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  1. Post on BARD in Suggestions

    By Inzyne, posted
    us musical niggas need our bard

  2. Who Are We?
    We are a brand new guild of experienced gamers coming from other MMOs looking for active players to take with us to the top in Black Desert Online. We will be focused on improving all aspects of our guild within the game, including: PvP | PvE | Commerce | And overall anything that will help make our guild greater.
    What We Are Looking For?
    We want members that will be as active as possible. We will be on the server Orwen. The faster we can get everyone to 50 the faster we can grow the guild, so members willing to grind it out early on will be rewarded for their efforts. But if you wanna focus on professions and make some money for the guild that's great too!
    What Can We Do For You?
    We can promise fair wages and a friendly atmosphere. We use Discord as a chat system so you can drop in anytime and have a conversation while you grind or drop by just to chill.
    How To Join?
    Remember that in order to join you will need to be on the Orwen server. Click the link below to apply! We will start accepting applicants on the 3rd of March when the game launches.
  3. Hallöchen
    Ich und ein paar Freunde von mir schnuppern in Black Desert rein!
    Durchaus habe ich/wir mich/uns über das Spiel informiert und hörte von diesem Spiel in 2013-2014.
    Wir sind schlichtweg begeistert von der Atmosphäre die dieses Spiel bietet, so etwas hat es in unseren Augen noch nicht gegeben.
    Aber nun zu wichtigeren Themen, zu uns.
    Wir suche keine Progress-Gilde in dem Sinne, ich suche eine kleine, meinetwegen auch große Gruppierung an Leuten die
    uns durch dieses Spiel helfen, damit meine ich "nicht" uns durch das spiel "carrien" sondern sofern wir Fragen habe diese mit Freuden zu beantworten.
    Wir habe wie oben beschrieben mich über das Spiel informiert aber wie sich jeder denken kann ist das noch lange nicht genug und schon lange nicht alles was das Spiel
    "hoffentlich" zubieten hat !
    Von daher eine nette Anzahl an Leuten keine Eingebildeten Menschen die sich viel zu viel drauf einbilden in diesem Spiel mehr Wissen zu haben als "Ich/wir"
    Sondern im Gegenteil ihr Wissen gerne teilen.
    Wir haben mehrere Jahre World of Warcraft auf dem buckel und suchen nach etwas neuem.
    Wie oben beschrieben suchen wir nicht die "krasseste" Gilde/Gruppierungen, wir suchen Leute mit denen wir das Spiel kennen lernen können.
    Ich heiße Sören bin 21Jahre alt/jung
    Bin leidenschaftlicher MMO-Spieler und habe durch diverse andere MMOs Erfahrungen gesammelt, bin flexibel was Zeiten angeht aber das sollte einfach nicht zur Thematik stehen
    Ich bin "nicht" sprachfaul, soll bedeuten das ich gerne in's Teamspeak/Mumble/Skype/Raidcall komme um zu Quatschen, ziehe mich aber auch gerne mal zurück um meine Ruhe zuhaben
    um Beispielsweise zuleveln. 
    Deacon ist ein Freund von mir der genau wie ich eine große Leidenschaft in MMOs gefunden hat.
    Er ist 26 und hat sämtliche MMOs da draußen schon angezockt wenn nicht sogar richtig gespielt.
    Er ist aufjedenfall genauso Gehyped wie ich wenn nicht sogar noch stärker, wir beide haben vor kurzem in "Blade and Soul" reingeschnuppert zusammen,
    wobei man sagen muss uns dieses Spiel nicht zugesagt hatte.
    Ebenso ist er auch nicht scheu und Kommunikationsfaul er bringt sich auf jedenfall in Gespräche ein. 
    Falls irgendwelche Fragen bestehen bin ich gerne bereit via. PN mich mit dir/euch zu unterhalten.
    Ich hoffe das sich hier jemand findet der sich von meinem Post angesprochen fühlt.
  4. So after playing some of the available launch characters, I quickly gravitated towards the Valkyrie. Personally, I really enjoy melee characters over ranged, but I found the Warrior to be kinda boring. The idea of mixing melee with like holy magic is what really made the Valkyrie appealing. I've always really enjoyed playing Paladin/Crusader characters, and her kit seems really unique. Some melee, some magic, and some heals. Though I'm curious to know how good she actually is? How viable will she be in the late/end game, and how is she in PvP? Does she stack up with the others?
    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I REALLY need to choose my class before launch tonight so I'll know who to play. See you guys in the field!
  5. Post on Hey there! in New Adventurers

