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  1. Thank you for your interest in joining Arcane_Synergy on Black Desert Online.
    Arcane_Synergy is currently located on Olvia 1 (as it is a brand new guild composed of new players). We eventually intend to move to a different server and have a focus on pvx content (which the move to a different server will be done on a future date and the post updated then). As a new guild, we are looking to recruit social, mature players with a goal to see this guild suceed.
    By joining us you'll join a multi gaming community that expands across multiple games (our sister guilds Not Forgotten in Guild Wars 2, Aequitas Vox in Star Wars: The Old Republic and much more) and has a rich history along the way. We believe that making friendships in our community is integral to our continued success in gaming.
    If you're a new player that would like to join us along the way or a veteran player that would like to help out and offer assistance along the way, we would be happy to chat and see if you are a good fit for us.
    Contact Information
    PM me on the forums Or send me a mail in game (i check often)
    Family Name: Falksheime
    Characters Name: Kamilyyn

  2. Hello everyone,
    I'm Musawu and I just recently formed a new guild. This is literally a newly formed guild with only 2 members so far. If you are looking for that experience of climbing from the bottom up. Message me in game [Family name: Vendicare] for invite on Valencia 4. Any player is welcomed. Thanks.
  3. Accepting players who are new to BDO, don't know the ropes and need some advice. Would appreciate it if you decided to stay.
  4. do world bosses and field bosses spawn on olvia channels?
    Hello everyone,

    I'm from VonDuke but due to a mistake my family name is Etereo (In game), well i started played BDO when it came out but i had some troubles with University so i had to stop playing.

    Since i returned to BDO everything seems a bit different there’s new classes, new places to discover everything seems amazing and i can’t wait to discover every inch of the world and have a nice time, anyway the main reason I’m here is to resolve my questions;

    Which class would you recommend to have as a second character? 
    Considering that i like to have a good survivability and decent damage, i tend to play solo most of the time. I’m interested in almost every class except for ninja, tamer and ranger. (it just doesn’t appeal to me i don’t even know why, may be the aesthetics). **Currently i have a sorc and I’m enjoying it a lot but i would like to try something different.

    Is hunting a profitable profession?
    I love the idea of hunting beast and stuff, but i don’t know is this profession is viable. Is there some specific reward of it?

    Is there any way to purchase pearl items with silver?
    Since i made a terrible mistake when choosing family name (i thought i was going to be the name of just one of my chars), i would like to change it with the name coupon thing, also i wouldn’t mind to change the appearance of my sorc and get some costumes and pets.

    Will i ever get a different appearance from normal items(not pearl shop related)?
    I've seen that all armors that I’ve gotten through the game look almost the same, and while this could be realistic and immersive, it doesn’t really appeals to me to look the same as everyone else.

    Should i get the 1000 pearls or the polar bear from the Gift pass?
    I bought the game for a friend and it says that at lvl 30 i will get either a pet or 1000 pearls, in your personal opinion what should i get?

    Will i still be relevant to the game (economically speaking) if i just grind to get money?
    I really like the profession profit and stuff but i don’t think i might invest as much time on it in order to make profit. I usually prefer to spend an hour or two killing mobs and selling the loot than doing profession stuff (besides of hunting that’s why I’m interested on it).

    I know English and Spanish so feel free to answer in both languages. 

    Thanks in advance for all your help!

    Hola a todos,

    Soy de VonDuke pero debido a un error mi nombre de familia es Etereo (dentro del juego). Yo empecé a jugar BDO cuando recien salió pero tuve algunos problemas con la Universidad por lo que tuve que dejar de jugar.

    Desde que regresé a BDO todo parece un poco diferente hay nuevas clases, nuevos lugares para descubrir todo parece increíble y no puedo esperar a descubrir cada rincón del mundo y pasar un buen rato, pero bueno, la razón principal estoy aquí es Resolver mis preguntas

    ¿Qué clase me recomiendan tener como segundo personaje?

