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  1. Post on Farming post awakening in PVE

    By Raykonx, posted
    Hello everyone,
    I have come back from a 6th month slumber with a friend, we did the awakening quest etc. and tried our new gear upgrade at basilisks and we did pretty good. However, we feel that even if the belt can drop it is not quite the "best spot". We would like to lvl up while getting som loot, no need to be ultra end top tier but just to see that we get some rewards.
    Right now I am a wizard with 142/137/196 and my friend is a musa with 128/118/196
    I know we have shitty equipment but we should start somewhere so, where do you guys recommend to farm with these stats / party?
    Thank you for your attention
  2. I need help deciding!
    Both of them look like so much fun until i see their awakenings which makes the decision so hard.
    I looked at Musa forums and saw that he is all aoe farming and node wards/ GvG but consumes a metric ton of wp pots
    And Maehwa is all small scale, 1v1, crappy pve and requires good gear for it to be good
    So I ask you what should i pick? I like to pve alot but also do pvp sometimes.
  3. So i just recently got back into the game after trying it when it first came out, I created a new Musa and ground mobs and black spirit quests all the way to lvl 50. I just hit 50 and wanted some help with optimising my gear.
    Currently I have:
    +15 yuria (yes i know liverto is better) blade with a carmae crystal (blue)
    +11 black horn warror bow (green)
    +8 armor, taritas armor and legs, grunil gloves and helm (all green)
    2x blue coral ring, 2x red coral earring, ancient guardian seal neck, ancient weapon core belt
    AP; 99 DP: ~94
    When i opened the game back up I had a fame letter with like 60 mil in it so I had a good start. Im sitting at about 50 right now. Im mostly interested in doing boss scrolls with friends and some pvp. Im by no means a hardcore player but will play regularly, maybe with a guild. If I could get some gear recommendations, or goals for the future to work towards I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  4. Hello fellow sorcs!
    This patch caused a serious problem in balancing with the new added WP/SP potions added. Normally I can dumpster warriors and musa's(bladers) with no problems and out chase them any given time of the day.
    However, With these WP potions (formally know as herbal juice) these bumbling unskillful classes endlessly run away and I have no way to catch up to them again. They just spam their WP potions and will end up killing me.
    The game was extremely more balanced when these classes had to craft and make their own WP potions because it gave other classes a chance to kill them.
    Thank you! Hopefully this gets re-balanced and fixed.
  5. Hey BDO Team,
    I've recently made a Musa character, bought the awakening set and dyed it black and gold and he looks sick. Being able to customize my character and make him look super badass is a huge incentive for me to keep playing this game. I am sure others feel the same way. However I feel like the helmet could be better. 
    I am suggesting a helmet similar to the helmet of Lubu (see attached files lubu (1)-(4).jpg). Mainly it would have two long red feathers coming out to the top of the helmet/headdress. This is a historical helmet worn by Lu bu, a mighty legendary warrior from China, the BDO fans in Asia would probably love this. I know that there already exists two helmets with a single feather and I've tried them both as well but they don't fit well with the rest of my armor. The reason why I am suggesting this particular helmet is because it gives a feeling of strength as if I was the General of an army whereas the other helmets make me feel like a mere soldier. That being said I would be happy if you just released the helmet.
    Nevertheless, if you decide to make a outfit set with the helmet that would be awesome too. In that case I would also suggest, if possible, to change the appearance of the crescent blade to a halberd weapon. 
    Let me know what you think,

