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  1. Hew I'm a new player from NA and was hoping to find some people to play with . I play a witch and just got to lv 24 and am getting a bit bored of questing all by myself😅. I want to make new friends and learn the ropes to how the game works and stuff Any suggestions on where I should look for people to party with? Also, what is a good server to play on or dose it not matter?
    My character name is Radrien btw
  2. Post on New Class in Suggestions

    By Champlocker, posted
    hey Bdo,
    i want to suggest a new class which uses balls of technologie to create magic circles to buff allies or debuff enemies, he shouldn't have any damage himself (or her) but be able to boost his/her allies so much that it equals as tho he/she is doing damage. i dont think the game is missing this but i do think that if there is a class who depennds solely on teamwork and eacht other it would make the game more lifely and more interactive now its just : Channel chat : yo who want to grind .......... but if u make this class people will want to make sure they have the right comp so that they can make the most exp or be able to defeat a boss more easily. this is just my humble opinion but please take a look at i would be honored if you pick my idea up or a simillar approach in further class expansions
  3. Hallo!
    Ich werde mir wohl heute oder morgen Black Desert kaufen. Wollte es schon vor langer Zeit spielen aber andere Games und mmos (Blade&Soul) hatten mich davon abgehalten.
    Nun wollte ich aber bevor ich mich in Abenteuer stürze folgende dinge in allgemeinen wissen. Besonders von den Veteran spielern die ein guten eindruck verschiedener Klassen haben.
    Besonders was Ranger/Witch(Sorc?)/Mage/Tamer(nur wenn gut in PvP)/Musa(nur wenn gut in PvP) angeht.
    Nun bin ich jemand der sehr gern Range klassen spielt und gern die klassen die den besten DMG fahren. An sich waren es bis her immer Mages oder Rangers(Bogenschützen). Aber hab ich keinerlei Wissen wie sich diese Klassen hier in Black Desert spielen. Oder besser wirkt es auf mich als wäre das hier etwas anders.
    An sich suche ich die Klasse die recht einfach zu lernen ist (da ich learning by doing spieler bin) und die sich für solo - 2 Spieler gruppe eignet (zumindestens für den Anfang).
    Ich bin am hin und her überlegen zwischen : RNG/Mage wegen Range klassen oder Witch(sorc)/Musa, weil ich das Gefühl habe das in Black Desert Melee klassen, hmmm naja besser sind da hier alles scheinbar recht schnell passiert was die Kampf Mechaniken angeht? Hat die Witch/sorc/Blackmage (sry ich weiß nicht wie sie allgemein hier genannt wird) Rang skills? Also welche die auch genutzt werden? Oder ist sie mehr eine art Melee? Und ist der Bogen bei der Musa (hoffe richtig geschrieben) echt nur Deko ? Ist der Mage Melee's ausgeliefert in Nahkampf?
    Oder hat er eine art dauerhaftes schild was vor schaden wie CC skillst schützt solange es aktiv ist?
    Welche der genannten klassen eignen sich für den ersten Char? Welche davon ist als OP *allgemein* bekannt und welche als zu schwach (ich meine wirklich *allgemein*)?
    Sorry für viele fragen aber möchte von anfang an ungefähr wissen auf was ich mich da einlasse
  4. How do I make a signature for my posts?

    Click link for discord https://discord.gg/kReRpdU
    (Currently being used in the NA SERVER)
    What we are about: Templarius Is a balanced PvE/PvP guild on Orwens server in Black Desert Online. We are currently a small guild. My goal is to have 10 members by the end of this month and hopefully 50 before all the awakenings are released. I have an urge to do more with node wars so if that is your thing then you can come aboard and help us all get up to speed. Who we are looking for: People that have just started playing to people that bought the conqueror package on day 1! We are pleased to have the people that enjoy the game and can get a long with another gamer. Voice chat is enabled through discord.Rules: The number one rule is NO DRAMATIZATION If you have a problem with a person settle it in a PM or email or whatever. After the issue is resolved you both will feel better. If this issue cant be resolved then one of the leaders can help. If you are into pvp and want to do that as a play style then that is fine! Please be courteous to the requests of other guild mates and their requests.Ranks: We are currently looking for officers! This is one huge plus of joining our guild today!Requirements:  Do you enjoy Black Desert Online? Do you have a will to play at least one day a week? Do you enjoy talking with people in game?(If you answered yes to all three then you can join now!)
