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  1. I sold stuff on the market for about 4.4 milion, check logs please. I had that now all i have in storage is 260k. Can this get explained to me? where does it go? its not in storage. Please help.
  2. Okay i'll assume if you clicked on this title then you are either searching for an answer or you are just curious what the fuss is about. So i've noticed since the patch/update we had on 26th the demand for relics has increased or the catch rate of relics has decreased. I think this is a big issue for everyone whose main income is fishing (like myself) because i think the catch rate has decreased by at least 50% ! I was watching closely on how many i got per haul (117 inv. slots) and i used to get about 15 with active fishing and 8-9 with afk fishing. After the patch i got, over the 10 full inv. slots only 7-9 with active fishing and 4-5 with afk fishing. 
    I know that this is just a minor testing, that is why i'm asking here what is you experience with getting relics since the last patch/update and what is your opinion or thought on why we all of a sudden have almost no relics on the market ?
  3. Post on SEEDS STACKABLE in Suggestions

    By Zure_it, posted
    It'd be amazing if black desert could take a step back from the ocean of duam cash and realize that plant seeds arent as large as a sword, or piece of armor and make them stackable.  Like for the love of goodness make seeds stackable already, if you have like 11 farms this is just insane, I seriously have to throw away so many seeds, every 2 farms I am throwing away around 12 seeds. 
    I am over 900% sure this is done purely for the mighty dollar, stop being so damn greedy with the micro transactions, you already have the p2w skins etc just back off the bloody farms T_T
  4. Hello, fellow adventurers. I have been playing for 3 months, have 2 57 lvl chars and 3 56. my main is a sorc.I have been grinding all my life since i joined this game and reached the point to have 176/251 ap/dp (i dont have any boss gear except liverto) so i im seeking ways to make money with my life skills (everything is skilled except trading which is apprentice) 
    first of all i have 171 energy and 155 cp i tried many methods like making crates around calpheon hired lots of workers but they cant gather enough to make me rich i can make like 13 calpheon crates per day which is 1m if i sell to altinova then i tried to start making trash crates to level trading still a bad idea can make like 200 trash crates per day which have almost none impact on my trading exp and silver is awful, now im focused to make a grunil empire but i dont know if it will work
    my biggest struggle is that: i cant get steady daily income from workers 
  5. Black Desert Online,is the first MMO I can really enjoy playing.I have created 6 characters.Five of them are levels 20-30 and my main is a level 56 Witch.Once I completed the main story and the awakening quests,I wanted to buy the best gear for my character,something I thought would be easy.I started doing some research and I realised,that the best gear would be very costly.Then,the research continued.I found all of the other topics,threads and posts all over the internet,and I decided I would start farming.By now,I have tried:Farming,grinding,breeding horses and fishing.I now know a lot about the market,the economy of BDO and can make 6mil. a day by farming.My skill level in farming is Skilled 4.My Witch has 122 AP,101AAP and 185 DP.I realise that people make much more money than me and have way better AP/DP scores.My question is:How?Is it only through enhancing and selling?I cannot reach 1B silver if I only make 6 million silver a day.And a full boss set is even harder to get.How is it possible?Sorry for the long question and for asking a question many others have asked.
  6. The paragraph below is what I sent in a support ticket. Has anyone else had a similar problem.
    >So when you sell an item w/o a Value Pack you are suppose to get 65 percent pack, when selling w/  a Value Pack you are suppose to get 85 percent back. I sold my "Necklace of the Shultz Gladiator" for 9,700,000 million and received 65 percent back which is 6,305,000. Now 15 percent of 9,700,000 is 1,455,000, which would result in me getting 8,245,000 back. I feel there is an issue with your Value Pack system. I had a Value Pack for 4 days and 13 hours and this keeps happening whenever I sell items. I had a Value Pack when I sold the Shultz necklace and I feel that there is a major error in your system. Many people have had the same issue, please work with me on this it is very annoying. Thanks.
    This is the response I received.

    Thank you for contacting the Black Desert Online Customer Support.

    There is some confusion regarding the tax system from the new Value Package buff. I can assure you that you are receiving the correct benefit. With the new system it is intended that you receive 84.5% of the sale price.

    The amount in red after selling an item, still shows the price with the full tax deducted. However, when you actually collect the silver, it will display the higher and correct amount. This is the amount you receive.

