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  1. Hello folks,
    I am on trying to find mushroom seed for getting some fruit of magic.
    In database stand that I must use a hoe at dry thicket. The hoe is equipped but differntly using it on wild herbs where the char is using the hoe, she only uses her hands at (dry) thicket.
    Any idea how I could make her use the equipped hoe? My skill is Professional 8.
    Thanx for all your help
  2. Why the item "Truffle Mushroom Hypha" doesn't exist? Maybe this must be an oversight and not an actual decision, because the only useful recipe is the detection elixir.
    I think this item should be implemented in the game: is the only mushroom without the Hypha, so nobody can farm it in fences.
    The Detection Elixir doesn't cost so much (about 70k, like many others) but is really harder to create due of this little problem. 
    Furthermore when you gather the Truffle Mushroom resource, you always get ONLY one Truffle Mushroom and this makes it even more rare and hard to get. You can see it in the following image.

    I play on Jordine and i created a character in Alustin and Croxus to check the marketplace and i saw that nobody sold High-quality Truffle or Special Truffle, so you can easy understand that the Hypha was not find even in these servers, because you can get the higher quality of an item only if you have the special Seed in fence. 
    If you check the marketplace in Plants section and you write mushroom, you can see how many mushroom of all types have been sold. If you check the Truflle, you can see that the quantity is really really lower. 

    I thought the item was not implemented in the game, but some days ago a person shared the Special Truffle Mushroom Hypha in chat. He was a "cheater" because he could link items that he didn't own, like PEN: Ogre Ring, checking them from the game database. But he couldn't share in chat items not implemented in database like Whale Earrings or items of next patches. 
    So if he shared the Truffle Hypha in chat, it is implemented in the game. It is just probably not activated or is bugged. The following screenshot shows that.

    I created this post as a suggestion to check this item and I hope that it can be added in the game.
  3. As the title states I am looking to find any information on the use of the following two items:
    1. Big fog mushroom - (not sure where I got this)
    2. Pile of sunrise herbs:  (I get them from the production node - Sunrise Herb)
    Thanks in advance for any info!
  4. If the two websites I am using are complete, then I see only two recipes for mushroom use!
    I can think of loads of uses:
    steak with mushrooms and gravy
    sauteed mushrooms
    stuffed mushrooms