    Website: http://blackdesertguild.clanwebsite.com/
    SERVER: North America
    FAMILY: Woodstock
    MAIN: Duarte
    Website: http://blackdesertguild.clanwebsite.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blackdesertonlineguild
  6. Orwen Server
    Are you new to Black Desert Online?
    Are you looking to make some friends, join a guild, and have some nice laid back people to adventure with out in the world?
    Well then look no further that Two Fatal Sins.
    We are now a small guild of 3 members and are looking to expand to a larger number, have fun, and participate in events and wars.
    If you are interested, then message me in game @ Fanalise (Server: Orwen/ Mediah 02)
    I am usually on around 11:30pm Est- 5:00am Est
    If I am unable to be reached, please contact the GM @ Sinada (Server: Orwen/ Mediah 02)
    Thank you so much, and have a delightful day!
  7. We are a small guild of 4, and are fairly laid back and like to just have fun playing black desert. we strive to help one another and do our best to work together.
    lots of fishing, trade runs, and boss scrolls. 
    mostly we help one another level quicker, and just have fun exploring or grinding.
    PM: Fanalise or Sinada on Orwen server ( Mediah 02)
  8. DrunkenBDO Recruiting those who don't care about level 50+ We drink, we Discord and we play to have fun. We're global, friendly and we don't give a F**K about your AP/DP (we'll help you improve it though). We care more about having fun being active and... erm. having a drink. Msg SpaceKrackler today! Alienware (Dell) PC not required. Noobs
    The forums are not all toxic. some of us like the game
    Everyday I come to the forums and try to help, or answer questions with a positive mindset.
    The forums sadly are toxic and even this post I suspect trolls will come lol
    Many people love the game like us, I wanted to share this boss we did last night, no one got anything awesome but a good time was Had.
    May your guild or grinding mates have a great time as well.
    May the RNG be with you and if your a troll may he go on vacation.
    And to the staff, know some of us actually thanks you and appreciate your work.
    Thanks from Uno
  9. Post on Looking for guild in US Guild

    By Corukai, posted
    Looking at playing BDO again, I played eden on release and did the rush grind to 50, (after the grind honestly became sick of the game because i actually didn't rest till i got there.. honestly was my first time doing that in a mmo so not really looking to rush as much) but im wanting a more laided back friendly guild on any server, and people will to help me relearn things i may have forgotten or new things since i last played... Hope everything here makes sense and is clear.
    Thanks for your time!
    *EDIT (Aussie player just a heads up, but no fixed sleeping pattern)
  10. Hello.
    I'll going to create New Outlaw RP Guild as <Enforcer> for Valencia Part 2.
    No Penalty PK on Desert Area and Outlaw Town "Muiquun" will coming at Valencia Part 2,
    I think some ppl are waiting for that update, and want to going to Outlaw RP.
    I'm also want to going to Outlaw RP, for enjoy Open World PvP, and enhancing my PvP skills,
    if u have interest to Outlaw RP, let's do it with me?
    currently I'm already in guild, but I'll leave it at August 29, 
    then make <Enforcer> at August 30.
    for prepare Valencia Part 2 at August 31.
    Edit:sorry, Server is NA Orwen.
    Our Goal
    griefing them all by PK, Guild Boss/World Boss Raid,
    then got hated from anti-PK, then will happen a lot of OW-PvP.
    We'll get a shit ton of PvP experience and Improvement of PvP Skill/Survive Skill by that.
    Noob to be Stronger by that.