    I hope this clarifies it for you.
    (Will be posting more soon)

  7. Hello,
    Name: J.Dawson (not my real but call me dawson)
    Age: 16
    Language: English, Estonain
    Characters: Musa and Witch
    Level: Musa is lvl 56 and witch is lvl 54 soon 56
    Experience: Well i know how to fight and craft beer and nodes but id like to learn more.
    Note: Im looking for a friendly guild who i could play with. Dont have to be the best guild, but im looking for a guild witch is Grinding and Silver oridented. Guild who wont mine me makeing few spelling mistakes time to time. guild who wont be mad at me when i ask them few questions about the game and how to do stuff (i have only played for a month). Im on everyday atleast 3 hrs a day. my timezone is GMT +2 
  8. Als Rückkehrer ist mir aufgefallen das gewisse Items sich nur über "Pearl Gifts" ersteigern lassen oder besser gesagt man die Chance bekommt auf Item X-Y zu bieten. Ist dies ein klarer Regelbruch oder nicht? Da ich auf Reddit und hier im DE Forum nichts hilfreiches gefunden habe wäre es doch mal ganz interessant herauszufinden wie so etwas gehandhabt wird oder gar die Reaktionen sind.

    Gerade hatte ich eine doch Interessantes Gespräch innerhalb der Gilde wo sich folgende Fragen stellten

    Situation : 
    Spieler A hat Gegenstand X
    Spieler B möchte Gegenstand X für Perlen(Geschenk,Gift)+Ingame Währung kaufen
    Spieler A geht den Handel ein und bekommt Perlen(Gegenstand,Gift)+Ingame Währung.
    Ist das erlaubt bzw. ein Regelbruch welches sich auf RMT zurückführen lässt?

    Situation :
    Spieler A hat Gegenstand X
    Spieler B gibt Perlen(Gift,Gegenstand)+Ingame Währung
    Spieler A erhält Perlen(Gift, Gegenstand) aber stellt Item nicht zum verkauf und zieht Spieler B die Perlen ab. 
    Kann Spieler B die Perlen einfach zurück erstatten vom Support sofern er sich im 48 Stunden fenster meldet weil er sich "vertan" hat?

