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  1. Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to read my post. First things first, I am Nomad, hello hello. Second things second, I have been working on a machinima for a few months and managed to complete episode one with minimal help. Now that I'm progressing my series, I have more complex shots that require a little more help so here I am! This post is about becoming a part of a film team using Black Desert as our set, and certain characters/templates as actors. I MAINLY NEED A CAMERA PERSON: This will require you to have a good internet connection so that we may transfer files, as well as a decent computer and recording software (personally I use Shadowplay to record, google-drive to transfer). NOTE the most important thing here is that we keep in contact though, as not every single bit of footage can be captured in one session. Aside from a camera person or two, I also need body actors. This refers to a person who plays BDO who can take direction, and if need-be, get emailed a character template (character design) and apply it to your character to fulfill certain roles/purposes for different scenes. The changes ARE NOT PERMANENT, but are required for certain scenes. Lastly, there is a tremendous amount of fore-thought that goes into each day of filming and it is a tremendous amount of work, but all of that is on my end. What I need from you, if you're willing is dedication, consistency, and an overall good attitude! Art ins't about the destination, it's about the journey... but lately I've noticed that the journey is frigging' tough by yourself. Let's make something we can not only take pride in, but watch and enjoy because dude it's a kick-ass bunch of movies we made using our brains man! HERE IS EPISODE 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOrMZ6CwpAg&t=319s and the TEASER FOR EPISODE 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4gPPHRYXsw
  2. This is a movie my guild has done, we'll be making more in the future. Had fun with it, hope you guys enjoy it.
  3. Hello everyone, and thank you for stopping by to check out this post! My name is Nomad and I'm looking to form a team of like minded individuals with an interest in making films/machinimas in BDO. I have a series in the works currently and I need a few people on deck to help with the filming process. My end goal with this is to form a team of people who I keep in close contact so that we can film and compile the footage quickly and with organization. The only things needed are the ability to film, transfer the footage (via gmail, dropbox, etc.) and of course the ability to take direction and work with others. Personally I use shadowplay and I film in 1080p, at as close to 60 fps as the game will allow. If you are interested please shoot me a PM and let me know.
    There aren't that many requirements for filming other that the ability to film in 1080 and transfer the files, but I will ask that you have a microphone and discord/teamspeak (whatever works best) and that if you don't have either of those then you at least keep in contact via email. Below you will find examples of my work, and please know that I seek to improve the quality each episode.
  4. Hello guys,
    I created this video couple of days ago, it's showing the Valencia part of the game. In the future I'm planning to do more videos. 
    if you have some tips for me, how to improve the quality of my videos, then please left me a comment.
    If you would like to see more videos in the future, then just subscribe my channel, thank you guys!  
    Enjoy the video
  5. Here is a little video I made
  6. YES ITS FINALLY LEGIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Took me a month to make, and it has a copyright claim on it, may not be viewable in some countries but... Well I really wanted to use those songs! Let me know what you guys thought, and if you have a good suggestion about the songs, or good songs from black desert i can replace these with, let me know! Thanks again, and ENJOY Episode 1 - "THE GALE" A BDO Machinima By: Patrick D. AKA: Nomad 818 (YouTube)
  7. In this episode I try to talk to all the NPC's in Olvia in order to gain as much knowledge as possible. During my travels I've been using the knowledge I gathered to spark interest in other people and start new discussions leading to more knowledge and new quests ...
    P.S.: That amity mini game makes my head explode sometimes, especially when it requires you to fail a lot :-P
    Feel free to let me know what you think about it. Should I continue making these, or just stop here? Still open to suggestions of course, so let me know. And if you do like it, feel free to press the thumbs up button on YouTube and maybe even subscribe to see more :-)
  8. Post on Future Animations in Suggestions

    By MIGhunter, posted
    I was thinking that it would be totally cool if you added some animations to the events.  Something that you can hit escape to get out of, of course.  Here is what I was thinking, using the current event.  After you place the Meahwa seals in a square and hit the button to combine them, the game swaps to a mini movie that shows your character placing them on the ground.  Then the inner part of the square turns into lava, fire, water, anything cool and then your new pet climbs out of it!
  9. Hey guys, i made a Cinematic Movie of Fallout 4 about Dogmeat

    the story of Fallout 4 is absolutely amazing because of that, I wanted to make something of it.

    Maybe it's not the best but I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I did making it! Please share if you have the time and would like to support me!
    And stay tuned to my channel for more awesome content like this!

  10. Post on Deadpool TV Spot #1 in Off-Topic

    By Kuliya, posted
    I'm going to be watching the hell out of this movie when it comes out.... 3 times... in a row. 
  11. Post on [tips] seltene Steine in Anleitungen

    By atri, posted
     Ich hoffe, dies wird Ihnen helfen.
  12. Post on Rare rocks Loc. in Guides

    By atri, posted
     I hope that's can help you  
  13. Post on Gameplay plum HL in PVE

    By atri, posted
    hello there.
    Some movie for waiting ^^
    And the last Valky+sorc+plum Wombo combot ^^