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  1. Hi.
    Suggestion: My suggestion is as follows, make tailoring coupon available for loyalties, even if it'd mean a large amount of loyalties. For example, 6000 loyalties (using 4 to 1 as ratio loyalties to pearls). 
    Reasoning: This would let players decide if they wanted to save up and use their loyalties or if they want to use their money to get in-game crafted costumes as wearable on costume slot. I think it's rather unfair to make players pick between either being forced into spending money or use armor slot after they take the time to craft a costume in-game. I also think this would increase sales as people tend to want more than 1 of anything they like and they also tend to be impatient. So rather than saving up 12000 for 2 tailoring coupons (or 18000 if they want 3) it's highly likely they'd decide to buy a tailoring coupon via pearls for a second (or third) costume instead of wait and save up another 6000 Loyalties. 
    Both Kakao and the players would gain on this as the players would be more likely to buy secondary and third coupons with cash (which would likely increase cash sales on coupons) and players would be happy to have more than 1 option and not feel forced to spend pearls if they want a costume in-game on the costume slot after crafting it. 
    Have a good day and please take this into consideration .
    Greetings: Traveler.
  2. I'm not sure if PA hates bangs or what, I would definitely like more hair style options with bangs (especially bangs + long hair). For example, if you look at the 1st attached picture, I like this hair style for Valkyrie. However, I wish you could make the hair much longer. I want something similar to the 2nd attached picture, long straight hair + bangs. Alternatively, would be great to get the 3rd attached picture, a hairstyle available to Ranger, etc. and let Valkyries use that hairstyle as well. You can get a bang + long straight hair effect by morphing that hair style. However, currently there's NO option that lets you have both bangs and long hair as Valkyrie.

  3. Dear Daum and Pearl Abyss,
    Is it too much to ask for some awesome female Costume armors that a.) don't force us to wear high heels, and b.) Don't make us look like fashion models. I mean all I want to do is look like a bad ass warrior, is that to much to ask? I get Fashionista is huge in Korea, I do.. but still it'd be nice to have some practical armor costume options. Please bear in mind I'm not asking for the revealing ones to be taken away, There is an audience for them as well, but it's not me, and it's not a lot of my friends. We want to give you all more money for costumes, but the current costumes for female characters, and the ones not yet released, won't get us to open our wallets to you. So Daum, maybe talk to PA and see if they can make the costume pallet vary more please?
    For example, can Maehwa get some of the Musa Costumes? You made the in game armor Unisex.. how about those too.
  4. Post on [POLL] Races and classes in Off-Topic

    By Chi, posted
    What do you guy's think?
    Would you rather have the current races get more class options? I.E. elves have maybe a blader/plum and sorceress options, humans can be rangers and have a single axe predator, and giants maybe get a low mobility class like witch/wizard. 
    OR Would you rather we get those dwarves, halflings (hobbit) Deer-folk? (you know the NPCS) become playable? 
    OR Do you want the current races to have more class options but think they need to be specially made? Like a shaman class JUST for elves and like a kung-fu class JUST for giants? 
    *!* This is assuming that eventually all the classes get their equivalent out, and possible female giants get released, so please don't rant about how there needs to be a male sorcerer/warlock ECT. I 100% agree but there are plenty of other topics discussing the gender lock. *!*