    By Jaspar, posted
    Hey everyone,
    My name's Jasper, I'm 19 and from the UK. I'm new to the game, played a couple of days of the CBT2 but am still learning the ropes. I've bought the conqueror's package, so I'm very hyped for this release!
    Hope to see everyone in-game!
  6. Hello BDO community,
    I am pretty new to the game haven't even bought the game yet, where as I usually would've been part of all the Closed and Open Alpha/Beta. I decided to take a step to the sidelines this time around due to my bad experience with games that I had been part of Alpha/Beta's (TERA, ArcheAge, Skyforge, Scarlet Blade etc just a few of the games that made me be more careful about buying the game in unfinished stages).

    Though just because I am new does not mean I haven't been keeping tabs on the game I've been following the game way before it was released in Korea even, it's just that I've decided to take a real interest in the game now and are contemplating which of the 2 packages they have on display now.

    Maybe you can help me a bit with that, does that sound fair enough? (I am going to get either one of them, just need a bit of information about the + things that are added in the packages if it's not to much to ask). If you feel like asking me anything you are more than welcome not sure I will answer everything.

  7. Proxima is a community that has developed from our previous iteration "Eleven Gaming."
    We are now a full fledged community uniting like-minded gamers, tech enthusiasts, graphic designers, and streamers under one roof. We are a community of gritty, mature individuals whom have played games and entertained one another for as long as 10 years. We invite you to join us for our first official foray into the conundrum that is "Black Desert Online."
    With this being our first engagement as a guild many opportunities are available to committed and goal oriented individuals. Those opportunities being Officer's, Moderator's and various title's yet to be determined. If you want in on the ground floor of what we will be 1-3 months from now you've come to the right place.
    Our playstyles differ internally but we cover almost all realms of gameplay. Those being PvP, PvE, and Roleplaying. As such our tag is listed "PvX." Whatever your desire I am certain you will be entertained. 
    Why should you join Proxima?
    We (Proxima) aren't your ordinary guild, nor do we strive to be. We have many in game goals for ourselves but our goals extend past the virtual and into the real world. If you're looking for not just a guild but a community of people whom you may develop friendships, strong bonds, lasting relationships, plentiful laughter, a sense of achievement, and still be able to play other games... you've come to the right place. Many of us have families, children, jobs, and existing commitments. We won't ask you to break those vow's. We understand priority. Our accomplishment's will be just that - accomplished through our teamwork and through our community.
    We are all this and more.
    ~The specifics~
    Server: Uno
    Requirements: (Subject to Change)
    18+ | MaturePlay on the North American Server UnoGritDiscordProxima.GG Forum Account & Introduction Post (No Guild Invite w/o Introducing Yourself)Guild Meet & Greet will occur prior to launch at approximately 2:00AM EST
    I want to thank you for your time, and to all potential interestees.. Salute!

    - Leu
    Discord: https://discord.gg/0ZFXsXs2A6BZSY9h
    Home: http://www.proxima.gg
    Forums: http://forums.proxima.gg
  8. So, we have a lot of new roleplayers here. We all start off somewhere. Do not be intimidated by those of us that have been roleplaying for quite some time.
    Before launch, I encourage EVERYONE,whether you are new or a veteran(but especially those new to roleplay), to watch this video series in order to either brush up on their roleplay skills, or to learn how to do so in a way they can jump right in with everyone else without needing much guidance.

