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    • Hello all we are a new diverse casual friendly guild. We are small guild looking to grow and help new players like us  learn the game together but some of us have been playing since the Korean beta and have an abundance of knowledge with most aspects of this game . Will not mainly be heavily focused on one specific thing because we want our guild to have varieties of members playing this game. Our main focus is to form a community, one that everyone feels like they belong to and not discriminated on how they decide to play this game. 
    • NA Edan Casual friendly oriented guild [Life Skills / PVE / PVP (soon hopefully)]
    • Requirements : Any level is welcome to join just leave a msg here with IGN or direct msg me. [ IGN : Akatsumi ]
    • Discord or Team speak will be our main communication but isn't required.
    • Rules : No foul language or disrespecting other players. Golden Rule "Treat others the way you want to be treated."
    Overall we welcome you to our family
    P.S : this is my first post ever made so sorry if its fail lol wanted to keep it short and simple but if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below I'll be happy to assist you. 
  2. So, heard about this game a little while ago, and i would very much like to try the game and see if i like it.
    I'm afraid to commit money on an MMO game without trying it first, so i thought i'd ask here if anyone has a trial pass to PM me so i can try the game and see if i like it.

  3. Currently seeking 5-10 active players, including officers, interested in building a small, yet highly active, efficient, and organized guild.
    We will focus on Grinding, Life Skills, and PvP Practice. 
    When Node Wars are released we will specialize in Artillery and support functions in a PvP Alliance setting which will be determined later.
    No minimum Level, AP/DP requirements, minimum hours, however you should be active several days a week, specifically during Node War Times.
    I have 3 lvl 50+ characters, current character being in intermediate development, and over 30 days play time and years of gaming experience.
    I  will assist you in anyway I can, all I ask in return is personal excellence and loyalty.
    Please leave the following information, or Whisper me ingame @ Scarlet_Hound. 
    I look forward to working with you. 
    Family Name;
    Character name;
    Preferred name;
    Gear refinements, if any;
    Hours per day/week in-game;
    Previous guild leadership experience;
    Previous competitive PvP experience;
  4. Post on What DR to stack in Valkyrie

    By Gotcha, posted
    Okay so just curious what damage resist you guys stack. Was fighting a witch the other day petty sure she popped her cool downs but still she melted through my guard in like 3 seconds. I had 212 dp at the time so was talking to a fellow and he said DP doesn't scale very well and to increase DR. The guild I'm in has no bonuses so looking to switch my armor upgrades. So which do you stack magic resist? range or close combat? and does close combat apply to magic when close or does close combat just mean melee?
    Thanks for the help.
  5. Hi I just bought the game and I am in the process of downloading it now. does this game play like other MMORPGS in the sense that there is a tank, dps, and healer per party that have to work together to complete the more difficult parts of the game, or does it work more like say the secret world where any class can be the healer dps or tank? Second question, How is the Musa class in terms of difficulty in gameplay? is more difficult in surviving? less difficult? moderate difficulty? I was watching the videos and it seems the most appealing to me. Is there a dedicated NA roleplay server?
  6. Post on Guest pass in General

    By Samiboii, posted
    Have been looking at Black desert for a while now and im thinking about starting playing it, 
    But before that i would really like too try it out for a bit too see if it's the kind of MMO that i could stick with.

    So the  question is, is there anyone who has a spare guest pass which i could have?

    Best regards, Sam

    Glad to see you here, before we begin let us introduce ourselves.
    Ominous is a EU/International clan started at Europpean release of Blade and Soul, but it's story begins a lot earlier as it's build upon the remnants of The Crimson Eye and Proximity clans which have been successful and acknowledged clans started in the beta of APB, on Obeya server.
    We are a clan which prides ourselves in skill on individual and team level, and connecting teamwork with high individual skill of each player is one of our greatest aspects.
    Our goal as community is to create the place where skilled players can walk alongside the others alike. As games are not made to be played casually alone, but to be challenged as a group.
    We are recruting members whose interest lies within small/medium scale PvP battles and hours of grinding.
    What do we want from you? Well, there's few things. One is to take the game seriously... Yeah, we get it, you've got life, job, girlfriend, dog, whatever... It'd great if you could get rid of all that, but if you can't it's still alright because "hardcore" is mindset not the time you spend in game.
    So do not fret, we do not expect you to abandon your life, but instead of playing start Gaming.
    Our requirements:
    -Age 18+
    -Teamspeak 3 (For guild events and fun factor)
    -Not being offended by everything and everyone
    *Temporarily we do not place gear requirements as everyone needs time to gear up*
    If it sounds like what you're searching for, to apply fill up application