    Make OpenWorld PvP Great Again ☆(ゝω・)v
    ・atleast must have a 1 character that has a negative karma (-100000~)
    ・atleast 1 character must have a negative karma(-100000~) ALWAYS
    ・Prohibited to wearing Gillie Suit when griefing. Show ur name to them. (Desert camouflage,Treant,and it's still undetermined.)
    That's all !
    ・350+ Combined GS (not required, but less than that you might be got Counter-PKed.)
    ・Streamer,Video Uploader.
    ・Mind of Steel for got -----d by strongest guild.
    ・1x Positive Karma Character for join the World Boss and scroll party.
    ・interest to Japanese Language (I'm a native and I can teach about japanese lang anything!)
    ・400+ Combined GS
    ・Creator of awesome emblem ( for Guild Emblem)
    ・Oceanic Timezone (let's practice the PvP with me! :3)
    for more info, and questions,
    please reply to here or my Twitter @yushistr.
    if you wanna join to us,
    PM me and meet at Muiquun. ╰[ ⁰﹏⁰ ]╯
  11. Hi guys, im really looking forward to play this game, the thing is that i would like to try it for a few days before i make sure that i rly like it and wanna pay a subscription.So im asking if someone has a spare Guest pass key and wants to help me.So if you wanna help me and you dont need your guest pass mail it to me.Thank you very much,im grateful.
  12. You really helped me out in the last post!
    But here I have some new questions:
    Is the silver/any other item in my storage available at all storage NPC in every town?Apparently not.... but is there a way for that?A friend of mine told me about the enormous costs of maintaining a high end weapon such as Liverto (i think repair and other stuff). So what are these costs and how are they?He also mentioned making the weapon "final" or "ultra" something like that and I think he said you need two weapons of a kind for said process. Can you please give me exact info/ explain me the system.I am currently level 22 sorceress (with slightly over 4mio silver). Everyone told me to get Yuria for weapon and Grunil for gear. But I found Agerian EQ recently. Isn't that better or the same level?What gear should I wear at level 50+ and where can I get it?What acessories should I get (belt, ear rings, rings, ...)? And where can I find them/how can I get them?That is maybe a verry difficult question but: What kind of stone should I put into my EQ as a sorceress (50+)?On the last post a got a verry good ranger guide linked. Does anyone have one for a sorceress?Maybe also a skill guide?Whats the best grinding area?How can I "level" the stats like movement speed?Maybe a short cooking guide? Or a list of items you can easily cook that are quite good.What horse should I get? And how?Do the effects of my second weapon also boost my 1st weapon(and vice versa)?What are the most important stats as a sorceress?What happens if an upgrade fails? Does the item get destroyed?I am currently level 20breath, 18Strength (Level22) is that okay? What level should I be at 50? 
    Note: I m going to play pvp most of the time. I am willing to put quite some effort into getting all the stuff I need if necessary.
    Again HUUUUUUGE thanks for your help! 
  13. Hi There Exia7Swords (Faimily name Saigo) here,
    I have been soloing this game for a while  since pretty much release and Ive come to the decision Id like to get closer to the community. My Girlfriend and I play but we always like meeting new people and making bonds. I dont have a flashy website and our clan thus far is just mainly us two but Im looking for people to join us. Tired of being by yourself in the game(like I was)? Want to engage with more people but honestly dont know where to start? Just starting the game  and wanna start hanging with a  group that has consistency? We would love to have you . If your looking for a guild to call home , it may be small but we welcome you with open arms. You dont have to know all the  terms and tricks to the game or be good or whatever. We will learn the game together and hopefully the clan will grow. As far as role playing goes Ive always been interested in it but the people I come in contact with  dare already part of guilds or just partying for the time being lol. Discord will be made once we have multiple replies on this forum. Our goal is to build a clan/guild together with pve ,bonding with good people out there who just want to enjoy the world that BDO has to offer. Yes we do plan on doing pvp but once we all build together as a team and everyone feels comfortable with either their stats or the people around them. Plz either reply here or add me in game. The end is what you make it, so give us the honor of creating it with you.