    The videos are kind of long, but the knowledge you can and will obtain from them will help you on your journey to become the best RPer you can be.  
    A Beginners Guide: Introduction to Roleplay:

    A Beginners Guide 2: Join the World

    7 Sins of RP [RPing in MMOs]
  9. Post on Classes after launch? in Classes

    By Sharingan, posted
    Does anyone know of any plans for the classes after launch (Blader,Ninja,Plum,Kunoichi)? Or of there release date? Or of any plans for male counterparts to Tamer, Scorceress etc?
    Just want to start of with a small introduction with my impression of the game and I found that the game is very fun to play and the tutorial to show how the combat system should be, upgraded and played by killing the small animals and creatures at the beginning of the game. But as a first time player I found that I had no idea what to do and found myself going on YouTube videos to find out what to do. But a lot of the videos were in Korean obviously being a Korean game. 
    Now if I get some information wrong I apologies for my stupidity hahaha I tend to skip ahead a little to move on and play as much as I can.
    - Some of the game doesn't provide much information to teach you how to make a boat or a carriage
    I was wondering how to create these carriages or boats that people were building. Maybe some information and pictures would help?
    - The node system to connect doesn't teach you the things that you can achieve from investing contribution points.
    I was wondering if there could be some form of small node system tutorial at the beginning of the game? Maybe some information and pictures would help?
    - Skill point spending
    In all MMO's I understand that you will have to go through and choose special skills. However I didn't realize that to reset skill points I would need to buy pearls and I found my character was fairly weak. Maybe some information and pictures would help?
    - Teaching Trading
    Finally I have very small knowledge of trading and at the beginning of the game as a new player would not understand how to trade without having a feeling of under pricing my items. Maybe some information and pictures would help?
    But overall the game is a very good and fun game and I hope that my feedback doesn't come through as rude.
    Thank you
  11. Hello everyone! 
    I am new and will be pre-ordering the Traveler's package when I get paid at midnight or early morning! Beating the pre-order cut off! *Phew!*
    All I have done so far is watch Youtube videos and read the forums about this game. I hope it turns out to be a good investment!
  12. As a new pre-order customer, at what point can we expect the client to be available for download, in order to be ready for launch.
    Thank you!
  13. Post on Rabbit Pet in Suggestions

    By Kuro Usagi, posted
    How can we have a penguin but not a cute rabbit?
    I will preface this with saying I have not played BDO nor have I watched enough to know if what I say below is balanced. If you have ideas that may balance it more please feel free to put them in a reply. I can add things to this as I see things that may prove to be better and/or more balanced
    Pickup Speed: 9 Seconds (They're close to the ground so they pick up fast!)
    Hunger: 100 (They have tiny stomachs!)
    Movement Speed: Same as dogs (For balance since the pickup speed is faster)
    Special Skill: Random chance to gather an extra 1-3 of a plant (Help with this one since I haven't played?)
    Extra(s): Should sit on your head when you idle, that is very necessary.
    For Reference:
  14. Post on Wanna say HI! in New Adventurers

    By Vakross, posted
    Hi everyone,
    I wanted to stop in and introduce myself.  My IGN is Vakross.  I'm really looking forward to this game.  I've played WoW for years, but I've been waiting forever to get into the "next gen" MMO.  (This appears to be it).  I've "mained" three characters during all my years playing WoW.  First love was my warrior "Vampkin", then I played a priest "Krosskin", (yea I love Vampire lore); I played many other toons during the years but those where always my mains and I raided with them.  After taking a few years off, and returning, I combined the two (looks and names) and created my third and current main Death Knight Vakross.  It's my intention to use this awesome character creator to bring him closer to life and play with him here.  (Shameless plug:  If you'd like to see how that turns out, I'm doing a vid on my YT channel of it, search Head80). :-)  Anyway, I'm really excited to get in the game and hope that it's a great place with a great community to play with.
    TL;DR - Wanna say HI, long time MMO player.  Had two mains, combining them into one toon here with awesome creator tool.  Hope to meet and enjoy community within game.
    Thanks for reading all. 
  15. Hi guys!
    We've written up a Starter/Launch Guide for new players who may be trying the CBT2 or are playing at launch. The guide introduces some of the basic features in Black Desert as well as giving you some tips and answering some of the common questions about the game. Unfortunately, I'm having some trouble uploading the whole guide here due to the size of it. It's over 10,000 words so we've released it on our website a few days before CBT2 so you can start reading  You might just be finished by the time it starts! 
    Starter/Launch Guide: http://blackdesertfoundry.com/2016/02/16/starterlaunch-guide/
    Check out our website for more guides and other tools for Black Desert Online.