  8. A new guild with a dedicated guild master, DirtyPirates strives to be a roleplay guild that will bind together all sorts of seafarers, vagabonds, traders, and other characters in fun storylines. We hope to establish weekly events and welcome new and old players of BDO to our ranks. We hope to extend a hand to help those learn about game mechanics as well as any who may need help polishing their roleplay skills. Our storylines will focus on seafaring, pirates, and our home hub will be Epheria Port. We will get a public tavern in Epheria open for all guilds to come and roleplay in, as we strive for inter-guild relations! With relaxed, roleplay-minded players, we hope to make your BDO experience enjoyable.
    Storylines -
    One of the Goals of Dirty Pirates is to let the backstories and dreams of our players mesh together to create a sea/port based community. We hope to create an interweb of seafaring captains, seafolk, as well as sea mercantile ships. When naval battles release, you can rest assure we'll be the first with the big ships. Until then, most of our members are welcome to accompany Jacquotte around on her fishing boat. For larger roleplay, we will likely utilize the Epherian ferry, as the ship is quite large and usually unpopulated!

    Members -
    We ask that you maintain an air of dignity and respect toward our guild officers. However, if you have a problem with a guild official, please be transparent with our guild master about that problem. Jacquotte is here as a mediator, and here to help you.
    Current Guild Officers
    Conaill family - Jacquotte, Sayui, Gwendlyn, Ruell, and Najhira
    OConaill family - Bairei, Kormach, Rahym, Keelah
    You can join our Discord at https://discord.gg/0zxgYzzc2HWd9KRy or you may contact the current officers in game, under the current guild officers list. Due to the small nature and size of our guild we currently do not have an enjin website, but that is liable to change once storyline planning is completed.  Hope to see you in game.
    > We have two members besides our founders. Yay.
  9. http://bbs.black.game.daum.net/gaia/do/black/gm/read?bbsId=BDN003&articleId=128 
  10. Hi, I just got BDO recently and I'm only a little newbie, but I'd really like to find some friends to play through the game with. None of my RL friends can afford or play games like this anyway, so I was hoping to try and find some here. cx
  11. Post on WUPPS in Suggestions

    By Dpunk4, posted
    So Pirates are here! yay! i guess. anyways on one of the new islands, Kuit island, DONT try to escape from it because i landed inside some rocks and cant get out! YA main character stuck is some stone! AWESOME UPDATE! SO someone somehow HELP!  

  12. Well i had thousands of problems installing the game but i did it.
    after playing two days a wild patch appeared with a new error.
    does exist any other way to patch the game without using the client?
    sry my bad english
    can someone help me? it´s really frustrating
  13. Hello and thanks for reading this post. I currently play this game as a Valkyrie on Edan server  This thread is here for me to suggest the New Trading system that i'm pushing for and to comment on the current horrible marketplace system.
    To get through the marketplace system needs a major overhaul. 35% tax on everything and forcing EVERYTHING to go through it has made many of us players want to pull our hair out on multiple occasions when we fail to get the item we need (be it to super-fast players or bots sniping it first). This marketplace system has also killed the entirety of the concept "Vendor Players / Material Wholesalers" As the 35% tax has made it really unsuitable to do many things.

    I understand that they want to avoid "Gold Buyers/Sellers" but this is not the way to go. 
    As mentioned by Ecchiporo in : http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/80422-allow-trading-or-sale-to-guild-members/
    "how about you make this but make the other member pay for the armor? So if you want to give the armor to them the have to pay a sum to you so gold sellers wont find a way to make money trough this system. Lets say player A trades with player B and players A items are worth 5mil then player B has to pay tax or has to pay player A a sum of money. I dont know how this should be done but it doesnt promote gold sellers to make money using this method"
    This i totally agree. The marketplace already tracks the approximate valuation of items making it hard for people to earn anything through reselling. This could be improved/implemented too in multiple ways i'd like to add.
    Marketplace Botting/Scripting is ruining the current marketplace furthur!
    With the reason as can be seen & proven in the spoiler above, the urgency for changes to the marketplace increases as they can help other players that don't script/bot to get what they need (at a reasonable price). If not, eventually everyone might as well get a script/bot and play the game of: Who has the fastest computer / internet speed.
    1: Personal trade window
    By opening the window, the 2 players can engage in a private discussion about how much they would like that item for, but it must be within the current market price (min - max). Here is an example:

    Player A is selling a Liverto Weapon. The current min-max price on the marketplace is 9mil - 11mil. 
    Player B wants to buy it, but Player A immediately states 11mil in the chat window. Player B tries to haggle, and player A concedes for 10.5mil, which is still within the price range of the marketplace. However, player B doesn't have 10.5mil in liquid silver at the moment, and only aprrox 9mil. Player A is of course unwilling to sell at base price, so player B throws in an item worth 2mil - 3mil on the marketplace, and makes up for the rest in silver. Player A doesn't need the item, so player B is forced to valuate the item at the minimum: 2mil. So the total transaction is:
    Liverto Weapon <===> Item@2mil + 8.5mil silver.