    Situation :
    Spieler A hat Gegenstand X
    Spieler B möchte Gegenstand X für Perlen(Geschenk,Gift)+Ingame Währung kaufen
    Spieler A geht den Handel ein und bekommt Perlen(Gegenstand,Gift)+Ingame Währung.
    Spieler B bekommt seinen Gegenstand X und meldet im Support das er einen Refund möchte da er die Falsche Person "Beschenkt" hat. Auch hier im normalen 48h Meldefenster für Refunds.
    Kann Spieler A dies dann beim Support melden sofern es Legitim/nicht Legitim ist und wird er dafür entschädigt oder sogar beide gebannt?
  9. What are the best things to put in your garden if you are going for profit only? Wanna place mine near to heidel, so the way is short.
    And how do you guys manage to get the seeds, i know you can buy them off the AH but some of them are very expensive
  10. Ok kakao it would be good if the min and max prices of the market stay the same for a while, some like top predict what the market is soon going to be at, and with the constant up and downs my way of making money is useless, please don't treat the NA market as if it was the EU or KR ones.
  11. Hi all,
    I am a new player. I created a character when the game was released, but haven't really touched the game until now. I have come back to find about 90mil silver sitting in my mail.
    Now, I'm wondering what would be the optimal gear to spend this on? Should I go all out and buy the most powerful weapon I can afford, and how does consideration of an awakening weapon factor in? Assuming I plan to use my awakening weapon 90% of the time as soon as I reach level 56. Would I want to instead get the best awakening weapon I can afford, or would I want some kind of middle ground? (I'm not sure exactly how far my 90mil will take me here)
    Or, should I spend the money on a combination of +10/+15 armor and weapons?
    Looking for any suggestions as to what would be the best idea. Thanks!
  12. To try investment banking you must have a #1 ranked house (done by accumulating interior points) in a city. I think this is a bad idea because, at least in Altinova, essentially the lowest rank #1 house had about 17k interior points, and all of the houses around that range were jam-packed full of cash-shop furniture (as well as chandeliers and paintings). It is so full you cannot even move in the house.
    The problem: Investment banking steals the #1 house ranked spot away from actually decent looking houses whose owners actually put a lot of time and thought into designing. It also incentivizes paying for as much furniture as possible and just cramming it into a house (which is unfair towards players who don't have the option to spend ~$50 on such things).
    Solution: Just require a certain threshold of points to be met depending on the size of the house to allow for investment banking (i.e., a very small house/room might require 7.5-10k points, a very large house might require 20-30k points, etc.). This solution allows for anyone to do investment banking--so long as they put the time, money, and effort into getting the right furniture (and they can have a decent looking house as well). I do not like that the super majority of players are blocked from even attempting to do investment banking (as there can only be as many investors as there are houses in a city). I fear that even if I did spend $50 on all the furniture I would need, I would still have a hard time getting a #1 house because I'm not min-maxing every nook and cranny to shove all of my furniture in. Even if I did get the #1 house by spending a bunch of money, there is always going to be the fear that I can be knocked out of my rank by a player who is simply willing to spend more money.
    My solution gives players security and would even incentivize spending perhaps $5-15 on furniture. However, as it currently stands, I will never, ever, spend money to do investment banking as long as it is possible for wealthier players to knock me out of my spot--it just isn't worth it. Personally, I seek a solution that allows someone who is 100% f2p to get into investment banking if they truly wish to put the time and effort into creating a nice house.
    I think this is a reasonable request, please think about it!
    Thank you and best regards,
  13. A rank one house is when your decoration points have the most in your server, having a rank one gives you the ability of, 1 being able to invest in banks and 2 it lets you pick up crates with a lot of contents and a lot of values. this however is something that is not limited nor can be obtained by people that have spent money in the game. I speak in behave of people that can't even pay 10$ in the game that this feature in the game is indeed pay to win, i would like kakao games to make something about this, it shouldn't be taking the feature out of the game but rather make it more open for other people as well to get it, like top 100 or top 1000 houses. it is unacceptable that even spending up to 150$ doesn't even get you in the top 100... kakao games fix.
    Helms Höhle Grinding Guide     
    Ich möchte euch hier erläutern, wie ich rund 15-30 Mio Silber die Stunde mache, indem ich die Helm Golems Farme.
     Westlich vom Elric Schrein ist die Node Helms Höhle und auch der Eingang in diese.
    Muss ich die Node ausbauen?
    Ihr müsst dies nicht. Jedoch baue ich meine Grindin Nodes aufgrund von erhöhtem Trashloot immer aus.
    Meine Node ist derzeit auf Level 9
    Gear Anforderung:
    Ein Ap Wert von 160+ sollte reichen um die 14 vorhandenen Helm Golems in der Channel Cooldown Zeit von 15minuten zu töten
    Buff Food:
    Buff Food wird nicht benötigt, dennoch kann es euch je nach AP/DP helfen, wenn ihr Serendia, Mediah, Valencia und/oder Calpheon Spezial zu euch nehmt.
    Wo sind die Golems?
    Die genauen Spawn Punkte und die in meinen Augen beste Route werde ich euch am Wochenende nachliefern.
    Vorerst kann ich euch dieses Video aus Youtube bereit stellen:
