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  1. DK is receiving significantly way less damage than many other classes.
    Tested with a lvl 58 DK with 263 DP | Musa lvl 60 273 DP | Zerker lvl 60 283 DP | Wizard lvl 60 273 DP
    (no evasion items via crystals, jewelry etc.) 
    (all members had full boss gear) 
    (Approximately 50 rounds or trials were performed on each participant) (standing w/ No KD) (with KD)
    The lvl 58 DK had a very consistent average about 150-250 more HP than the Wizard & Musa 
    The DK had an average of 100-150 HP more than the Zerker
    I want to know if anyone else has done some experimenting and with other classes as this is what we had available at the time.
  2. DK is receiving significantly way less damage than many other classes.
    Tested with a lvl 58 DK with 263 DP | Musa lvl 60 273 DP | Zerker lvl 60 283 DP | Wizard lvl 60 273 DP
    (no evasion items via crystals, jewelry etc.) 
    (all members had full boss gear) 
    (Approximately 50 rounds or trials were performed on each participant) (standing w/ No KD) (with KD)
    The lvl 58 DK had a very consistent average about 150-250 more HP than the Wizard & Musa 
    The DK had an average of 100-150 HP more than the Zerker
    I want to know if anyone else has done some experimenting and with other classes as this is what we had available at the time.
  3. After patch 5th April, today..just now I went to kill first mob. Wandering Rogue Den, I'm lvl 59 awakening AP 218.
    So..surprise within 10 minute that my patience lasted - I farm mobs there twice longer then before patch and I even had TRI weapon switched to TET (should go faster then before ain't it, even if little) Breezy Blade swiped one hit...now Im like 80 y old ranger trying to compete with my grandchildren in long jumping. What was changed (im not number smart, detail wiz) with patch? Why after 10min I just gonna quit this mob killing and not come back to it. Rangers were not super grinders to begin with, why and what was broken now?
    Any explanation to the dummie?
  4. So i wanna get my trading to master 2 and people been talking about this nerf and stuff and now im dumb struck how to even trade so how should i trade, videos,screenshots and complete text guide  the fastest way is the best way!

  5. Many people may not know of this Trade Nerf/Over Regulation that was just released in Korea but there is a Nerf coming which fixes the price of trade crates such as Calpheon wood crates to a fixed 100% price. 

    This is very bad for the game.  We already have WAY TOO MANY THING REGULATED already in this over regulated game.  Regulated marketplace, no trading, overbearing Karma system limiting PvP etc.  The last thing we need is a nerf to the trade crate prices.  Having at least some what of a free market that fluctuates up and down is one of the challenges of trading.  It's a Risk and reward aspect of the game.  And the key word here is GAME.   Half the fun of trading is swapping channels and finding the best price and hunting for that 130% rate.  By fixing the prices at 100% you basically remove that variable and make that content static and stagnant.  It becomes boring and not profitable enough for your investment of time.   Players will simply stop trading those crates in favor of other more profitable and interesting ways to make money. 

    Essentially fixing trade prices is killing that aspect of the game.  You might as well remove trade crates from the game entirely because you've effectively killed the depth of gameplay for those items. For a game with such in depth life skill trees it makes absolutely NO sense to kill trading even further by removing all of the variables, challenge and profitability of the trading life skill tree. The profitability of Trade crates is one of the main motivating forces causing players to branch out into the trading life skill tree (end hence playing the game more instead of quitting the game out of boredom of grinding mobs) in order to get master 2 trading for the big profits you can make.  By fixing trade crate prices you kill most of the motivation to level the trading life skill unless you're a dedicated Fisherman and even then not so much. 

    This nerf will kill trade crates and killing trade crates is also going to have a ripple effect to other aspects of the game.  For instance killing the profitability of Calpheon wood crates is basically going to cause many players to stop harvesting and processing those woods used in creating them.  And this will occur for any such trade crates in the game.  

