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  1. Everyone knows a big part of this game is grinding mobs, whether you are leveling, grinding for gear or loot, killing the same type of mob in an area is a huge part of playtime. A while ago I had an idea that could potentially make grinding mobs less mindless, and add an additional goal to mix things up.
    So here is my proposal, it might be a bit too ambitious, and Im not even sure if its able to be implemented, but I would still like to put it out there and get other players thoughts.
    On most high level mob areas like Pirates, Sausans, and Skeleton Graveyard add a "Infamy" bar that is shared with the party. The more creatures you kill of that type the more the bar fills up. Once the bar gets full a rare enemy spawns for the party to track down, kill, and gain extra exp/loot/silver. The idea here is to give parties that will be farming the same place for hours and hours something to work towards. Depending on the area it could be anywhere from 500-1000 enemies killed to fill the bar. After the bar is filled and the rare enemy is killed then the bar would reset. The rare enemy spawn could be similar to how summon scrolls work, where only the party can see/attack it, and there would be multiple spots for the rare enemy to spawn to keep parties spread out and add a hunting aspect to it.
    I know there arnt too many details to this, and there are holes, but my main premise is to have a target number of enemies to kill during grinding that would reward the party with a rare, very powerful enemy unique to that area to kill. I feel like this would make grinding so much more fun, promote working together in parties, and it could even incentivize grinding in areas that have largely been abandoned because of poor loot/exp.
  2. Please populate more of the barren locations in the game with mobs people would want to grind. Examples are the dead space between helms and Cron Castle, a good portion of the Valencia coasts, the area between bandits/manes and sausans. Everything east of Trent to skeletons. There's too much wasted space and not enough good grind spots. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys. So for the past 3 months I've been farming Ogres for between 4 and 8 hours per day. In that time I have had 5 Soiled Ogre Ring drops and zero actual Ogre Rings dropped. I was farming these Ogres with only a B rank for knowledge and 3 days ago I decided to delete that knowledge and try for a better rank. I got S rank on the 2nd try. Anyways the 2nd day farming Ogres with an S rank I got 2 Soiled and on the 3rd day I got the actual Ogre Ring. My question to you players is this, did the S rank change my fortunes or was this just a coincidence?
  4. It would be good having additional colour on minimap for mobs for which we don't have knowledge.
    Or the possibility to mark mobs that we are looking for with colour when we want to find them faster.
  5. Hi,
    ich bin da auf eine Google Tabelle gestoßen, wo nahezu alle Titel aufgelistet sind, auch die, wo man unzählige Mobs killen muss.
    Nun frag ich mich aber, wie bzw. wo kann ich sehen wie viele Mobs ich von einer Art schon gekillt hab, ingame kann ich dazu irgendwie nichts finden, oder ich bin einfach nur zu doof dazu^^
    Irgendwo muss man das doch sehen können, ich glaube nämlich kaum, dass da einer hin gestanden ist und mitgezählt hat, wie viele Mobs er jetzt umgehauen hat, was vor allem bei den 30k Riesen etwas unwahrscheinlich ist...
    Also, meine Frage an euch: Wo bzw. wie sehe ich, wieviele Mobs ich von einer bestimmten Art schon gekillt habe?
    Danke schon mal für die Lösung
  6. Since we are asking for all these awesome changes to the game, we should rly hear aswell what the mobs have to say!

    Cause srsly! They have feelings too !!
  7. Post on Mob Counter in Suggestions

    By Archaic_Dawn, posted
    So I've been grinding away in Abandoned Lands trying to unlock the title, "Witch Hunter." You need to kill 500 witches before you earn the title. I have absolutely no idea how many I've killed and I know that there are several other titles that require a certain number of monsters to be slain.