    Looking forward to hearing from you all soon,
    Exia7Swords(in game name and main character :Saigo Mutsue)
  14. Hey guys i'm new here, i've been looking around for game trials like an hour now, it seems that all the trial key giveaways have stopped. I just found out about this game and registered an account but i would like to try it before i buy it, do you guys have an extra key that you aren't gonna use?

    You can find keys here
  15. <Isoleth>
    Intro(of me).
    A little about me. You honesty don't need to read this part, but it's gonna be here anyway. I've played MMOs for a long time now. I started with Ragnarok back somewhere in the 2000. Since then I've tried out a bunch of different MMOs, mostly Asian, well, since I am Asian. For as long as I've played MMOs, I've ironically played alone. This game though, regardless of what anybody else thinks, has been almost everything I've liked in an MMO. I'm not saying it's the best MMORPG out there, but it is exactly what I wanted. Because of that, I decided to settle down and not nomad my way around MMOs anymore, this time I want to play the long game. What does any of this have to do with the guild? Simple, I want to make a family, a place for players to feel at home with each other. Reason number two of this seemingly pointless rant, hopefully it'll relate to you
    Player of all skill level are welcome. New and veteran players alike are welcome. I love helping new players personally, but I'm not that good at the game myself, in that regard, we can learn together. As for veteran players, hopefully you'd be inclined to help new players, but it's not necessary. Elitist probably won't like to be here because I have no idea what i'm doing as far as the game is concerned. I'd love to learn if any veteran players out there would like to teach the guild. It's a brand new guild, So I can't promise a lot of things that larger, older, more established guilds can, but hopefully together, we can build that as a bunch of friends goofing off :). 
    Guild Mission Statement (Always wanted to say that)
    First and foremost, this is a guild about making friends. So if what you want is a large guild that barely talks, this won't be the guild for you. If i do this correctly, every member should remember each other by name. When you log on, you'll have people who care greet you. This guild is about building a close knit group of friends more than anything. Everyone should feel welcomed, and not afraid of speaking their mind. At the very least, you can always speak to me. 
    I personally just really want a guild house  beyond that not much. However, in the future, if I do manage to make this guild happen, it won't be about what my goals are, but rather all of us together. Our goals, our ambitions will be that of all of us. The most important thing is for it to be something we want to do together. If doesn't take us anywhere, so be it, if it takes us really far, so be that. As long as we have fun, together.
    I could say that there aren't any requirements but i'd be lying, but it'll be fine, just bear with me here. In order to build the community we need this is important.
    Be Mature: Simple right?Be Active: I mean how will you be social if you aren't active Be Social: It's a guild for building relationships, no point if you're not social  If you're just shy, no problem.Be Friendly: Most people are, so no issue, it's more like a rule, if you can't be friendly then you aren't wanted.Told you it would be easy. 
    How to Join
    Whisper me in game: Akane_Kurokawa or Anri_Shikihana
    If you can't reach me, leave a message on this thread on when you'll be online, or send me a PM here. BTW, I'm on PST.
    Closing Words
    As of this moment I'm trying to design a guild emblem, I have a couple designs so far but it's still all up in the air. I'd like the guild to have a say in it. 
    I have a discord server set up, but I'm not that experience in using it yet, so if anyone who does know would like to help feel free. 
    For the most part I'm on Val U2
  16. Post on Edna or Orwen in PVP

    By O.D.B.xxx, posted
    So I'm picking up a new PC next week and am looking at which server to start on for decent PvP and a good time. I don't want to pick the wrong server where there will be no action. I'm a PvP oriented guy, but I like to farm as well (in peace).
    Any suggestions on which server? Is it congested? Decent gameplay and no trilogy 247?
  17. Post on 2pc Heve? in Valkyrie

    By PandaBear, posted
    I'm thinking of switching to Valk and noticed a lot of other classes seem to be taking considerable notice to Heve armor now that it has an ultimate version and the 2pc hp bonus is unrestricted by slot to leave room for boss armors.  