    Teniendo en cuenta que me gusta poder sobrevivir curarme y eso, también tener un daño decente, otra cosa es que juego solo la mayoría del tiempo, me encanta grindear. Estoy interesado en casi todas las clases excepto por ninja, domador y guardabosques. (Simplemente no me atraen ni siquiera sé por qué, puede ser la estética de la clase). ** Actualmente tengo un sorc y lo estoy disfrutando mucho, pero me gustaría probar algo diferente.

    ¿Es la caza una profesión rentable?

    Me encanta la idea de cazar bestias y esas cosas, pero no sé si esta profesión es viable. ¿Hay alguna recompensa específica de ella?

    ¿Hay alguna manera de comprar artículos de perlas con el dinero del juego?

    Puesto que hice un error terrible al elegir el apellido (pensé que iba a ser el nombre de solo uno de mis personajes no el apellido familiar), me gustaría cambiarlo con el cupón de cambiar nombres, también no me molestaría poder cambiar la apariencia De mi sorc y conseguir algunos trajes y mascotas.

    ¿Conseguiré alguna vez un aspecto diferente de los artículos normales (Sin tener que comprar los trajes del Pearl shop)?

    He visto que todas las armaduras que he conseguido a través del juego se ven casi iguales, y mientras que esto podría ser realista, realmente no me atrae mirarme igual que todos.

    ¿Qué será mejor elegir las 1000 perlas o el pet oso?

    Compré el juego para un amigo y dice que cuando mi amigo suba a lvl 30 voy a obtener una mascota o 1000 perlas, en su opinión personal, ¿qué debo elegir?

    ¿Voy a seguir siendo relevante para el juego (económicamente hablando) si sólo hago grind para obtener dinero?

    Realmente me gusta el beneficio económico de tener una profesión y todo eso, pero no creo que podría invertir tanto tiempo en una profesión como para obtener ingresos. Por lo general prefiero pasar una hora o dos matando mobs y vendiendo el botín, a estar cocinando o recolectando (excepto por la profesión de cazar es por eso que estoy interesado en ella).

    Sé inglés y español así que siéntase libre de responder en ambos idiomas.

    Muchas gracias por adelantado!


  6. Hello, my name is Miko and I am new on BDO and I am looking to make new friends. I am a female from NA. I speak both Spanish and English. Level 20.
    Hola, Mi nombre es Miko y soy nueva en BDO y estoy buscando hacer amigos. Como soy nueva no conozco mucha gente y me gustaria conocer mas personas y que el juego sea mas divertido. Soy mujer, NA y tengo nivel 20.
    add me/ Agregenme:
    Family name/Nombre de Familia: Kijara
    Name/Nombre: PrincessMiko
    Looking forward to meeting you/ Los espero :*
  7. Post on Beginner Chat in Suggestions