    This way its still within the boundaries of fair-trade, and they are blocked from trading each other for a period of time (lets say 0.5-2hours) to prevent gold sellers from passing large amounts of money through this min-max exploit in short period of time, and the "Gold buyers" would be unwilling to wait so long anyway for a small trickle of maybe 1mil -2mil each time.
    2: Player Market
    This would allow the concept of the "Player Market", maybe a building where players can meet up for the transaction, and can only do the transactions here. Of course as since you already dumped a 35% fee on the marketplace you'll be unwilling to let players trade freely, so you can make both buyer and seller pay 5-10% of the total valuation of the traded items (like in the previous example, where the toal valuation is probably 10.5mil x2 = 21mil. As its a transaction over 10mil you can make them pay the minimum amount of "Tax", which i would suggest 5% each, which would be automatically deducted from their designated "Home" City.
    3: Home City
    As for the term "Home City" I use, It would make transactions easier if assuming each city has a "Player Market". The "Home City" of each player would probably contain most of their finances, and can be used to transfer into the other player's account in that city. This "Home City" concept can also be used to pay for auctions on the marketplace while the player is in another city (Like paying for the Item using Calpheon's stored gold while the player is in Mediah's Marketplace). This concept would be like the Cheque we have have in real life.
    4: Soulbound Food/Elixir stand in all this
    I have a small comment on the current system for the food/elixir trading making them soulbound, but this trading which ofc can take place anywhere, should not be allowed in the "Player Market", for instance. If say a Officer of a guild wholesale buys from another player 30 Knight combat rations to give his guild for GvG, but finds it unable to trade, that would suck wouldn't it? (Ofc as mentioned above, trading rules are to apply!)
    5: Auction House - For Marketplace?
    Another idea i just thought of, as i have seen more and more players getting angry over being unable to put buy-orders and want it to happen. First i'd mention: This might not happen. The reasons is that if they put a max price for a heavily sought-after item, like pretty much any Kzarka / Liverto Weapon at the moment. Every single pre-purchase orders would be at max price, or at least a large majority. When that happens, you're not going to be like roll a dice and decide randomly who gets it? Not happening. Might as well introduce the "Auction" system!
    Much like the Auction System name suggests, it is to add an "Auction" selection for the marketplace. You can keep the tax rate on it, and maybe have a really hefty registering price. For an example of how this system will work, i'll now elaborate.
    5.1: Listing an Item & Listing price
    Player A wants to list a Liverto blade under auction. The system checks that the current marketplace value of this item (or total value of the stack of item) is above the required value (maybe 1mil?). Since his registering item is above the required value, he is eligible to list it for auction.
    Player B wants to list an ancient magic crystal, but its value is borderline 1mil. He sees the listing price (lets say 100k), and decides "Nah not worth" and just dumps it into the marketplace normally.
    And other auctions other than player's A goes up. Now what happens next has a few scenarios that could happen
    1: The auction starts for that item a set-time later after listing
    2: It joins the queue for "to-be-auctioned" items, and the auction happens at an interval (lets say every 4 hours?)
    In either case, when the auction period begins, players access the "Auction" tab of the marketplace. Items on auction can be up for as long as the player (or system) set. For example, In case of system set it could be
    1: All items regardless of value is up for auction for only this period of time
    2: The period of time is determined by the value of the item (like per-million)
    And in case of player set, it could be as long as the player wants the auction to last (you could charge them for a listing fee on the time)
    5.2: Minimum Increment
    Anyway, on to the main part. The item displayed can be bid on by players for the period. For examples sake again, Player's A liverto will be used.
    Liverto Blade: Base price: 10 Million Silver.
    Every Increment must be at least 100k.
    The increment is to prevent @sshat players from only upping the bid price by a small marginal amount and winning with that, like who likes to lose a bid the last second before it closes by 1 silver? This value once again can be preset by system based on item value / set by player
    So players see the blade on auction. And player C who wants it immediately bids: 10.1mil. Wow its expected that he'll raise it by the minimum amount.
    Player D next sees the bid and goes "pfftt lol ITS MINE". And he bids: 15mil. Suddenly theres a 4.9mil increase. Few people want to contest that instant 50% increase in price.
    Player E sees that bid and wants it: However, he waited till the last minute before auction ends to bid: 15.1mil. Wow what an @sshole right?
    5.3: Minimum Auction Time
    Now to prevent stuff that Player E would be doing, i'd suggest another implementation to this auction system: Minimum auction time: If a bid is made in the last 5 minutes of an auction, the time is reset again to 5 minutes before auction ends, giving others a chance to react by that notification
    5.4: Failed to auction & Deposit
    Of course, to prevent players from listing items that would just mess up the auction-list page or nonsensical crap that people don't need. There must be a penalty if no one needs it! It cold be something like: "Your item failed to auction, your deposit of 100k has been confiscated". For something like this, maybe the player auctioning an item must deposit 200k when making an auction. When the auction is finished, and in the event it is purchased, they receive back 100k, and the other 100k is used as listing price. However, when the item fails to auction, the 100k is confiscated.
    Edit: 6: Removing the Min-Max Price Setting
    As mentioned in the comments below by Gadicus, I in truth really want the Min-Max price setting to change. But of course i doubt that would happen as that would invite Gold Sellers yes? However, that has in turn resulted in STUPID prices on the marketplace. EG: Green Rarity Steel Taritas being over in value compared to Blue Rarity Steel Taritas?! Also I saw Yellow Rarity Ham Sandwich being cheaper than Blue Rarity Ham Sandwich. The system is not working. The demand/supply is destroying the market and of course there's differences: Eg: EVERYONE needs these 3 gems: Magic Crystal of Infinity: Assault, Magic Crystal of Infinity: Memory, Magic Crystal of Infinity: Swiftness. However, even with a medium sized supply, there's never enough of them! They buy out instantly always at 300k PP. But you wonder: Why even with such a high demand, the price isn't increasing?! That shows the flaw in the current system. There's an over-demand for this gem yet the max price set by the system ensures that people always have money for it, and the suppliers decide "I might as well keep it for myself, i don't make any real money selling it anyway". So the supply of these gems have been dropping. 
    Also, Ever wonder why +15 Armor/Livertos always disappear instantly and people need bots to snipe it? It's simply because MAJORITY can afford it. The maximum price IS TOO LOW. Frankly, should there even be a cap to the maximum price?!? As mentioned in the comments below, You can catch the gold sellers if they seemingly buy an item thats like say: 50000% the price of what it should have been. Well while being only able to purchase the cheapest item still works to prevent this from happening, what if its on a constantly missing item: EG: Rough Black Crystal. Not so hard to obtain but the low price ensures its ALWAYS sold out. Well maybe not always, but when was the last time you saw it stay up for longer than 2 minutes?
    Frankly. If you want to catch them that much, hire a group of moderators to check the suspicious sales. That is how you find the Gold Seller & Buyer, 2 birds one stone. It shouldn't be hard to filter out the sales that are conspicuously wrong. In conclusion, this suggestion is for the abolishing of the Min-Max Setting for all the reasons stated.
    Edit: 6.5: Changing the Min-Max System instead
    If you're that reluctant to remove it; Change the Minimum-Maximum from always being set @ that current price, to be gradually increasing / decreasing every week based on Demand & Supply: Eg: If that item has Items that stayed up at that price maximum price (Lets say 120k for a pure iron crystal) for over 1 week. The Minimum/Maximum system will read that people are not wiling to pay that much for the iron crystal and it is an unreasonable price. Thus the Minimum/Max Price Drops a % (Maybe 10% - 20%). Now on the other hand, If there is an item that is constantly sold out, the Price is to increase by the same amount as it would have dropped if not sold (once again, 10% - 20% suggested). Now what about items that have items expiring / constantly being supplied / constantly being sold. Now these items  don't really need much change. If the supply is over exceeding demand, Instead of categorizing it as an unpopular price for that item, consider decreasing the maximum and increasing the minimum. That would set the price for that item to be less varied. And finally in the case that the disparity of the Min-Max is not huge (Eg: Birch Logs going for 140 - 150 silver each), I have another suggestion for that