  16. Hi Everbody !
    I share Tamer Awakening Video!
    Your Comment please 

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/YAjFCZH6Ec4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  17. Hello to everyone,
    yes, I'm new here. I've watched the development of Black Desert a long time now and I think yet is the time to show how disappointed I'm and maybe this could be use as a suggestion. But I think it's far too late and that the developers like in many other gamers not really care about the community.
    I wonder about the gender lock and why people think its good. Maybe fanboys or something like that? In every game are people which defend almost everything the devs do. They agree in some minor things that those things are not so good but in major things they are not willed to raise their voice because they like the game.... And you know that many of them will not play that game very long...
    Fact is: In 2016 it is NOT next gen or up to date to lock the genders. Everyone should be able to choose the gender he likes to play. And please: Don't say something because of the storyline!! I'm in an old gen game: Lord of the rings. THERE you have a real storyline (and Turbine (the devs) missed it so often that I wonder how Lotro could be still alive..).
    Free the genders!
    And why the hell we still have classes? This is not next gen. It is still old gen. Graphics alone doesn't make something next gen. Everyone should be able to wear a shield or use some magic. No levels but use skillpoints for different skilltrees. Never grey mobs or something like that but the more experience you have in fighting the easier it is to fight them. PVP? Yeah, why not. But with a reputation system. Killed to much "good" players? So you can't enter some towns...just for example.
    I really had hope that Black Desert is a good game. But at this point in the moment I don't see a reason why I should leave middleearth...
    In the moment I don't see a next gen. Its just a saying. New package for old and dusty content.
    Maybe you like to do a shitstorm now. But I just gave my 2 cents to that game and you should realize how much hope I had and how disappointed I am at this point of development.
    Fact is: In a real next gen game players could do whatever they want. Gender lock, classes and levels are NOT next gen. It is something to hold back new players to join the game. And without new players the end is near. Black desert will be one of hundret other games. Sorry to say and see that...
    Thanx for your attention.
  18. Hey everyone,
    I will be testing BDO this coming Beta so for everyone who will be on the server don't be shy.
    also its the 16th and 12:00am where i am can i download the client?
  19. Post on Summoner Class in Suggestions

