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  1. Post on Nerfed Classes in PVP

    By Talon__, posted
    I don't spend a lot of time on the forums, so I have no idea how much this is being discussed. Is it even remotely arguable that Archers and Sorc aren't broken (comparatively, to any other class)? Is it arguable that Blader isn't useless?
    If not:
    Why then, was Blader nerfed on launch? I mean, yeah, "because their awakening came out in KR," but does that really justify releasing them in this state? I am not aware of all the updates in KR, but according to some people: Archer was also nerfed in KR. If it's nerfed there, because there was an obvious imbalance and there very clearly still is, then why isn't it nerfed here? If nerfing a class is intrinsically to create balance, and Musa was nerfed (to the point that it is virtually useless), yet there remains imbalance, why nerf anything at all? It can't be nerfed here. Coming to the realization that it may have already happened is unacceptable in its current state.

    To further add more food for thought to this metaphorical toilet: Why would you remove i-frames from Chase (off cooldown), when there is already a class that abuses them to the point of appearing to have no physical form (purple smoke) outside of their cat-scratchings, and that does so using a self-replenishing resource instead of WP(Willpower, i think)?
    In a game where level and gear means so much you release a class late, nerf it into its grave, and ignore the other imbalances so that anyone who was hoping to play said class on release is underleveled, and 90% more likely to be undergeared since its very likely they hadn't wasted however much time since launch on a character they had hoped they would eventually never want to play on again.
    Do you guys just hate weebs or something? Do you like Simpsons porn?
    I sincerely hope Ninja is safe from whatever scat-fetishist developer is coming up with these changes.
    ps: wasn't this supposed to be like, an action game or something? why is gear/level more important than skill?
  2. Hi Guys,

    I'm actually a bit undecided on which class to main.  I purchased the game about a few months ago and played during the launch date, however, I hardly got the chance to continue through the game.  I did make a Valkyrie but stopped playing after I got to Heidel.  As of right now, I want to start off new again and decide on a particular class that I would personally enjoy. 
    The choices are between a Warrior, Valkyrie, Musa, or Maehwa.
    A little background on me, I played games such as:
    Guild Wars 2: Warrior - GreatSword & Axe/Shield ; Thief - DualDaggers & Shortbow
    Vindictus: Lann - TwinSpears/TwinSwords ; Hurk - GreatSword
    Tera: Warrior - DualSwords ; Slayer - GreatSword
    I have strong preference for primarily melee based class and not so much on the range and magic oriented classes. I also prefer playing a class that would keep me actively engaged and continually playing on the edge. i.e. SpearLanns from Vindictus and Warrior from Tera.
    However, at the end of the day, aesthetically I prefer giant weapons of destruction such as a greatsword but still would like a very agile and dexterous oriented class.
    If you could list the pros/cons and things such as taking into account gear dependency, that would be great!
    Comment: Well so far, it seems like it's leaning towards Valkyrie; I am actually considering Maehwa for aesthetic reasons and the cool animations it offers.  However I'm beginning to see a lot of complaints regarding the musa/maehwa class based on the forums.  The awakening for those two classes do look pretty insane, though I'm not a big fan of using spears and polearms.  Warrior awakening looks very tempting and the Valkyrie awakening isn't so bad either resembling the lancer class in Tera. 
  3. Does the damage of our Black Spirit Rage increase with rank of Dragon Bite? Or does it do the same regardless of rank?
  4. Hello fellow Adventurers!
    (English is not my first language so please do not hate me for my spelling or grammar mistakes  )
    I know it is already too late for a thread like this BUT I just wanted to make a suggestion that could balance the ods in PVP for all classes. We all know awekenings for each of the classes now, however if the awekenings would be changed they could be a great way to balance pvp, both in small and big scale PVP. Below I will explain how small/big scale pvp is at this moment and my suggestion on how it could be fixed:

    So many people hate that, for example, in Red Battlefield after more than 30 ppl participate it is a range AoE fest. Usually it seems like two sets of groups standing and AoEing each other to death form afar (that's why melee clases are a bit shit in big scale pvp - that's because they die before they can reach group of their enemies). 

    So the question is: 'How to make melee classes able to fight in large scale pvp?' or 'How to make a range class able to defend itself properly when focus in melee range?' The solution would be simple:
    GIVE ranged classes melee awekenings - GIVE melee classes range awekenings.
    Perfect Example would be classes like: Giant, Sorc, Ranger.
    1. Giant (melee class) got a cannon which he can use in large scale pvp without closing to the enemy - BRILLIANT!
    2. Sorc (mid-range) - A Scythe <3 I think everybody loves it :3
    3. Ranger (Range) - Rapier (sword or wahtever) - GREAT good range skills with your bow while having that sword you can always change to just to CC - slow or defend yourself against melee. 