    Edit 6.6: The Price-fixed Marketplace
    Now in the case of the Birch timber just mentioned, I would suggest totally removing it from the marketplace for a month or so. Instead, changing it into an npc good that is sold/bought at that exact price: Now using the birch timber as a continued example: Currently if you sell it to an NPC, its 80silver PP. And if assuming the marketplace price cap is (140-150) as mentioned, It will now sell to NPCs for a higher price then 80Silver (Eg: If you still want to implement that TAX, like 35%, it would now be 140 x 65% for 91. And players would have to purchase it at 150 silver from that vendor.) This removes clutter from the marketplace too. With this additional system, Players that have too much of an item forever being unable to sell it on the marketplace would be able to sell it to the NPC without making too much of a loss as to compared when they sold it on the marketplace @ Whatever price listed
    Edit: 7: Gold Sellers still around anyway
    Now Daum would argue: If there isn't a cap to the max price: Gold sellers would come! They'll come in droves and destroy our money! Now listen: YOU'RE WRONG. These past few days i've already spotted gold sellers in channel/server chat already. Even with ALL your effort, they have found a way. Here is the rough representation of how they're offering to sell their services: They party you, and you just afk. They go round killing everything and items go the marketplace. This is where another flaw comes in: You don't have to be in the area to be counted as one of the party members set to get money from auctions off marketplace. So the buyer could afk in calpheon fishing while the sellers are @ pirate island / somewhere grinding the shit out and sales profits are sent to the guy afking in Calpheon too, letting him get money. Also, they offer LEVELING services, where you afk in a safe-spot close to where they're grinding and they just plevel you at the same time, of course charging them for that. Your call Daum. Gold sellers have found a way to abuse your system itself.
    Anyway, just accept the fact that gold sellers cant be stopped unless you go all out to monitor everything and EVERYTHING. Because hey, you'd go this far to protect your profit, but you could just adopt an idea or two from this thread and make the current player base more happy to stay in your game and spend money.