    Dies ist nicht ganz meine Route aber vorerst sollte dies ausreichen
    Wie viel Silber mache ich die Stunde?
    Dies variiert recht Stark, aber 15 Millionen solltet ihr mindestens innerhalb 1 Stunde bekommen.
    Dies ist eine Durchschnittliche Ausbeute von mir:
    3X Scarla Necklace = 6,6 Mio
    16 Schwarzsteine = 3,2 mio
    12 Verbotene Bücher = 9,6 mio
    Trashloot = 2 mio
    Rüstungsteile = 1,5 mio
    Gesamt: 22,9 mio
    Wie funktioniert das Ganze?
    Ziel ist es die Elite Mobs Namens Helm Golem zu töten. Es gibt im besten Fall je Channel 14 Stück. Diese Mobs haben eine ehöhte Dropchance auf Schwarzsteine, Verbotene Bücher und Scarla Halsketten. Während wir die Golems töten, töten wir selbstverständlich auch die Helms die in der Höhle umherirren welche eine Dropchance auf den Ancient Guardian Seal haben (9Mio im AH).
    Nachdem wir dir 14 Golems getötet haben  stehen wir wieder außerhalb am Höhleneingang. Nun werfen wir den Trashloot / Sammleritems in unser Pferd und wechseln den Channel und das fröhliche Golem Kloppen beginnt von vorn.
    Der "Guide" wird stetig verbessert, vorallem jetzt am Wochenende.
    Bei Fragen oder Verbesserungsvorschlägen einfach ein Kommentar hinterlassen.
    Ich bitte Spam zu unterlassen
  15. Servus Community,
    Ich weiß, dass die Frage unendliche Male gestellt worden ist, aber ich will mich dennoch vergewissern und wage es die Frage zum X'ten mal zustellen. Wie verdient man effizient Geld?
    In YouTube gibt es Videos mit den Kisten von Sonnenblumen, aber das dauert irgendwie zulange bei 5 Std. bis die ernte bereit ist + Erstellung der Kisten. Desweiteren Geld erfarmen bei den Sausan's alleine oder mit Freunden etc. o. allgemein Grinden was allerdings nicht wirklich viel Geld einbringt. Angeln soll auch einiges bewirken, aber stimmt es auch? Wenn ja, wie lange Angelt man ca.?
    In den zahlreichen Videos die ich mir angeschaut habe, haben die Spieler locker 1 Mrd. aufm Konto bzw. im Lager und nein, es ist nicht der aktueller Marktanteil des gesamten Lagers sondern wirklich, dass was sie zu Verfügung haben, klar haben manche auch einen Lagerwert von 1 Mrd. oder mehr, aber wie zum Teufel verdient man bzw. hat man 1 Mrd. im Lager einfach so und ich nur schlappe 40 Mio.
    Wie verdient man sehr effizient verdammt viel Geld?
  16. Maybe because I have been very sick and using games to take my mind off it, but I seem to have little patience for the game any more, I am hoping my comments will be noticed and the game fixed so I can return for I invested way too much money in the game.
    1. Started out trainng horses and spent weeks leveling until I have several t7 horses 4 male and 2 female. Breeding them gave me another t7 or t6, never a t8 and when I got a t6 from two t7, one of which I paid to breed again,I gave up.
    2. Spent the next few weeks leveling and doing quests. Until I was level 60. I was very disappointed to see I had to kill several just to get + .001. And then when they combined severs it made it harder to get a good leveling spot and keep it. Its hard to keep ones cool when you change severs to get a good spot and after being there a while to make sure no one just left to repair, you use your once a day exp plus only to have someone pop in kill you, race to kill your mobs until you waste your exp token.
    3. Ok just fish, make enough money to better the tri armor you have only to realize you can not afk fish because the servers kick you off after a while. And worse sometime they kick back in so you think your still fishing but a few hours later you realized you caught no fish and ever esc does not bring up its menu. You find yourself ctrl/delete the game and start over which after a fe days of this you know it is time to quit.
    4. When I sent in a ticket about the days wasted catching no fish, I also admitted I had begun t hate the game. The GM that answered my cry for help very polite me said I played a lot for someone who hated the game and he could do nothing to help me...Well I did play 24/7 I am sick and at home spending time and money on games, movies what ever will take my mind off being sick...But his unsympathetic candor made me realize he was correct it was time to stop looking for things to do in game when upset with another aspect of the game... I guess I keep hoping things would be fixed to make it more player friendly and still had a few friends that played. I tried to join some that went back to SWTOR but realized I still hated the combat. You know, hit a skill ,..nothing unless you tabbed first etc. So I guess I will join the ones that are raising Dinos in ARK again. They have dragons as well now.
    5. I will check the forums to see if this game is player friendly, off and on. If the friends still playing last. But I do not see it happening. I am just glad I was not like the poor guy that spent a fortune trying to get a pet that had combat when the game started. Spending hundreds of real dollars to get the correct pet seemed too much like gambling to me and I can find more enjoyable games if I want to gamble. I did fall for the spend real money to get another breeding from a horse but when the T7 gave me a T6 I knew they had gone too far to kick us while we the players were down.
    6 If Afk ever works I may try fishing aging on an older pc while I invest in a player friendly game. Then if it looks like I can upgrade my armor that way I may try again. But who am I kidding, there will be new games and if a game starts out player unfriendly it is hard to recoup and after that GM was so mean I kind of wish they wait too late to fix things. The cool thing there was enough cool things to try in this game to keep you hanging in there, which gave them plenty of time to listen to unhappy players.
  17. I got 49 Gold Ingots and I went back to Heidel City to exchange them. However, I lost my Gold Ingots and I did not get any money, even 1 million! Seriously? What's happened?
  18. Link to the google doc

