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  1. So i know this sounds really childish but im really looking forward to this game and im kinda a social outcast in school so i dont have alot of people to play with when it comes out and as i was reading the new adventurers thread and everyone looked really nice and friendly so i thought id ask would anyone want to be friends so we can play the game together once it comes out 
    ( im hella awkward btw i apologize in advance)
  2. Post on Greetings in New Adventurers

    By Lalice, posted
    Hello everyone I'm Lalice. I played on the Alpha servers but I never played the KR or RU versions. I have been following BDO for a long time and am very happy to see it on it's way here. I'm looking forward to playing with many of you and making new friends along the way. I play all games with my sister and when BDO is released I'm sure we will be looking for a Guild to join so if anyone has any suggestions or anything like that I would love to hear it. Thanks for stopping in and hope to see some of you in game.
  3. Post on New Friends \o/ in New Adventurers

    By Nina, posted
    Hey guys, just posting the obligatory 'new player' post.  Decided to sign up to forums early and snatch up my name for my username for once wuahaha. Anyway, atm i spend my time between Runescape  and Vindictus and don't know many people that will be switching over to BDO, so i was wondering if anyone wanted to be friends. What's up?  What MMO are you coming from? What classes or servers are you leaning toward? Is anyone already starting to form a guild? What are you most excited about in BDO? Looking forward to hearing from you guys~ o/
  4. Or I will be once they allow us to download the game. I searched for a free MMORPG since was bored with SL and found this. It looks awesome and I look forward to actually playing it! For basic information, you can call me Qelrinn or Qel. I'm a 30 year old male from The Netherlands. Anything else I might reveal in time to friends but ye, not gonna put it all just up  I come from many MMO's including FFXIV: Heavensward and WoW but at the moment I can't log in FFXIV cause I have no game time. See you all around! Hopefully we soon get to download and install.
  5. Post on Yooo! Hmmmm...? in New Adventurers

    By Zally, posted
    Hello everyone! Gotta introduce myself here so I don't become the social outcast later, right? Anyways if anyone is wondering "Yooo!" and "Hmmmm...?" are my signature greetings in-game. A bit about me: I am automotive technician, I enjoy hanging out with friends, drinking, animes, food (who doesn't), music of all kinds, and games of course! I picked up on BDO about 3 months ago and been stalking it since then, very excited to get the chance to play. Some of my other MMO experience is WoW(the big one), Ultima, City of Heroes, Everquest (briefly), Aion, Tera, Guild wars, Lineage, Firefall and I'm sure there's more. I'm mostly hardcore PVE and lore driven, but I gotta PVP too. Zalindel is my go to name in-game but over the years my friends have taken to calling my Zally. I hope to meet many people during my travel in BDO and stomp this world like it's on fire. But until it's live I got my ticket and my drink while riding the hype-train. All aboard! Amirite!
  6. Forsaken is a new guild currently made up of a close knit group of friends playing on Channel: Valencia-4/[Валенсия-4] . Who are now looking to expand the guild in preparation of the western release.
    We have experienced players who are willing to help new players settle into the game.
    We are currently focusing mainly on expanding and helping new players level at the moment. With heavy interest in owning a castle in the future and being a dominate guild on our channel for western version (and possibly RU while we are waiting).
    Accepting all regularly playing English speaking members from all time zones at this time (most of us gamers have bad sleep patterns so why discriminate against diff time zones? haha). Feel free to drop into our TS and have a chat with us to see if we are right for you
    Add Althorr to friends in RU to message me ingame Or join us on forsaken.guildts.com
  7. Well when I heard about Black Desert many years ago, I was like "so what", since MMOs in a different language don't interest me. Even when it was announced as getting a English Localization I was still in "meh" mode. However, I read a first-impression article on MMOHuts and have seen various videos and I'm convinced now to jump on the BD Bandwagon I must admit the graphics look stunning (and not in a "compared to other..." way, but on their own) and the gameplay sounds deep.
    I'm glad I didn't touch the Alpha version, since I felt that might have spoiled things (even if the CBT and official release will be vastly different) and also make me want the game even more but I'm going to invest in a founder pack and give the CBT a go. I've gone from not giving a damn to very excited
  8. CastorBean signing in. Herbalist and WildCrafter. We'll see what this game has to offer! 
  9. Post on Hey! :3 in New Adventurers