    In conclusion, this is a way to make the idea of a separate marketplace that is hopefully tax free / lower tax rate that would still deter gold sellers/buyers, while recreating the popular scenes we have in every MMORPG except Black Desert. Please help to make this post known to the game masters so it can be implemented if you agree! Bumping this post would be most helpful too.
    Also, if you have an idea related to this trading system, leave it in the comments and I may include it in here if it looks feasible for the GMs to look at!
  14. Clockwork is currently recruiting new members that are active players. We are a casual PvX guild that is part of the Brotherhood. We will help and build up new players to the game, but we also help with players that are in their 50's who might not be up to spec to join other guilds in the Brotherhood, that have higher requirements.
    Teamspeak is a requirement to join the guild, you are not required to talk if you do not have a mic or some other reason prevents you from being able too. The important thing is being able to listen in so that you know what is going on within the guild.
    Discord is another requirement, we use Discord for texting chat, we have the voice channels turned off. The reason we use it is so that we can use it to store important links and also have it so that we can communicate through text chat from anywhere.
    You are required as a new member to help do guild missions so that it is not just the guild as a whole helping you, but you helping the guild(it is especially important for players who plan to move onto other Brotherhood guilds). Obviously you are not required to do every guild mission, especially if you are in the middle of doing something important while it was started, but will be looked at case by case so that members do not abuse our laid back style.
    Clockwork is a casual guild, but we do have very active members that are on every day. We are currently hoping to start doing guild boss scrolls as soon as we have a strong enough force to do them without having to worry about the time limit. We are also pretty active in doing relic scrolls and other boss scrolls.
    Groups join us - we do accept larger groups of players wanting to join us, or smaller guilds wanting to merge into our guild. If you feel that this would be a good option for you and your friends or your smaller guild. We will do an interview to make sure that we fit well together of if another guild in the Brotherhood might be a better fit for you.
    If you are interesting in joining Clockwork please contact me in game on Aurri or Eodiin (one in a blue moon on Deviie). If I am not on feel free to contact any member and they will get you with an officer.
    Thank you, 
  15. Hello everyone,
    [tl;dr]: I want to create a new RP Guild on Jordine. The guild will be focused on RP but on other game activities too (PvP, PvE).
    I've been playing BDO for a while and I decided to start RPing. I searches for an RP guild and I even applied on one but I got rejected because I guess I was not -----y enough for them. Anyway, the point is that I couldn't find an easy going RP guild with people who just want to have some fun. That's when I decided to start looking for help, to create a new RP guild.
    Some non-negotiable details first:
    The guild will not be strictly roleplay. We will organize guild quests and scrolls and all kinds of stuff too.We won't have a theme when we create our guild. We will start as individuals and get to know each other and see where we go from there. Maybe we become a merchant guild, or a mercenary guild. Who knows.Members won't need to participate in each and every RP event but we will not have any members who don't participate in RP at all.We will create a website/forum later on but not until we have a solid core. 
    The dream
    The idea behind this initiative is that I want to create an environment where people get to enjoy both BDO and RP in BDO. The problem is that with every other RP guild it seems to be either the one or the other. You either spend 4 and 5 hours to RP events or you don't join the guild (there are exceptions of course). I want to have fun with PVPs and benefit from guild skills but at the same time I want to be able to find a treasure hidden in a cave or have a beer in a residence with other guild members.
    I imagine a guild that values the character relationships and invests time and effort to evolve them. I don't want everything to be smooth an easy. I want to see rivalries, I want to see traitors, I want to see alliances and wars with other guilds. I want to write a story. A story about a group of people in the world of Black Desert.
    Base theme idea
    Okay, I mentioned that there will be no theme at the beginning. That may be true, but on the other hand we need some direction. My idea is that at first we should focus on getting to know each other. Just like any TV-series where in the first half of first season characters get to know each other and learn their powers. On the second half they get a villain and everything continues normally. That's what I want here. I want to focus on personal relationships between the characters and then all together decide what the guild should be about.
    What I need
    I seriously need a co-leader to help me organize all these. I am no longer 15 years old to have so much free time. My work and university won't let me run the guild as I would like to. So I need a high spirited person to help me with all these.
    I don't know if I'll get what I want. Maybe there aren't many people right now who want to do something like that. Or maybe they are but they're already in another guild. I don't know. But I wanted to try.
    Sorry for the long post, have a nice evening.
  16. Ok so I just started making a warrior and so far I have gotten him up to lvl 31. I have looked over a ton of guides all seemingly different in some way so this brings me to my question. The main thing I want to have with warrior is his ability to be fast, which I'm certain I wont really have any speed until lvl 40, but.. I still don't know what are the "must have" skills for a warrior to be successful. Really all I have learned so far seems to be that spinning slash needs to be max and max ground slash for leveling. I know I also need forward slash maxed for the speed as well as shield charge and charging thrust. Out side of that I don't understand why we need the kick or if any of the counters can be viable as well as what the use of deep thrust really is. I also know I plan on getting scars of dusk and piercing spear.
    Thank you for any assistance for helping me out I do have a skill reset I will eventually use but any assistance on the musts of the warrior are greatly appreciated.
    p.s. I am also curious on how we go about gearing. I know spinning slash gains some damage with more hp so should I do a full hp set? Currently I have 3 piece agerian 1 piece zereth yuria weapon and vangertz shield. I want to be more damage on this character than I was with my valkyrie, but also need to know what stat is our must max? I know crit isn't an issue so should we max out atk speed or cast speed? Which is more beneficial for us? Or is it both that we need? Been just saving up my armor stones for what ever gear is eventually needed.
    Thanks again!
  17. There are 3 improvement suggestions and 1 new game content suggestion that I would like to propose.
    1. Increase the limit of Quests that can be accepted: Considering the size of the game map, as well as taking into account future expansions of the map, players will have to travel longer and longer again to accept+accomplish+turn in quests. Without any teleport or flying mount features, I don't think it's fair that players will have to increasingly waste valuable time on the road. This is especially the case when players can ONLY access and organize items in warehouses when they are physically visiting the storage NPC in a specific city. Realistic game play shouldn't equal to an inefficient gameplay style, to a certain point, it should be adjusted, as well as to accommodate future contents.
    2. Swimming direction controls: The player is slowed and inflexible in water, which is very realistic, but once you reach any kind of surface, although you are pressing the correct directional buttons, the system doesn't seem to register the direction correctly until you try about 3 - 10 times depending on the surface. Although you can increase your breath to stay in water for longer, but it's just a pain.
    3. Unstable server label/warning: One of the major issues at the moment. If it is possible, the problematic servers should be marked something to warn players of possible connection issues.
    Game content suggestion:
    A suggestion to add more fun to  the already amazing map exploration experience
    To make sailing and ocean exploring experience even more exciting, pls consider putting in a Mermaid experience.
    Adventurers out in the sea will have a very very rare chance of encountering a mermaid/groups of mermaids. If achieved, the mermaid will lead the player to a hidden location only accessible by interacting with a mermaid, and only ONCE, you will have to encounter a mermaid again to be able to access again. The hidden location will have a chest which the player can open to obtain very special spoils, but these will be spoils that will not effect the current balance in the game.
    Quite a brief idea i know... But I would love to see beautiful mermaids designs and a heavenly like hidden location also designed for this game
    Please, someone else say you want to see mermaids too! > < !!!
  18. Hello i started playing this game 2 days ago and well atm i'm level 29 (i'm killing some orcs right now)
    i have some questions about the game hope someone can help me whit a few of them.
    1-how many nodes are in the game and i can activate them all or it's imposible have enough contribution points???
    2-when i try make one trade i need to buy first the items in one trade NPC if i buy more weith that i can carry what happen??? also how i know where's the best site to sell them??? i need a little orientation tutorial here if you can.
      -example:  i can carry 300 LT  if i buy items for value of  2500 LT what happen??
    3-how many quests are in the game and i should do them all or just go and kill monsters until i hit max level and then do quests???
    4-end game content???
    5-when i make conversations whit NPC how i can upgrade the interest % and favor number of each character?? for example if one character have 50% interest and favor 11-20  how i can upgrade this numbers???
    6-how i can lower the % of gold that the System take in marketplace (yesterday i sold somethimg for 200K silver and only received like 89K........)
    7-best place to buy houses??? (i don't touch this thing until now so... i don't know anything about the houses in this game)
    8-any advice or important thing that i should know???
    thx for answers guys this game it's a lot diferent from other MMO that i played and i'm really lost because the game don't offer any tutorial but just how to move whit the W key xDD
    up!!! no one can help me whit this questions??
  19. Talonguard recruiting on Edan Server. Looking to build a PVE/PVP guild from the bottom up. Looking for new player to experienced vets. Join us today to start building. Pm Borradorr or Kell for more information or for a contract.
  20. So I started playing Black Desert, am loving a lot of its elements when compared to other, more linear mmos, and specifically, I really enjoy the feel of its combat compared to other games I've played.
    I am currently really hurting for a class to really play first at the moment however. While I intend to play multiple classes, I find myself switching almost every hour and rehashing the same areas and quests with a different class to keep them all equal rather than enjoying my first encounters with my favorite. I've been leveling multiple classes to get a feel for them all, but I have constant worry about the class I choose and how it will perform in the end game. Yes, skill trumps a lot of things, but what I mean is how the class will play when it reaches high levels.
    I enjoy:
    - Devil May Cry/Bayonetta speed combat
    - Being able to both PvE and PvP
    - Melee oriented combat
    - Evasive-heavy gameplay with an option to block and counter
    I feel like my last enjoyment automatically makes me like Maehwa better, but I've really enjoyed Tamer's gameplay the most, yet hear they lack in PvP. At the same time, I've had fun with Sorceress and Valkyrie and heard they both perform well in both types of play but like the weight of Tamer and Maehwa's attacks better with what I've played so far. I intend to level all 4 classes, but I want to stop switching so much for my first encounters with content, since the game feels so fresh for me. Any advice on what these classes become later down the line would be hugely appreciated.
  21. Post on First time buying Horse in General

