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  1. @CM_Jouska
    AI Leash - I suggest increasing the range of the AI Leash to at least twice it's current value.  As it stands, I often encounter situations where enemies will attack me, I attack them, move back 5 feet, and they leash.  Normal play with no excessive kiting or fleeing should not result in leashing.  Honestly I despise leashing altogether, I find it to be a cheap shortcut, where better AI programming would do better for the game (See Dungeons and Dragons Online in the early days).User Interface
    Accessing Menus - Some of the limitations for accessing menus seem arbitrary.  Example: I cannot browse the Pearl Shop while auto-running on my mount from one town to the other, which seems like an ideal time to allow for this sort of activity.  I also cannot access the map while fishing, or even just holding a fishing pole. 
    Editing UI - I enjoy a clean UI, the less clutter the better.  Several of the UI elements cannot be turned off at all.  I really don't like that.  I want to be able to move/turn off any UI I want.  I especially don't want to see the "Got high rank item" UI ever.  I want to be able to turn off the Quickslot bar... Basically anything that can't be moved, I want to be able to move it.  Anything that can't be turned off, I want to be able to turn it off.  Also, the Quest UI, when turned off, will turn itself back on if anything related to quests changes.  I would like that to not happen.  I would also like to be able to edit my UI at any time (such as while mounted).Pearl Shop
    Cost / Benefit Analysis - Total Revenue Test  The Relationship Between Price Elasticity & Total Revenue  By reducing the prices of the Pearl Shop items, you will increase sales dramatically, and increase total revenue.  It's a win for you, and a win for players.  Balance this against desired exclusivity of items if there are a small number of options for purchase.  For example, at $29, a small portion of the Black Desert community will purchase 1, maybe 2 outfits (say 20% of the population, I don't know your actual numbers).  If you reduced the price to $5-6 for an outfit, you would see not only more people buying outfits, but people would likely buy outfits for more characters.  You could easily expect to see 80% of the population buying 3 to 4 outfits.  This would apply to all Pearl Shop items.  If you have 100,000 players, and 20,000 of them spend $30 in your Pearl Shop ($600,000), by reducing your prices you could see 80,000 out of 100,000 people spending $30 in your Pearl Shop and not feeling ripped off (That's $2,400,000).  Consider this. 
    Armor and Weapon Dye - For new players, learning how to find a dye in the Pearl Inventory, open it, open the pallet, add the dye to the pallet, then open the dye menu, find their dye, and apply it to armor, or remove the dye from the pallet, combine it with another dye, and add that dye to the pallet is a completely obscure process.  I suggest adding a guide video to fully explain the dye system.  Additionally, for the current pricing, the randomization, one time use, and expiration of dyes is completely unacceptable.  I suggest dealing with two of these four: Lower prices, dye selection (partially accomplished already), permanent or increased uses (10 per dye?), no expiration.  Anything less feels like abuse of your player base.Trading and Gold Sellers
    Trading with Players - Currently players are unable to help each other through Trading.  I would like the ability to accept materials from my guild mates, and then build them a boat, and give them said boat.  It seems that the only reason this is not possible is because of the effort to combat gold selling.  I feel like this unfairly punishes or adversely affects players who are simply playing the game.  Inter-player trading strengthens the community.  Surely there are other methods to combat economy destabilization by gold selling websites that don't affect normal players.  I suggest making inter-player trading linked to the Trading skill, perhaps Apprentice 2 required (It doesn't make logical, real-world sense, but it makes it harder for Gold Sellers).  Please consider your options. 
    Difficulty with Targeting and Evading - Especially noticeable on the huge troll near Epheria.  The enemy is so large that it has melee attacks with greater range than a character's ranged attacks.  The enemy also makes very little noise, and the actual attack effects come at a delay after the attack itself.  It's impossible to know exactly when the attacks occur, making them hard to dodge, as the visual cues are out of sync, there are no audio cues, the range of the attack is not synced with the model, and you have to be so close to it to attack that you can barely see anything.  I suggest increasing the range at which large creatures can be attacked, proportional to their size, sync the attack with the animation, add sound to the attack - both the swing and the impact.  
    More To Come
    Thank you for your consideration,