    After selling a couple thousand calpheon timber crates I wanted to get some exact numbers on how much I was potentially losing from market value depreciation from each crate sold. I spent a couple hours gathering data to derive the (near) exact values for the calculation of a trade item's sale value and how much it decreases with each item sold.

    The major findings of the research are that:
    Distance bonus is not a whole number in %, and for Trent to Valencia is closer to 99.84% distance bonus. Each trade item sold decreases the value of the next item by 0.27% of market value. The highest it can reach is exactly 130% naturally excluding boom nodes, and a floor of exactly 80%, only reachable by mass sales by players.The master buff is an exact 1.5 multiplier to value.The full equation for crate value isThe chart values for silver per batch of items sold is not 100% accurate, but a batch of 60 calpheon timber crates for me was off by less than 200 silver out of 14.6 million comparing the calculated value to in game silver, which I think is close enough.
    I settled on 60 crates for my batch of 2300 because that was approximately 1 million silver lost per batch of 60 compared to selling every single crate at the full 130% market value, which would have taken absolutely forever. 
    Save a copy of the document for your own if you want to make lots of edits. 
    I don't know know how to do some of the fancier chart editing to make this a more functional document so if someone wants to make a copy, spruce it up and leave a link in the comments for people to view.
  19. Paying USD $150 for Tri Kzarka Shortsword. List your ingame family name and i will contact you.
  20. Post on Money dissapeared in In-Game Bugs

    By Rokaha, posted
    Hi guys !
    I was playing BDO the other day and suddenly , while i was online, actively playing the game , a lot of money dissapeared from my storage in heidel. (150 million to be exact.) I`m sure i didn`t spend it on anything or accidentally purchased something from the marketplace. 
    Is this a bug or something I`ve sent a support ticket but i`ve been waiting for more than a week and still didn`t get an anser.
    Can anyone please help me ?
    Kind regards
  21. Currently if a person wants to switch names, they have to buy 3 coupons, wait 3 weeks total, and THEN that person has to HOPE that the name they want doesn't get taken after the first week. This is of course assuming that the name changes take effect in the desired and listed time frame.
    I propose that a new "Name Switch Coupon" be introduced, for people desiring to Switch/Swap names with THEIR OWN CHARACTERS.
    The price could of course be the same as 3 name change coupons or whatever seems reasonable.
    This new Coupon would, in effect, take out the massive amount of time spent switching a name as well as removing the chance of losing a name to someone else.
  22. I am a new player, trying to figure out the storage and money system. I transferred all the money I had held in storage and I am pretty sure in went to Current Marketplace Asset Value.  Not really understanding why this exists or what to do.  What options is there for money held in storage and is there an NPC I am missing like a banker or something that manages the asset value? Confused.
  23. Ok, so I have had this game since launch. And after playing for a few months I quit because some how I was a pleb. Everyone else some how always out geared me and it sucked. I'm coming back now that I have a shiny new computer (ahhh the graphics look awesome when not on the lowest and upscaled :D).
    My Gear:
    My AP is 90 with a +11 Liverto and a +7 Quitar Shuriken (btw I'ma Ninja) and my DP is 131 with a +11 Grunil Helmet and Gloves, +12 Grunil Boots, and +15 Grunil Armor. I have two unenchanted Marks of Shadow and Witch's Earring. A Duo Bares Necklace and finally a Tri Kalis Belt. 
    What I want:
    Well, I wanna keep my Liverto but get it to Tri or Tet. I'm fine keeping my Grunil set but wouldn't mind some boss armor and of course enchanted to Tri or Tet. Then for accessories and secondary I don't care just something with good stats.
    My Problem:
    I decided that for me to enchant everything myself, I would spend more silver and time then to just buy it off the damn market. This is probs what my problem has always been: that I wanted to gear everything myself. Nice job me. So what I need is money. Silver. And tons of it. For a Tri Liverto it's close to 300 mill. And that is just for the weapon. Currently I checked my banks and saw I left myself about 7 mill total.
    The Point:
    I need to know how an under geared pleb like me can make some serious cash. And fast. I have like no levels in any life skills. And I can't grind in the good spots that give lots of money cuz I'm under geared af. So what the hell do I do?
  24. Post on You broke Sausans. in Suggestions

    By Nurichu, posted
    I get that you're trying to help players with their weight issue when exchanging drop items for silver, but why oh why did you make it 1000 or 800 pieces per ingot? You're literally screwing players out of 2 or 3 million silver because they're short 50 armor fragments or sausans supplies packages and we can't exchange that shit because, you know, they want 1000. 20% of a days work wasted when you have 900 or even 950 that can't be exchanged. It would have been better to just shove a currency exchange so we can just turn our own silver into gold bars. OR EVEN MAKE THE EXCHANGE RATE 100 PIECES FOR 1G IGNOT, it's not like they're heavy.

    Spank you very much.
  25. Post on Market App in Suggestions

    By Al, posted
    Why not an App, to be able to access the Market while away from ur PC ?