    By ivytea, posted
    Hey all, first time investing in a horse as I keep seeing people zoom past me while running around in the world ):
    Mainly wanting it to get me from point A to B such as grind areas, world bosses and cities
    Are there any specific skill sets I should be after if I am looking for an excellent horse? My friend briefly mentioned Instant Acceleration / Drift / Charge
    I dont mind spending lots of silver, I just want to have a really nice horse D:
    Does Tier make a huge difference? I sometimes see Tier 4-6 horses on sale, but never above that
    Should I only be concerned with 100% skills that I want? If they aren't 100% ; is it easy to upgrade it?

    Thank you very much for any info I can get 
  22. Post on Some class ideas? in Classes

    By bigdogg657, posted

    Hey, so I was wondering if a duel wielding class or an elemental brawler be possible?
    So I know the Ranger has its Awakening, but I'm talking a class completely based around duel wielding. A class that could be front lines with two swords and rip enemies to shreds in a flurry of blades. I would think this might be good for the people waiting for the Ranger's Awakening to be released.
    Maybe the weapons could be duel Long swords, or perhaps Scimitars? Maybe a lot of spinning attacks that would look like the class is dancing around the battlefield. I think something like this would fit in perfectly with the Black Desert arsenal of classes.
    Another thought I had was maybe an elemental brawler class?
    After largely playing Sorc for most of the games release, and then switching to a few of the other interesting classes, I got to wondering: Why can't someone enchant their fists or even a pair of knuckle dusters with natural elements and beat enemies to a pulp?
    Again, I'm going to ask you, my reader, to imagine running into a battle with a pair of brass knuckles (or fists) and punching an annoying enemy square in the face? I would LOVE to do this to some of the enemies in the game that I have come across. Either way, maybe the class could choose to spend Combat Points on some of the natural elements that are already in the game. If you look you can see that the Sorc controls Darkness, and the Witch/Wizard control the rest (fire, lightning, and ice). Now who's saying that a mage couldn't go and enchant a pair of knuckles with similar power to that of the Witch/Wizard.
    I'm not saying that the Class would have to be EXACTLY like the Sorc, but maybe they could be able to block like the Warrior/Valkyrie and still be able to after a heavy attack. In order for the class to keep its distance from being a Sorc rip-off it might only have to be able to attack at a VERY close range. That would mean the class could not launch massive fireballs of darkness, or giant balls of ice, but still be able to handle its own when faced with the hardest of the enemies.
    So what do you think of these two, late night, ideas? Would you think they would be a good fit? Please leave comments telling your thoughts and other ideas.
    Thanks again,