    By Razzaqi, posted
    So reading through all of you awesome people's new player introductions, I felt compelled to make a short one myself, so here goes...
    Hi all!
    Im Razzaqi or Razz, ill probably be playing on the EU server. I've been waiting for BDO for a bit over a year now, just bought a pack so im looking forward to CBT. 
    Really REALLY excited about this game as its been a while now since an MMO really caught my interest. I love the feel of the forums too, the friendly welcoming atmosphere is awesome!
     All up for the friend-making deal too, as I, like some of you i've seen, don't have many friends that really dig this kind of game - which is totally cool as I prefer playing with you guys instead   
    Anyways, I look forward to playing with you guys when the day finally arrives!
    - Razz

  10. New player Ace Reporter checking in. Soon, the semester will be over, and I will be free to get started.
  11. Hiya everyone! 
    First time I've decided to join a forum so just throwing myself out there!
    My name's John (very generic, I know), from California (no, I don't know how to surf, sadly) and just recently had my first (legal) alcoholic beverage. I'm a casual gamer that's been looking for a new game to sink my teeth into. My last MMO was Mabinogi (ancient, right?). I play League of Legends occasionally (stuck in Silver T-T), and have been dabbling into CS:GO lately while waiting for BDO to come out. Other than being a part-time game addict, I'm a through and through bookworm (anyone else read Pendragon Series?); I enjoy watching anime (OP man!) and reading manga (current favorite is ReLife), and I also read translated Chinese wuxia/xianxia novels (Wuxiaworld domination! [omg last chapter of CD is out!]); I find mythology and astronomy fascinating; I guess I'm a baby audiophile (Current Headset: V-Moda M100s); I enjoy playing nearly all sports, don't mind watching them, but not a dedicated follower of any sports; I enjoy collecting playing cards (current collection numbers around 100 different individual decks); I guess I'm a hobbyist magician (only been practicing for a few months now); my Briggs-Myers personality test result is INFP; and I should stop rambling before I tell my whole life story .
    Anyways, I look forward to playing with all of you guys! I plan to main either Ninja or Blader though Warrior does look fun too. What are you guys planning to main as? I've currently been saving up to build a desktop from scratch since my laptop is dying on me . Hopefully I can get some sales with Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up! Here's a link to my planned build:
    Any advice or comments on the build will be very appreciated!
    I'm looking for friends to play with so if you are feeling adventurous and maybe a little masochistic (just kidding...not really, but sorta...) feel free to leave a comment! If you see anything you liked in my introduction (games/anime/hobbies) feel free to leave a comment as well! And if you don't find anything agreeable in my introduction and thought my attempts at humor were lame, GET THE F* OUT OF HERE...jk <3 feel free to leave a comment too (let's just keep it friendly ) See you guys all in game!