    So we ask you Kakao and Pearl Abyss: Do NOT bring the trade crate price nerf to NA or EU.  
    Thank you. 

  6. Many people did his setup over weeks and invested many hours for crate trading. This patch would destroy many traders game. Please dont apply this patch in our version
  7. <Nerf> is a small guild with a  core of 58+ 460GS+ players.  We've had a  great time going up against bigger guilds and coming out with positive war scores.  But we need to expand.  
    <Nerf> actively participates in Node Wars.  Since the merge, we have been able to take our T1 nodes against greater numbers.  We've had alot of fun but our new goal is to consistently take T2 nodes.  We need numbers for that.  So we come here seeking out active members with positive attitudes.  
    We are looking for any class--but are in need of Witch/Wizard/Berserkers.
    We do not have a hard gear score requirement.  But we would like you to be PvP and Node War ready.  So that might look like 57+ 380-400+ GS depending on whether you are a shield class or not.  But we will consider your GS on a case by case basis (so do not hesitate to inquire).
    What we ask of our members:
    Node War participation--this is the most important thing.  Guild missions!--yes we know they suck.  But we need to grind out more spots for our guild in addition to other guild skills.Good attitude.  We can get trolly or BMy.  But we won't tolerate actual  toxicity and racism.  Discord!  We hang out and talk.  It is required for Node Wars!  Mic is appreciated but not required.Progression.  We want to see you getting gains!  Grind, enhance gear!  Life skill!  And we can try our best to help. 
    If we sound like a guild you'd like to join you can contact us in any number of ways.  You can whisper Dreamphone or CapnBeefy in game.  You can leave a message on our guestbook in game.  Or you can respond here!  
  8. Post on Mage Nerf in Wizard/Witch

    By Raygan, posted
    Sooo.... am I the only person thats a lil infuriated that in this recent patch they nerfed one of our main survival skill  then to add even more insult to injury they taunt us with ultimate teleport and then the ignorant cm replies that ohh hey thats awakening skill so we're not gonna add it... Like come on Wiz is already in a really tough spot with the current state of the game where as most classes with just decent gear can pretty much 1 combo you or 1 shot if your warrior even when having all tri boss armor. God forbid they nerf Darkflame there'd be an outpour of crys on the forums but they nerf our main survival tool by pretty much half which usually majority of the time makes the difference between you getting 1 shot or not and not a single peep from anyone but hey lets talk about the things that really matter like new fashion...
  9. Post on Nerf Valkyrie in General

    By Multarix, posted
    Even tho Valk has their awakening next week I thought I'd hop on the train of "nerf this class because it's awakened" early. I mean look at this video of what every valkyrie ever is going to do, ignore the level and their gear score though cause that's totally not important ye?
    I mean look at how it 1 shots that ranger at 0:35. Nerf pls.
  10. Hi dont  know if you noticed it yet but witch dagger stab got nerf, hit slower than before(was instant & animation like .5sec) & also you can t spam it like before.
  11. Post on Secert Nerfs in Suggestions

    By N0tl0c, posted
    Please stop nerfing tamers every month. But if you do at least tell us so we know if its a bug or nerf.
  12. Since launch every class has gotten some nice buffs and such like zerker, sorc, ranger, witch/wizard, musa/maehwa but what about warriors? We get NOTHING (beside some little changes here and there (very useless things)).. We dont do much damage. Our shield is shit. Our dp means nothing. We are shit at big group fights. Whats gonna happen to us? Shall we wait for awakenings so we can be equal to the other classes (that will take like atleast 4-5 months when awakenings release). 