    I've taken a look in a few different threads about gear but I rarely see it mentioned as an option for Valks, is this a weak set for us? Is it something I should be considering now, or should I stick to what some of the older threads are recommending?

    Thanks in advance for any input/opinions you guys can provide on the matter.
  18. I've played mmo's for quite some time now and I have always loved tanking in them. Have been eyeing this game off and on for quite a while now and thought it was just another f2p game. After looking into it a bit more and finding out that it's b2p I am a bit more interested. Before I buy it however I want to make sure I'm not going to be alone. Are there any guilds looking for a tank (or anything specific)? I hear there's quite a grind for a lot of things.. but that it involves killing a lot of monsters.. and well.. I'm into that kind of thing (countless hours spent on diablo farming). 
  19. Greetings BDO comunity!
    Recently i neglected the game, and i came to wonder why. The conclusion was, that i mained a Warrior till Ninja comes, but its a bit frustrating me, that i barely have any "ranged" class selection, so basically i am forced to play some other melee, instead of having some variety in my game experiance.
    Dont get me wrong, the Wizard is so well made, not only can it slightly support, but effects and gameplay feel ok to, the problem with it is : I dont want to play an old man, or a woman (i am sure many have this problem), but the most irritating thing is, that you dont really have much of a spell variety (or lore if we are at it) 
    I personally favor ranged classes, but realized what a poor selection BDO offers. You see, i prefer ranged support classes (not healers exacly), like lets say Shiroe from Log horizon is an enchanter, or like a Bard in Everquest. As i mentioned above, its not only about spamming nukes, i kind of miss skills that manipulate the environment in the game as whole. Its an amazing living breathing world, but still feels so extremely static in this way. 
    I am not sure, if i should mention a few examples to sping your mind of ideas you yourself can come up with, but i will just so that its clear what i am thinking about : 
    Turn the ground to mud in a zone (making it slippery). Creating environment that effects the zone (like healing, speed boosting brush or grass zone, or a Wall with Hp to block ppl). Or things could even be combined : Summon a cloud of rain in the zone, making sight blocked by fog of war, boosting electric dmg (or some kind of dmg), and after its gone, leaving the terrain muddy. 
    I dont really want to ramble on the topic to much, so as final words i would like to take the topic on the missing lore for a bit. 
    As strange as it is, there are "lots of mages" but there is nothing that is reflecting this in the game. Aside from the "epic" quest line, there are no mage towers, or academy. No mage alchemy labs you can actually visit, or get involved with (not talking about the chimera zone).  Dont see any scibe quarter, where monks copy grimoires ect....Or to go further,i dont actually see mage or caster npc-s . Not quite sure how the game is actually trying to fit in a Wizard -Sorcerer class if there is no "magic" in the world.  (just a personal opinion trough)
    So anyway, this is my suggestion,as i see that the upcoming plans with classes, still keep pushing melee classes on us, to expand the offered ranged class repertoire. BDO really is an amazing game, i really dont want it to get wasted away on "small" things like not having classes many would be players want, or many existing players would stay in game for. 
    Thank you for reading in advance, and sorry for the terrible english.
  20. +20 is the new milestone now in terms of gear progression and by meta game terms +18 is the softcap where +19 and +20 need a lot of extra effort to be obtainable. Also new accessories have been introduced that can replace MoS and Witch's taking the fact that someone was saving resources and silver for Valencia and don't have TRI enhancement of them.
    My question is what do you see for the future of gear progression? New gear that will replace the old? New system beyond +20? Or are we set with Kzarka, Boss Armor, Ogre Ring being the top gear for all the lifetime of the game with only the rest of the accessories being replaced by new after each major patch and map expansion?
