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  1. So I was heading to the stable to register my mount I had just tamed.  The game crashes right when I enter Heidel, forcing me to reload it.  I get back on the game and lost the mount I had JUST tamed.
    I don't know what the gender was, but based on the mane and tail both being braided, I think it's either tier 2 or 3.
  2. i lost my horse in desert. cant track him down cause no world map in desert and cant whistle him cause too far. is there any way that i could get him back?
  3. I left my level 1 baby elephant on loop for 2 hours, checked carrots it, it was running, no exp gain. What am I doing wrong? Can't you level up the elephant by afk riding it?
  4. Hello, I've freshly upgraded my Divider skill to 5, and I can no longer use it on my mount. I've tried to downgrade the skill and it works again, it seems that everything is fine up to Divider IV, and bug only once upgraded to 5.
    tl;dr : Divider V is bugued on mount.

  5. Problem is now solved. 
  6. I think that this idea would be cool. Just like the Elephant you could get Dragon mounts for guild only and can only be looted of a guild boss. Theses would be summoned like the elephant in a node war. There would be 3 types of dragons and each of them are like a 33.3% chance of getting when you get the egg from the guild boss.
    Lightning Dragon - Faster Movement speed and lesser attack
    Fire Dragon - Normal movement speed like an elephant but does a Flame cannon attack
    Earth Dragon - Higher health and attacked just like an elephant
  7. My picture's refusing to attach so I'll post it here: http://puu.sh/smG5e/174bd73d49.jpg
    Basically, my one and only mount is stuck in a building (unenterable) within Glish. Whistling won't budge him and he's too far away to be put in a stable.
    What can I do? Is there a way I can teleport him out of some place?
  8. Well, I have just started the game, but I have been spending most of my time breeding horses. I didn't bother tracking them in the beginning, but now I'm thinking it would be a neat quality of life adjustment to include some form of pedigree of your horses. The only stats really needed would be which tier, gender, level parents were bred at, and coat color the horse was going back two or three generations. 
  9. First off, I love Black Desert, but there are a few things about the game that I do not care for at all. 
    1. Mount stamina, and mount costume repair.
    I fail to see the need to repair a mount costume that I bought with real money.
    It it were stirrups, a saddle, then yes, I would get that; especially if your mount took actual damage from an enemy.
    Feeding your mount is just obnoxious. The fact that your mount's stamina does not regenerate after a short while (saying stamina was only used in a hard run), is just awful. yes, carrots are cheap, but I'd much rather be able to focus on questing alone rather than if I have the carrots needed to make it back home. 
    2. Pet Food.
    I bought my hawk/falcon/whatever with real currency, and see no point now as to buying one if I have to continuously feed it just so it will perform it's basic functions. Please fix this, and take away the pet feeding aspect of the game. 
    That is all I really find annoying in the game other than how fast enemies respond after killing them. makes looting difficult at time especially if you got lucky and killed a higher level enemy(s).
  10. Ever notice all the boats at the wharf or horses thrown around randomly? Heres my suggestion. If a boat is left within a certain radius of a wharf and the player leaves the boat for too long, it will be auto collected by the wharf. The radius would be small as to not pull the boat back if they just went fishing on a small island, but big enough to keep the crowd away.
    If a horse is left in the territory of a city that has a stable. After a certain time if the player is far enough away the horse will be auto collected by that stable.
    These two things would ensure that there isnt so much cluter around the cities or in the docks.
  11. Post on Baby Elephant Mount in General

    By Rygart, posted
    Hello~ Alright, so I suck at finding out information~ lol
    Is there anyway to change the baby elephants skill? Like how you can change the horses?
    Or is it once it's max level (15) that's that?
  12. Post on No love for Donkey in Suggestions

    By RawrZz, posted
    The donkey does not get any love whatsoever. They are capped at level 15, they can not be costume armored, they have a face that only a mother could love, combat is not possible from them, and to top it off the horse flute I bought does not seem to function for a donkey as it does for a horse or camel. (And camels are ugly, and can wear costume armor!)
    This simply seems like quite an oversight. I am not asking for donkeys to be level boosted or to be capable of wearing costume armor, or to be able to fight from them, but please, can someone forward this to the powers that be regarding the flutes functionality?!
    There are those of us who actually appreciate these BADASS (pun intended) mounts, and would actually like to see them get some love.
    Not only that but Donkey is a mount in the game which could also generate money for BDO if you guys in fact DO enable these things because there are those of us who would happily throw money (more anyway) at you to enhance this tough, fuel efficient mount!