  13. Post on Triple float rod useless in PVE

    By Gotcha, posted
    It appears triple float rod doesn't work in the new pools of fish. So it it broke or these rods pretty much pointless now?
  14. Post on The Sorceres now SuckS in PVP

    By BOTIXI, posted
    How many times are you going to nerfear? AP 10 in the previous patch and now the attack more stronger having (Dark Flame).
    To finish off the nerf, remove the jumping and put it to the archer...
    As you intend to lower life 2000-3000, if the strongest attack has a cooldown of 30 seconds (Shard Explosion)
  15. It's ridiculous that now any other class have more burst damage or damage in general than the sorcerer. It's suppose that it is an assasin. The DF is bugged it do the same damage in CD and with out it. All classes have their fortress and weakness, in the sorcerres the fortress was the burst dmg and its weakness is fragile. If you need to nerf something in my opinion is the tp not the damage of the principal skill with out awakenings. Other way if it's finally a bug, I suppose so, we only need to wait but if it isn't the have broke a class and the reroll it's a very big option.
    To end I'll remember to you that sorcerer is a class designed to be an assasin, so it's an insult that all the classes have more burst than the sorcerers.
    Thanks for your time, and think what are you doing and what are you saying, the hate that the other classes have to sorc are comprensible it needed a nerf, but not in the dmg (although I'm still thinking that it's a bug).
  16. With one patch ranger has become utterly useless. Seriously. The worst CC in the game. The worst survivability in the game. And now, the worst pvp damage in the game. I have played a lot of mmorpg's, and I have never seen a class in a worse state. There simply is no point to ranger at the moment. Sure you can sit in melee range as the squishiest class in the game and wotw spam a target that someone else has cc'd for you. But really, why not just replace every ranger with a witch/wiz- better damage, better cc, better survivability, group buffs, and group heals. In a game where there are classes that excel at everything, ranger has been reduced to complete shit in all facets of pvp. 
    Daum, what the ----- were you thinking?
  17. Hey guys, before I try to explain my case I would like you keep aside all your bias and really think about the current role rangers play in BDO. With the new patch not only sorcs were nerfed, rangers were hit hard as well. Thanks to the new patch shotgun no longer deals any real dmg in pvp. I understand balancing is important for the game and classes like zerks were in dire need of a buff, but what I really don't get is why rangers had to suffer so much with the new changes.
    Rangers were supposed to be the cannon glass in this game, we have low hp, basically no cc skills and large mana consumption. And all of this was fine, because we had DPS. We were meant to be the class that jumps in, deals a good amount of dmg and leaves before it can be ping down by other classes, we were never meant to be in the front lines taking tons of dmg. Now, my ranger is a poor example in this case since I'm terrible under geared but even good rangers had trouble keeping up with tanky classes like warriors/valks in the past, imagine how that's gonna play out now if our only damaging skill can't take more than 10%-15% health while sacrificing half our mana. I really doubt Daum is gonna revert the changes so that's why I created this threat.
    I want to know what's in store for rangers in BDO. Since we no longer have enough dmg to participate adequately in pvp what do you think rangers will be good for? Hopefully we can do more than just sit in the back and fire arrows to cause 1% dmg to the enemy. How does these changes will affect our play style in 1v1 and GvG battle? It would be good to know how other players feel about the changes and what steps can be taken to improve the viability of this class overall. As always try to keep it civil in the comments pls, I'm not trying to make rangers OP again, just looking for helpful advice from more experienced players. Thanks for the help in advance.
  18. After reading many posts about Dark Flame 2, many debates about a nerf, needed buffs, player rage, player salt and requests for a GM response I`ve decided to make a post in effort to gather the Sorceress community players together onto one post for the GM`s to see some productive feedback on the latest Patch, any findings with /any/ and /all/ proof to the bug on the Sorceress skill Dark Flame 2. In addition to this, maybe some suggestions on what can be changed with the idea of what Sorc was mentioned to be in the character creation screen in mind at all times. Hard to master, excels at PVP when done so. Currently, a lot of people do disrespect Sorceress because they assume all they do is spam dark flame 2. Yet, I notice not many of them have played Sorcs to know why per say. Sorceress players that have seen the kick GIF of beat kick know Its awesome and stylish but not very practical in PVP due to RNG stacked ccs being required for it to do /some/ damage at all scales of AP/ACC tested by diff Sorcs. Multiple wise and in terms of execution, dark flame stands over black wave and claws of darkness, Sorcs two other trademark skills. An idea I had in mind was to give a breath of life into some of Sorcs un-used skills. Like, make them really punishing for those that do get cc`d by us /but/ to be fair some form of trade off. Like an hp reduction, or guard reduction or something when used. That way less people complain. Granted. I`m well aware many of those that do complain about Sorcs are of the more delicate mindset as they respond to many well thought out Sorc threads with just "git gud" or can`t properly spell for the life of them any valid arguments. Anyway before going into buffing/nerfing. The most pressing matter and point of this thread needs to be addressed. 

