory painting from the winged artists overhead as they called, sung and raised their new families. It was almost enough to distract her from her fraying nerves as she placed a hesitant hand over her right arm, the place where the mark had appeared the previous evening. It was a small, black thing the size of her palm and looked like a serpentine dragon with wings. When it had appeared, the pain wasn't sharp like a needle point or a knife's edge, it burned into her flesh better than boiling water. An arrow would have been a mercy that evening, but with it's pain came the realization of what it meant: She would have to set out to join the others also chosen as she had been. She was now a woman of Sanctity. 

    About UsSANCTITY is a semi-casual, anti-random PK (outside our KoS list) virtual online community that participates in every aspect of the game (we are even considering light RP should enough members express interest in doing so). We are governed by a council hierarchy of organizational leaders. We are much more than a simple, generic guild. We are a small community of adult, mature, veteran gamers. We seek to create a community composed of friendly, team-focused, fun-loving people of varying play styles and interests in the game of BDO who share our vision of a strong, successful, and notorious guild among the masses. 
    As a member, you have access to our friendly, hilarious, knowledgeable, diverse and adventurous player base. With time, you will also have access to our guild housing, fortresses, Discord channels, PvP tutoring and PvE advice. You will not just be a number on a roster, you will be a part of a large populace who will always have your back. We pursue the concept of fostering long-term friendships among our members, and through the simple virtue of those friendships, enhance the online gaming experience.

    · Discord (at least be able to listen in during events)
    · Fluent in English
    · 18 Years Old or older
    · Fill Out Website Application
    · Active player
    · Be respectful

    What You Can Expect
    Many people will have the same idea of having a mature, fun guild dedicated to helping people. But very few actually stop to think about what exactly that means, both for the guild and for their members. Many people will want different things, and we here at Sanctity think we might have an answer.
    Sanctity has a division for, and focus in, PvP. We have assigned officers meant to teach new players the ins and outs of BDO PvP, and posted guides on our forums. We partake in guild events and quests on a weekly basis, and we keep a calendar on the main page of our website to show/remind members when these events are scheduled. We fully intend to partake in sieges, node wars, etc as they become availableSanctity will have a large role in Bounty Hunting when that is eventually introduced into the game. We will create hunting parties with the sole purpose of hunting down those with a bounty on their head. Our members enjoy helping fellow members in PvE-based activities such as trade, farming, and other profession-based activities. If you need help or advice, feel free to ask, and someone will be there to help you.We have instilled guild rules within our charter that bans any attempt to start drama. We do our best to ensure the environment we provide is a friendly and good one.

    Thank you for taking the time to read through this forum. We are looking for quality players over quantity. If you can demonstrate yourself to be what we are looking for, you will fit in well and grow accustomed to calling Sanctity your new BDO home away from home. If you would like to join, please click the link text toward the top of the page. Someone will review your application within 24 hours.
  19. Post on Grind locations for $$$ in PVE

    By Catclaw, posted
    I am a 53 ranger looking for good grinding locations for silver/xp at the same time.
    What would be good? I'm hoping for 1m+an hour
  20. Post on Mediah Content in General

    By Xandour, posted
    So how much of the Mediah content are we still missing?
    There are still areas and NPCs that are inaccessible (as you run into the invisible wall) such as Jerombo at Tungrad Forest.
    Are these NPCs/Areas for Mediah part 2?
  21. If I were to make the Mediah Fishing Rod and Maple Float highly enchanted, does that significantly increase the 'chance' of catching rare fish? Does anyone know the percentage without enchantments and with enchantments? I do want to invest, but I'm not sure about the chances yet.
  22. Yoko Ono "singing" Thoughts everyone?
  23. I seem to be stuck and not sure what to do. I've done the stuff that takes me to & through Altinova with the Prince and Neruda Shen as well as well as some of the Shen merchant info quests but they all just stopped after I got the big 300 cp reward from the prince. It doesn't give me anything to do next/ Anyone know whats going on? With that? The only thing I have left is the girl beside Neruda but she won't talk to me as she's somehow locked behind him even though I have his knowledge? if anyone can help or has a guide, I'd like to see the story at least once before the alt grind sets in.

    (The actual breadcrumb for Altinova didn't show from BS until I hit 51, is there something similar at 52 maybe?)
  24. Hello, I'm at Stonetail Horse Ranch in Mediah, and found the awesome stable. It says that we can delete horses, and sell to the market, yet when trying to delete a horse it says "This town has no storage."
    Is this all intended? I'm pretty sure it's a bug, thought I would report...
  25. Hello so we have mediah update. I have a little question. I have a withc lvl 51 ap 108 dp 116. 3 pieces of agerian + taritas shoes. I have 5 atk speed, 4 crit rate, 4 luck. yuria staff +14, + 11 steel dagger 2x witch earring, 2x mark of shadow and new scarla necklace (5 ap 5 dp).
    1) I have very little accuracy. should i change one of my equipments for accuracy? ring +5 accuracy or necklace + 8 accuracy? Before mediah i had necklace + 8 accuracy which i switched for this scarla necklace, my dmg didnt increase that much but i feel like i dont stun/freeze/down enemies so much, maybe im also missing more? im not sure if this accuracy drop made my skills miss and harmfull effects dont apply? or is it just my imaginations? I am fightinf little red monsters.
    2) should I change my +9 agerian helmet, + 9 agerian armor, + 10 taritas boots +10 agerian gloves for grunil? my equipment still took me a little money and black stones to upgrade. how much stronger/weaker will i be if i decide to change for grunnil? grunil is expensinve right now too.
    3) if i die is there a chance for more than one crystal to break? so far not more than 1 crystal broke when i die but was i just lucky?
    4) is earth responce skill worth investing in? I am mainly using blizzad, meteor shower, earthquake, lighting, residaul lighting, lighting chain, lighting storm, fireball, fireball explosion, mana absorption, I also have 1 lvl of freezing and frigid fog but last two i dont use much. I feel like my combo lacks something. is earth respons the case?
    5) magic arrow is it good skill? I never used one but i lack some combo and i heard this skill isnt all that bad?