  13. Please fix the unmount key... because if you press "R" you can dismount and if you press "space" it will dismount aswell and i kinda liked how you could sit on top of the camel
  14. Post on Guild Horse Stable in Suggestions

    By Frimber, posted
    I would like to suggest a Guild Horse stable, where members of the guild can donate a horse of their choice to a Guild Stable.
    This stable will be able to house at least 20 or 30 horses. (Upgrade-able if part of a guild house, like a normal stable)These horses can be accepted, culled, or rejected by the guild leader. (Or designated Officers) Once donated the horses cannot be reclaimed, only deleted.Horses must be level 30 to be donated.When rented the horses come pre-saddled with basic shabby tack that cannot be removed. Inventory and saddlebags inaccessible.The guild is paid a small lease fee, that is ordained by the guild leader depending on the value of the horse. The fee could be a gold sink or a way to earn money for the guild.Horses on lease do not incur a death count, but the resurrection must be paid as usual unless the horse is returned to the Guild Stable.Any additive ideas are appreciated. 
  15. Post on Camel Sitting Bug in In-Game Bugs

    By Sirabell, posted
    Really simple bug. Before the last patch (7/20/2016), you could sit on a camel's back when they were sitting down. Now, you immediately have to dismount. It was so fun chilling with your camel when he was on the ground. I've asked other camel owners and they all say the same thing happens to them. I even have pictures saved of me sitting on my camel on my friends' boats when we went on trips. I can only guess why this happened but please change it back. 
  16. Would you like to get a flying mount into the game?
    We all know that the BDO world is huge, but would flying mechanic break the game or make it even better?
    Next content which is coming after Valencia p2 will have T9 horse called Pegasus, but it will only have gliding ability. And devs have told us that they aren't planning to add any flying mechanics into the game.
    But what is your opinions? Would flying be awesome or just a game breaker?
  17. The change with the 6/17 patch forcing characters to login dismounted has negative effects on auto-pathing/auto-loop, as hitting a loading screen (while still logged in) will dismount the player. 
    Just now, I was autolooping on my wagon while alt-tabbed into another window. The game went into a loading screen (reconnecting to channel? zone shift? not sure - ISP connection was fine) and I was then dismounted from my wagon. It happened again a few moments later. Seeing as the reloading (whatever makes the loading screen pop up) while still connected happens periodically (a few times a day, for me), it means the odds of successfully autolooping for an extended period of time are significantly reduced. Perhaps an even greater impact than server crashes and connectivity issues.  
    I'd recommend reverting this change, as the harm is likely greater than the good - you can change the mount status, you can't improve connectivity/reduce the frequency of loading screens. This basically means I'll be lucky to get a few hours of autoloop while afk.
    Further, my character is then left in a vulnerable position - as I don't disconnect from the game when the loading screen occurs - so I'm basically left unmounted wherever my character happened to be when the loading screen was triggered.  
  18. When logged in after the patch today, I took out my horse and realized that the saddle and stirrups I'd checked it in with were gone. Not in my inventory, not in the warehouse. Just gone. Has anyone else had this problem?
    This has been resolved.
  19. [It got fixed thanks]
    for some reasons i can t use mounts (horse or ship) on my main (I ve tried an alt and it worked just fine).
    It started when i tried to mount my ship in velia amidst a lot of other ships.
    I ve tried so far without success
    /reloadui (seen on the forum as potential fix)
    Change channel
    change character (works well on alts)
    Change Keybing (choose Numpad2 as interaction key).
    Change region (main on NA, i tried to play on EU then be back).
    Help would be welcome
  20. Hi
    I exchanged 2 horses today (Heidel) and got 2 T4 horses same colour 1 female and 1 male with same name. 
  21. So just started learnng horse combat and wow it's this fun, I put together a few clips to share with you all, this was done while I was learning mount combos.  Looks so awesome I had to share with you all!  Horse had a full set of steel combat gear.
  22. Hello,
    I have been playing since launch and this has only been happening since yesterday, basically, if  set my horse to auto run, after a few minutes, or at what appears to be a random time, my character jumps off!
    I thought it might be my keyboard's macros acting up so deleted all of them but it's still doing it..

    FYI I'm not on about the minigame for training skills.

    Sometimes it also does it while I'm manually riding.

    I can't for the life of me figure out what could be causing this.

    Tried reboot game, reboot pc etc.

  23. I know everyone likes using the horse breeding megathread but it's not very specific for certain horse forum searches. I myself have been trying to get the T7 since it was confirmed but have had no luck with my last 2 or 3 breeding batches. Thus I wanted to start a thread all about breeding for the T7 specifically, so all those who are going for it let's us know about your attempts. The horses you used and their level so we can start collecting hard data on how hard it really is to get these beauties. This is my batch I attempting now and so help me... I am gonna lose it if I don't get at least one T7!

  24. Post on Missing Mount in General

    By Valiy, posted
    So i'm new to the game and i after dying once i used the collection method in the stable. now the mount logo at the top left side has dissapeard. On the map the horse logo is gone as well. at the stable, i can select the mount however it does not allow me to take it out. so i checked some sites and they said that the mount will be collected by the nearest stable, however i've just started playing so i've checked the two stables on my map, none of them allow me to take out my mount.. any tips or suggestions?
  25. I heard this argument before and thought it was nonsense, but after going through 2 sets of tier 6's/5's I have gotten the same exact horses back from the different cities I breed them in. 
    My parents were:

    Calpheon kids: 

    Trent kids: 
    In both cases I am pretty sure I was slotted for something red. Attempting to get the Red T7 but i got dominate black and white in calpheon then just black in trent??? This may just be coincidence and probably is but i was just wondering if anyone else had experienced similar things with the higher tiers.