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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if you would reckon without being to OP or stupid, providing a frontal guard on Projection while it cast would be a good idea.
    Reason is, that I find often, that the skill is quite delayed and we are stuck in the animation if we want to run "Extra Credit" due to latency.
    I don't believe it would become to OP, but it would be a nice breather rather than having a panic since you can't animation cancel the attack until it's cast.
  2. Hi guys,

    I'm relatively new, or actually just returning to play this game again. I initially played at launch but quitted after a few weeks, then decided to come back to try out musa when it was announced on US servers. However, that was short-lived. After seeing the wizard awakenings being announced in KR, I was inspired to hop back on the game again.  Except this time, I'm unsure of which class I should continue playing with, or rather if I should start from scratch again. I am relatively a casual player; I used to play hours on end on games like Guild Wars 2, Vindictus, Tera, Blade and Soul, Ragnarok, Cabal, and a few others, but the gaming habit sort have died down since last year due to college, club activities, etc. 

    I actually didn't get too far on any of my characters that I've made besides my Musa which is currently at level 42. I started with warrior initially but switched to valkyrie afterwards, but quitted after getting to level 20.  

    My question now, is which class should I continue or switch to playing?

    A little background about my preference:
    I tend to prefer classes that constantly keeps me engaged, play tactically and counteract to opponents attacks. I also have a strong preference for melee oriented classes that tend to be agile and dexterous but I also find wielding two handed weapons like a greatsword, or polearm to be pretty awesome. Wizard awakening has also peaked my interest in trying out a magic-based class for the first time. At the moment I'm thinking about continuing my Valkyrie based on what I'm seeing their gameplay so far, it seems to be very heavily based on counter play. However the Musa seems pretty attractive as well due to it's ability to engage and disengage in combat. The ninja class looks pretty awesome too, I'm a huge fan of dual wielding characters.
    Classes I've played in other games:

    Guild Wars 2: Warrior- Greatsword/axeshield, Thief - dualdagger/shortbow, Guardian - staff/greatsword
    Vindictus:  Lann - Twinspear/Twinsword, Hurk - Greatsword
    Tera: Warrior, Berserker, Slayer
    BnS: BladeMaster, KungFu Master

    If I can get a quick list of class suggestions, it's pros and cons, gear dependency, and suitability for casual players, that would be awesome! 
  3. Bonjour alors je suis nouveaux et j'essaye de comprendre un peu le jeu . 
    Alors j'ai pas très bien compris l'histoire de l'Awakening/Eveil en gros au niveau 56 on n'a une nouvelle classe ce sa ? Ou ce juste un transformation qui dure un certain temps ? 
    Et aussi je voudrai savoir entre le Musa et le Ninja qui fait le plus de dps ? Qui est le mieux pour Pvp ? Et qui est le mieux pour Pve ?
    Merci de me répondre. 
  4. Hey looking for a good pvp and node war guild let me know if your interested by replying below .Thanks
    My firends are also looking for guild so if u recruit me they will most likely want to join. Others are level 56 and have gs of around 330
  5. Currently the Musa's Projection skill while using the crescent blade is not increasing the black spirit rage meter when the energy hit scores kills. I've tested it on several different enemy types so far, the initial blade hit increases it properly but if the energy hit is the one that gets the kill there is no increase. 
    Thank you in advance!
  6. Hello!

    I'm here to start a PvP strategies and combos discussion, to help players like me o_o Who wants enlightenment to what to do when a flagged psychopath tries to kill me .____.''

    Pls help '-'...

    OBS: There's some good guides pre-awakening... but u know.. Our awaken weapon is better e_é
  7. Salut !
    Je comptais profiter des soldes pour m'acheter un outfit, toutefois un petit détail me perturbe.
    Jouant musa, je voulais me procurer le set des frontières ouest d'éveil, celui-ci coûte 2720 perles.
    Or, si j'achète le set d'arme et d'armure à 1760 puis le munshido a 720 cela fait revenir le coût de l'opération a 2480 perles au lieu de 2720.
    Pourquoi une telle différence ? Est ce simplement une faille du système ou est ce volontaire ?
    D'ailleurs, le prix du costume seul est de 1760 perles et celui du set et d'armure est égallement de 1760, pourquoi ?
    Merci par avance
  8. Post on Musa senapai in General

    By Groax, posted
    looking for a really good Musa  Senpai in Orwen server to help become really good at the class so I can smack people around lol 
  9. Post on Hawol location in General

    By Efitall, posted
    Hope this makes it easier.