    By Spielkind, posted
    Hello Kakao & Community,
    I love to help new players but the splittet community between us the normal palyers and the new players is not good.
    I have the idea, that we could get a beginner chat.
    The rules:
    Only possible to write in it from an Olvia Channel with a "special" beginner item. (All new starter get that and it have 30Usages, it have a timer and will not longer work after 30days A long time not played user who get the permission to join the Olvia channel will not get the item.)You can whisper a newbie to answer his question.A Beginner can only ask/write in that Chat all 10Minutes. Min message lenght should be 10sings.They beginner get a Message that he consumes one "stack" of his "talk item", before sending his message.The beginner chat is on all Channels visible but like roleplay only if you enable it and wanna help the beginners.The beginners could simply just ask for a Mentor, I did saw in AION a Mentor System but I did not stay long enough to know a lot about it, but I love to be a Mentor, so it would be nice to help them, at least from chat, maybe you can ask them to switch to your channel and then you can play together.
    It's at least a bit bad, that the zones are all so empty because all are on Olvia, maybe this item+Quests bring more player back in the low level zones:
    http://bddatabase.net/us/item/44200/ + Quest like this: http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/609/1/ (where you get that item).
  8. Accepting players who are new to BDO, don't know the ropes and need some advice. Would appreciate it if you decided to stay.
  9. Olvia channels, have you ever:
    1. Farming alone in a spot but suddenly a lv 58.99 guy shows up and PK you for no reason. Then he proceeds to call you "DIE NOOB", "LOLOLOLOL newb", "worst player EU". You move to a new spot nearby then the guy extends his rotation to yours and kill you again. Of course, with the salt of "noob hahahaha".
    2. Riding casually on a road for trade crate. A lone guy standing a head, suspicious huh? He blows up your cart and kill you, then laughing his arse off running away.
    3. Collecting mats near heidel when a ranger shoots you dead then collect the mats herself. Eventually she will run into you and kill you again. Red? 4 times the kill anyway.
    4. Sausan or pirate with a perma red top-geared ninja guy assassinates back line. Then vanished to be reappear again. Rise and repeat.
    5. Parking on the street with your horse to enjoy the scenery. But a random dude kills you while afk.
    6. Fishing alone in the ocean. Wake up dead.
    7. Parking horse and ship. Wake up dead.
    8. Afk strength training, putting 1 step outside safezone. Wake up dead. (tested twice)
    9. So on and so on...

    I have. Multiple times in a row and in several days. I return to the game hopping to see a difference. Yep, new value pack, outfit trading, I can deal with those. But Olvia channels harbor some of the worst psychopaths ever! Just keep an eye out, or it's me to be the most unlucky players in the game.
  10. Servus,
    Bin der David und 19 Jahre alt.
    Ich war damals BDO Founder und habe das spiel bis lvl 46 hochgespielt. Mit der Zeit sank jedoch mein Interesse am Spiel, weshalb ich wieder aufhörte.
    Nun spiel ich wieder seit 1 Tag und bin momentan lvl 50 jedoch nur 213 GS. Ich suche eine Deutsche Gilde, um zusammen zu Grinden, Spielen und um später PvP zu machen. Ich würde es sehr schätzen wenn die Gilde Ts3 aktiv wäre >.>.
    Danke schon mal für die Antworten
    Familien Name: Pokoe
    Char Name: Pokoe
  11. Took me a while to find the marketplace since it isn't on the map.  In Velia the icon location for marketplace is NOT accurate and sends you to the village elder.
    Anyway I clicked on the "?" button and it says to sell, select Item Management in the Marketplace UI on the bottom.  Okay...the only buttons I see are:
    Filters (left side), "Bidding) button right. Sortx2 (top left).  And 2 boxes for Balance/Held in Storage cash on the bottom left. 
    I don't see any button listed Item Management at the bottom of that UI. 
    Help please. Thanks!

  12. As this is my first post (at least on this account) I would like to say hello to you all! 
    And now to the topic.
    So as the title says, I'm a pretty much noob in the Black Desert word, but I played a lot of MMO's before and about one I'm very sure: playing together does a lot more fun!
    I enjoy role playing a lot. I don't fear of challenges and like to play competitively. My Musa Character named Sansori is for now only lvl 20 and goes very slowly up. Slowly, mostly because I don't like to play alone, so I tended to jump to other games instead of leveling my char fast. I don't know the game too good jet, so I can't offer much of activities to do together, but I guess it shouldn't be a problem. - I'm up for everything!
    The language shouldn't be a problem. I live in Germany, so of coarse I can speak German. My English isn't also too bad, I think. I was born in Poland, so my polish orography may be a little bit rusted, but I still speak with polish accent. And I understand a bit of Spanish. 
    So are we going to kick some monster a**es? Tips for noobs are also welcome. 
    Cya around!
  13. Post on Newb needs a guild in US Guild

    By Tamison, posted
    Hello, I'm a newb looking for a guild to join. Preferably one that's slower paced/doesn't mind a lot of newbish questions, and that is a relatively young guild that I can grow with.
    I'm on the Uno-NA Server
  14. You've seen them around... you might even have tried to fight them a bit... but the best you've gotten is a measly 1ngot and seal... if anything at all. Dont worreh brah. ill give ye some tips to help ye get some better LOOTZ.