  6. Post on Valks Rerolling? in Valkyrie

    By Valkrys, posted
    Hey fellow Valks,
    Just kinda curious how many of us are left? My guild still has a fairly high amount of valks compared to our numbers(about 10% of the guild is Valks) but I notice a lot of guilds seem to be lacking Valks when I face them in Node wars.
    Curious how many have rerolled and if so to what class?
    I said the second I saw Darknight if the awakening looked fluid and mobile I was 100% going to reroll and after seeing the awakening video that more or less decided it for me. For me when I first chose Valk i thought it was more of a hybrid between warriors and Sorc/Witch but that was not even close to what the class was. Valk isnt bad its just average at everything.
    As such I'm spending the next two months preparing myself for DK release and awakening, gonna have to go back to Karanda and Kzarka camping to get fresh boxes and go do Kutum for another one of those again but I think it will be worth it in the long run. Valks have become increasing stale for me now and seeing how little the devs care for our class with the lack of attention we receive when we so badly receive it has more or less killed my drive to remain relevant.
  7. Can we get a down smash attack with the One Step Back skill. The original version of the skill (Back Step Slash) has it, but it takes too long to switch to your normal skills and use it on a downed opponent. Crust crusher is a down smash skill, but has a 30 second cool down, and is very slow. Often, when I knock down an opponent, the animation time for Crust Crusher is also enough time for the opponent to get up, or begin the getting up animation, and the down smash doesn't work.
  8. Hi guys,
    Considering re-rolling to Musa at the weekend and hope to hit 56 very quickly. Which pre-awakening skills should I focus on, which pre-awakening combos are most effective, and can you link to any good youtube guides for Musa?
  9. Post on Musa or Sorc ? in General