  10. Hi Guys,
    Not sure if you follow BJGodna but i have been a subscriber of his for a while now and he has recently been playing his Mae on stream and i am liking allot of what i see, he is one of those streamers and YT up loaders that does not bother with editing and its nice to get to see some raw footage of our class being played:
    some fights of his Blader (main) against an equivalent plum
  11. So this is my build: http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/14119
    I lack SP so I wonder what should I go for now
  12. Herbal juice should be buyable from the General Good vendor like HP/Mana potions. The x amount of time it takes to gather weeds and herbs + the y amount of time to process all of it into Herbal Juice + the z amount of time to process the herbal juice into better herbal juice could be spent actually grinding silver and exp.
  13. Post on Help me decide. in Ninja

    By Askain, posted
    I could write a wall of text but I'll keep it short so people actually read it. lol
    So I've got a lvl 55 Musa and lvl 51 Ninja atm. I like them both tho Musa's skillset kinda fits me better.
    I'm just looking now at Awakenings to help me decide which class I should main before I'll regret it later. Since Ninja gets 6 swords or something, I'm pretty hyped about it although alot of people say it would be boring, it just looks perfect to me; clean, not too flashy skills and aesthetically very pleasing.
    I do like the Musa awakening as well, thought it kinda scores a bit lower than Ninja's for me. I see alot of people say that the Musa awakening will evolve into some sort of spin2win. I really don't like spinning all the time, so maybe if someone has some experience with it enlighten me.
    Well my question is if I should just stick with my Musa or switch to Ninja, it's a pretty hard decision for me and I don't want to keep switching between the two all the time. I do like playing the lesser popular classes thought, but since I'm running around alot on my own, I couldn't really tell any major differences. People that are part of big guilds might want to help me out here.
    Thank you in advance  
  14. I recently purchased the new red robe Musa outfit, and noticed a small but noticeable graphic glitch. Though it is a somewhat small glitch, I fond it rather off-putting, coming from a premium costume.
    It has to do with a section of the armor that changes color when the camera zooms out (see image for reference). The further the camera pulls out, the more orange the section appears to get. This doesn't happen on any other aspect of the armor, and this part is not a separate dye channel. It should be staying the same green color shown on other aspects of the armor.
    I have tried multiple dyes in different colors ( I have merv's), they all produce the same effect. same thing in different weather and times of day too.
    Please correct or help me with a refund