  23. Supporter Class:
    Gender- Both
    Type- Magic Caster
    Abilities/Role- The Supporter Class (unofficial name) would have the role of supporting allies in large, and even small-sized battles. Strengthening their allies from the back lines would be the job best-suited for them. This class would be very useful in raids and guild battles. Although very powerful in a group setting, this class would not be well suited for taking on one to multiple enemies by themselves.The class would be able to buff allies stats like mp, attack, defense, etc. and maybe even debuf/nerf enemy's stats( as long as the debufs are not too over-powering). I do not think the class should have the ability to heal. Maybe have the ability to raise max health for a short-while, but not regeneration etc... we can leave that to a healer class. The class would have attack spells, that would do sufficient dmg, but you would not really like to fight 1 on 1 with a strong offensive-type class.
    Optional Abilities- The class could also have the ability to immobilize enemies for a short period of time making their allies jobs easier. 
    Physique- Although very strong in the art of casting, the Supporter class would have moderate def along with high agility, giving them various evasive spells/actions such as blink, warp, roll... really anything that gets them out of the way. 
    This is a very broad overview of this class with not very much detail, but I think I struck the main points I wanted to get across. Hopefully this gets some attention, seeing as I know some people who want the same thing. Feedback is always welcome, good or bad, so please feel free to add your opinions!
  24. Supporter Class:
    Gender- Both
    Type- Magic Caster
    Abilities/Role- The Supporter Class (unofficial name) would have the role of supporting allies in large, and even small-sized battles. Strengthening their allies from the back lines would be the job best-suited for them. This class would be very useful in raids and guild battles. Although very powerful in a group setting, this class would not be well suited for taking on one to multiple enemies by themselves.The class would be able to buff allies stats like mp, attack, defense, etc. and maybe even debuf/nerf enemy's stats( as long as the debufs are not too over-powering). I do not think the class should have the ability to heal. Maybe have the ability to raise max health for a short-while, but not regeneration etc... we can leave that to a healer class. The class would have attack spells, that would do sufficient dmg, but you would not really like to fight 1 on 1 with a strong offensive-type class.
    Optional Abilities- The class could also have the ability to immobilize enemies for a short period of time making their allies jobs easier. 
    Physique- Although very strong in the art of casting, the Supporter class would have moderate def along with high agility, giving them various evasive spells/actions such as blink, warp, roll... really anything that gets them out of the way. 
    This is a very broad overview of this class with not very much detail, but I think I struck the main points I wanted to get across. Hopefully this gets some attention, seeing as I know some people who want the same thing. Feedback is always welcome, good or bad, so please feel free to add your opinions!
  25. In a game as immersive as Black Desert Online where you can trek across the land with trade wagons, sail the open sea, farm crops, custom tailor your own house's furniture, and sit down on surfaces across the world, the MMO has attracted a huge population of role-players. (A short guide on which can be found here.) For all the game offers, however, a crucial element has been left out of the game's design; diversity in clothing and hairstyles. This may seem inconsequential for the average player but for the growing group of role-players that call this game, "home", it is of vital importance.
    It is the hope of many role-players and I'm sure many others who can appreciate a diversity in outfits and customization that Daum Games Europe and Pearl Abyss work together to introduce more unique, aesthetic outfits; whether they are exclusively Pearl Shop or otherwise. The following pictures are a few examples of some NPCs that are wearing the type of immersive clothing (and in some cases, hairstyles) role-players would like to see added to the game for players to wear. This topic is open for discussion and I hope many others contribute to help show the developers what type of aesthetic items they would like to see introduced into the world of Black Desert.

    And those were just the ones I found in Calpheon!