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  1. My feelings on the Multiserver vs Megaserver debate.
    A little background about myself, I personally consider myself a PVP focused player. I want to PVP and do sieges in this game that is the biggest draw to me. I think that having your guild emblem on a town or node or w/e is awesome to me. This game’s PVE is very enticing to me and I really do enjoy the grind spacing out with a group of buddies or solo and just killing mobs in whatever area we decide to farm.
    With that in mind I sincerely hope that we get a megaserver with many channels, and here is why. With a megaserver everyone can play together if my friend plays Black Desert he can add me to his friends list, there isn’t any splintering of groups and it makes the community of the game whole. I know a ton of people are worried that people are just gonna server hop and avoid any kind of pvp or guild wars, and for some people this is a major part of the game.
    In my perspective while I enjoy the guild war system I feel the needs of sieges is greater than the needs of GvG. If you’re declaring on a guild that runs away to different channels then maybe you should pick on someone else, or find a different outlet for your aggression. I bring up siege because if there is more than 1 server then that means there is more than 1 owner of a node or a city, and that, to me, cheapens the ownership. There will always be that “what if” scenario well what if <Dominant Guild A> was on Server B to fight <Dominate Guild B>? That kind fragmentation leads in some cases to toxicity, “Guild A is dodging by going to Server B” it also leads to guilds trying to stack the deck in their favor, going to a smaller or new server with all their veteran members in hopes of dominance, these kinds of issues are resolved with having everyone in one place, the strongest guilds can balance themselves out and hopefully will encourage a healthy competitive environment rather than one guild owns every world boss end of story unless you try to form some kind of mega-alliance that still possibly fails, and everyone either rerolls to a new server, or joins the dominant guild.
    Now from what I understand the other argument against Megaservers is that siege will be a laggy shit fest and 100man zergs all on ch1 will create too much load to be playable. I understand this could be an issue, I don’t have a great solution for. Maybe instance a siege channel you have to switch into in order to participate, no one else on that channel might decrease the load. I feel that while a laggy game experience isn’t much better than a fragmented community I look into the future when the player base inevitably stabilizes and there are less dedicated members to go around that is when the megaserver environment really shines. I’m not sure how simple it would be to merge servers after the fact but that headline is always seen as a negative “MMO X merging servers” but in a megaserver environment adding channels or dropping them can be an everyday thing and no one really considers it.
    When I go out to PVE I want to do so efficiently I want to feel like my grind time is achieving something, some days I just wanna jump into an channel with little to no one around and grind the hell out of catfish. The current implementation means that in the near future catfish is going to be a highly contested area, and unless your friends are online more than likely you’re more than likely gonna have a bad time farming some spots solo, or zombie mode. Do the smaller number of channels encourage more pvp and community engagement? Sure, but that also leads to toxicity, people will camp players until they log out, there are only so many places you can res, only so many channels you can go to, why encourage bullying?  If Mr. Carebear wants to take the time to find channel 99 that has no one farming chimeras then more power to him, imo. Limiting access to mobs through availability isn’t a positive game mechanic. PVP is encouraged through the world boss changes ,and the lessened Karma restrictions, and the cheaper guild wars, if you want to pvp go to channel 1 and have your bloodlust, but why not have 99 other channels for those that want to play differently? If you’re the type of player who wants to gank people grinding you can still do that, hop around till u find a target and enjoy yourself, if the prey runs off to another channel find someone else to kill or try to find him again. Why put the burden on the player who doesn’t want to be aggressive towards others by not giving them a way out, rather than on the PK player to find their prey?

    I thoroughly enjoy this game and look forward to playing on the NA servers, the PVP is going to be real, if the current multi server environment goes to live I will still play and buy things from the shop ect but I worry about longevity and how the NA/EU playerbase will react to some of the current implementations. Thanks to anyone who read this all I hope to see all of you in-game
  2. Post on Multiserver finally? in General

    By Arthan, posted
    On Key Dates post we can read:
      Once the claiming process has opened, you will have to create first a character on a server of your liking
    So... that means multiserver or the note is referer to EU / NA megaservers? Any info about that?
  3. This is for entertaining purposes.  No offense to all.
  4. Mega Server - The whole game consist of 1 server that has many many channel
    Multiple Server - The game has a few server and within that server there are a few channel or no channel.

    Pros of Mega Server:
     -You can play with friends who sometime join the wrong server or the server is full.
     -You can jump to another channel avoid PVP 
     -You can jump to another channel to farm the same spot because it was taken.
     -More items in Auction House because everyone shares. Although you can debate because of supply/demand
     -More spots to Farm/Grind

    Pros of Multi Server:
    -More players in the server so GvG  and open world PVP is alot more healthy
    -The Auction House will not be flooded with items and price wouldn't saturate.  Although you can debate because of supply/demand
    -PVP happens over farm spots.  You should be rewarded for winning the spots. 
    -More Competetive 
    -You have a better chance at buying rare items.  Less people to fight captcha inputs.
    Cons of Mega Server:
    -People can avoid GvG/PvP by channel hoping
    -Auction House is share to all players so buying an item is almost impossible.  You have to fight other people by putting in the captcha inputs.
    -Less Competetive because people can hop channel to avoid PVP
    -Less population per channel
    Cons of Multi Server:
    -Easier for people to find you and PK repeatly
    -Can't avoid PK/GvG as easy
    -Less spots to Farm/Grind
    -The Auction House will not be as big as Mega Server