    As tested by many players in game currently from anywhere between 130 - 160 AP // 0 - 50 Acc I hear and see many players have reported doing ONLY around 20 - 50 Damage with Dark Flame II. What class has this happen as a trademark skill for them? Surely not Scars of Dusk on a warrior or "Shotgun" on a Ranger, and so forth. This is obviously a bug. No skill, no matter the class should go from doing around 600 damage to doing 20 damage per hit, on a standing still target during testing. In equal gear at that. I personally, can confirm that is the case as I too have joined in the testing in game. I have also seen on other threads Sorcs stating this and some, even bringing videos and screenshots to the table. Ideally, I would like for some Sorceress players that can record, to record some test runs in an arena with some partner (make sure your gear shows at the start of the vid, and if possible the target also sends a clip of them in their gear or pings their gear in turn so there`s proof of this being the case). Granted. GM`s can also hop in to quickly test this. Id imagine they can just spawn in gear or adjust their stats to the average Sorc player of 140 AP//170 DP to make testing happen fairly. No Acc some tests, with Acc in some others. On average from the geared Sorcs around 30-50 Acc was tested on the threads I have read. So take from that what you will. Again, /Objectively/ It would be best and most credible if any GM`s reading this or any CM`s reading this forward this to some GM to test for themselves to see that there is a present bug on Dark Flame 2. We cannot do damage to our opponents with half the skill (Off Cool down) which is the bug. Were not talking about the nerf while Its on cooldown yet. This right here, is what needs to be fixed and addressed. 

    Now, moving onto the topic of the nerf. Some are saying its fine to follow up so long as the skill is fixed. As the skill would be working as intended to not have innate crit on cooldown. Some are saying, as long as players can midnight stinger for 40% crit in addition to whatever crit they have, the skill should still allow them to crit, just the skill itself should not have innate crit chance during cooldown to make it fair. 

    Keep in mind if you are reading this, please contribute in a respectable, productive manner. This is a thread in the Sorceress Forums and is split into two parts being addressed. The first, is a clear cut bug which MUST be fixed. As some other classes would always reasonably expect when a skill is not working as intended. The second part is for those addressing the /nerf/ aspect. If a Sorc can indeed build up their own Crit to be able to Crit while the skill is on cooldown then that`s fine, as they would have to attain their +5 crit and crit buffs instead of the skill itself doing it for them while on cooldown. Aside from that, talk is welcome on the class overall. Personally, I wouldn`t mind seeing some skills buffed /pre awakening/ as the wait for awakenings would take far too long. Gives Sorcs a lot more combos they can do and be raged at less from people about using 1 skill only for damage. 
  19. Revert this garbage change immediately. It boggles my mind that it took this long for this game to start hemorrhaging its player base with Daum in the driver seat. Get a -----ing clue.
  20. https://forum.gamenet.ru/showthread.php?t=65635&p=1514140#post1514140
    For the original source.
    This is likely the patch we were meant to receive June 1st, with the siege/node war and market updates as well as the large balance update that was rumored to be hitting soon.
    Our balance is very, very similar to the RU's version - like us they don't have awakenings, though they do have Valencia and +20. It's most likely that we'll receive the same balance changes (with PA's efforts to keep each version very similar/the same in terms of class balance at least) when we finally receive the Valencia and node wars patch.
    With that out of the way, here are the sorc parts of the notes (machine-translates as "Witch", if you're wondering):
    "Witch [Sorc]