  15. Post on Afro's for all in Suggestions

    By hatakira, posted
    I would like to request that all/most classes can have an option for an Afro other than just berzerker. Let me know your opinion or if you agree!
  16. Hi i want buy Acher Guard Weapon and Outfit for Musa!
    pm me thx.
  17. Horse Skill Change RNG (Random Number Generation) Modification
    I am proposing that the RNG on the horse skill change coupons be changed/modified in the following ways to enhance the overall experience of the Black Desert community patrons, and furthermore reduce/remove the phenomenon of "gambling" with one's real money.
    Idea 1 - Creating a threshold when making attempts to change horse skills at which RNG would no longer play a role, and a guarantee would be granted as a result of reaching said threshold. 
    Ex. * A player is purchasing [Horse Skill Change Coupon] in an attempt to change Forechop to Instant Accel. They purchase one, "Darn! No such luck." and  they try again, same result, they now have two stacks of "Hope". This continues on until it reaches 5 stacks, Little Johnny Gamerson does not have Lady Luck on his side tonight, but behold! By his sixth attempt he has spent well enough money, got his heart rate pumping, but has thankfully reached a fail-safe, or threshold that our friendly Black Desert staff members have thoughtfully added to the most recent patch, assuring that on his 6th attempt he is guaranteed to get the skill of his choice! Now, RNG still plays a role in this scenarios in following way: Prior to attempt #6 a lucky dude or dudette may be able to achieve this goal in less tries than 6, in which case we praise RNGsus and the Black Desert Staff for being totally rad! 
    Idea 2 - Remake the [Horse Skill Change Coupon] completely. Hold on content developers, don't click off the page just yet! 
    Ex. * The underlying system is absolutely fine in the sense that the coupon is exchanged for a skill change, even the name stays the same, however what changes is the price of the coupon and the RNG factor , being realized for the cruel mistress she is, is kicked to the curb a.k.a removed! I would suggest placing the [Horse Skill Change Coupon] at a higher price, perhaps 1000 pearls or somewhere in that general area, and making it a one time deal, you buy the coupon, exchange it in the stables and your desired skill is instantaneously granted to you! 
    It is my opinion that changes such as these would increase the satisfaction of the people who choose to contribute in excess of base-cost to Black Desert, and increase the likelihood that people will choose to purchase this item, therefore generating modest to potentially significant revenue for the game and it's future developments. I also believe that choosing to modify something in this way, that reaches the mutual satisfaction of both ends of the spectrum can help solidify bonds between the BDO Team and the community at large, which is always a great thing! 
    * I totally want feedback from anyone who can add ideas, change ideas, etc, so please comment! *
    A most pleasant day to you all! ( Imagine that in a really posh English accent.. don't you feel classy? )
  18. hi guys ive started berserker when i heard that its a very sustainable class for solo pve (except world bosses) i feel its true so far and i like him but as i keep encountering other classes in game i started to wonder especially about musa/plum ninja/kunoichi classes. i would like to ask you what is their sustainability in terms of how many pots you use and where, or is your healing skill/addon enough to heal you? will i have problems with soloing some mobs (except world bosses) or you can do most of them with proper gear/skill? So what of these classes you think is best for solo pve and why ?:)
  19. Post on Musa Node Wars (Video) in Musa

    By Legendaire, posted
    Hello, just wanted to show everyone that musa can be viable in nodewars...Heres a small clip of it...
    My Gearscore is @ 0:12-0:13 ...Enjoy!...

    PS: First time doing video's...so take it easy...
  20. Post on Question about Rocaba in Musa

    By ghaz, posted
    So I'm conflicted. I've read several posts about how Musa's benefit from the Rocaba set due to its high WP and +7 evasion for a full set. I've also read that it's better to go with grunil. My problem with that is, Grunil only offers AP and HP, sure every class uses it, but a large chunk of the Musa's skills benefit from high WP. However, being what it is, as well as not being able to craft the armor, it's a pain in the ass to upgrade. I'm aware of the merchant in the city of Valencia that can give it to me if I play the gossip game. I know evasion has been nerfed, my question is, would I benefit from another set or a combination of Rocaba and another set?
  21. Just like the title says, I have no clue what the difference is, can anyone help?
    (Not sure if I post this on the right forums)
    Does the accuracy increases a lot more with Ultimate as I see no AP difference with the Ultimate and the green/blue ones.
  22. My guild does a lot of node wars and I always feel lackluster in them. My gear score is not the greatest right now but even in general I have a hard time attacking enemies. I don't use any of the kicks or bow attacks. How much am I hindering myself? What are the skills people generally learn towards? I am level 53. 102/107 AP/DP (Still low I know)
  23. So I have been playing Musa since it came out and im having issues in large pvp.
    I started playing kunoichi and I really enjoy it.
    I was just wondering how they are in 1v1, small group pvp, and GvG compared to Musa.
  24. Post on Dashing in a slope! in Musa

    By Fujy, posted
    How do you feel about dashing in a slope!? For me is so annoying, get you out off fight! I personally try to dash backwards as it has lower chance to just stop your char and get you out of fight instance.
    Waiting your opinions!
  25. So Korea's latest update includes the port city of Raht, which is a part of the new Haso Kingdom. As you can see, it has an asian theme, and there is speculation that the 'foreigner' classes are from this place:

    also at the end of the trailer:
    As a Musa and Ninja player I would love to get some more backstory about the origins of my characters. I tried googling it, but there is not much info out there. Does anyone know if there is some lore available on either Raht city or the Haso Kingdom? . If so , let's collect it here.
    As a sidenote, does this mean we are from the near north-west instead of the far east?!