  21. Post on Skill add-ons in Ranger

    By Alterist, posted
    As some already know, they changed the skill awakening system, which made several changes to the system:
    Skill awakenings are available at the skill instruction NPCs, Black Spirit does not have the option anymoreIt starts at level 50 and one new skill can be awakened every 2 levels.6 skills at max can be awakened, 3 Longbow skills and 3 Elven Sword skillsLongbow skills at level 50, 52 and 54, Elven Sword skills at 56, 58 and 60. You can not use the 50, 52 or 54 option for Elven Sword skills nor the 56, 58 and 60 options for Longbow skills.The available skills can change compared with the previous system. In case of Rangers, Descending Current can't be awakened.Each skill has 6 awakening options, 2 of which can be combined however you want. Can be chosen, therefore not random.Memory Fragments can be used to change the effects of the awakened skill or to awaken an entirely different skill right away too.Longbow skills:
    Moving Shot+20 extra monster AP for 8 seconds4% Accuracy increase for 12 secondsRecovers 10 HP per attackRecovers 10 MP/WP/SP per attackDrains 10 MP/WP/SP per attack6% rigid chanceCharging Wind+20 monster extra AP for 8 seconds+10 DP for 10 seconds5% Accuracy increase for 12 seconds10% Crit chance increase for 9 seconds7% Movement Speed reduction for 7 secondsEvery 3 seconds 40 poison damage for a total of 18 secondsCrescent Kick+20 monster extra AP for 8 seconds4% Evasion increase for 10 seconds4% Accuracy increase for 12 seconds7% Attack Speed increase for 5 seconds7% Attack Speed reduction for 7 secondsEvery 3 seconds 56 poison damage for a total of 18 secondsRazor Wind+20 extra monster AP for 8 seconds3% Accuracy increase for 12 seconds7% Attack Speed increase for 5 seconds4% Attack Speed reduction for 7 secondsRecovers 3 MP/WP/SP per attackDrains 10 MP/WP/SP per attackPinpoint+20 extra monster AP for 8 seconds4% Evasion increase for 10 seconds4% Accuracy increase for 10 seconds10% Crit chance increase for 9 seconds7% Attack Speed increase for 5 secondsRecovers 10 MP/WP/SP per attackCharging Kick:+20 monster extra AP for 8 seconds4% Evasion increase for 10 seconds4% Accuracy increase for 12 seconds7% Attack Speed increase for 5 seconds7% Movement Speed reduction for 7 secondsEvery 3 seconds 56 poison damage for a total of 18 secondsEvasive Shot3% Evasion increase for 10 seconds3% Accuracy increase for 12 seconds10% Crit chance increase for 9 seconds7% Attack Speed increase for 5 secondsEvery 3 seconds 50 burn damage for a total of 9 secondsDrains 10 MP/WP/SP per attackExplosive Evasion Shot+20 extra monster AP for 8 seconds+15 DP for 10 seconds5% Evasion increase for 10 seconds4% Attack Speed increase for 5 seconds7% Movement Speed increase for 10 secondsRecovers 3 MP/WP/SP per attackEvasive Landing Shot+20 extra monster AP for 8 seconds4% Evasion increase for 10 seconds5% increase in accuracy for 12 seconds10% Attack Speed increase for 5 seconds10% Movement Speed reduction for 7 secondsEvery 3 seconds 56 poison damage for a total of 18 secondsRound Kick+20 monster extra AP for 8 seconds4% Evasion increase for 10 seconds4% Accuracy increase for 12 seconds7% Attack Speed increase for 5 seconds7% Movement Speed reduction for 7 secondsEvery 3 seconds 56 poison damage for a total of 18 secondsTearing Arrow5% Accuracy increase for 12 seconds7% Movement Speed reduction for 7 seconds7% Casting Speed reduction for 7 seconds7% Attack Speed reduction for 7 secondsEvery 3 seconds 50 bleeding damage for a total of 15 seconds3% stun chanceBlasting Gust+5 PVP AP for 5 seconds3% Accuracy increase for 12 seconds4% Attack Speed increase for 5 secondsEvery 3 seconds 12 pain damage