    By Kiba Senpai, posted
    I've always play my MMORPG's with a summoner class if possible. I would really like to see this class come to BDO! I think it would fit perfectly in the game. At the moment, there is a tamer class that can summon the wolf. As cool as I think that is, I think there needs to be a class all on its own that relies on it's summons for attacks. This summoner class should obviously have more than 1 summon. More than 1 summon should be able to be summoned at the same time too. I would like to be able too sit back at a distance and command my summons whilst healing them or giving them buffs. (and/or maybe throwing my own magic at the enemies). Thanks for reading!
    -Kiba Senpai
  20. I'm sure there's many more organized guilds out there to choose from, but if I might have your ear for a moment would you care to hear us out.  Listen to that, it's calling us... the chaos, the darkness, the echoing sounds of hoofs beating against the road along with the sling blade sound of steel on steel.   What a time to get involved and learn.  Our guild is led by an ex- FFxi leader and ffxiv freecompany.  These were small built communities of friends who achieved what goals we had for ourselves.  We want the calling to ring out in BDO now and for that to happen we need you.  We are looking to make new friends, grow our community and start taking claim in BDO on release.  When CBT2 opens, we will be recruiting then as well, along with testing the guild options and trying to optimize our strategy for the official release.  We need you .... you hear the calling, you know what to do. 
    If being in a guild that has little concern for your particpation is your thing, then by all means, ignore the calling.  But if you want to be counted as someone who's opinion can carry weight in a decision, that your worth will in time be paid for it's worth, well , just join the calling.  worst thing that can happen is you leave... then the voices will haunt you and no one wants that.
    We use Discord as our main voice chat service and we are hosting a web page for sign up to keep track of new members at the following addy: http://thecalling.shivtr.com  Please click on the link, apply, sign up on the web page and when CBT hits, join the Calling, and be ready for our start up sessions on release. 
    When the Guild finally does grow and become more organized we'll be looking for a few people who can lead others in PVP battles. Help the Head Master of the Calling lead his Nunyucks to victory.  Be a leader of men and help us expand across BDO.  If you hear the calling, then you know what to do.  If not, then I guess we'll see you on the field hopefully not against us... for your sake.
  21. Hello!  My name is Dracallis and I am representing Heroes of Heidel.  We'll be playing on the NA Megaserver.  Core officers are all Central Timezone with a wide range of hours from morning to late evening.  We are experienced with the Korean version of the game, having played for several months now.  We have a dedicated 64-man teamspeak and a website as well.
       Heroes of Heidel will be focused around all of the mechanics in the game, not just one in particular.  Everything ranging from boss fights to Guild vs. Guild events interest us.  We've got some people with a very good knowledge base of leveling/grinding, how horse taming/breeding works, several of the crafting systems, gathering, worker systems, nodes and trading, armor upgrading, money farming strategies and more.  We've spent a majority of our time in the Korean version learning all of the different mechanics in the game, as there IS a lot to learn.  We also have some minor experience with the changes from Korean to NA with the first CBT, soon to be added together with the 2nd CBT.  We will not be participating in negative karma/tendency events.
       We are looking for players that are over 18, want to have fun in a non-constrictive environment, have the ability to use teamspeak for PvP(sorry it's necessary for quick PvP battles), can perhaps glance at the website to check guild events, are not squeamish or offended by occasional bad language, with or without game experience.  All new members will receive a one week paid trial contract before receiving their one month pay(increases exponentially based on in game contribution).
    If you are interested check out our new website http://heroesofheidel.enjin.com
    Thanks! ~Drac

  22. So I just upgraded from Travelers package to Conquerors Package. I am super optimistic about this game. Now all that's left is to choose between giant or warrior. Although I will say that wizards exclusive costume looks pretty bad ass so maybe I ll give him a shot. It kind of gives the illusion that he's young.
  23. Post on Making a Guild in General

    By Sensiety, posted
    So we are going to be making a guild in BDO called Altornate "ALT'O"
    We were originally a TERA guild who moved onto FPS such as CSGO and battlefield and are now coming back to MMORPGS. We have a team of 40 so far; all of us with the conquers edition on the travellers edition. We are looking to farm and become one of the biggest and strongest in all of BDO. So if you are interested please request from one of the leaders. Including Crowze, Sensiety and DarkGhost.
    ; 3 Thnx and enjoy the game  ^_^
  24. Okay so i saw this game a while back and fell in love but then i forgot about it... i just recently remembered that it was a thing and now i have no idea what is going on. I have a few questions to help me get hyped for this game here goes.
    1. has there been a release date set and if so when? (also will the game be free?)
    2. what videos/articles should i read to get me hyped and ready to start out?
    3. where is the best place on the forum to just read stuff when im bored?
    4. are there any clans/guilds/communites that are recruiting before launch?
  25. Post on newbie guild in US Guild

    By Athale, posted
    hey i'm very new to the mmo world i haven't played many games where you have guilds and such but before it gets started i would like to learn maybe build a guild with some players all before CBT2 comes out