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  1. I've died about 4 days ago, due to d-sync, lost both of my awakened black spirit crystals on death, couple hours ago I've finally replaced the second gem.
    Went to farm cadry elites...Game became unresponsive for about 1 minute, I've kept spamming my potions, holding block, and rotating healing spells, after about a minute, when I've regained connection to the server, I see this.

  2. What's the most popular? What's the least popular? What's considered the strongest? Weakest? Thanks for the replies.
  3. Post on Dear Comcast...? in General

    By Proto, posted
    Want 200% XP? "No problem, just quit for a month and come back to us!" 
    Want lots of free login goodies in addition to regular attendance rewards? "Sure! Just quit for 30 days and come back a new customer".
    Been around for 5000 hours and a new premium reward for loyal customers...*woops* "Sorry, this is only for NEW loyal customers!"
    #Best company 2017 — Forbes.

  4. Surprising results when i datamined the most recent patch...
  5. @GM_Llyrad
    Post your dankest meme :^)

  6.  2nd round http://www.strawpoll.me/11894837
    Cast your votes and let's make the first Tamer guild EU a reality :v 

  7. I know the patch notes are now up (20 minutes later but dated back 2 hours...), but this is what I think when I see the maintenance announcements.

    Likely wrong meme, but I couldn't for the life of me think of the name of the meme used for these situations.
  8. <Byfrost>

    “The guild does not make the people, the people make the guild.” – Mr_blues 2016

    Who are we and what are our goals?
    - We try to be a guild where every member has something to say, we value opinions of members and try to make their wishes come true.
    - Compete competitively in the siege/node war scene!
    - Create a relaxed PvP progress orientated community with dedicated people who love to progress their gear / PvP skills!

    What do we offer?
    - Sieges on saturday, node wars during the week if we don't succeed in claiming a territority.
    - A solid community where everyone has the same mindset.
    - An active fun discord server used as forum + voice chat.
    - Currently 92 active players. ( We keep track of activity in terms of siege/node war, its not about showing up, its about letting the guild know if you will attend or not)

    - Arena test! This thing is back! The arena test is not; if you beat me, you get in the guild. We value quality above quantity, so we would like to see how you do it out there. Its also a nice step for new guildies to get to know some of our members!
    - As gearscore we require new recruits to have level 58 with 420 AP/DP minimum (Exceptions for Berserkers / Maewha / Tamers). This is below guild average.
    - Able to join voice communications, we use discord as forum / feedback / sign-up / voice chat. We switch to Teamspeak only for siege/node war!

    If you are interested in being part of ByFrost; Contact in-game: Mr_Blues, Koyo, Dofla, Noukeh, Arksteel, Accabadora, Loopicks, RaccoonCat, Karasurei, Ukaly, Kobatz, Perro

    Or reach out to us on discord, MrBlue#2483, Perro#5172, Dofla#3605 or Koyo#6578

  9. Im pretty happy with my...art

  10. Post on Forums Help Me in General

    By Obscured, posted
    Hello look I have a problem and I'm writing this in hopes a GM might see it I was supposed to be refunded pearls a while back. Finally coming back to the game I checked my mail and nothing was there and i still had the items i asked to be refunded the reason I'm posting this is so there is a slight chance that maybe a GM will see this.https://gyazo.com/b3c0fb1e3b8fcb4d42769a86e6bdf15c Here is the link proving my claim this is a screenshot of the response i got and I can also provide the Request number please help reddit.
    TLDR: Help me get my pearls
  11. <Relevant> is recruiting one level 58+ dank video maker for meme montage forum pvp.
    Must be a collector of saltMust be a grinderMust be woke afxoxo gossiptism xoxo

  12. I spent 2 weeks recreating over 30 Tamers for this
    And I finally finished making literally the cutest smile ever.
    Then made a meme.
    Feel free to use it if you need a Black Desert meme to tell someone off!
    Name: XiaozhenMeaning: Little TreasureFamily Name: AcuroClass: TamerServer: Uno

  13. Hi I am NãoVaz, and my in game main name is "JaFostes" ( I am Portuguese feel free to add me in game ).
         I created this post so we all can share the joy of memes in Black Desert xd.
    !!Soooooooo let's begin!!

    Now its up to you guys to continue posting more Every time I will se one funny i am going to put it here!
    See you in game
  14. Bonjour,
    Petit problème, je joue une sorcière et  2 compétences possèdent le même raccourci ( ↓ + clic gauche), "griffes de l’obscurité" et "vague noire". Je ne peux donc pas utiliser "vague noire". Comment faire ?
    Problème résolu, pour ceux qui se pose aussi la question il faut faire (↓ + clique droit) pour "ténèbres absolues" puis (↓ + clic gauche) pour "vague noire", il s'agit d'un combo.
    GL à tous !
  15. So basically the problem right now is:
    "WoW (or other mmo) was the first MMO!"
    "running this from my Alienware!"
    "trump created the first MMO!"
    "oh wow my block list is so full!"
    "trolls everywhere"
    "cancer everywhere"
    So basically it's just a bunch of people, who I call "memebots" spewing the same "garbage" over and over.  I'm not going to bother blocking everyone.  It would be much easier if you could automatically filter out keywords and/or phrases. Just an idea.
  16. Post on Lets get weird in Off-Topic

    By CandyLand, posted
    Show me your dankest memes, the rarest of rare pepes. Dig deep into your treasure troves for some gems.

  17. Post on Meme Feelings in Off-Topic

    By Lynn, posted
    Hey, everyone! I thought I would start a topic that might be fun for everyone.

    The point of this topic is to post your feelings using only memes or gifs. A small amount of text can be used to explain the meme or gif, though!

    Here is my start:

    So excited!

  18. I´ll kick things off. And because It´s Monday, I´ll post my Monday feeling

  19. Hii! I thought I'd add a forum game to just have fun on here and see how many meme we can go through!
    Aim of the game is to reply to the post above you with a meme and see how far we can gar without re-using the same one! :3
    All forum rules apple <3
    I'll be going first.