    By Maxi_Moot, posted
    Hi everyone,
    First : Happy new year !
    Soooo... yeah .. like sooo many post on this forum,
    I have a doubt about That => Musa Or Sorc ?
    Hmmm... i know, the choise is really hard  !
    If some of you have a exeprience with Musa or Sorc and can tell me something like ... This is better about that or that ... 
    I dont need the GOD classe or something like that ... just ... a class who's not rolling on by anyone ( PvE like PvP ).
    So that's my question , i know the game is ONLY grinding and work and using time,
    Musa get a self heal ?
    Cause the Sorc yes and that's really good for farming ( no potion in bag so i havn't to buy some of them, more place for stuff ... )
    Musa is a paper or not ?
    Have CC ?
    Good damage ?
    Sorc have CC and Heal and good damage sooo ...
    I like both of them, just need a return of experience =)
    I prefer Musa style, Speed, Fire  and ... Samourail style x)
    But if he havn't any heal for survive ...
    Thanks a lot and see you again !
  10. I would like to know why we just cant trade our Founder outfits in for Musa/Maehwa and Ninja/Kunoichi?
    Share your suggestions
  11. i am a level 56 musa recently started playing again i have 340 gear score looking to join a guild that can hold there own in pvp and node wars 
  12. Hello Community!  
    Before i start with my 0815 Question i have to apologize for my bad english haha
    I am downloading the Game right now and reading through the Forum about the Classes and aimed for 3 diffrent ones and its hard to choose between them...
    Wizard - Warrior - Musa
    My focus in the game will be mostly on Solo-Gaming (maybe sometimes with 1 Friend) and fast comfortable(!) farming/lvling up... because i dont have so much time to play every day excessive right now... I am a lazy Player and dont like too complex Skill-Combos Classes (So no Ninja as example, even i like his look and skill animations -.- ).
    My Profile (what i like): 
    Focus on PvE (Solo mostly) 
    Also I like to focus one day on raids/bosses or guild fights (when i have more time later on  )
    Not to complex/hard class (Talking about Skilling, Skill-Combos, Positioning...I am a simple Man...)
    Not so dependent on Gear
    PvP (1v1) is not rly important for me only bigger PvPs later on. 
    So it would be cool if someone could tell me which class fits to my Profile (the most) and why!
    Also it would be cool if someone could tell me the advantages and disadvantages between this 3 classes in all szenarios (Small/Big PvP, Early/Late PvE, GvG, Role in Partys, Gameplay-Type...) because I only find a good thread for differences between wizard and warriror but not so much for musa and the class seems to be cool ^^
    sorry for the long post and so many questions >.< 
    PS.: Pls no answers like, try them all and you will know it or its all about fun or something like that ^^ 
  13. Hey
    bin zz. mit meinem Main Musa Charakter lv 56 und es wird langsam Zeit so richtig aufzurüsten. Nun findet man im Web keine Guides, Tutorials oder sonst was für Musa. Ich sehe in manchen Gameplays, dass sie auf über 150 Ak und 250 VK kommen. Ich habe zz. 130 AK und 168 VK mit Grunil 4er Set und einem Liverto +17. Ich will aber mein Schmuck und meine Rüstung changen, denn ich glaube nicht, dass ich mit meinem Stats wirklich viel reißen kann im PvP. Ich habe zz. nur ca. 250 auf der "Energieleiste", kaum krit, aber viel Angriffstempo. Könnt ihr mir was empfehlen?
    Gegen welche Klassen ist Musa eher stark und gegen welche eher nicht?
  14. Alright, so I'm not new persay, but I'm not experienced. My buddy and I are playing this game together and having a blast. He went with wizard. I myself haven't decided what i want to play. I am stuck between a few classes deciding which will work best for us.
    First is warrior. In most games i play, i end up playing a warrior type class. With this game, im nervous from everything i hear about the class, mostly being that its boring. My warrior is currently lvl 32, and its kind of a drag leveling. I don't hate it, but its not awe-inspiring and I don't feel like a beast lol wondering if the class becomes more fun later on.
    Second up is musa. Musa seems like a really cool class, and the spear awakening really captures my attention. Out of the 4 classes, this class seems like its just back and forth spin slashing later in the game. Seems like a dull style of play, even tho the class itself looks awesome.
    Third is tamer. Tamer has its unique style of bouncing around and what not for combat which seems really amusing. I hear this class is pretty weak though, which is discouraging.
    Lastly, we have ranger. Ranger being the be all, end all, best class in the game. That in and of itself turns me off. Not tryna be a fronting jockstrap who chugs mana pots for a living. Im normally always gravitating toward archer classes, and i'm not sure how well this class will do with wizard.
    So my point here is what goes well with wizard for the majority of combat aspects of the game. Whether it be pvping in gvgs and node wars, or pve farming.
    out of warrior, ranger, musa, and tamer, what meshes best with wizard in combat aspects of the game like farming and pvp.
  15. Hello, I've freshly upgraded my Divider skill to 5, and I can no longer use it on my mount. I've tried to downgrade the skill and it works again, it seems that everything is fine up to Divider IV, and bug only once upgraded to 5.
    tl;dr : Divider V is bugued on mount.

  16. After messing with my movement speed to get it to a point i'm comfortable with on my sorceress i'm a bit upset by the idea of warriors with giant greatswords and shields, valkyries with huge lances and shields, and humongous zerkers who appear to weigh upwards of 300-400 lbs with two axes and a cannon equipped all being able to outrun me as a sorc with an amulet that appears to basically weigh nothing and a scythe that looks about as heavy as the musas polearm.
    I would like to see either a way to string teleports together more quickly after your flip, or a significant increase in the distance you're teleporting. The fact that my sorc is apparently fast enough to blink through space without being seen but can't outrun a warrior with his dash spam is just a bit unbalanced, at least in my opinion.
    Tell me what you guys think.
  17. Hey guys, I was wondering if you would reckon without being to OP or stupid, providing a frontal guard on Projection while it cast would be a good idea.
    Reason is, that I find often, that the skill is quite delayed and we are stuck in the animation if we want to run "Extra Credit" due to latency.
    I don't believe it would become to OP, but it would be a nice breather rather than having a panic since you can't animation cancel the attack until it's cast.
  18. Hi guys,

    I'm relatively new, or actually just returning to play this game again. I initially played at launch but quitted after a few weeks, then decided to come back to try out musa when it was announced on US servers. However, that was short-lived. After seeing the wizard awakenings being announced in KR, I was inspired to hop back on the game again.  Except this time, I'm unsure of which class I should continue playing with, or rather if I should start from scratch again. I am relatively a casual player; I used to play hours on end on games like Guild Wars 2, Vindictus, Tera, Blade and Soul, Ragnarok, Cabal, and a few others, but the gaming habit sort have died down since last year due to college, club activities, etc. 