    So I'm suggesting something that I think everyone would be pleased with. The ability to track the number of mobs you've defeated of a particular species. Pretty simple, right? But it would be SOOO helpful.
  8. I'd like to suggest removing the mob aggro cap. Currently, it's sitting at 7 possible mobs that you can pull aggro onto yourself.
    Now if the mobs all move the same speed, this wouldn't be too big of a problem. But I've noticed this issue pretty significantly now that I'm in Valencia, especially in places with slower moving mobs like in Basilisks.
    There's two main mobs in Basilisk lair, you have the Basilisks themselves (Which moves slightly slower than you) and then you have the petrified warriors/zerkers (Which moves just slightly faster than a snail). Thanks to the aggro cap, when I'm trying to complete a rotation of Basilisks, I'm forced to put my focus on these stone soldiers which are a fair distance away from anything I care about killing. This forces me to stop what I'm doing, focus on worthless mobs that are just taking up my aggro slots, and then resume what I'm doing.
    Another issue is when you initially try setting up in a rotation, and you have these slow mobs halfway across the map just ambling after you slowly until they reach their tether limit and de  aggro on you. I can run straight through Basilisks on the north end, then I'll be forced to wait a minute or so for the stone soldiers that initially  aggro'd on me at the beginning of the zone to reach me then turn back.
    I can understand an Aggro cap for lower levels, but after level 30, you should be able to pull however many you want in the mobs tether zone. It lets you be more efficient, and it forces you to think a bit more, making the mobs have a bit more challenge. It's a small QOL change, but would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I figured I'd start sharing info on my exp and drops over at Titium Valley as well as Crescent Shrine in Valencia since there's not much out there about PVE in Valencia yet. I'm starting out as a ranger at LVL 55 (50%) and plan on spending most of my time there for experience until reaching LVL 57. I'll be updating the document posted here with the drops and exp i get along the way. Player info/stats are listed in the document. Feel free to ask questions, hope this is of use!
    -I can go there for about an hour until needing repairs, but it all depends on clear speeds. The closest town seems to be Valencia for Titium Valley and Sand Grain Bazaar for Crescent Shrine, so it takes quite some time for repairs (around 15-20min to go there and back). There will be a town close to Titium Valley that will open up for Valencia Part 2, but it is only accessible by people with negative karma. My spreadsheet only accounts for the time I'm actually killing mobs, so exp rates would be lower after taking into account the travel time for repairs.
    -I usually go through around 25 waters/teas, so having 50 prepared for an hour's worth of farming is sufficient for me.
    -Apparently you can get a skill called "quick steps" on your camel which sounds like the sprint skill for horses, this would be nice for traveling to and from town for repairs. I'll be afk training my camel in hopes of getting that eventually.
    -I'll be limiting myself to only listing the data I get from farming here, no conclusions will be made about things such as how this spot compares to other grinding spots. Feel free to discuss these things here, but I won't be giving any input about it. My goal is just to provide the data, not tell people what to do.
    *Update: 20 hours listed. I'm about done with farming since I hit lvl 57. I'll be taking a long break from leveling, so the spreadsheet won't be updated for quite some time. I may continue leveling after awakening weapons are released, but I don't expect that to be any time too soon.
  10. Bonjour ou Bonsoir, Ma question est toute simple. Cela fait plusieurs jours que je farm (entre 8H à 12H/ jours)  les tréants à deux têtes et les vieux pour espérer avoir leurs connaissances en S. Et ma question est, faut t'il avoir la connaissance en S pour pouvoir drop la ceinture d'esprit des arbres Et si, il faut avoir la connaissance en S, combien de temps faut t'il mettre pour l'avoir ?? 
    Ps: Si vous avez certains conseils je suis preneur.
  11. Post on Missing Mobs in In-Game Bugs

    By Mr.Jackal, posted
    seriously wtf where are all the mobs? where are we suppose to level without mobs? has this game turned to purely PvP?
  12. Post on strong MOBS in General

    By odar, posted
    Hello Everyones, Hello DAUM.
    I have gear and weapons +15, i wanna ask why some mobs from calpheon territory /elite tree spirit, elite skeletons and rangers+magic mobs/, some from mediah /elric, elite mobs from helms locations - rangers+magic mobs, rock mobs doing IK, hasrah location - dungeon is TOO HARD for solo and not only solo grind/  and pirate island are too strong and hard to play like solo with +14-15 gear. Please, i am sure, those mobs need balance and NERF.
    TY for understanding.
  13. Bonjour all,
    Bon... je sais que j'étais parti sur Sorcière mais en fait .. non,
    Le gameplay ne me plait pas, j'accroche pas du tout ... au début ça allait et plus j’avançais plus ça me disait ( non, arrête toi là, c'est pas pour toi cette classe ... )
    enfin bref .. voilà,
    Donc, j'aimerais avoir vos ressentis sur le PVE et PVP/PK et GVG;
    J'aimerais avoir vos retours sur les classes en général, laquelle se débrouille bien ( stuff et skill à niveau égal ).
    Je ne veux pas une "god" classe mais ... juste vos retours d'xp,
    Moi j'ai eu des retours comme quoi le Tamer est useless en GVG et moyen en PvP , très bien pour le PVE mais alors le reste ... bof bof,
    Le rôdeur et la sorcière sont OP apparemment, mais j'accroche pas du tout; et oui again x) )
    Le guerrier et la valkye je n'en sais absolument rien, je sais qu'ils sont beaucoup demandés au niveau de la recherche de guilde mais .. voilà, rien de plus.
    Merci d'avance et bon jeu à vous
  14. So i was grinding for tree spirit belt in treant forest. and noticed that:
    1. The Khurutos at the entrance of the cave respawned A LOT faster but only dropped silver.
    2. Mobs near the Treant Forest Node respawn A LOT faster and were MANY more than those near Treant, the drops where the same e.g. Crystals and japtems/trashloot
    So they drop the same Stuff but i see nobody farming at the Treant Forest Node, instead they stay near Treant, Why?
  15. i read the last patch notes from this game and they mentioned that helms and manes ect in mediah that  their EXP were increased, just wondering if it feels like ur getting the same exp from them like u would for the sausans? idk if u guys have noticed it or felt that it does, it seems like it to me then again im 55 trying for 56 everything seems slow to me when getting exp.
  16. Post on Server issues in Suggestions