    Before anything, as a newbie i advise you to go attend every boss, yes that includes mudster and Plebnose. they may not drop boss loot but that also means that a lot of higher geared people dont bother them and its easier to get into top tier DPS brackets on them. Free livertos and Mark of shadows for everyone.

    secondly, use an alt if possible at a lower level just to learn the bosses patterns, it will save a lot of hassel and XP.
    First off. classes, while whatever class you pick and play can easily get top tier loot if played well and smart, there are 4 classes that id like you to consider if you're making a dedicated boss alt that in my opinion work very well at bosses even at lower levels. before i say anything about classes though I would advise you to achive 130-140 AP on your main/boss alt you can definitely get boss loot at lower ap as that seems to be more RNG dependant, but getting in higher brackets of regular loot an liverto drops is greatly enhanced once you are at that AP range.
    Ranger: Simply said, ranged class which can stay out of reach of most boss attacks while dealing constant DPS, with their awakening its amzingly viable to deal wombo DPS at melee range and continue DPS at range when the boss decides to do an AOE.

    Witch: similar reason, lots of AOE's to catch teleporting Bheg and Plebnose, and loads of amazing scaling skills and a shotgun wanna be skill too. No need for pots *though you should carry them* and self heals for sticky situations.

    Sorc: Iframes galore. massive melee damage untill the boss starts his aoe, then just Nightcrow/stormcrow around till you can attack again. Scythe block stronk too.

    warrior: Really just because of the frontal block on armour break, you can facetank most bosses regular AOEs and still deal damage while other classes are GTFO of there. It needs to be said that most bosses have a wombo AOE which will go through most blocks and superarmours, having extra protection by no means alludes to you sleeping at your keyboard.

    Now simply rolling these classes doesnt guarantee you loot. Plenty of witches/warriors yada yada get shit on by boss loot as well so what more can you do to get loot from these guys. well this depends on giving yourself a massive damage buff from elixers and foods.


    1. Knights combat rations: More AP and More DP, what more do ye want
    2. King of the jungle hamburg. You generally want to do as many crits as you can on a bawss. and this food adds an extra punch to your crits :3
    3. VAlencia meal: protection from CCs and some CC resistance. ye need all the help ye can get for tanking em AOEs

    Now elixers are BEAUTIFUL. while it might be a bit daunting to pop an elixer, die, and then have to wait 5 mins for it to be off cooldown, there is a way to circumvent the cooldown for the most part. This comes in the form of party elixers. Party elixers last longer than regular elixers, and have a cooldown of just one minute, you can also stack different elixer buffs at the same time or after one minute each depending if you are in a party or not. Try to use Blue versions of all elixers

    1. Elixer of Frenzy 25 attack and -10 defence
    2. Elixer of fury *if frenzy not available/too expensive*. 15 attack
    3. Elixer of Detection/Assasination MOAR CRITCAL DAMAGE/BACK DAMAGE
    4. Elixer of Demihuman hunt More damage against.... demihumans.
    5. Elixer of Will less damage from demihumans.

