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  1. It seems like I'm doing something wrong. I keep hearing that Gale, Cyclone, and Rising Storm are the win buttons in PvE, but when I use them on a pack of mobs, I get tore up because I'm stuck standing frozen in place while the spell finishes casting.
    Could someone explain some detailed options on how/when to use these skills? 
    Also, the guides I've read seem to disregard Carver and Whirlwind cut in terms of priority, but I find myself using both a lot for some reason. Should I put points in these while leveling?
    How about Blind Thrust and Blind Slash? These too I've somehow developed a habit of using a lot (probably because they're part of the in-game combo videos). Should I put points in these while leveling?
    Note: I'm not trying to make my end-game build. I can respec later. I'm focussed on what's best for leveling right now, so I'm not looking for end-game wisdom where it doesn't apply well to PvE. On the other hand, I should probably be practicing/getting in the habit of using the skills I'll need later. 
    I'm just passing character level 30.
  2. Hey,
    I know there are already people at 55 as musa/mahewa.
    Can you guys please tell me where did you level up past 50 since I tried to level at Helms @lvl 50 with 135DP and im getting REKT all the time.
    No matter how good I play. Im getting hit by 30-50% of hp by light red mobs.
    My warrior at 120DP was handling those guys with no problems at all. Never died once.
    I don't want to start another topic "AP/DP bugged", I just want tips on where to lvl best with my gear at levels past 50, since right now this is a nightmare.
    I really love Musa playstile and I will stick with it even if its the worst class in the game.
    Thank you.
  3. I'm unable to perform the attack Blooming with the button combinations (shift + lmb and rmb) I can do every other skill fine that uses the left mouse button and right mouse button together (like rising storm)  except for this skill. I even tried using the current key input interface (the interface that shows you what buttons you are currently using) to show what I am doing wrong, and whenever I press shift and try to hold lmb and rmb together, it doesn't even register! Help! I really just want this to be fixed. 

    *edit* I dont know if this affects anything but im playing on a laptop with a keyboard that has anti-ghosting features. 
  4. Right. So a quick story, I was in battle grounds last night and run up to a wiz wearing a ghillie and start hacking him in the rear with my Musa. AP is 109 (acc offhand) and DP is 155.
    This wiz stands there with his back to me and just pots. After about 30 seconds of me hacking on him he says "dont worry bro you got this, dont give up". He didnt even bother blasting me just stood there and took it with this look of pity on his face.
    Made me realize right there this class is seriously gimped for pvp.
    BTW I also have a 51 Wizard and I can tell you I wreck in PVP using his exact same gear minus his weps, and averaging 50+ scores in battle grounds so its not just the player.
  5. Post on Sorcerer or Blader in Classes

    By Thaeryn, posted
    Hello there,
    I started out with a sorceress, got her to 39 but she felt clunky (locks and the dashes felt a bit delayed), due to real life stuff I stopped playing properly till Blader came out. They looked cool so I rolled one and got him to 40 and damn is he speedy...which I love, but after reading the forums and seeing how bladers got nerfed and how sorceresses are great I am reconsidering. So basically it boils down to these questions:
    -Will the clunkiness on the sorc get better? (Or is it because I'm not animation cancelling)
    -In the long run which would you say is better? After desync issues get fixes(if they do) and awakenings
    -I'd like to 1v1 and small scale but I don't want to be completely irrelevant in GvG, which would you say is better?
    Thanks for all your help!
  6. Post on Tamer or Musa in Classes