    By Cruelirony, posted
    Hey Daum, is there any plans on upgrading servers as of right now Pvping is a hassle as there is too much desync, its impossible for a tamer to grab a sorc for example, and as of today 2016-04-26 the servers are going crazy, mobs aren't attacking/reacting and my tamer pet isnt attacking and functioning as it should.
    Regards Cruelirony
  17. I'd like to bring some attention to a popular topic that i've seen people ask about. It's about your accuracy and your level in pvp and pve. The goal of this thread is to teach players the importance of Accuracy and why your level matters in pvp and pve scenarios.
    When you first start out in BDO, as you are leveling you may notice some purple mobs around in an area. Then as you are attacking those mobs, you notice that you are missing a lot and they often hit you harder than the other types of mobs. This is because they are a higher level mob. As you level in bdo, you gain stats like normal, but you also gain hidden passive stats like Accuracy and Evasion. The higher your evasion, the more damage you can evade. The higher your accuracy, the more of your attacks can penetrate the target. If you manage to stay at that grinding spot for awhile with the same gear and that mob's name ends up turning red or a lighter tint or red, then you may notice you are hitting it more often. This is because your accuracy has increased due to your level. Even if they have a dark red name, you are still at a disadvantage because they have more evasion than other mobs, but you can still hit them a little bit more often. Valkyries and other classes have skills that have high accuracy, like shield throw and even celestial spear which has 100% accuracy. To help you take down those mobs you can put on gear with accuracy to essentially help you do more damage to the mobs. This is why kalis accessories and taritas gear is great for leveling 1-50. You can have all the AP in the world, but it's not efficient if you have little accuracy. 
    I did a test while leveling my Valkyrie on release. I geared her up with full taritas, took talis accessories and I was able to skip a zone and jump ahead of the rush because I had so much accuracy that I could kill purple mobs for a level or two before they turned dark red and I was able to kill them efficently. I was even doing Catfish at level 42 solo with it. 50+ at mediah is a different story because levels take such a long time, so you want to kill the absolute fastest and easiest way possible.
    So now lets talk PVP. Everything I mentioned above, just imagine that but lets compare that to other players in the game. Other players are leveling and some even go to the extent to get higher levels than the average player. They also are gearing up and stacking different types of stats. The same principle applies that when a player is a higher level, they can hit you harder due to your low evasion to them and their higher accuracy. Their gear is a secondary asset to what damage they do and their skill is a third asset. So it's best to say that bdo can be considered: Level > Gear > Skill. You may notice that on the Valkyrie forums, we tell everyone to take the Vangertz Shield. This is the best option due to the Accuracy and Evasion it gives you and if you were reading above, then you know those are some stats you'd want. The higher accuracy you have in any combat situation, you'll find yourself doing more damage. I even tested this theory with the Axion shield which is an AP offhand for Warriors/Valks. I saw that with a +15 Vangertz and +15 Axion shield, I was doing the same amount of damage with my AP gear and with higher level mobs, my vangertz was better.
    So now lets talk about gearing in terms of Kzarka, Liverto, and Boss gear. The difference between Liverto and yuria is minimal, but you gain another gem slot and slightly more accuracy and damage done in pvp and pve. The difference between Liverto and Kzarka is also minimal but you get +3 Attack/Cast Speed, a little bit more accuracy and human damage. The more accuracy, the better as always. I personally have tested a +16 Kzarka vs a +17 liverto and saw that I was doing more damage with my Kzarka Longsword by a little bit. The difference between a Yuria and Kzarka is really signifcant and you should swap. So lets say you have Bheg's Gloves and Muskan's Shoes. They both have so much Accuracy along with the Kzarka to where you can use an AP offhand since they carry you in terms of Accuracy.
    To conclude this thread, i'd like to say that this is all based on experience on kr and NA servers and that I encourage you all to do your own testing as well. You may find other types of sets beneficial to you and things to your liking. I couldn't go more in depth, but I hope this helps some players understand why they aren't doing damage in pvp or dying easily. If you have any questions or comments, let me know
    Below is a chart for levels and what color they are, use this for pvp situations and pve scenarios if you wish