for a total of 12 secondsRecovers 3 MP/WP/SP on attack10% down smash chanceWill of the Wind3% Evasion increase for 10 seconds7% Attack Speed increase for 5 seconds5% Accuracy increase for 12 secondsEvery 3 seconds 45 pain damage for a total of 12 secondsDrains 5 MP/WP/SP per attack10% down smash chancePenetrating Wind5% Accuracy increase for 12 seconds+5 PVP AP for 5 seconds7% Movement Speed reduction for 7 secondsEvery 3 seconds 40 poison damage for a total of 18 secondsEvery 3 seconds MP/WP/SP reduced by 7 for a total of 9 seconds15% down smash chanceElven Sword skills:
     Cold Blade+20 monster extra AP for 8 seconds+5 PVP AP for 5 seconds10% Crit chance increase for 9 secondsRecovers 6 HP per attackRecovers 10 MP/WP/SP per attackDrains 20 MP/WP/SP per attack Wailing Wind+20 monster extra AP for 8 seconds+5 PVP AP for 5 seconds3% Accuracy increase for 12 seconds10% Attack Speed increase for 5 seconds10% Movement Speed reduction for 7 secondsRecovers 6 MP/WP/SP per attack  Parting Wind+20 monster extra AP for 8 seconds+10 DP for 10 seconds7% Attack Speed increase for 5 secondsEvery 3 seconds 70 burn damage for a total of 9 secondsRecovers 3 HP per attackRecovers 3 MP/WP/SP per attack Spin4% Evasion increase for 10 seconds10% Crit chance increase for 9 seconds7% Attack Speed increase for 5 secondsRecovers 3 MP/WP/SP per attackRecovers 3 HP per attackDrains 10 MP/WP/SP per attack Parting Sky+10 PVP AP for 5 seconds5% Accuracy increase for 12 seconds10% Crit chance increase for 9 seconds10% Attack Speed increase for 5 seconds4% Movement Speed reduction for 7 secondsEvery 3 seconds 40 poison damage for a total of 18 seconds  Elven Rage+20 monster extra AP for 8 seconds+10 DP for 10 seconds7% Attack Speed increase for 5 secondsEvery 3 seconds 70 burn damage for a total of 9 secondsRecovers 3 HP per attackRecovers 10 MP/WP/SP per attack Ohwa Fierce Slash+30 monster extra AP for 8 seconds3% Accuracy increase for 12 seconds10% Crit chance increase for 9 secondsEvery 3 seconds 42 bleeding damage for a total of 15 secondsRecovers 5 HP per attack20% down smash chance
  22. Hi everyone,
    I was just wondering if anyone had an extra guest pass that they could give me so I could try the game? I really want to try it out, but I don't want to spend money unless I know I like the game. 
    Thanks <3
  23. Hellooooooooooo everyone interested
    Kitsune guild is a smaller guild of friends whose players enjoy playing casually or actively, PvP or PvE.
    What only matters is having fun playing  No gear requirement of course.
    With the recent changes to BDO a lot of emphasis is put on the working as a guild which is why we would like to expand so if you are interested in working together to create a strong BDO family feel free to join. I might even pitch in some online hugs.
    Also for those of you who like chatting we appreciate if you would join us on our Discord group.
    I wish a nice day to everyone reading this and see you in Kitsune hopefully soon
    Contact info: Basila
  24. Illusie has now accepted this fact 
    Every new idea you make will lead to both a dream and a nightmare. All good things can be used for evil and evil things can be used for good.
    Illusie knows well that GOOD actually overwhelmingly controls evil for an overall good, even if it seems to be the opposite. The truth is that evil is weak and puny compared to good, evil is nothing. Evil relies on exhibiting pseudo-power, and has its shameful glory, BUT it has a pathetically small time limit, how fantastic! GOOD is true power and lasts forever !
    That is why Illusie searches after new ideas even with some tagging negative consequences...
    Here is an example of our future: