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  1. Thinking of Joining Aftershock?

    We’re a PvP guild looking for highly skilled, progression focused, active members to join our forces. In Aftershock, the guild finds it very important that community stays top priority. Therefore, our new recruits should know that they should openly contribute and help other members in any way that they can. Our goal is to stay pvp-competitive and have good fights, so if that sounds like your kind of guild, please apply! We are excited to welcome new members into our family.

    We run node wars twice a week and are diving into the Saturday sieges. 

    Have any questions/issues regarding the guild? Feel free to whisper our recruiters.

    How to apply:
    Reply to this forum with:Your character name (family name if you want)Character classOptional – Whisper one of the officers/recruiters there's pretty much someone online at every time of the day.What to expect:
    There will be an interview, nothing too drastic.Guild pay is on a participation basis up to 5 mil. This will be explained within the interview.We do most of our talking on voice-chat (Discord) – We are a community, it’s still a good idea to be on Discord even if you don’t talk.
    Guild Recruiters(Character Names):

  2. The Silver Kestrels


    Founded: May 13, 2016
    GM: Oria_Lynn
    Officers: Tennin, Sofia_Drakon, Frugi, Xuong, Genesis, and Halbjorn
    "Got a job that needs done, but you don't have the manpower?
    You have that stalker on your back that you just can't seem to shake? Need to send them a message?
    Need help to make that big delivery from Heidel to Calpheon? Afraid you'll get ransacked by bandits?
    Need a temporary bodyguard? Needing any fighters for hire?
    Did somebody break your donkey's legs? Beat your horse? Set fire to your crops?
    Are you looking for Lumberjacks? Fishermen? Maybe even a Jack of All Trades?
    Consider a Silver Kestrel!
    We've got the manpower to get you exactly what you need, and our workers have the gumption to get the job done!"
    The Silver Kestrels is a Rp/Pvp guild that provides a very open and diverse experience. Our guild is open to both roleplayers who wishes to rp and pvp as well as players that enjoy pvp who are rp friendly. We do RP/Plots, Node wars, Mercenary work, Monster hunting, GvG and more! Why get tired of doing just one thing? DO ALL THE THINGS!
    400+ GS: The GS reqs for JOINING are subject to change as we grow and develop. It is important for members to continue to put forth some amount of effort into further progression even after they join.
    Active participation, everyone contributes. No Lone Wolves.
    No Niches. We want to keep a unified guild.
    Discord and enjin are REQUIRED, but using a microphone is not. These tools are how we send out notifications for upcoming events, node wars, and other announcements as well.
    Be kind, laid back, respectful, thick skinned, easy going. Prease no rage.
    Be age 18+. Our guild is comprised from young adults to people in their 40’s.
    Don’t be rude to other players. No trash talking. No bad mouthing.
    No trolling role players/role play.
    No Karma Bombing.
    No Drama. Keep it at the door.
    It all boils down to using common sense.
    As far as Mergers go. We are open to mergers of smaller groups of similar minded individuals into us. We have no plans to merge into anyone else.
    To all those interested, please message us via discord: Sofia/Mei (Fox_Nix)#7067 or The Magical Space Papa#3017. You will receive a prompt response. If you are unable to reach us via discord, leave a message here on this thread. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions. We are more than happy to answer all as best as we can.
    Once messaged we will ask a few questions as well as give you a link to a brief application through our enjin. Afterwards, we will give you a link to our discord and interview you as well as fill you in on all that you need to know.


    FML is accepting applications to fill the following positions;
    1 - Kunoichi / Ninja2 - Witch & Wizz2 - Warrior2 - Sorcs2 - Musa / Maehwa4+ BerserkerWho is FML? Read our site and apply at fml-guild.com.  Contact leadership with any questions!
    NotProot, EvilAxel, Penguinofdoom, Sarevok, Scoundril, Haal, Charleigh, Joella, Orna, Sylvieee, Pyxiik
    FML Perks:
    Full PVE/PVP Guild buffsNo siege politics, no alliances, no drama.5 million per/day contracts + interval payoutsLearn from experienced Edan vets.Close-knit, smaller scale fights.Frequent world PvP with guildies that back you up. Strong sense of guild unity & pride.Few rules. Chill atmosphere. Lots of luls and memes. 

    Recruiting 480+ AP/DP for node wars 3-4 days a week 80% attendance required/
    Also giving exceptional apps with less gear (440-475) the chance to grow in FML as primary base defense team. 90% attendance required for trial members.


  4. Post on The Rare BDO Pepe in Off-Topic

    By BjornMelon, posted
  5. Post on BDO Memes in Off-Topic

    By Nexitis, posted
    Soooo i was up early today and the maintance didn't end so i created some (first?) spooderman memes:


    more are to come... on next maintance
  6. Post on Lacari, The Mad King in US Guild

    By Sevyrn, posted
     I'm just goinna leave this here. 

    ITC, a once exclusive guild, is now openly recruiting members.  We can be obscene at times, and are very anti-PC, so you must be able to take a joke and have thick skin.  We greatly advocate free speech, and you should never feel worried or scared to say something that may offend someone.   Otherwise, we are a very laidback, and nice guild.  Our main channel is Balenos E2, we use Discord for third-party comms., and due to our guild members being from all over the world, we do not have a particular time zone.
    What We Do
    We are, for the most part, your average guild.  We do scrolls, guild bosses, BDO forum events, occasion arena cluster-----s, guild missions, grind, and so on.  If you ever want to do something, schedule/start an event, then let myself or an officer know and we will see what we can do.  We also player other games as a group, like DS3, D&D, and so on.  We do not limit ourselves solely to BDO.
    We do have some requirements.  You have to be 50+ and have a gear score of 220.  (so 110 AP + 110 DP, or 105 AP + 115 DP, and so on)  This should be easily accomplished with how long the game has been out, and the recent catch up mechanics in place.  We do not have a required amount on, or played, but simply be active within the guild. 
    If you wish to join, then simply leave a comment with some identifying information in the thread (like character/family name/screenshot), and pop in our Discord channel.  We have a channel specifically for newcomers, so you will not be able to see all channels until joining fully.
    Discord: https://discord.gg/0qBfvc6az6AjxPQy
  8. Our group of friends has been running our own private guild since launch. We have decided it is time to search for a larger and more active group of players to game with. Most of us are very active and are level 50+ - those who do not have a focus on life skills.
    We consist of 10 players, 8 of which are over 50.
    Huntsman - 55
    Xenostar - 53
    Balsagna - 53
    Ender - 51
    Turboflush - 50
    Getrow - 50
    Aurilyr - 50
    Whyyte - 50
    Nogard - 41
    Marthix - 34
    We are looking for a guild which participates in world bosses, guild bosses, guild quests, guild pvp, and other end-game activities.
    We’re a pretty vulgar bunch and we love to attack each other in comms, but it’s always in good fun.
    One of our members has a strong French Canadian accent (sorry in advanced); he learned English by playing video games. He is fluent and we understand 99% of what he says (He hates people who butt). (omelette du fromage - http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Omelette+du+fromage).
    We like dank memes and will generate dank memes for your viewing pleasure.

    Contact us (Family name) - Xenostar, Getrow, or Balsagna in game or reply here and we will contact you. You can also contact Xenostar#7222 on discord if we're offline/afk.
  9. Hi I am NãoVaz, and my in game main name is "JaFostes" ( I am Portuguese feel free to add me in game ).
         I created this post so we all can share the joy of memes in Black Desert xd.
    !!Soooooooo let's begin!!

    Now its up to you guys to continue posting more Every time I will se one funny i am going to put it here!
    See you in game
  10. Yo, wir sind die Gilde Dawngate und suchen momentan Gildenmitglieder, die einfach mit uns Spaß haben wollen.
    Wir haben nicht wirklich besondere Anforderungen, ihr solltet Spaß am Spiel haben und lustig sein. Für die die möchten, haben wir auch einen Ts3 Server. Momentan haben wir keine besonderen Ziele. Falls euch das zusagt und ihr Leute zum spielen sucht, meldet euch hier oder Ingame bei Alujia, Sorak oder BDO.

  11. hiho,
    ich dachte mir mal das es ganz lustig währ einen thread nur für memes zu machen^^ zum einen um eventuell meine sammlung aufzustocken, zum anderen, wenns mir mal nicht so gut geht, muss ich nur in meinen meme-ordner schauen, und schon gehts mir besser, da kringel ich mich vor lachen  . hier schon mal ein paar aus meiner sammlung^^

  12. Hey everyone!

    Malicious, best guild in the world here.

    I hope you all enjoy the show.
    Thanks, much love and respect!
  13. The Law
    A small community based laid-back PvP guild.
    Server: Jordine   |   Channel: Calpheon J2
    18+/Mature/TS3 With working microphone required.

    We are currently recruiting like-minded players looking for a tight circlejerk organized group.

    A short summary
    Initially starting off as a group of mates in Tera, getting their way around harvesting those delicious pointless GvG victories. Whilst farming Battlegrounds/alliance PvP, idling around.
    After Archeage got released in September, we slowly expanded to a medium/large-sized PvP/PvE guild, managing to establish a leading role in the faction thanks to great collaboration with our members, holding two castles and pushing our alternative way of Pk'ing through a nestled infestation of a care bear community.👌👌
    Politics in guilds can push a server to pressure it's entire playerbase to a certain play-style. Be it by ruling force, or simply being the bigger guild pushing it's ideals (usually enforcing no-pvp zones/restrictions), others will join and the content will become linear and stale.
    Players that PK and do this for the joy of killing itself might understand my point with this. I'm hoping to reach out to people having a similar mindset on this issue and will acknowledge this problem, be it together with, or against us.

    Our main goal is to actually have fun, enjoying content such as OWPvP/PK/BGs/future Node Fights and GvG's, be it at others expense or not, we will be PvP'ing as a main activity. While we are grinding and knowledgeable on the current and future endgame, constantly improving our skillset and putting a ton of hours in our game, we are still a laid back chill group of people.


    As stated above it should be noted that we are currently a small yet active international community. Our structure consists more of that of a family and group of friends, rather than a guild that accepts people only to rack up numbers and bodies. As our goals grow bigger we've decided to open up our recruitment, hoping to find players with a like-minded play style. We're looking for players with knowledge of the game and are made of thick-skin, but are also up for a goof and a gaff. To put it blunt, if you find pleasure in putting other players at a disadvantage, send a whisper to Chen (Family name: Honk) ingame for a quick introductory chat.
    A few quick pointers we ask of you before considering The Law your possible new fam:

    Minimum age of 18+ and able to speak understandable English.
    Teamspeak 3 with a working mic is required to participate.
    Daily activity. Black Desert is currently your main game.
    PvP Mindset. Know your boundaries and do not feed.
    Know how and when to apply layers of irony
    Be sociable and become a part of our group of sik kants.

    Applying goes via either messaging me (Chen, Family name: Honk) or by simply replying here with your name and additional info you'd like to share with us,

    P.s if anyone from Tera - Killian | Archeage - Nui (now Leviathan) is playing here, I'll be happy to see you in the thread/ingame!

  14. 심미적인  Since  2014 
    OCE  |  NA  |  EU
    See  you  in  game
    Castle  Siege
    Pirate  Blender
  15. Let's go guys!!! Postrandom stuffs!!