        Recharge time of skill "deal with the shadow" [Dark Trade] is reduced to 1 minute and 25 seconds;
        Number of Health spent when using the skill "deal with the shadow", changed to 10% at all levels;
        The rate of application of skill [animation speed] "deal with the shadow" has been increased;
        Fixed skill training video for "The deal with the shadow";
        Skill Attack Range "bloody mess" [Bloody Calamity] increased;
        The damage of the skill "bloody mess" and increased in normal use, and when accumulated Rage Black spirit;
        Damage skill "Eruption shade" [Shadow Eruption] increased;
        Damage skill "Combo: Eruption of the shadows" [Ultimate: Shadow Eruption] increased;
        Damage skill "Infernal Darkness fire" [Dark Flame] in PVP slightly decreased;
        Skill "Waves of Darkness" [Dark Wave] now corresponds to the description given in combination for use."
    Just to repeat, and fix the translation a bit:
    Dark Flame's damage has been nerfed in PvP.
  21. Post on It's Poll Time ! in General

    By HypnoZ, posted
    Those maintenances...
  22. Ok, so i was just browsing random videos on youtube, and came upon this one, where a Blader goes 1v1 vs a Warrior, he kills the warrior like nothing, on EU/NA me ,with 135 ap i tickle warriors, this nerf is so sad, i wanna hear the rest of the bladers opinions after seeing this video.

  23. Hello fellow Adventurers! 
    There's been a lot of hate and plea for help for our beloved Musa/Maehwa classes that we have been waiting for so long. 
    I want to underline that i decided to write this post as I have not seen anything compacted in one post yet (there could be post like this but I haven't found one).
    Sorry for my english as well as English is not my first language. 
    This post will consist of my personal experience with these classes so far and bugs/things to fix that I found (or other have told me), as well as personal and other Musas opinions how this time blader class can be actually "balanced" in pvp. It would be nice to see any GM response if such changes would be possible but we can always dream 
    Before any of you guys say that I hate or I should change the game just consider that I took my time making this post to ask Daum to FIX our beloved class - I Love this game and I wan't to be able to play on the same level with other classes. The worstthing in MMO is inbalance and not beign able to win against certain classes just because their play THESE classes. 
    Let's start with the bugs that I've found annoying so far:
    We all love chase, being able to sprint like "Flash' through ranks of our enemies. We actually can't run 'through' groups of our enemies as we don't have iframes on our offcd chase -.- Any good player in pvp would easily stop us with a numerous CC and then one-shot us. Now I know many people said "Why won't Daum just give us iframes offcd like other classes have?!" (Sorcs). But guys - THINK. I know you want to have a good chance against everyone but iframes on chase would be just TOO OP as we can CHASE for ages with WP potions/juices. 
    SO My question is - Why don't give us additional Stamina costs to our Chase? WP + Stamina costs, like Sorcs have. Then we wouldn't be able to chase forever, however we would be able to dogde enemy attacks effiently as sorcs do. 
    Other thing with chase is something you made die from if not used to - Chase should cancel animation of our skills - it doesn't. Guys blooming, Rising Storm, etc. are very long animations which we cannot cancel even after losing our points on Chase. The only thing we get from chase nowadays is not being able to do kick combo for faster chase 
    PS. Casting Chase downhill locks you in animation - deadly in PVP - also difficult in places like caves, etc.
    Dragon's Bite
    We should be able to charge Dragon's Bite... Any Blader that I've spoken with was not able to charge up his Tiger Blade for more dmg - it's just bugged. 
    Buying second stage of Chase or kicks are buggind our cancel animation combo... Why not fix it?
    Daum up till now I think everyone in the game pitty Bladers for their AP/DP. I can and I will play with this class, however as houndreds of others I expect this to be fixed. 
    I know all Blader combos, I know how to do damage but in comparison to other classes with same stats Bladers damage is just crap 
    Not mentioning that other classes with the same amount of DP can withstand much more dmg that a Blader can (even with Evasion stacking - if anyone else tried it as well :D)