    I actually didn't get too far on any of my characters that I've made besides my Musa which is currently at level 42. I started with warrior initially but switched to valkyrie afterwards, but quitted after getting to level 20.  

    My question now, is which class should I continue or switch to playing?

    A little background about my preference:
    I tend to prefer classes that constantly keeps me engaged, play tactically and counteract to opponents attacks. I also have a strong preference for melee oriented classes that tend to be agile and dexterous but I also find wielding two handed weapons like a greatsword, or polearm to be pretty awesome. Wizard awakening has also peaked my interest in trying out a magic-based class for the first time. At the moment I'm thinking about continuing my Valkyrie based on what I'm seeing their gameplay so far, it seems to be very heavily based on counter play. However the Musa seems pretty attractive as well due to it's ability to engage and disengage in combat. The ninja class looks pretty awesome too, I'm a huge fan of dual wielding characters.
    Classes I've played in other games:

    Guild Wars 2: Warrior- Greatsword/axeshield, Thief - dualdagger/shortbow, Guardian - staff/greatsword
    Vindictus:  Lann - Twinspear/Twinsword, Hurk - Greatsword
    Tera: Warrior, Berserker, Slayer
    BnS: BladeMaster, KungFu Master

    If I can get a quick list of class suggestions, it's pros and cons, gear dependency, and suitability for casual players, that would be awesome! 
  19. Bonjour alors je suis nouveaux et j'essaye de comprendre un peu le jeu . 
    Alors j'ai pas très bien compris l'histoire de l'Awakening/Eveil en gros au niveau 56 on n'a une nouvelle classe ce sa ? Ou ce juste un transformation qui dure un certain temps ? 
    Et aussi je voudrai savoir entre le Musa et le Ninja qui fait le plus de dps ? Qui est le mieux pour Pvp ? Et qui est le mieux pour Pve ?
    Merci de me répondre. 
  20. Hey looking for a good pvp and node war guild let me know if your interested by replying below .Thanks
    My firends are also looking for guild so if u recruit me they will most likely want to join. Others are level 56 and have gs of around 330
  21. Currently the Musa's Projection skill while using the crescent blade is not increasing the black spirit rage meter when the energy hit scores kills. I've tested it on several different enemy types so far, the initial blade hit increases it properly but if the energy hit is the one that gets the kill there is no increase. 
    Thank you in advance!
  22. Hello!

    I'm here to start a PvP strategies and combos discussion, to help players like me o_o Who wants enlightenment to what to do when a flagged psychopath tries to kill me .____.''

    Pls help '-'...

    OBS: There's some good guides pre-awakening... but u know.. Our awaken weapon is better e_é
  23. Salut !
    Je comptais profiter des soldes pour m'acheter un outfit, toutefois un petit détail me perturbe.
    Jouant musa, je voulais me procurer le set des frontières ouest d'éveil, celui-ci coûte 2720 perles.
    Or, si j'achète le set d'arme et d'armure à 1760 puis le munshido a 720 cela fait revenir le coût de l'opération a 2480 perles au lieu de 2720.
    Pourquoi une telle différence ? Est ce simplement une faille du système ou est ce volontaire ?
    D'ailleurs, le prix du costume seul est de 1760 perles et celui du set et d'armure est égallement de 1760, pourquoi ?
    Merci par avance
  24. Post on Musa senapai in General

    By Groax, posted
    looking for a really good Musa  Senpai in Orwen server to help become really good at the class so I can smack people around lol