    So why Musa shouldn't get a range awekening? Or Warrior? Ninja? etc. I love all the classes in Black desert (I hate the gender lock while I would love to play with male ranger "hunter" class) but some of them are just underpowered because of the weapons they use. 
    For example I love Ninja awekening, but 5-6 swords and heavy-armor (refering to new costumes added in the KR version :P) is not much silent killer style as ninja class was supposed to be, ninja awekening would suit blader a bit more  Secondly why not give ninja long range weapon like a "kusarigama" (knife on a chain). 

    Same thing for Warriors (Tamers,Musas,Maehwa, etc.), I love the greatsword, but it doesn't change the way you play so much, as range awekening would. You guys could make entirely different and new class weilding a greatsword for its main weapon.
    If all classes would be able to range attack and fight in melee range at the same time then it would fix the problem where Wizards and Rangers exceed so much in large scale pvp. Everytime you see someone with a high number above their head in Red Battlefield 90% its Wizards, rangers or sorcs. 

    There is much ramble in this but I had a lot of things I wanted to talk about and I didn't list them all yet. Probably gona add more later on. 

  5. This is the pose I thought "Confident" (Pose 4) was going to be for Musa.

    But this is "Confident" pose 4. That's dumb.
    Is there even a crossed arm pose available, or does the BDO team just like to tease us with things we can't have?

  6. Musa Class Added
    The Musa is a swordsman armed with an arsenal of powerful area of effect skills and blazing speed to devastate their foes in the blink of an eye while avoiding danger.
    Bulllllllllllllllllsh!t , The Musa is a sowrdsman armed with nothing,that does bad damage and that runs around for his life like a idiot, trying not to die but some sorc/ranger/wizzard nukes him in a second.
    PVP balance against other classes has been adjusted.
    Wait, what?! What does that even mean ? i feel no difference in anything.
    Musa Known Buggs : 
    1.Dragon`s Bite
    Musa should be able to charge Dragon's Bite for more dmg - NOT WORKING.

    There is no DIFFERENCE between CHASE 1 and CHASE 2.

    Blooming is a game changer for Musa , but its so bugged, that it misses 80-90% of the swings, and does not provide iframe like it should.

    4.Charged Stub Arrow
    It should KNOCKDOWN target , instead it stuns for 0.5 seconds =  usless

    5.Ap/Dp Scalling
    Pretty sure all the Musa players have seen this bug. i for once have tested on 0 DP and 165 DP , on the 165 dp i get a SLIGHT dmg reduction. Same for AP, if i incrase my AP i get a slight dmg increase, its not comparable with the AP/DP scalling on other classes !!!!!!!!

    6.Iframe nerfed.
    Guess the title says it all here.

    7.A overall thing, is DSYNC
    You literally CANNOT DO ANYTHING with a MUSA with the dsync of the current game, every time u knockdown a target and try to brust him down, he ends up behind u and you just slash-combo all your CDS on the air. Not fun.

    Overall i want to ask, when is this class gonna be fixed? 
    When will this game gonna be ballanced? [and yes im referring to sorcs(infinite iframe,high dps,block,heal,CCs,dsync abusers) and rangers ( Spamm shotgun win games GG) ]
    When will the dsync gonna be history ?
    When will the botters be PERMA BANNED ? INCLUDING MARKET BOTS?!
    I really enjoy this game, but things that i ve mentioned are SOUL DESTROYNG as a PVP er.
    Thank you for reading my post.
    @CM_Jouska , a answer that its not "Very soon" will be hightly appreciated.
  7. Hi, am i the only one getting more of a Musa/blader vibe from these costumes, rather than  ninja ones ?
    All costumes should be available on any classe... Just kidding.
    (ps: I am talking about costume design, not awakening weapons )

  8. Post on another week.... in Musa

    By PewPewNation, posted
    Another week without any official updates on dp/ap for Musa. Surprised there wasn't even a patch today. I really wish they would just give us some dates so I don't have to anticipate every wed.
  9. Chase 1 since patch has a shorter dash range, it has 3 functioning animation cancels: Dragon bite, Divider and round house kick.