    By Clutch9000, posted
    Hi all,
    I started BDO with my Tamer and got to level 30 and really like the class. The only con is that I really dont care to play with female characters and this is the first time I have done so in a MMO. When the Musa came out, i was excited to create one. After playing one to level 22 I like the skills but I seemed really squishy and I believe my survival was greater on my Tamer. I was just wandering if I could get advice in regard to a class comparison from people who have experience with both because I am trying to decide if I want to stick with the Tamer or go Musa (possibly until Ninja but thats a different topic :-) )
  7. Hi,
    i got not bad gear so far (50 lvl with 106AP 165DP :2x grunil 2x taritas  + yuria + 2x WE + 2xMoS + acc offhand - just raw numbers without any buffs/set effects), but i have problems with most of mediah opponents or calpheon elites (like abandoned monastery ones). They hit me like a truck when they are immuned to my cc. Got even evasion stones in my helmet but it does not help much. Is there any good way for dealing good damage with limited risk of being slaughtered?
    I mostly use: rising, carver, lunar, cyclone slash, blindthrust (no nemesis yet), blooming. Didnt upgrade whirlwind, gale, divider yet. Maybe problem is i dont have ultimate rising? Is the last upgrade noticable at all? I am mostly killed when trying to trade as much damage using rising storm.
    Any tips?  
  8. Post on Equipement Maehwa in Maehwa

    By Elliaz Gaards, posted
    Petit topic pour ouvrir le débat sur l’équipement optimal pour la Maehwa,
    J'ai pas mal fait de recherches et voici ce que j'en ai tirer :  
    Type d'armureDéfenseSocketsBonusPoidsGrunil Set118+150 HP
    + 7 AP85.50

    Taritas Set204+20 HP
    +120 MP/Rain/DF
    +7 précision79.50Grunil Set(Casque + Gants)
    + 5 AP
    Taritas Set(Torse + Bottes)
    +20 HP
    +120 MP/Rain/DF
    Type d'armeDégâtsSocketsBonus fixe(s) sur l'armeEffet enchantementYuria                                               16~211
    +5 dégâts aux humains+AP
    +Dégâts aux humains
    Black Horn Warrior's Bow            ??~??        ?     
                     ??                                ??                   
    J'ai pas trouvé d'info pour les accessoires, du coup pour le moment je suis avec l’équipement suivant :
    Boucle d'oreil de Bares (x2)
    PA: 2 ~ 2 
    Anneaux de Bienfaisance (x2)
    PA: 2 ~ 2 
    Effets d'objet : précision +1
    Ceinture de Kalis
    Effets d'objet : limite de poids +40 LT et précision +2
    Collier de Kalis
    Effets d'objet : précision +4
    Pas de Gemmes pour le moment. 
    Les discutions sont ouvertes, au niveau Equipements/Armes/Accessoires/Gemmes.
    Les informations sont mince a propos du Maehwa, c'est pourquoi je trouve intéressant d’ouvrir le débat afin de déterminer quelle sont les meilleurs combinaisons tant au niveaux PVE que PVP.
    Pour les skill's : https://www.ashugames.com/musa-maehwa-bien-debuter/
  9. Anyone have a good list of the combo's and animation cancels for Musa?
    Thanks in advance,
  10. Which skills should I focus on while leveling a Musa? I've seen several endgame guides, but I don't know how relevant they are to PvE and leveling. I'm trying to establish which are the "bread and butter" skills and combos.

    Why are 2 pictures up ? Which does count? Is this typical or just a bug ... someone knows more about that or has the same problem?
    ++++ Question about Rising Storm
    Is it worth it to skill the Ultimate Version ? It does not apply any damage / cc or anything ... only " Immediatedly using after any action" .. but I dont feel like stucking in this Rising storm animation so... is there something special to cancel? And about that lvl 55 Rising storm, theres no damage apply or anything only Floating... but the enemy Floats from the normal Rising storm allready, so for what the Red Tornados?
  12. Why do many pple say the buff stays for 30s when description claims its only 10? Again nerf vs KR version or there is some hidden thing behind it?
  13. Post on Double Blind Thrust in Musa