    Helmet: Magic crystal of Agility ---> MOAR EVASION
    Main hand : AP crystal or Carnage crystals ---> more damage
    offhand: -----> Back attack/Critical crystals MOAR SPECIAL ATTACK DAMAGE.

    i should also say that you should try to ultimate the offhand ASAP since that provides you with all sorts of special attack damage improvement :3

    welp. thats pretty much how i min/max my damage at bosses. With this on my witch boss alt, i easily land top tier loot every boss i attend, *she's 145 ap* i hope this min/maxing helps you get some better loot as well. no go get them livertos.
  15. Post on Starter rotation in Sorceress

    By gurghul, posted
    I just start playing sorc,and I have quick question what is good starting rotation of skills for lvl 20-30 if u gather some group of mobs?
    Thx for answer 
  16. erm... not 60 seconds. Days... yeah. days. Clickbait title aside, i intend this guide to be more on the philosphical side rather than a step by step do this, do that guide and it will focus on assessories for the beginning. so lets begin.

    many a new player has been advised by guildies, random strangers on the internet and youtube guides on how to gear up. It usually goes like,
    'ya, get to 50. you get loads of money, buy MOS and WITCH get a PRI shultz and a TRI BARES'
    WHile not bad advice, i feel like we have a few better options in regards to gearing up as a new player. lets look at some numbers.

    MOS costs around 6 mill for a base, and atleast 6 more for an enchantment (+2 ap).
    Witches cost around 10 mill for base and another 10 mill for an enchantment (+2ap).
    Treebelt costs arount 20 mill, and another 20 for +2 ap
    Basilisk costs anywhere between 40-60 mill and another 40-60 for +3 ap.
    Dont even get me started on necklaces :<

    so often we have the dillema where a new player manages to buy a base MOS or witch, but a single PRI failiure sends him back a day or more worth of silver. its frustrating to be stuck at 120-130 ap and not being able to progress. making money is even worse at that stage as getting the best returns out of mediah spots requires atleast 150 ap for most classes. so what do we do?

    fairly simple, we switch up our gear to more easily enchantable items. heres what i think a new player should aim for.

    Blue Coral Earring DUO-TRI X2 (8-10 AP)

    I know top players who scoff at the fact that a player would use stacks on a scrubby blue coral earing, but the fact is, Blue coral earrings are almost THREE times cheaper than a base witches and only ONE ap less. By a rule, any accessory CHEAPER is EASIER to enhance, simply because it allows you more attempts per day. Infact, i would go as far as to say that a blue coral is potentially THREE AP better than a witches for the sameish price.

    Belt of Shultz DUO-TRI (7-9 AP)
    for the exact same reason as above, but even better. Shultz belts are 1.5 mill each right now, meaning you have nearly 15 attempts to enhance the belt within the price of a single Tree belt.

    these rings are dirt cheep. 400-500k depending on server. like, you can almost just buy and smash em together till you get PRI and you still have 1 more AP than a base MOS for a paybe 1/3rd of the price. Though, we are going to use these very temporarily, as there are FREE options that i want you to switch to ASAP, they are
    Shazads Ring of the Monarch (7ap)
    Barhans Ring of Conquest (7ap)
    these are FREE valencian quest rings, and are equivalent to a PRI mos. seriosuly get them ASAP

    Probably the easiest AP you get and the cheapest. Thanks to the mysterious necklaces, there are actually plenty of PRI bares in the market for around 150k silver. You CAN technically just buy the PRIs and smash them with Base from 10-14 FS till you get a duo. EIGHT AP. from there you can technically crone stone it making and enchant cost to TRI around 1.2mill. THE CHEAPEST TRI ATTEMPT IN THE GAME LUL

    So lets see. if we go with this gear you should hopefully end up with 45-53 AP from you assessories pretty easily. Couple that with a PRI liverto/AP offhand and you get 158-166 ap. With DUO liverto/AP offhand you get 169-177 ap. Putting you in a position to go hunt valencia mobs as well for a fraction of what it would cost if one goes the usual Witches/Mos/Tree route.