    Hobey-Ho, let's go!
  12. So speaking of changes to the game, the blader, plum, ninja, and kunoichi, classes were added because of the popularity they would have in the east (especially with the JP release). at least that's what I remember reading once, i could be wrong. but anyway does that give rise to the possibility of different classes later being released (not the ones already out in the east) due to popular demand from the west, or will we all just eventually fall on the same page?
  13. ♡Hey yall!
    I am new to BDO. Very new. I have pre-ordered the game and I'd like to find a group to get to know and become established with. \o/
    -----------------What I'm looking for in a guild :
    ● PVP : (I like to kick ass) :3
    ● EXPLORATION : I like a guild that enjoys   going out and exploring. Finding new things to do and conquer.
    ● VOICE COMMUNICATION : I am very active on apps like teamspeak. It is easier/faster for me to communicate that way. Yes I am female so no creepies please
    ● RESPECT : I like for a group that I'm involved with to be respectable and fun. I don't like groups that are rude or grief other players. Das a no no.
    ● RP :3 - I enjoy a bit of RP in my experience because hey, who doesn't want to pretend to be a mythical warrior saving the universe?? <3
    ---------------Also a bit about me :
    ● EXPERIENCE : I'm very experienced with MMO'S. I've been playing them for 9 years (which is about half my lifetime :P)
    ● LOYAL : I've always been 100% loyal and honest with my guild. I'm the type of person who will do as much as I can for my mates.
    ●LEADER EXP: I've been a guild leader - So I understand what it takes to be a member.
    Coming from an extremely active player in archeage, Gw2, and Wow, I'm excited for this game and I'm looking forward to meeting you all! 
    Thank you for taking the time to reads this and considering me. Have a great day all!
    - Azura
  14. Hi everyone!
    I've been sucked in by those darn Pre-Order Packages..  
    I was once an avid mmo adventurer (till I took an arrow to the knee) spending lots of my time in Mabinogi and Vindictus. I got very sad and departed when Mabi's playerbase began to decline, leaving very few community activities to be done. Then I saw Black Desert through Steparu's youtube and I knew I just had to join from the day it launched in KR. I haven't actually played any of the versions of the game, but from what I hear, it's simply great. My competitive side spends a ridiculous amount of time playing FPSs like Destiny, Halo5, Battlefield, and Battlefront so I'm really excited to join the fray in PvP! I'll admit, I'm a bit rusty from a couple years of vacation, but I'm looking forward to picking up my swords and fighting alongside everyone in BDO!
    So lets be friends  and built an epic army to take over the world and free all the cute cat girls.
  15. Incoming from Australia, Paul is the name!
    Good day to you all!
    Any Aussies here who'd like to share deets with me so we can play at non-abnormal times?
    Also interested in forming an Australian guild because of time zones as well. If you're interested please hit me up or leave a comment below!
    Anyway, hope this game is absolutely legendary and we can all have a rad time together.
    See you guys in-game! 
  16. Incoming from Australia, Paul is the name!
    Good day to you all!
    Any Aussies here who'd like to share deets with me so we can play at non-abnormal times?
    Also interested in forming an Australian guild because of time zones as well. If you're interested please hit me up or leave a comment below!
    Anyway, hope this game is absolutely legendary and we can all have a rad time together.
    See you guys in-game! 
  17. Due to the fast paced nature of this game, I think a brawler would be a perfect fit for this game. 
    It's primary conceit would be chaining combo's with lightning fast punches and kicks, and great finishers.
    It could also have more of a monk leaning, where "chi" could be channeled through their attacks. I.e. think DBZ.
    I understand that we get classes from the korean version of the game, so it's unlikely this will be implemented, but a man can dream.
  18. Post on Moash is Mingling in New Adventurers

    By Moash, posted
    Ohaaaio! My name is Moash, am 25 and from the Netherlands. I am supeeer lay back guy with unconditional love for all living beings, even for all the noobs, trolls and ragers that are gonna taste the sweet taste of my blades. Competitive games are my thing and I will always lookup boundries to push the limits in what I'm capable of, however I don't shy away from some solid PvE and storytelling either.
    I love eastern culture and so also, this game! I'll probably try to get as close to this monky/samurai  style class/character as possible because I've always been interested in spirituality and spend a lot of time to live healthy with body (exercise), mind (studying psychology) and soul (meditation).
    Besides that I also make music which is a hobby of mine; shameless-self promotion <3
     I've been pretty hyped for this game for the past year or so and am super glad it's coming to the West. I am a big Anime, RPG junkie and play as many games as my free time allows me to. 
    It's very nice to see so many nice introductions on this forum and that's what drove me to introduce myself too (which I never do in games!). I am a very social person but don't mind lonewolfing either, I would however enjoy meeting up in game. It's one of the most intresting things to meet new people and to learn what inspires them. If you want let's meet underneath the starry skies of black desert!
    Looking forward to meet you all! 
    p.s. To give you an idea what I look like in real life - I tried to recreate myself on the Japanese server 

  19. Hello everyone and welcome to The Guildless \o

    A friend of mine and I have created a Discord Server : https://discord.gg/0infzgh4c9QOGYYx (If the link has expired then please comment, and I will update it as soon as possible!)
    (If you haven't tried Discord out yet then you're really missing out. Its a program much like TS. You can check it out here: discordapp.com)
    This is for all players; solo, guildless or those searching for guilds to join. We're going to be a casual and helpful community with no requirements to join at all. Its all about having fun and getting to know your fellow BDO players.
    We thought that could help people to get to know others and maybe they would start their own guild, or play together in a group when the game was released, or simply just stay in the server to talk and discuss with others, not only about the game but also about everything else aswell! ^^ 

    I hope you guys, who still needs a place to hang around, will come and join us. Maybe something amazing will happen