    By Crotaro, posted
    Heya, I dunno if it's common knowledge already and this entire post is going to be in vain pretty much, but
    if you go for Blind Thrust and instead of doing Blind Thrust with W+Space you press only Space you can do a second Blind Thrust immediately (that does reduced damage tho because the CD already initiated) by pressing RMB. It looks like he/she (works on Maehwa too) does the turnaround stab thing and right when he/she wants to pull back the sword instead goes for a second stab.
    Found it pretty neat, thought I'd share it with y'all for the sake of being nice^^
  14. WARNING: the following information is not intended for use in BDO. If you were expecting something about gameplay, you are in the wrong spot.This is about the historical part of the weapons and Musa and Maehwa. If history is not your thing and it makes you fall asleep, only read this when you are having problems falling asleep.
    The Horn bow, also known as gakgung is a traditional Korean bow. It is made with oak wood, bamboo, white mulberry wood, water buffalo's horn, the cow's sinew, and the isinglass of Miichthys miiuy(can't find the English name of this fish.) Just by looking at the armors of the Musa and Maehwa I can't tell which time period they are based off of(they have armor from Goguryeo : 37 BC-668AD, Goryeo : 918-1392 and Joseon : 1392-1897. It is a very broad category so I am assuming they mixed everything they could find about the history of Korea), but the Korean peninsula is very mountainous(especially in the region where North Korea is) and they built castles on top of the mountains so bows were the main weapon and in the Joseon dynasty the King encouraged people to train in archery and Scholars were encouraged to train in archery as well(It's Korean Confucian stuff. Don't ask me why scholars need to be good archers.) The Black horn bow(흑각궁) was a term used because of the black water buffalo's horn used on the bow. The white horn bow (백각궁) was a special bow made with a white water buffalo's horn, but I could not find any information if the white horn bow was better than the black horn bow except for the fact that it was much more expensive. 
    About swords. In Korea swords did not have much use, because the weapons used in the battlefields were bows and spears and later when gunpowder was invented so the battlefield was filled with flying objects, cavalries and soldiers armed with pole weapons, so the odds of the person armed with a sword surviving or at least killing more than one enemy was low. Anyway, swords are a good sidearm, because you could just pull it out and swing it when you need it. The sword was used as a sidearm or used with a shield made with Wisteria floribunda. I do not know much about the swords used in Korea so I can't say much about it.
    The awakening weapon. First, the name of it is Woldo, which is a Korean weapon. It looks similar to the Guandao, but it's a little bit different. Most of the martial arts of China was lost after the Cultural revolution in China(they do teach how to use it some places, but I doubt it is the same style they teached in the past.), but how to use the Woldo is written in the "Muye dobo tongji" and the style the "Muye dobo tongji" teaches how to use it is different from how the Chinese martial artists teach how to use the Guandao. Also, the Guandao is much bigger and fancy compared to the Woldo.
    Musa(무사) means a person trained in martial arts. If there is anyone who knows Chinese 무사 is the Korean for the word '武士'. It is not specifically a person who uses a blade. Mu means martial arts and Sa was a term used for the Seonbi, which were scholars of Joseon. So Musa is a scholar of martial arts. Maehwa is just Prunus mume. I don't really understand why they decided to name the female musa 'Maehwa', because Musa is not really a gender specific name(although women were not really allowed to train martial arts in Joseon, in Goguryeo women and men were both trained so if the female "blader" was based off of every Korean history they could call the female version musa as well). Thinking about the historic facts, 'Maehwa' or plum blossom is one of the "Four gentlemen" that commonly appears in Confucian art, and the mysterious thief who went by the name "Iljimae" was known for leaving a Prunus mume on his crime scene. (by the way, there is one record about the thief Iljimae in the Seungjeongwon ilgi. If you could read traditional Han then the link is here -> http://sjw.history.go.kr/id/SJW-D42090040-01800 and you could check it out.) Also, the Joseon kings feces was called 'Maehwa' because nobody wants to say s*** in the royal palace, but I am sure the class is not named after the Joseon kings feces. Seriously, if anybody knows why they named the female musa 'Maehwa', please enlighten me. I would like to know why that class is called Prunus mume.
    So what I wanted to say is the weapons and the armor used by musa and maehwa is based off of Korean history and it is one of the most non-fantasy class I've seen in BDO(except for the crazy skills they use. The weapons and armor is pretty realistic.). 
    P.S. Why did PA and Daum add 4 sec CD on Chase ;_; it's too long in my opinion. And one question. Will the Awakening for Musa in EU/NA server also have problem with WP like the awakening in KR? Because my friend told me that when using awakening weapon it is hard to get WP so he had do constantly change his weapon to get WP.
  15. Can we get one of these in game/ in cash shop for our Maehwa's/Musa's please. The short bow is aesthetically displeasing already but I'd love some headwear!
    Examples below (please don't respond with Maehwa/Musa isn't a samurai blah blah, this is all about aesthetics and what I think would add to the character of the class immensely (+ I'd actually buy this even for Daums bad prices)
    (Multiple images to convey style/colour etc)