    Very much Lag dependant
    I know it from many bladers but probably this one you guys won't be able to fix and we will just have to live with this is the lag problem in our combos. No other class has so fast combos and with the weird knockdown animations very often (especially arenas [Heidel]) If a blader Knocks someone down and start Dragon's bite combo in his back after 1-2 hits their body would teleport behind the blader. 
    Tigers Blade
    We all love that dual weliding, bad-ass, slashing ultra speed skill. On the description it clearly says that we are have our iframes during casting. We have, HOWEVER something when tigers blade is about to end and there is that "finishing" animation iframes don't wark everytime. When in larger scale pvp sometimes you can get hit few times by multiple AoE while you are locked in this animation and because of our previous problem - we die. Some people died because of it in PVE which I suppose was frustrating 
    Invisible while casting - NOPE. It doesn't work tested numerous of times. Had been duelling for hours, it doesn't work. People that played KR version said we should be immune to CC while casting it (both Instantly and full-casting it) but it does not work as well. 
    ~`Zelkovae, Even if aimed perfectly Blooming misses many strikes - Tested and Confirmed. 
    ~`Ketekrujo, Blooming does low dmg due to many misses - Probably as Solrik stated due to hits going behing the opponent.
    ~`SakariFoxx, Grabbed durning Blooming,
    Blind Thrust
    I personallly didn't played high lvl on KR so I'm not so much bothered by this but seeing that other people can do it and we can't its jsut not fair. Animation changes when casting Blind Thrust off cd. If that wouldn't be the case it would be much easier to catch someone with that Gale combo afterwards ;]
    Cyclone Shlash
    Great skills for CC, however its animation finishes in like few meters where it travels much greater distance(IM NOT COMPLANING HERE :D) But it would be fair for us AND for other classes if the animation would actually express the full trajectory of it. 
    Charged Stub Arrow
    ~`WinningFob - Charged arrow does a knockback effect rather than a 'KNOCKDOWN'.
    Atack Speed
    ~`Kvn - 5 Atack Speed slower than it should be.
    SO as I said before! DAUM I LOVE YOUR GAME, I listed here all the bugs I found in blader so far. Now all you have to do is work to fix it. It would be nice if you would actually say that and IF your are working on these bugs as many people think of leaving BDO because of them. Don't let it happend! 

    As for comments I would appreciate genuine thoughts what you think on iframes for chase and some stamina costs and for other issues that I've described. If you found more issues list them below and I'll add them with your name on it. 

    Cheers guys, and may RNG be with you 
  24. After the amity changes. Im experiencing an ENORMOUS decrease in the chance of getting rare / professional / artisan workers.
    Personally i have 1.3k Amity with that supervisor and before the changes i was easily getting blue workers more than 60% of the tries for 220+ energy spent. Everyday (asuming multiple energy caps spent) i was getting atleast 2-5 proffesional workers and when lucky even 1-2 artisans.
    After the changes im hardly getting blue workers, not even mentioning proffesional / artisan, i havent seen such for 3-4 days in a row now (and thats with spending all my alt and main characters energy constantly).
    The question is. Is that drop chance Intentionaly nerfed or is it Bug. Is the amity MAYBE no longer affecting the drop chance (clearly it was affecting it before that).
    In all situations we need information before proceeding in gambling workers.

    My suggestion to all players right now is to stop spending energy in worker supervisior before we have answer on that problem.

    Thanks in advance.