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  1. Post on Bandits' Treasure Chamber in PVE

    By Regmal, posted
    May it be that the quest "Bandits' Treasure Chamber" is currently bugged? I completed all the requirements I found and still can't accept this quest.
    I need it to gain the last knowledge that's missing me in the Serendia Adventurer Journal IV and it should be obtainable through this quest.
    Does anybody know something I missed? [LVL 56]
  2. Has anyone had main inventory items vanish? Random hot keys gone? Costume shield keeps going back into Pearl inventory? 
    1) Purchased shield costume and randomly keeps being disabled. While I realize this can happen while equipping a crafted float while fishing. it seems for me switching silver embroidered clothes, keeps un-equipping my shield skin? This has been happening since I purchased it Months ago. Any thoughts? 
    2) Recently (3/1ish) Hot keys keep disappearing from the layout, leaving them empty. No particular order or one of certain number, just any number assignment just goes blank, until I re assign it. Anyone else?
    3) I was getting things set for AFK fishing, which included managing inventory. Putting items in wagon and storage. Got home the next day and went to equip TRI Liverto sword from fishing rod and my main was gone. So I tell myself "OK I was doing my nightly shuffle and I just put it somewhere I shouldn't". I go and check wagon, inventory, ALTs, shipping, MP, town storage's and it is gone and check again and again. Which is a real problem since it is my Main weapon and cant do much with out it. So I either DELETED it (doubtful but ???) or the Game did. 
    #3 I have submitted a ticket for (3/9) and still waiting for a response, the other two are minor annoyances. But can anyone relate to any of these issues? Know any fixes? I read about deleting the CACHE folder, but I am afraid there may be evidence in there for them to review where my sword is. If by chance I did delete my main sword, can a GM retrieve it? 
  3. Post on Boat & Pet missing. in In-Game Bugs

    By Allure, posted
    So, I logged in today after a long break and found my fishing boat was trapped at the lv 55 Pirate island to the far Northwest. Despite the fact that I'm level 31 and Have only been there to turn in the rum. And of course, I had to get back to the mainland... so its obvious I didn't just leave my boat there. And yet, it says I turned it in there for some reason. So I can't recall it, and I can't reclaim it. I also noticed upon logging in, the hawk event item which I had saved in my storage seems to be missing. I didn't want to use it, as I was low on inventory space, so I kept it in my storage. I mean, I have the title and the items associated with it proving I had done the seal Event but the Seal reward is just gone... what gives?
  4. Wizards and Witches are missing the ultimate teleport skill upon awakening. We desperately need this upgrade to our only i-frame.
  5. I have multiple characters on which I paid for additional inventory slots and today those slots are not there. I have items in those "slots" but if I take them out, the slots are no longer accessible.

    I bought and paid pearls for many of these extra slots to make my gameplay easier! NOW THEY ARE GONE!

    This needs to be fixed! Is anyone else seeing this happen?
    Note: Yes I've filed a report with support and have an email conversation going with them.
  6. Post on Underwear missing top in In-Game Bugs

    By Wyn, posted
    Got couple of people to check confirmed bug.  Bug is on classes in tags.
    -pictures removed-
  7. So I logged in today and was browsing through the cash shop when  I noticed ALL the Halloween costumes are gone...
    Now before when we had time limited costumes we got a warning. For example, Kibelius with wings had a big bright sticker that said "LIMITED" on it. The Halloween costumes only had a discount time period on the Halloween sets. The only thing on the individual costumes was a "NEW" sticker, suggesting they were sticking around.
    Now with out warning some of my favorite costumes are no longer available. Did anyone say they were only here for a limited time? Maybe I just missed something...
  8. I have no idea if i did something wrong but I only have 2 Cartian's Tokens but I need 3 and It wants me to summon the Awakened Black Spirit. If there a way to maybe rollback to a quest that has the token? 
    Update: I was able to fix this by putting the 2 tokens in my horse and asking for another one.