  16. Hi, I used my appearance change that I had since I bought the game in my new character (Musa). I selected the first of all, the one with a p, I redeemed my appearance change but anything happened, I still have the same appearance and the coupon has gone. Can you help me please?
  17. As a REALY big fan of the Japanese sword style i just cannot understand, why the Musa sword shaft is backwards and has to spin 180°
    also a littel bug i found is that if u walk backwards with your sword in hand the Musa wants to hold it with two hands but the sword is out of position there.
    those aren't really massive bugs but i realy love that class and how it works so it's maybe only my taste^^
  18. So I've been curious what the chances we might actually get a possible pre-order skin for the Musa/Maewa or even possibly Ninja/Kunoichi In the future. The idea doesn't seem to out there, seeing as originally Tamer and Valkyrie managed to get them and up until release we were told they would not even be there. So maybe a chance for those who did not spend the outfit instantly on release and saved it could be rewarded for patiently waiting for the class of their choice.

    Any thoughts on this? I'd be interested to hear other feedback on the thought.

  19. Post on Musa in PvP? in PVP

    By Aimscoes, posted
    Anyone here who know how they're doingi n PvP at moment? Might throw in PvE as well if you know, i consider rolling one  
  20. Hi...I just started playing the Musa and I was curious on how to effectively play him. I am now lvl 17 and I feel like I am getting slaughtered now. I have upgraded the AOEs, blind, +Weapon, and + evasion as much as possible. Is this class meant to be a hit and run type of class? I feel like if I stand still too long, I take a lot of damage.
  21. Does anybody know when they will be removing the Starter Packages? I would really like to have it, but I also have the outfit packages I have won from the Beauty and the Beast contest. I want to use that outfit package for it's time before buying the starter package so I don't feel like I wasted it.

    Also, does anybody know if they are going to add more pets to the Pre-Order Pet Package? I really want the Brown Cream Puppy because it is the only doggy that looks close to mine.. A Yorkie.^^
    As well as add Maehwa and Musa weapon skins to the Pre-Order Weapon Skin Package? I can't be the only ones saving this for these characters, or even for other people saving it for their Ninjas and Kunoichi.

  22. Post on Chase have a CD? in Musa

    By lighting up, posted
    somebody notice that our chase got a 4 sec CD?? and it says if we use it during CD it will not give us Iframe and Superarmor... samething with K and R server or just us got this shit???
  23. Alright, I've been on the KR server since Maehwa/Musa's launch and have leveled the chars up to 57.80 / 51.00 respectively, with Maehwa being my main.
    My gear was 200/240 (now 150/220 since I've sacrificied my accessories and weapon/armor to the black spirit T.T) and I have participated in countless guild wars/seiges so I think I can talk about how end game pvp is like for both classes.
    PvP wise and PvE wise, Musa wins flat out against Maehwa. The reason for this is because of the core difference between these two classes: Red Moon/Rising Storm, Decapitate/Gale, and the 100% black spirit skill.
    Let's talk about the difference between Red Moon/Rising Storm first. While red moon has the edge in terms of damage and the extra guard stance during activation, it is a channeling skill and has a huge afterdelay. With the resistance build that everybody is going for in KR, a lot of time the airborne on RM doesn't activate (the airborne CC is only on the first upwards slash, contrary to the description), giving the opponent a huge amount of time to counter with grabs or CC moves to the back. Musa's RS doesn't have the guard frame and has a slightly long activation, but the CC chance is huge (6x airborne compared to 2-3x airborne with RM) and you can cancel it with chase or guard or whatever, giving Musas the extra edge in survivability. Survivability in 1v1 and RvR pvp is essential, and RM kinda sucks at that. Furthermore, most of the time RM/RS is going to be used as a combo ender anyway, so the activation time delay with RS is negligible. Damagewise, RM-RM's afterattack is similar to RS-RS-RS:Burst so Musas can also dish out the damage when necessary.
    The next difference is Decapitate/Gale. It comes down to preference for this one: Decapitate for the standing CC and Gale for the down CC. With the introduction of the new CC mechanic, Gale actually got a buff because it became an option to continue comboing even after the opponent is down.
    Finally, there is the difference in the black spirit 100% skill. Musa's 100% skill hits opponents like a truck, even rivaling Warrior's awakening weapon 100% in terms of damage alone. Maehwa's 100% is an aoe stun, but most people in KR wants it deleted because it has a huge activationd delay and a huge channeling delay. It cuts combos that would otherwise connect with regular Decapitate, and in RvR situations you basically become a free target for ranger/witch/wizard fire or grabs. It can be good if used well, but it needs to be used EXTREMELY well. I'd rather have Musa's 100% skill as it doesn't interfere with combos and you can surely kill an enemy after getting them CC'ed, which is not a problem for Musas and Maehwas.
    Maehwa does have another CC with Backstab, but it's very situational as it only works after a regular Blind Thrust, which has terrible range. I do use it frequently though in my combos, but it doesn't change my views on Musas and Maehwas.
    PvE wise, again Musas with the no cooldown RS wins out flat against Maehwa. Maehwa has just a bit more survivability in PvE due to the guard frame on RM, but at end game PvE when most mobs die with RS-RS-RS, Musa's going to be much faster at clearing out mobs. At real end game PvE (talking about Basilisks/Lava tribes) the channeling on RM actually serves as a disadvantage; mobs will hit the sides and get your animation to cancel, resulting in a ton of lost damage while you wait for your RM's cooldown. With Musas you don't have this problem, as RS doesn't have a cooldown and you can easily evade after the animation.
    Anyway, the reason that I chose Maehwa is because I just like the animation effects, the cherry blossoms that fill up my screen. I don't care particularaly about the PvP difference / PvE difference; its all about my own personal satisfaction.
    I've been leveling up my characters, I've noticed that there was a 4s cooldown to the chase tree, which means that the animation canceling chase won't be available to the US servers. I guess survivability is going to be a problem, but I'll learn to deal with it soon enough. Hope this post helps anybody
  24. I just read the Patch Notes and I have to say I am rather disappointed that the Cash Shop doesn't sell the best looking Costumes for Musa.

    They are offering the Atlantis which is more of a Warrior Skin:

    But they are not selling the best looking ones which are more Musa-like, the Cataphact and the Wilderness:

    Though it looks like they are actually offering the Wilderness outfit (above) in the Starter Pack at a whopping 4100 Pearls but not as a Stand Alone version.
    At the same time Mahewa is getting the best looking outfit, the Red Moon, both in the Starter Pack and the Stand Alone Version.
    Why is this?

    C'mon now, Daum I understand you need to make money and you want to cash in the Musa craze, but I really don't think it is smart to lock the best looking outfit in the Starter Pack with no option to buy it separately (like the Mahewa)
    If that's really the way it is, I am gonna skip the Musa Outfit all together and wait until the Ninja is released to spend my money on him (hoping the best looking outfit is not locked in the Starter Pack too).

    Quite honestly, this looks very greedy, and it is difficult to justify it, because it is made specifically for the Musa Class which is the most popular Class in BDO, and quite frankly it is not good for Daum reputation in the long run.
    I hope you re-think your CS strategy, because it is getting worse rather than better (still waiting for a better deal on Dyes)