  18. There are entirely too many of them; thinning them out may even help server performance!  Not sure why we have thousands of the damn things.  Not like there's hundreds of newbs running around fighting over them.
    They are super annoying as they clog up the roads stopping your pathing.  Also all of them in the Wale farm cow pens is just out of control.  You can barely navigate around the coral to get to a cow! 
  19. <Firmament> is a newly created guild, looking for member who willing to work together and make the guild a better place.
    We are looking for active members. We have our own Facebook page and groups.
    Also we have our own Discord server and a testing website.
    Discord server instant invitation code will be post on the page and group every 24 hrs.
    I'm looking forward to have you with us, have a great day.
    Contact me, my family name in game: ZhaoZhaoBinx, and my Character name: KingOfYuppie
  20. Hey,
    hat jemand von euch Tipps wie ich ein wenig schneller Leveln kann? Vielleicht einfache Rezepte die mehr Kampf-EP bringen? Irgendwas in der Art?
    Hab gehört das es anscheindend Möglich sein soll, innerhalb von 15 Stunden einen Account auf Lvl 50 hochzuziehen. Sitze jetzt jedoch bereits mehr als 15 Stunden (rein Grinden) an meiner Walkürin und sie ist immer noch schlappe Lvl 35.
    Ich pull mir in der Regel so 6 Mobs, meist Lila, und bekomme trotz allem nur 1-2% dazu? Ist das normal? Das mit Lvl 35?
    Also falls wer Tipps für ein Neuling hat, gerne raushaun!
  21. I first noticed this last night. I was going about my quests as normal when I noticed that the monsters HP would reset as I was attacking it. It's health would move down and then shoot back up, and along with this the monsters didn't move or chase after me, just stayed in the same spot as if it wasn't being attacked. I figured it was just lag as the server was crowded, so I logged out. When I came on this morning, I made sure I picked a channel that wasn't crowded and went about questing but the issue is still there, worse than what it was last night. Just about all the mobs I attacked were bugged and made it next to impossible to get the kills I needed. I few people in my guild said they had this issue last night also. Any ideas as to what this is?
  22. Hi guys and Mods,
    I logged in today with my Tamer and wanted to grind at Abandoned Monastery/ Kzarka Shrine but was confronted with some serious mob glitches and laggs. 
    First of all my Pet is at least 5 seconds behind my actions and doesnt even reply to my combination Attacks at all. ( its most of the time not even attacking)
    Secondly, the mobs im trying to fight are not responding to me being an enemy which leads to them staying still while i kill them. ( even the Boss are not trying to defend themselves) 
    This also affects mob gathering since you cant gather a full group of mobs because they wont move in the first Place.
    Note: I tried different channels and talking to the people on different channels as well, they all had the same exact problems since around yesterday afternoon/night.
    Please fix this as soon as possible. Tamer is unplayable atm and grinding is pretty trashy as well.
    Ty and Peace out.
  23. Hi people!
    Just a thought to quite a few posts I've seen, not completely sure if it's already in game but I've seen a lot of players mentioning they find quest mobs especially small spiders/beetles hard to see amongst all the foliage and such (which looks amazing and needs to stay!) I think that maybe smaller quest beams like the big location ones could appear over the quest mobs with a toggle on/off option for players who wish a more authentic/immersive game experience. (Sorry if something like this is in!) Aslo I know it says "quest objective overhead but sometimes it doesn't show until really close.  
    Cheers for looking!
  24. Seems like mobs aren't spawning very often at all. Most grinding spots are barren and there aren't alot of people there. NA Edan, tried switching channels, no luck.
  25. Mine Imps along with a lot of other mobs are not spawning on this server. Just thought I'd leave a post before I go to work because I got to the Mine Imps quest and they are not spawning at all.