    Chase 2 since patch DOES WORK, it increases your dash range by a few feet, it also gives you 3 functioning animation cancels: Divider, Dragon Bite, and Auto attack which requires rebind in options (bind WW to something + LMB)

    Ultimate chase, allows you to end certain animation locks faster such as : decapitation, red moon, carver, blind strike, all kicks

    You should have chase 2, it is unquestionably better than chase 1, and round house kick dash animation cancel is good, auto attack animation cancel is better.

    Conversation over.
  10. So while playing the game, hunting mobs, bosses, or feud with players I seemed to always get hit during the first chase skill which is supposed to give us an invincibility frame. From my observation and statement about pre-nerf chase skill in KR server, that Musa and Maehwa were able to roam through battlefield untouched, I expect the invincibility frame would be long.
    I kept testing with ranged mage type mob (rogue mage), and I tried to avoid the damage with "first chase", but I always get hit.
    Out of 80 trials, there was one time I negated the damage (white line effect around your character) but I expect that to be from "evasion stat" or something like that.
    Does anyone else experience this? I don't even know what to blame. Me, skill, or server??
  11. Hello fellow Adventurers! 
    There's been a lot of hate and plea for help for our beloved Musa/Maehwa classes that we have been waiting for so long. 
    I want to underline that i decided to write this post as I have not seen anything compacted in one post yet (there could be post like this but I haven't found one).
    Sorry for my english as well as English is not my first language. 
    This post will consist of my personal experience with these classes so far and bugs/things to fix that I found (or other have told me), as well as personal and other Musas opinions how this time blader class can be actually "balanced" in pvp. It would be nice to see any GM response if such changes would be possible but we can always dream 
    Before any of you guys say that I hate or I should change the game just consider that I took my time making this post to ask Daum to FIX our beloved class - I Love this game and I wan't to be able to play on the same level with other classes. The worstthing in MMO is inbalance and not beign able to win against certain classes just because their play THESE classes. 
    Let's start with the bugs that I've found annoying so far:
    We all love chase, being able to sprint like "Flash' through ranks of our enemies. We actually can't run 'through' groups of our enemies as we don't have iframes on our offcd chase -.- Any good player in pvp would easily stop us with a numerous CC and then one-shot us. Now I know many people said "Why won't Daum just give us iframes offcd like other classes have?!" (Sorcs). But guys - THINK. I know you want to have a good chance against everyone but iframes on chase would be just TOO OP as we can CHASE for ages with WP potions/juices. 
    SO My question is - Why don't give us additional Stamina costs to our Chase? WP + Stamina costs, like Sorcs have. Then we wouldn't be able to chase forever, however we would be able to dogde enemy attacks effiently as sorcs do. 
    Other thing with chase is something you made die from if not used to - Chase should cancel animation of our skills - it doesn't. Guys blooming, Rising Storm, etc. are very long animations which we cannot cancel even after losing our points on Chase. The only thing we get from chase nowadays is not being able to do kick combo for faster chase 
    PS. Casting Chase downhill locks you in animation - deadly in PVP - also difficult in places like caves, etc.
    Dragon's Bite
    We should be able to charge Dragon's Bite... Any Blader that I've spoken with was not able to charge up his Tiger Blade for more dmg - it's just bugged. 
    Buying second stage of Chase or kicks are buggind our cancel animation combo... Why not fix it?
    Daum up till now I think everyone in the game pitty Bladers for their AP/DP. I can and I will play with this class, however as houndreds of others I expect this to be fixed. 
    I know all Blader combos, I know how to do damage but in comparison to other classes with same stats Bladers damage is just crap 
    Not mentioning that other classes with the same amount of DP can withstand much more dmg that a Blader can (even with Evasion stacking - if anyone else tried it as well :D)

    Very much Lag dependant
    I know it from many bladers but probably this one you guys won't be able to fix and we will just have to live with this is the lag problem in our combos. No other class has so fast combos and with the weird knockdown animations very often (especially arenas [Heidel]) If a blader Knocks someone down and start Dragon's bite combo in his back after 1-2 hits their body would teleport behind the blader. 
    Tigers Blade
    We all love that dual weliding, bad-ass, slashing ultra speed skill. On the description it clearly says that we are have our iframes during casting. We have, HOWEVER something when tigers blade is about to end and there is that "finishing" animation iframes don't wark everytime. When in larger scale pvp sometimes you can get hit few times by multiple AoE while you are locked in this animation and because of our previous problem - we die. Some people died because of it in PVE which I suppose was frustrating 
    Invisible while casting - NOPE. It doesn't work tested numerous of times. Had been duelling for hours, it doesn't work. People that played KR version said we should be immune to CC while casting it (both Instantly and full-casting it) but it does not work as well. 
    ~`Zelkovae, Even if aimed perfectly Blooming misses many strikes - Tested and Confirmed. 
    ~`Ketekrujo, Blooming does low dmg due to many misses - Probably as Solrik stated due to hits going behing the opponent.
    ~`SakariFoxx, Grabbed durning Blooming,
    Blind Thrust
    I personallly didn't played high lvl on KR so I'm not so much bothered by this but seeing that other people can do it and we can't its jsut not fair. Animation changes when casting Blind Thrust off cd. If that wouldn't be the case it would be much easier to catch someone with that Gale combo afterwards ;]
    Cyclone Shlash
    Great skills for CC, however its animation finishes in like few meters where it travels much greater distance(IM NOT COMPLANING HERE :D) But it would be fair for us AND for other classes if the animation would actually express the full trajectory of it. 
    Charged Stub Arrow
    ~`WinningFob - Charged arrow does a knockback effect rather than a 'KNOCKDOWN'.
    Atack Speed
    ~`Kvn - 5 Atack Speed slower than it should be.
    SO as I said before! DAUM I LOVE YOUR GAME, I listed here all the bugs I found in blader so far. Now all you have to do is work to fix it. It would be nice if you would actually say that and IF your are working on these bugs as many people think of leaving BDO because of them. Don't let it happend! 

    As for comments I would appreciate genuine thoughts what you think on iframes for chase and some stamina costs and for other issues that I've described. If you found more issues list them below and I'll add them with your name on it. 

    Cheers guys, and may RNG be with you 
  12. As the topic states, is there an updated musa guide around, preferably similar to this (imo very nice) tamer guide?
    Edit: 6 hours since I posted, 116 views, and not one single recommendation to a good class guide for Blader, one of the most anticipated classes of BDO?
    Seriously? Was the class DOA or what?
  13. I couldn't resist.

    I might actually have to use my reset token on this.


  14. Hey guys the dura on my bow never goes down. I asked some  bladers/plums they said the same. Does this happen to you? Can some one pls answer. Maybe that is the reason for our low dmg
  15. Are you gonna quit if they dont fix the AP/DP bug? Because I will, since its the only class I´d like top play.
    How about you?
  16. @CM_Jouska Hello bud i know your all very busy at the moment, but i was hoping that you could feed us a little information as to what was changed in the recent patch, that has helped balance Musa in pvp. As it stands most of us feel there is no real difference and a direction to look in would be very helpful, thanks in advance!
  17. One thing is that musa and maehwa currently is very weak overall, but what is also disturbing is how far behind these useless classes fall from the rest gear wise, simply because they can't compete for loot from world bosses on the newly added boss loot.
    Unless you want to spend 500+ pearls per world boss to not lose exp, it is not possible to do it as blader/plum. And people have stopped spending pearls on their blader/plum because the class is trash, so why bother?
    Trying to do world bosses as a blader or plum is like playing dark souls on a modded impossible difficulty. You will die, die, die, die and never manage to get any DPS in while the other classes smash buttons, use i-frames, their range dps or better utility and get top of the DPS list.
    Bladers/plum only have a broken block ability which lets the boss/enemy kill you the second you take damage and leave block stance, and they also have a broken i-frame that got nerfed to 4 seconds when the class was balanced around no cooldown because of their extreme squishyness. End result is a class that dies from everything.
    The guild chat was really salty today after a whole new bunch of people either rerolled or quit the game due to Daum taking the piss on blader/plum after 2+ weeks and still not reverting their i-frame until they get buffed/fixed, And at this point I just wish that Daum gets their head out of the sand and fix it FAST before they lose a big chunk of their playerbase in a heartbeat.
    I have never seen so much instant ragequitting and hatred towards a company due to a class issue in a MMO like the blader/plum before, which make me suprised why they don't push this heavier at pearl abyss to keep their playerbase from leaving.
  18. Right now im getting bored of bdo as it feels like the game just isnt rewarding while playing musa. I feel like every other class even at lower ap and dp just outperform the musa.  
    Now lets be clear i know how to cancel animations and all that. I picked up how to use this pretty well. However when i cant even burst a class without potions in the arena wich are by the way a lower lvl and way lower stats then me, that just really dissapoints me.
    I dont really want to get forced to play another class since i really like the playstyle of musa, but right now daum puts me in a difficult position, as it starts to bore me. (Gearing up my blader doesnt really make me feel that stronger)
    Im somewhat afraid blader/musa wont get fixed for now. So im thinking about rerolling another fast paced class like sorc, wich right now is alot more rewarding to play..
    Any advice from you guys, mahby some opinions would help me decide. Sorry for my grammer. Thanks in advance!
  19. Post on Musa Awakening Costume in Musa

    By Champion, posted

    So with the new Musa Awakening trailer, we got to see the new costume for this class but my question is, will we have to wait for all the previous costumes that Korea got or will they implement this costume in sooner? I dont want to wait another year just to make my Musa look cool. The Musa kind of got ripped off with costume designs, but this one seems to fit well in my opinion. I understand some people dont care for the Pearl Shop or costumes and that is fine, but after seeing this costume I was convinced i had to get it!
  20. Good Afternoon,
    Been on the game since launch and was seeing if i could get a refund on 3 of the daily tokens we have been getting for my MUSA. My friend accidentally used 3 not knowing i was saving for the pet you can obtain with 12. I have 9 Meahwa tokens currently and was seeing if i could get the other 3 refunded today so I may receive my pet. Thank you for your time and consideration. 
    Best Regards,
    LvL 51 Warrior (Coliath) and LvL 24 Musa (Nostralios). Family name is (Coliath).
  21. Post on Advice for a new Musa in Musa

    By JuxXxed, posted
    Hi all!,
    I just downloaded the game a few days ago and chose Musa as my first class. Do any of you have advice for a noob Musa? What skills to concentrate on? How to fight? How to gear up? What to do? What not to do?
    Any advice is much appreciated. I don't want to hear the class is broken, just would like any constructive help for someone new to the game as a Musa.
    Thank you in advance!
  22. After a few weeks of playing this game and learning as much as I can on my own I have come to the conclusion that it may be time to seek out a guild.
    As I said I am new and it is best to assume I know nothing (Much like John Snow, though I'm no were near as cool as he).  I have been around the mmo world for many years and like to think that I catch on rather fast.  But I am looking for a guild that is willing to take me under their wing and let me learn at my own pace.  I afk fish a bunch and enjoy crafting way more then in any other mmo but I have also rather enjoyed grinding the crap out of mobs.  I have also in past mmos enjoyed pvp though being only 36 as of this posting I've yet to taste it here.  On a final note when it comes to TS3/mumble/discorde or what ever voice chat options you use I will use them if I have to but I'd rather not most of the time. 
    If you think I might mesh well with your guild send me a pm!  Looking forward to getting to know a few others on here.
  23. Post on Musa Worth it ? in Musa

    By Revamped, posted
    Fellow musa players,
    I am a 95/120 lvl 51 Musa player, so far the class is not getting close to my expectations.
    I would appreciate to see some Skilled musa players in the topic share their few cents on this class.
    Q  Is it gonna be worth it to further play this class and invest?
    Q How is the class affected concerning future awakening nerfs?
    Motivation please ^^
    Looking forward to read some!
  24. Hi there
    I would like to say i have been loving my Musa until i grew to lvl 50+. Then with 130 dp i am 2 shot. I have tested this with no dp and 130 damage reduce and high evasion.I got 400-700 points of damage from helm hunter when i had 130 dp,and when i removed all my dp it did not even change a small fraction 400-750. This is Trash and needs to be fixed as soon as possible i am really disappointed and kinda felt like quitting.I had moved all my gear from other chars over to this char ,and sold off all most all my gear from other chars to make this Musa strong.DAUM or Pearl Abyss PLEASE HELP
  25. Just made this topic since I've searched the forums and didn't see anything. By any chance does anyone here have skilled the Whirlwind Cut :Cyclone skill?
    I want to confirm since that skill has been particularly bugged for me in the manner that if I cast it in the manner while moving left, it goes off fine but if I cast it while moving to the right, it is casted superbly slow to the point that it feels like if I had a debuff on. Its 100% produceable to me to the manner that if I cast it to the right, it casted so obscenely slow but casting it towards the left it's fine and dandy.
    I would make a video of it but I'm really not knowledgeable on how to do so and get ingame video nor posting it on youtubes but i'm making this topic to see if anyone else has this bug. I already did a bug report through the website zenker or somesort like that but wanted to be sure if anyone else had it and if someone else with more computer skills can make a video to confirm (or teach me how.)