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  1. Post on Maybe New Player in General

    By LadyCorti, posted
    Hello people of BDO,
     Couple of everyday questions, noobish and to lazy to use search function. I'm in process of leaving Blade & Soul cause horrible, horrible fps and huge bot/hacker problem,
    I always understand their will be bots/hackers but with army of bots one spot, pvp maps, arena hackers, hackers top 20.
    Questions are;
    How hard would be for new player to catch up with everyone?
    Does it have item mall where you can buy stuff with real life cash, if yes does the items give huge advantage towards people who don't buy?
    How is PvP in this game? Does it have arena where you fight 1v1 or is it World PvP they can attack you when ever no matter level or location?
    Which classes are least played and why?
    What classes are most played and why?
    How many servers do you all have?
    Whats least server population?
    Whats the most population?
    What server would you recommend for new person that has good guild that accept noobish person?
    Is their horrible fps drops in this game?  (Reason I'm asking since Blade & Soul drops my FPS to trash even in 6 man dungeon which was getting old fast since GG didn't help much,
    Processor Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-4820K CPU @ 3.70GHzz Memory 32,0 GB Video AMD Radeon R9 200 Series 20MB Download internet, I bought new kingston SSD hyper x) Is this enoughtto prevent any fps drops?
    I probably look more into game since I'm at work,
    More question later lol
  2. Good evening guys!
    Does there happen to be anyone out there with an EU guest pass to spare? I'd really love to try out the game before buying it 
    Thanks a bunch in advance and hopefully see you in game! =)
    Kind regards,
  3. Please can someone explain why a relatively small language such as french is given its own channel yet English speaking Europeans get bundled into an "international" channel with Americans. The majority of both French and Germans speak English as a second language if not fluently then very very well. Its not fair for other English speaking Europeans to be thrown in with the Americans. I'm not saying they're all bad we have lots of American guys in our community but they tend to be the exceptions. The problem is a lot of these guys take offence to the slightest thing like "your moms fat cow" etc they have little to no humour and moan about everything.

  4. Post on Hello everyone! in New Adventurers

    By Chron, posted
    Howdy everybody!
    Glad to be here in a new game, I'm a NEWBBB. This game has made it to the top of the list on mmorpg.com and has started a good following so far, a lot of the people are putting this game down saying it's too hard or that there's too much to do not enough reward. But I think it's great, not that simple WoW stuff that's just to easy to handle. I am curious about a lot of things though, like owning a house and workers and pets and horses and leveling their skills up, I'm sure as time goes I will figure more out but if anyone could lend a hand for a good beginner guide let me know. I'm open for all criticism and helping hands!
  5. Post on Hi, I'm new >.< in New Adventurers

    By Jaspii, posted
    I've been playing for about a week now and I love this game but I get lonely playing by myself, and it can be frustrating not understanding a lot about the game. If anyone is willing to help a n00b or in a guild with nice people that don't mind helping me out, i am more than happy to join. ;D I'm on Orwen and I have a level 20ish sorceress named Jaspiibear.
  6. Hi guys,
    A few days ago i bought a new laptop, a lenovo ideapad y700 (specs on the end of the post) and i freeze a lot, mostly when i'm using skills and walking, no extra background programs, no extra lenovo programs running.

    When i got the laptop, i ran the heaven benchmark and msi kombustor and all went fine, good scores.

    No matter what settings i put my game on it wont get better, i got more fps but they’re unstable and freeze a lot.

    All drivers updated on the hardware manufacturer website (nvidia, etc..).

    Cpu usage is slow, gpu is usage low too, and sometimes the hdd usage spikes to 100.

    Not a network problem, i reinstalled the game once and tested it on other 2 laptops (msi) with lower specs and the game ran fine.
    Nvidia control panel preferences are set to performance and power management is set to high power mode.




    CPU:Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad-core (4 physical and 4 logical)

    GPU:Nvidia gtx 960m (4gb gddr5)

    HDD: Mechanical 1TB WD

    RAM: 8gb ddr4

    Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080


    Game settings:
    Attached on post.