  20. As the title says, literally saw a tweet about this game on Twitter (obviously) but I'm starting to get an interest in it, but I need other people's opinions, people who have played/or people with more knowledge about this game than me (which is pretty much everyone on here).
    Anyways, what I'm asking from you adoring fans of this game is to tell me your opinion and any helpful information/tips that MIGHT get me interested into playing this game. So, any links to videos or what have you will be much obliged and of course I'll be doing my research as well, I just need something/someone to give me a kick in the right direction (not literally).
    Thank you!
    Also, it'll be good to make friends in the process too, right? 
  21. Hi everyone,
    Only a couple of hours into the new year and I just picked up a Black Desert Founder Pack!
    I've been watching the games progress for a long time now and have finally taken the leap adding a few extra pennies to the coffers.
    I only know one other person getting the game at this point in time though so thought I would just introduce myself to the community.
    I'm Brad (AKA. Talo), 22 years of age and have spent 18 of those years playing games. I started playing MMO's 12 years ago however and have played (almost) every one you can imagine..
    Personal preferences are Guild Wars 2 and TERA (although Blade & Soul releasing this month does look very interesting).
    I'm looking to, hopefully, make some friends to play the game with on a casual but regular basis as I work full time and have a variety of real-life obligations to attend to. Unfortunate but how it goes I guess!
    I play a bunch of other games like League of Legends though so if you wanna hit me up then send me a message as I'm happy to play nearly anything.
    Thanks guys,
  22. Hey everyone!
    I'm pretty new to Black Desert but I have been SO EXCITED for the NA release! I've been waiting so long. I played just a little bit on the Korean servers... but not enough to understand anything (at all)! I am originally a Tera player but lately its just not been as fun... so now I'm moving to a new MMO and here I am! I do have a few questions...
    1. Are all classes coming to NA? On the Pre-order page there seems to be a few missing.
    2. What is the best way to find a guild (US)? I did see that there is a section on the forums but since I missed the 1st beta testing I feel kind of out of the loop...Seems like a lot of people have already found a... "group" to hang with. Curse being an introvert...  Should I just try my luck there?
    3. Is ANYTHING saved during beta? Names, items, levels? I wouldn't think so, but I thought I'd ask.
    4. Is there anything major that has been/is going to be changed to the NA version that was/wasn't in the Korean version?
    5. How exactly does PvP work? I've not looked into it too much....but I'm very interested!
    I totally understand that these questions have likely already been asked, I'm just having a bit of trouble finding info/learning these new forums.
    And of course you don't have to answer my silly questions, but it sure would be nice of you <3
    Thank you
  23. Hello! hallo! salut! Hej! Bog! Ahoj! Spera! czesc!
    My real name is Themistocles (short version: themos) and I am a university student in the department of mathematics (woohoo everyone loves maths, right..? right?)
    I've been gaming since I was able to hold the mouse and press the buttons on the keyboard, like this fella:

    I love single-player games but I prefer the company of other gamers, that's why I spend most of my free time in MMos 
    As far as my experience with MMos goes, I've played WoW (tbc), Tera, Aion, L2, Allods, Runescape, RoM, SkyForge, Gw2, blah blah blah... and still play Wildstar (everyday!)

    Next to sitting behind a keyboard (playing games and reading manga/watching anime), I like to read books, go to the gym and hang out with friends.
    Sooo Black-desert online.... I fell in love with this game during CBT1 (just like I did with Wildstar) and I am planning to preorder it as soon as I can.. Can't decide which package though.. (Houlp pliz!!!!)
    Looking forward to meet all of ya ingame and on the forums ^^

    If you have a hidden talent (like being able to lick your elbow!) let me know by leaving a comment below!
    (Before leaving a comment scroll up!!! don't forget the poll)

  24. Post on Greetings folks! in New Adventurers

    By Goldy, posted
    So I just decided to abandon the sinking ship of the game TERA (R.I.P) and give all my life and love to Black Desert.
    It's gonna be fun to explore this amazing universe, can't wait for release!
    Nice to meet all of you, I hope for many good years together. ♥
  25. Post on Hey guys! in New Adventurers

    By Akatsuki, posted
    Hey guys!
    After watching many videos about the game I finally gave into the hype and against my better judgement, bought the Conqueror's Pack.  Just wanted to use this opportunity to make my debut on the forums.  I hope we can all have fun on these forums and I look forward to seeing you all in-game!