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  1. So am I the only one who missed this?
    apparently daum released THE perfect outfit for samurai roleplay!!! And it is not for the ninja.
    In my opinion this is so smart as many musa players identify more with samurai than obscure korean warriors.
    check it out:
  2. Well decided we'd need one of these threads for the Blader's today as there will be many new faces in Olivia.
    Here is mine : D

  3. The title is quite self explanatory,there was a korean post last year where the guy who made the customization data was giving it away,but it was for limited time only.
    As i can only create monstrocities (with the only masterpiece the valkyrie below) i would really love if anyone could share the data.

  4. Post on Musa Awakening Video in General

    By Howin, posted
    Surprised no one has posted this yet, here it is!
  5. So I asked for the 20th off at my job a week ahead so I can spend that day getting to 50. I go to work today and what happens? My boss revokes my Musa/Blader day. So yea F*CK my life. If you had your day canceled let me hear your story.
  6. Post on Musa Grinding Capability in Musa

    By Maelwro, posted
    Hi folks,
    Recently new to the game, and have been leveling a wizard (Currently 42); however, I'm looking to also level a melee class that satisfies that visceral/melee combat feel.  Due to my limited time however, I'm looking for a class that is pretty self sufficient (e.g., limited reliance on pots, does fairly well solo, etc.).  I've narrowed it down between Berserker and Musa; but for those of you who have played in Korea, any advice would be greatly appreciated as to the strengths and weaknesses of these two "(or other) Melee classes.  Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  7. Post on Maewha or Musa - Why? in Maehwa

    By Kasathar, posted
    I am fairly new to all this, just lvl 44 ranger and I was looking into these 2 new classes (well gender reversals, w/e you want to call it)
    I was wondering about the differences, strengths and weaknesses of both. From the little information I have been able to read and look at, Musa seems to be stronger at AoE fighting and Maewha is more of a single target focus DPS.
    Are there any other highlights you want to share? I would really like to know how far does each one of these classes scale to.
    Thanks in advance for all the feedback!
  8. Hey @CM_Jouska @CM_Praballo @CM_Tytyes !
    Can you please activate the forum section of the Musa/Maehwa? So the threads will be organized on the correct spot.
    Pre Release the forum sections of the other classes where in too :>
    Many thanks in advance!
  9. Yo
    Which one of the sorta new classes coming on the 20th will you roll with ? 
    Me personally im gonna roll with Maehwa probably and level up Musa later on, once i have my Maehwa on 55
    My current main is sorceress and the dashing will be similar to her mechanics so i think im gonna enjoy the fresh gameplay after 500+ hours on sorc
  10. Blader and plum's....Erm, Musa and Maehaw's release date has been confirmed!
  11. Hello ladies and gentlemen,
    So I've been enjoying this game alot and just like many others I've been waiting on  blader / plum  (musa / maehwa) to really spend time and maybe buy some outfits finally but my biggest problem is I never know what to choose..

    I like blader because his the first decent male char in this game but I like playing with girls because.. well I rather look at a womans behind ingame than at a man, altough with both looking good as it is I'm not sure what to pick.. I've seen many youtube vids about both.. altough there are less of plum sadly and it still didn't help me..
    So at the end what do you think has the best animation /spelleffects and looks best in gear and maybe the pros and cons the little differences are, I don't really care for that lil bit extra dps.. I like to play one just because I will enjoy it.
    thanks for viewing and maybe replying your thoughts about which u'd pick and why.

  12. I know for whatever reason you can't/won't tell us when you plan on dropping Musa/Maehwa, either because you're afraid of missing the deadline and upsetting fans, or because you honestly don't know, or for whatever other reason...
    But can a CM please confirm that you will provide at least 24 hours notice so that we can queue characters for deletion that are saving the name we want for our character?
    That or remove the delete-timer with the release of the class so that we aren't stuck waiting an extra day for deletion.
    This doesn't seem like an unrealistic request, and hopefully this was already the plan. Can we get someone in here to confirm that is the case?
    EDIT: It occurs to me this should have been in the Suggestion section of the Forum. My apologies!
    EDIT 2: We got our notice! April 20th. A little sad that they couldn't get it out for 13th maintenance, but I guess that's an extra week to devote to Dark Souls 3! (4 bosses in so far)
  13. Post on More character slots? in General

    By Xanos, posted
    Should we expect to see the slots cap go past 9 characters per server with their addition? Would be good to know for altaholics.

  14. I think it would be much more lore-accurate (and interesting) if we kept the names Musa and Maehwa for Blader and Plum, respectively.  This is especially considering that Musa and Maehwa come from the region known as the "Far East" (Ninja, Kunoichi, and Tamer also come from this area).  I suggest this because "Blader" sounds somewhat awkward to many, and "Ronin"/"Samurai" (as I've seen him called) are inaccurate considering both classes were based more on Korean swordsmanship.  I would suggest this for Tamer as well, but I don't know quite what her intended name is, or if it isn't just a catchall rather than something specific.

    (As an aside: It would be great to see the "Far East" some day!)