  7. Stonescale Devourer Wild / Tamed:
     Don't know name, but transport looking mount: (used by NPCs)
    Elk Mount (can probably use similar gear as horse)
    Wild Bear / Boar
    I think this game would benefit from making these already ingame assets into tamable mounts for players.  Don't know about breeding perhaps for the future but right now I think being able to tame these would be an extremely cool new feature.
  8. Hello   My boyfriend and I are new to Black Desert, we've been playing for about a week and are looking for a guild to join.  He's a Wizard and I'm a Witch and both of us are currently lvl 39, and we're looking for a guild who engages in pretty much everything PvE and PvP have to offer.  Things in particular we're looking for include, friendly of course (we'll bail at the first sign of douchebaggery/elitism)  helpful like-minded people who could help us learn more about the game.  We don't mind going on TS/some voice program sometimes but we don't want to live on there.  He and I both are also very active and absolutely love the game.  If the guild has some members on during early hours, and pretty much all throughout the day that's a huge plus.  We're on Orwen Calph 01, my family name is Hexos, and name is Ixtrix.  If you think your guild would be a good match for us, you can get back to me on forum, or in game.  Thank you in advance   Hope to hear from you soon!
  9. Please add the [profession] Transfer Coupon
    http://bddatabase.net/us/item/17603/ (example for fishing)
    As a LOYALTY item.
    There is one for each profession, and as it says, it allows you to transfer profession exp from one character to another.
    Why is this important? Because there are many people playing temporary classes till 'new' ones come out, or people just want to play another class.
    Why not just use your current class as an alt? Several reasons, first your energy regenerates faster on an active character, second you gain leveling exp, third so you show up in the ranking on your main character, etc.
    Why should it be a LOYALTY item? Because there will be 12 classes in this game, 13 if you count the upcoming dark elf. If you ever want to switch main characters, which a lot of people do, you'll without a doubt want to transfer profession EXP as getting to artisan takes about a month! There are currently 9 professions and more will be added later. So people will want to transfer their professions, and you cannot expect people to pay real money to transfer 9+ professions multiple times. If it is not made a loyalty item, you'll be expecting people to play for months or over a year to just get their professions caught up. So it does not make sense to tell people to pay real money or play for a year. Please make them loyalty items or loyalty and cash shop.
    Weird, this is on the front page of the /r/blackdesertonline reddit sub, but nobody seems to have seen this here..
  10. Hi!
    I am really interested in playing Black Desert. Does anyone have a guest pass? I would like to try it before buying it. :)) <3
    Thank you in advance.
  11. Aussie guild FIGJAM is looking to recruit members.
    We're a brand new guild looking to recruit mature and sociable players on the Uno server. Experience everything that Black Desert has to offer such as guild missions, wars, and learn about this incredibly complex game. Share secret fishing spots, enjoy new content together (such as naval warfare!) and keep up to date!
    Discord is being used for voice communications and while I am Australian I welcome all players from all regions to join me.

    Casuals welcome, don't let the game become your second job!
    Still looking for people!
  12. Post on deleted in US Guild

    By Thibble, posted
  13. Is anyone else having the problem where their characters are not appearing in-game? Like for my characters they have the original hair colors and body and face then the ones I made? I haven't been on for a while since I have been dealing with school and this was the first time I have went on since then? Is there something I missed? 
    In the picture, that is what my character is supposed to look like, but instead she doesn't have that face nor hair color, but the hair style she does have.

  14. Just sharing these moving Golden Hot Spots...
    I will not spoil you by telling you how they move and when each one is active thought...
    I can give you a hint thought that the weather conditions and the time of the day play a major factor to their rotation
    PS1: the area of these Hot Spots is very small (about 2 fishing boats). Note that it doesn't matter where your character is but it matters where your float is.
    PS2: there are 2 more Hot Spots that are missing on this list. All together cover all the conditions (day, night, mist, rain, sunny, fog), I challenge you to find them!