  9. Update - 9:00PM UTC: Servers are up!
    Update: We are having an emergency maintenance to fix several issues. Estimated downtime: 3h
    Update2: We have received some additional information from the developers and the below post has been updated. This post may continue to be updated as we investigate the issues and get more information.
    Greetings Adventurers,
    With today's patch we had a few issues, you can see the list below.
    Currently still an issue:
    Horse Flute/Whistle is bugged.Fixed on October 19th:
    Maehwa/Musa Chase cancel animation was not working correctly.Force enhancing green items to PRI / DUO / TRI was not working.Rewards from the Black Spirit Adventure event were missing from the mailbox.Fixed during emergency maintenance on October 12th:
    Life skills appeared to be reset: Don't worry, your actual life skill levels are intact on our server, and you will not lose anything.Players that have a Value Pack active were missing 8 inventory/warehouse slots.Missing text/UI in the Marketplace.Missing text in Quests.Beauty Album was not displaying anything.Certain outfits were able to be sold on the marketplace even though they shouldn't.Not a bug:
    My boat is missing HP/durability: Your boat did not lose any durability or health, but actually the maximum amount of durability/health of all boats have been increased by a large amount in preparation for the Margoria patch.I still have a 10 minute cooldown on the Imperial Fishing Trader: The 10 min cooldown was only removed for the regular Imperial Traders.Falsely reported issues:
    We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this.
    Best regards,
    The BDO Team
  10. I logged in today expecting to get some sweet stuff while AFK fishing and I noticed I am missing the button for Black Spirit Adventures. I've searched google, the bdo twitter page, here in the forum and nothing. Am I the only one experiencing this or did I miss an announcement of some sort?
  11. I was in Velia on Uno Velia U1, and my horse was near the bridge near bheg's spawn and I remote collected her and she didnt arrive so I looked on the map to see if she went to a different town. She had poofed, she was a solid gold T6 female level 8 (I think). She had about 100 HP pots on her and no armor. I don't know what else to do besides report it here, Thank you for your time.
  12. Greetings BDO comunity!
    Recently i neglected the game, and i came to wonder why. The conclusion was, that i mained a Warrior till Ninja comes, but its a bit frustrating me, that i barely have any "ranged" class selection, so basically i am forced to play some other melee, instead of having some variety in my game experiance.
    Dont get me wrong, the Wizard is so well made, not only can it slightly support, but effects and gameplay feel ok to, the problem with it is : I dont want to play an old man, or a woman (i am sure many have this problem), but the most irritating thing is, that you dont really have much of a spell variety (or lore if we are at it) 
    I personally favor ranged classes, but realized what a poor selection BDO offers. You see, i prefer ranged support classes (not healers exacly), like lets say Shiroe from Log horizon is an enchanter, or like a Bard in Everquest. As i mentioned above, its not only about spamming nukes, i kind of miss skills that manipulate the environment in the game as whole. Its an amazing living breathing world, but still feels so extremely static in this way. 
    I am not sure, if i should mention a few examples to sping your mind of ideas you yourself can come up with, but i will just so that its clear what i am thinking about : 
    Turn the ground to mud in a zone (making it slippery). Creating environment that effects the zone (like healing, speed boosting brush or grass zone, or a Wall with Hp to block ppl). Or things could even be combined : Summon a cloud of rain in the zone, making sight blocked by fog of war, boosting electric dmg (or some kind of dmg), and after its gone, leaving the terrain muddy. 
    I dont really want to ramble on the topic to much, so as final words i would like to take the topic on the missing lore for a bit. 
    As strange as it is, there are "lots of mages" but there is nothing that is reflecting this in the game. Aside from the "epic" quest line, there are no mage towers, or academy. No mage alchemy labs you can actually visit, or get involved with (not talking about the chimera zone).  Dont see any scibe quarter, where monks copy grimoires ect....Or to go further,i dont actually see mage or caster npc-s . Not quite sure how the game is actually trying to fit in a Wizard -Sorcerer class if there is no "magic" in the world.  (just a personal opinion trough)
    So anyway, this is my suggestion,as i see that the upcoming plans with classes, still keep pushing melee classes on us, to expand the offered ranged class repertoire. BDO really is an amazing game, i really dont want it to get wasted away on "small" things like not having classes many would be players want, or many existing players would stay in game for. 
    Thank you for reading in advance, and sorry for the terrible english.
  13. Hey all,
    So, I listed a bunch of Fir Timber on the AH, and it sold immediately to pre-orders. That being the case, I dumped 6K more (@742 per) on the AH, and some more sold, but eventually others over the weekend kept putting more on the market until the price constraints went below the level I listed mine for, and mine disappeared from the listings.
    Having perused the forums, I understand this.
    My question is this:
    Now the AH is showing no Fir Timber for sale, while I actually still have several thousand waiting to be sold.  If the price constraints creep back up so that my listed price is "allowed" again, will my listing automatically reappear, or is it such that once they were "pulled" from the market, I need to cancel and re-place them on the market?

  14. Hi,
    I do not know if I am just crazy or if it actually a bug but I remembered to put my daily Bheg scrolls into one of my storage.
    I am always collecting them so I should have 3 scrolls by now in one of my storage but I am not able to find them. Nowhere...
    It seems that we are not allowed to store them on a wagon/horse/boat so I have no idea where they are. I checked all the towns
    It's the scrolls of sunday, monday and tuesday that are missing. I have the wednesday, thursday and friday on my player.
    I remember to place them in Calpheon but they are not here.
    Is it a bug from the Valencia update? Do you have an idea where they can be ? A place that I did not check other than in town?

    Thanks !
  15. Post on Missing Mobs in In-Game Bugs

    By Mr.Jackal, posted
    seriously wtf where are all the mobs? where are we suppose to level without mobs? has this game turned to purely PvP?
  16. Why the item "Truffle Mushroom Hypha" doesn't exist? Maybe this must be an oversight and not an actual decision, because the only useful recipe is the detection elixir.
    I think this item should be implemented in the game: is the only mushroom without the Hypha, so nobody can farm it in fences.
    The Detection Elixir doesn't cost so much (about 70k, like many others) but is really harder to create due of this little problem. 
    Furthermore when you gather the Truffle Mushroom resource, you always get ONLY one Truffle Mushroom and this makes it even more rare and hard to get. You can see it in the following image.

    I play on Jordine and i created a character in Alustin and Croxus to check the marketplace and i saw that nobody sold High-quality Truffle or Special Truffle, so you can easy understand that the Hypha was not find even in these servers, because you can get the higher quality of an item only if you have the special Seed in fence. 
    If you check the marketplace in Plants section and you write mushroom, you can see how many mushroom of all types have been sold. If you check the Truflle, you can see that the quantity is really really lower. 

    I thought the item was not implemented in the game, but some days ago a person shared the Special Truffle Mushroom Hypha in chat. He was a "cheater" because he could link items that he didn't own, like PEN: Ogre Ring, checking them from the game database. But he couldn't share in chat items not implemented in database like Whale Earrings or items of next patches. 
    So if he shared the Truffle Hypha in chat, it is implemented in the game. It is just probably not activated or is bugged. The following screenshot shows that.

    I created this post as a suggestion to check this item and I hope that it can be added in the game.
  17. Post on Missing Euro2016 Dyes in General

    By Jasonos, posted
    Hi all,
    Was there any patch today?
    Yesterday i dyed part of my Armour with black dye ( the one from EuroEvent ) and today, i cant find the rest of them? They arent in pearl inventory or in my palette... i used only one (black)
    Does anyone experience this also? 
  18. Like the title says, it is the awakening costume. so my question is do we get the spear once it is released or do we have to buy that separate?
  19. Basically been playing since the very start, got a preorder pakage which came with a perm horse whistle. Today I logged in after updates and my whistle has disappeared. The item is character bound and cannot be moved so isn't like I misplaced it. Anyone else have this trouble? Anything I can do to fix?
  20. Post on where did everyone go? in General

    By Gotcha, posted
    So I'm on Edan Calp e2 and it's seems pretty quiet these days. I see way less boats. I get fishing hot spots all to myself. Where did everyone jet ta?
  21. Post on Lost transport in In-Game Bugs

    By ChibiDaWi, posted
    1 hour ago i send transport from Calpheon to Heidel. In Calpheon there is not status about sending items and in Heidel i can't recieve it. There where a lot of crystals. Sending time has beed changed or is it a bug?
    It appeard 2h:10min later
  22. Post on Secret Shop? in General

    By Tricuspid, posted
    Why exactly do we not have the secret?
    This would solve:
    - QQ market place bot. (Liverto Weapons)
    - Players that can't camp field bosses would have chance at BiS gear instead of 3 bundles per day.
    - It will ease the RNG aspect of the game.
    Pretty much all the complaints here in forums will be solved except for the "45 force PVP"
    From what I've read online 80% of Boss Armor comes from Secret Shop or "Korean Lootboxes"
  23. I created a new maehwa this morning and found my quest tracker bloated with quests from my main.
    But when I tried to toggle them off, I found the checkmarks missing from both the quest tracker as well as the quest menu.
    I've restarted the game, reset the settings and changed channels while in game. Nothing seemed to work.
    P.S.: I made another new character as a test and found that it seems to only affect new characters for some reason

    As you can see from the image, I'm missing 1 Contribution point.
    "Exalted Character V" and "World of Knowledge V"
    Require 220 Energy and 180 Contribution, You cannot receive the next quest from black spirit without finishing the previous quest.
  25. I come back from a 5 hour or so Afk Fishing session, and my main weapon is gone. Not in storage, not in a buyback menu, not my mount, nowhere. I suppose it is possible I threw it out, thinking it was my rod, but I am SO careful about stuff like that and I am fairly certain that it was one of the first things I noticed when I got back to my computer.
    I have seen some threads where this has occured after fishing and when assembling the ancient relic scroll. I made a ticket with Daum, has anyone experienced this before? Does Daum generally fix the issue and return your weapon? If not, I am most likely done playing this game. I have too much time invested to go about doing that all again. thanks!
    EDIT: GM mailed me my weapon in about 24 hours of posting the Ticket. WooHoo, Thanks for the great customer service. I heard worrisome rumors and I am glad they didn't apply to my issue.