    The next page ill make is to compare my favourite mediah mobs for newbies. =3
  17. Moin Leute :D,
    Mal eine kurze Frage. Habe mir gestern Abend das Spiel gekauft und wollte jetzt anfangen. 
    Aber welche Klasse ist den empfehlenswert ? Ist jede Klasse super zum leveln ?
    Im Charakter-Erstellungsmenü sieht man ja unten links so ca. die Werte (Angriff,Verteidigung etc.) Sollte man sich davon beeinflussen lassen ?Dann wäre ja ein Ninja stärker als ein Krieger oder ?
    Falls jemand Tipps hat würde ich mich Freuen
  18. Who are we: A couple of noobs looking for other noobs to join with us.
    What we are looking for: All levels of players, new and old.
    What are our goals: Someday take a node, for now build guild funds and offer buffs to players.
    Requirements: None other than being willing to sometimes help with a mission or two.
    What we have to offer: Basically nothing, but we will poll in the guild for what buffs we pick as we go along. We also want to help assist other new players as gear up for world bosses and node wars.
    Timezone: We play primarily PST, but we are generally on all day long anyway.
    We are looking into discord and such but for right now we have no requirements of that sort, and VOIP will always be optional.
    If interested find me in game or respond here.
  19. Hallo!
    Ich werde mir wohl heute oder morgen Black Desert kaufen. Wollte es schon vor langer Zeit spielen aber andere Games und mmos (Blade&Soul) hatten mich davon abgehalten.
    Nun wollte ich aber bevor ich mich in Abenteuer stürze folgende dinge in allgemeinen wissen. Besonders von den Veteran spielern die ein guten eindruck verschiedener Klassen haben.
    Besonders was Ranger/Witch(Sorc?)/Mage/Tamer(nur wenn gut in PvP)/Musa(nur wenn gut in PvP) angeht.
    Nun bin ich jemand der sehr gern Range klassen spielt und gern die klassen die den besten DMG fahren. An sich waren es bis her immer Mages oder Rangers(Bogenschützen). Aber hab ich keinerlei Wissen wie sich diese Klassen hier in Black Desert spielen. Oder besser wirkt es auf mich als wäre das hier etwas anders.
    An sich suche ich die Klasse die recht einfach zu lernen ist (da ich learning by doing spieler bin) und die sich für solo - 2 Spieler gruppe eignet (zumindestens für den Anfang).
    Ich bin am hin und her überlegen zwischen : RNG/Mage wegen Range klassen oder Witch(sorc)/Musa, weil ich das Gefühl habe das in Black Desert Melee klassen, hmmm naja besser sind da hier alles scheinbar recht schnell passiert was die Kampf Mechaniken angeht? Hat die Witch/sorc/Blackmage (sry ich weiß nicht wie sie allgemein hier genannt wird) Rang skills? Also welche die auch genutzt werden? Oder ist sie mehr eine art Melee? Und ist der Bogen bei der Musa (hoffe richtig geschrieben) echt nur Deko ? Ist der Mage Melee's ausgeliefert in Nahkampf?
    Oder hat er eine art dauerhaftes schild was vor schaden wie CC skillst schützt solange es aktiv ist?
    Welche der genannten klassen eignen sich für den ersten Char? Welche davon ist als OP *allgemein* bekannt und welche als zu schwach (ich meine wirklich *allgemein*)?
    Sorry für viele fragen aber möchte von anfang an ungefähr wissen auf was ich mich da einlasse
  20. I'm currently downloading the game. Looking for a guild to help start me off and show me the ropes on a decent NA server. Very interested in working towards PVP. Thanks!
  21. You really helped me out in the last post!
    But here I have some new questions:
    Is the silver/any other item in my storage available at all storage NPC in every town?Apparently not.... but is there a way for that?A friend of mine told me about the enormous costs of maintaining a high end weapon such as Liverto (i think repair and other stuff). So what are these costs and how are they?He also mentioned making the weapon "final" or "ultra" something like that and I think he said you need two weapons of a kind for said process. Can you please give me exact info/ explain me the system.I am currently level 22 sorceress (with slightly over 4mio silver). