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  1. Please remove this horrible neon parking signs over horses.
    1 - we know its parked, we got off the damn thing
    2 - we have horse whistles if we lost it horse
    3 - you make a immersive world and then ruin it with massive neon "PARKING" signs.
    This is not Tokyo Desert!! We dont need World of Neons.
    No one asked for it, no one wants it. Remove it please!!
    Or at least let us disable the parking sign its absolutely disgusting.
  2. The hair currently suffers from severe Graphical Bugs. Since I have started playing a new bug has appeared after every major patch. 
    Lighting Bug:
    Since CBT1 the hair does not interact with Light properly. This goes for all hair/fur/feathers/transparent fabrics, including horses, Pets, and any feathers/fur on armor/objects and NPC's. 
    During the day it is too light.During the day in shade it is too dark.During Sunset it has a gray cast, is too light and the wrong color.During night darker hair is black with no color,   lighter hair colors glows in the dark (Light red and white).Some textures (Like the feathered hose gear) appear another color from a distance, then when you get closer the actual color pops in.On other players screens your hair appears significantly lighter. All lighting options in Create mode render a different result than the actual in game lighting, making it imposable to get the right hair color the first try. Most of the time the hair looks 2 or 3 shades lighter in game then it did in Create mode. 
    See through Bug:
    After CBT2  the hair now is see through. You can see the outline of your characters head and ears through the hair. It is more prominent in light-medium hair shades.
    The head outline and ears can be see through your characters hair. As if it is partially transparent.If you stand in front of someone your hair will be invisible on the parts it is in front of the other players hair.When certain outfits (Kibelius for example)  are equipped it causes hair transparency and hair to shorten.when standing behind water (such as a waterfall) hair becomes sparse and jagged. 
    Hair on top Overwriting other things:
    Hair makes some other things transparent when they are placed in front of it. (hard to explain, see pictures)
    Hair shows over of other peoples hair textures.Hair shows over some clothing items, such as the Atanis Headpiece.Hair Physics:
    After launch some hair styles do not move right in game anymore. They bounce like they are slinkings or bags filled with water. at times stretching out one direction.
    Some hairs bounce and move unrealistically.Other hairs seem to not move at all.Changes during Hide UI:
    After the soft launch headstart the hair now changes when you hide the UI. the changes are more Prominent from a distance, versus up close.
    During Hide UI the hair  changes. The hair appears to interact with the lighting differently, causing it to seem thinner, shorter and even have gaps. 
    Hair looks different to other players:
    I noticed while looking at my friend play, my characters hair was MUCH lighter then it is on my screen. Their characters hair likewise looked lighter on my screen. 
    Other people's character's hair appears lighter than the one you are playing.NA/EU hair vs other regions:
    After watching some videos of the RU version I noticed their hair is much better done than ours. 
    NA/EU hair texture is flat, see through and lighter colors glows in the dark.Not just hair: Feathers, Fur and some Fabrics:
    Other material's suffer from this glowing bug. Anything fur like or fabric that is partially transparent seems to be effected/
    Feathers, fur on both armor and animals glow. Some fabrics (mostly partially transparent) glow also. 
    Examples (Work in Progress): All Images were taken on max settings (not with high end mode active) with color filters disabled.
    Red, Black And White hair during different times of the day.

    Red, Black And White hair during night and near town lights at night.

    Versus In Create mode (Lighting option 1)

    I think we all recognize this scene at night.
    People and Horses with dark hair are not as badly affected (Though there hair color does change sometimes) the light haired ones glow at night.

    RU vs NA/EU hair. As you can see the RU version has much more detailed hair and does not look see through or glitchy.

    Can see hair when behind someone else's hair.

    Hair appears to be on top of Atanis veil.

    Hair become sparse and broken behind flowing water.

    Transparent Fabric Glow bug on Rene Charles pants:

    A video of KR characters hair.
    I find it strange since everything else in this game interacts with lighting so realistically. Fabric, armor, environment, skin. Everything looks so realistically shaded... then the hair is glowing and changing colors constantly. Seems like a huge oversight.
    Hey everyone, sorry for my absents. Have not really been playing BDO.
    I just read an interview with Pearl Abyss, seems they are aware of this bug! Sadly it seems to be caused by the engine, and they might not be able to fix that.(Just like the horrible Pop in)
    You can read the full interview here: http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/09/11/black-desert-online-interview-pearl-abyss-talks-dark-elves-future-updates-fixes-and-much-more/
    GN: Another problem is that under certain lighting conditions hair becomes a little “neon.”
    PA: I know, I hate it! (laughs)
    GN: Will that be mitigated as well?
    PA: That problem is actually linked directly to the game’s engine, and we keep complaining about it ourselves, since the cosmetic side of our game is really important for us. We’re totally aware of it.
    GN: Is the engine made by another studio?
    PA: No it’s made internally.
    GN: So you’re basically complaining with your own colleagues.
    PA: (Laughs).
    GN: We’ll wait. I have black hair, so I’m fine I guess…
    PA: Yeah, bright hair is a problem in game for now. Mine is white so… And yellow colors are totally bright as well."
    Thanks everyone for keeping this thread alive, I really feel if we not voiced so loudly here it may of not been asked. Lets hope they can find a solution!
  3. Welcome to Black Desert Online!
    When was the last time you were so excited for a new mmo!? 
    Neon Grind Community is hyped for this new opportunity, a new world to explore, new gameplay to share, and amazing character creation. We seek to grow our existing community with the pvp and pve elements of BDO. We are a teamspeak centric community looking to build experiences and friendships beyond the game.
    If you are interested please post here or find us in game. =D
  4. Hello, I am just curious what everyone thinks of the dyes in Black Desert, in particular the bright colors... so I made a poll.
    I fall into #9 myself.
    I've seen a lot of hot pink and neon green clothed horses today so thought I'd see what others felt.