  15. We are currently recruiting new members who are active. We only have four main requirements of our members.
    1. Help each other and the guild out (missions) if you are able to at the time.
    2. Do not attack anyone from another Brotherhood guild, or start wars(that is a leadership decision).
    3. Use Mediah U1 as your channel unless its for grinding/hunting and you need to switch temporarily for that(Mediah U2 is The Brotherhood's secondary channel).
    4. TeamSpeak - Having it and using it is very important for us  to help you as a player and so that you know what is going on.
    Now that all the formal stuff is out of the way, we are a group of active players who lean on the casual side of things. We do have some very active hardcore players, and that playing style is more than welcome. <Clockwork> is a great guild to help get your foot in the door of the Brotherhood, especially if you are still lower level and learning the game. We try to do all five or our guild missions every day, and we stick to ones that even a level one player can help out on--- the vast majority of the time. Though it is not a requirement to take part in the missions due to you might be in the middle of already doing something else, or have just popped a exp scroll for example, we do expect contribution from our members. Helping out with guild missions helps everyone out due to the guild while buffs we are able to unlock.
    There is no level requirement and we do help new members learn the game.
    The Brotherhood does use Teamspeak and it is a requirement for new members
    If you would like to join please reply here and/or message Aurri or Shyblade in game.  If you can not get a hold of one of us, try contacting a members and asking them to give you the name of an officer that is on.
    If you have any questions about joining please feel free to ask.
    Also, if you are interested in joining another guild in The Brotherhood, feel free to contact Aurri and I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.
    - Matthew
  16. Looking to PVP new player lvl 12. IGN  Rentra 
    Message here or in game. thx
  17. Hi, I've just recently heard of this game and really enjoyed the videos on youtube. I was wondering if anyone has a pass they could let me use, i would like to see if the game really pops to me as it does in the videos I've seen so i can see if i want to buy it. I would really appreciate it!
    Would like it if you PM me Thank you!
  18. I noticed my items are really expired, so i guess that was a sneaky fix? or is it still just a visual glitch. I love to read patch notes, would be coolz to have all the info in them T^T
  19. Post on Can the wings be hidden? in General

    By Gotcha, posted
    The limited edition costume.... can the wings be turned on and off using the hide cape function?
  20. Hello, my name is Kichey and I'm recruiting for the guild <Ssanguinarium> on the server Edan, we generally hang out on Serendia E2.
    This is a new guild, so it's still relatively small, but we're looking for new recruits so we can expand, that's why we need you! 
    We focus on all aspects of the game, and aspire to do many more things as the guild grows in numbers and levels. 
    We have a Discord for voice communication - if this does not work out well for us we will look into other options this may not be our final decision.
    Currently if you are interested please go apply on our website and an officer will look over your application there. *You will receive a PM on the website if you are accepted/declined.
    Any further questions feel free to ask here, replies may be slow but I will get back to you!
  21. Hello!
    We are looking for people to help us develop our guild and community! we are a PvX guild and consider ourselves PKK. For those who dont know PKK is Anti-Pkers. We are going to strive to help out the general populace when PKers try and take over some grind spots and such. We are very small currently 5 members but we hope to grow! 
    We have a guild site: http://calpheondefense.shivtr.com/ 
    If interested either post here or go to the guild site and apply!
    feel free to ask any questions in a reply or a private message. 
    Thanks for your time,
    Still looking for members of all lvl and playstyle!
  22. We are a level 35+ guild, main focus will be GvG but we will PvE Aswell if the majority wish!  We are fairly new and still a small guild but growing fast with regular guild missions and wars for fun! 
    We are on Jordine Mediah J1
    if you want an invite please messege 
    Ronnay Cray for invite or leave a comment with your name. 
    your neighbourhood no-lifer
  23. New Topic here

  24. I have a flashing red light at the top right hand side of my screen that says 115%. What is this and how do I get rid of it?

    Thank you. <3