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  1. Would anyone agree that this weapon variant would not only be fun but refreshing in this game for a new class? Ideas for awakening weapon are welcome!
  2. Hello. New to Black Desert Online. Always enjoy playing melee classes that have leach/self healing capabilities (paladins, shadow knights, and so on).
    What melee class has the best self-healing skills? I keep digging around on all the skill trees but figured i'd ask the community!
  3. When can players start buying Herbal Juice equivalent to Mana Potions from the general goods vendor. I am sick and tired of all these "Melee" classes as they call themselves not being able to fight me properly because of excuses like "if I had herbal juice you would be dead" and "you are lucky you can buy your secondary pots", they were more mean about it but that is what they say. I mean my sorc that I have been playing for 56 levels is a "Melee" class technically, but I can't even comprehend what these guys are complaining about.
  4. After rolling one of each class and watching dozens of videos I have to ask. Why are they treated like the red headed step children of BDO? The ranged classes outshine the melee classes so badly that I can't see how this isn't being dealt with.
    I get that tank classes shouldn't be able to do as much damage as a glass cannon class. But a Tank class should be able to absorb damage that the glass cannons are dealing a yin to their yang if you will. Instead not only can the glass cannons grind mobs 10 times faster but they can also melt a tank like cotton candy. I was having a blast with the Warrior and Berserker until I realized I was drinking potions like Johnny Manziel drinks beer to stay alive when pulling those extra mobs. If tanky classes are going to be gimped on damage output as they rightfully should be vs glass cannons please please please up our sturdiness to help balance it out. Also a caster should not be able to melt a tank is 2-3 hits. Attacking a equally leveled tank should mean, oh boy I'm going to have a long fight on my hands not, faceroll and next.
    I know BDO has plenty of skilled tank players and seeing the poor hand they are dealt they deserve some kind of bonus and big BIG props for thriving while being gimped. This correction should be first order of business especially warriors.
  5. Post on Sarcasm Guild in US Guild

    By Kikyo, posted
    Sarcasm Guild Rank 38 on server Looking for more players to join our strong community of players...250 Gs,18+..Looking for more wizards and more bezerkers to fill out our ranks...Strong allies,pvp and gvg trained .....We want you to join us to progress as a whole..Apply here either in game on channel Mediah 02 Orwen Server or on our website...

  6. Post on Did we get screwed? in Valkyrie

    By Gotcha, posted
    Damage for Divine Power has been increased when it is used on players.
    Damage for Sharp Light will no longer decrease when it is used again during cool down time.
    Damage for Ultimate: Divine Power has been increased from 312% to 353%.
    Damage for Just Counter has been increased from 247% to 259%.
    Damage for Just Counter II has been increased from 386% to 412%.
    Damage for Just Counter III has been increased from 467% to 521%.
    It looks like they buffed a skill no one uses due to it being slow and cost 100 points compared to the other classes updates I think we got ripped off lol
  7. Post on BLOCK OP in Suggestions

    By Myami, posted
    Block needs a , long 30sec+ cool down, make it use up mana and/or stamina every time an attack is blocked until that bar is a 0 then block isn't able to be use again for a time, take it out of the game, and get some balance to this godly, GM level, Immunity to all............ skill. People are just Blocking 99% of the time where a full group cant even kill a person exploiting this bad game design. If you don't fix this issue....eventually.....you will have a game full of valks, warriors, and other classes that can just block everything......from every angle......... and we can change the name of this game to BA BAHA BLHA BLOCKING ALL THE TIME.
    Did I mention that blocking need to be balanced to allow (different classes) 5v1 (BLOCK) a challenge to the person blocking,..... blocking,..... blocking ....look I'm immune to all damage as long as I have BLOCKING!......? Didn't I mention blocking is overpowered? Maybe you should change something to bring some balance to a game where pvp is a complete steaming.....FRESH =) pile of dog feces.
  8. As it seems that a lot of non-ranged classes are getting the short end of the boss loot stick due to the mechanics of open field giant world bosses one shot-ing them, why not change things up a bit.  Make a boss in a cave system, normal sized, don't put anyone out of range of it's mechanics.  Or make them call adds that put ranged at risk.  Make it interesting and fun.  Thanks for listening!  Love the game!
  9. Melee should get compensation because we are disadvantaged in every possible content in this game.
    We can not farm field bosses because we are one shot without ability to do enough DMG to get loot. Even this ones who decided to make ranged class to farm field bosses losing time to play not main character,Range character grind faster because of better DPS and fact they do not need to close to mobs to make DMG,Range classes are OP in PvP, especially group PvP,We got CC nerf whiteout release awakening,DP does not work and does not scale compared to AP while melee classes are much more depend by DP than range classes,Now, even if we will get field bosses and class balance patch. It will not bring back our 2 months without ability to effectively farm field bosses. Not mention fact alot of melee players rerolled already on range classes.
  10. Post on Field Bosses in Suggestions

    By Isstine, posted
    So far, after doing at least 50 + bosses I have received absolutely no loot (not even coins) as a melee class. I do not play ranged class, so I do not know if they have the same difficulties but here it is. I am unable to predict the bosses attacks due to the attack animations being laggy or missing entirely (Kzarka turns to face me and I am instantly killed with absolutely no time to react in any way). On top of that I am unable to dodge or iframe freely because the high number of people stacked around me. I absolutely hate trying to fight a boss for 10-15 minutes or more only to get killed several times resulting in loss of time and EXP and receive absolutely no reward at all. This is highly frustrating and makes me not want to do one of the activities that is usually a favorite for me in many games.  
    So I have several suggestions on how to improve field bosses and here they are:
    - Make the animations of the high damage boss skills longer and more easily recognizable. Maybe a longer channeling animation with some specific effects.
    - Allow players to be able to dodge/iframe/run through other players while engaged in combat with a field boss. This will solve the problem of people running into each other an being unable to avoid damage.
    - Make the loot last longer. I cannot count the times that I have been killed right at the end of the boss and would have to run all the way back from the nearest node only to find that all the loot has disappeared. 
    - My last suggestion is about the loot itself. Boss loot is so heavy RNG-dependent and sometimes even with a high level luck and a high level node investment players still fail to receive any good loot. My suggestion is to introduce some sort of a token that would always drop from bosses (similar to how Hunter's Seals are obtained through scroll bosses). A number of these tokens can then be exchanged for items like Liverto and Kzarka weapon bundles, Black Stones, etc.
    Thank you!
  11. 1. World boss, you have to deal with HUGE lag and 5234523462346 bodies to get through, if you aren't in the front you probably can't even reach him with your attacks, while you wait there till the front row dies, so it'll be your turn.
    2. Oh speaking of world boss. MELEE HAVE THE LOWEST AP. Due to vangertz shield, unless you got axion, but even then, you won't out DPS a wizard/witch, ranger, sorc.
    3. Oh, is sorc considered a melee? Sure, she can be a hybrid of both melee and range, but guess what, she gets an AP Boost + 3463346546 iframes.
    4. Oh, you want to grab someone without them rubber banding? And a sorc able to teleport your grab/knockdown? Have fun
    5.  1vs1, sure, you'll do ok, but compare to ranger/sorc/witch/wizard, 1vs10. Those 3 class have a fighting chance, but a melee doesn't even stand a chance with all the CC, while the other classes have a small or great chance of at least killing MORE than a melee.
    6. DP Scales?! Sike ~ Some forums in korea suggest that the ratio of AP and DP is 1AP to 2.4 DP. This is not including accuracy and crit. But the thing is, good luck killing anyone as a full DP melee, because SOME REASON, archer/wiz/witch/sorc will have the same DP as you, awesome!
    There is a lot more, if you guys want to add, melee doesn't even have iframes, other than sorc,
    OH VALK AND WARRIOR HAS A SHIELD, well so do wiz/witch and sorc, 
    Guess what archer scales up in damage by? HP!
    WHICH SHOULD BE MELEE scale, yet the archer gets a HP Scaling skills, Awesome!
    So, if you are a tamer,warrior, or valk, have fun regretting it ~
    (Oh how about beserker, they can go range on awakening so lucky them)
    Please don't put your opinions of ANY class unless you have played them up to AT LEAST level 50+ and have been in red battle field or in a GVG.
  12. I'm lvl54 valk with 78ap / 171dp
    did kzarky boss for the first time today, joined in the bossfight at 80% health.
    died 4 times
    got loot

    Makes me wonder if the melee WB problem isn't as bad as it is on every boss except rednose (because rednose is a teleporting -----)

    *Died at the last minute and the boss died just as I was about to enter room, still got loot

  13. Is the ranking system based off of how many kills you get? If it is, more reason NOT to play melee LOL.
    Wizard/Archer Top 20 ftw.
    It should be based off of how many red seals you get, like +4 win and +2 lose, for rankings.
    But, whatever.
  14. 1. Melee grabs are shit right now, good luck catching anyone.
    2. 10% ignore grapple + 60% grapple resistance. Kay.
    3. Rangers and Wizards/Witch are going to be OP as fudge, because they will scale on AP
    4. AP > DP
    5. There is no such thing as tank in this game, you will notice this when Valencia hits.
    6. Have fun being kited by a tier 6 running ranger and a constant teleporting wizard
    7. Have i mentioned the knockdown/iframe teleports of sorceress as well?
    After 200-250 DP, you will get diminishing returns against AP.
    FOR EXAMPLE, this archer has 200 AP, and this guy has 360 DP and see how hard he gets rekt
    8. Beserkers got a buff, how about warriors, valks, tamers? are there future buffs or nah?
  15. Post on Melee Vs. Ranged in PVP

    By Nelfoftheden, posted
    Greetings all!
    I was only able to play a for a short period of time in the beta, because of this I was unable to experience any of the games pvp.
    My question is: How do melee fair in pvp against ranged classes?  I have watched a handful of gameplay videos and it appears that some of the melee classes do have closers, but for every closer I saw it appeared the ranged classes have many ways to escape your touch.  
    Any response from players that have had real pvp experience in the game would be most appreciated!
  16. I have yet to play this game or purchase it, but this game is incredibly good looking, interesting, and intriguing to a strategic action combat hardcore gamer like myself. Now, let's get to the point. I am a melee specialist. I'm a WoW paladin and warrior, UGS user in Souls games, and I even play a striker titan in Destiny. I love melee, but neither the warrior nor the Giant look to be my playstyle. I prefer a beastly tank with tons of damage output with massive weapons, so I'm assuming the giant is my thing, but I am unsure of which class would be the best for a melee specialist. Probably warrior or giant. like I said, but I feel that I will most likely try out the wizard because I am impressed by the gameplay I have seen so far. Ninjas aren't my thing, neither are female characters(not sexist, just need a male because I'm a male, I need to feel male in games), unless I find that gameplay is so incredibly overwhelming that I should play a certain class. I guess the main point of this is just to ask the following question: what would be the best class for a tank-loving melee specialist?
  17. As the title stated , buff melee classes and nerf one-ability spamming Rangers .
    melee classes will always be in disadvantage due to the repair costs and potions but more importantly when fighting (20+ Men) world bosses .so nerfing a melee class and buffing a range class (what happened in Korean version) was just a bad idea.You would see 300 archers and mages but 15 or 20 melee classes. In addition , Range classes like Mages and archers are also preferred in GvG and other activities .
    I play a lot of mmorpg games including black desert ,and through experience, don't nerf a melee class!! They have to be in the middle of the mess to fight, so they do deserve a little damage increase as well as little more defense than those who just kite and fight from further away.
    For example I heard people saying nerf the warrior and Giants !! Do you know the rating of these two classes in PvP or GvG ? It's about 3/5 ! How in hell do you still think they need a nerf? 
    In my opinion the warrior is not OP in anyway. Yes he has a powerful attack ability (scar of dust ) but in order to get it of he needs to knock you down or grab you for maximum damage . So as long as you kite him you are just fine ,knowing that the warriors and giants are relatively slow comparing to other classes and kiting them is like a piece of cake. 
    I have lvl56 archer on the Korean version and I could say that they became boringly OP .spamming 2 abilities will guarantee you a win even in 1vx situations if you have good weapon and build.
    Again , nerf Rangers spamming abilities to get players to find better challenging ways and combos to fight ,and buff melee classes (because they earned it) to allow variety of different classes in the battle field instead of just range classes shooting at each other from miles away.
    here is a link of MAX defense Valkyrie vs an archer spamming abilities damage. Valkyrie felt like no armor were worn at all lol.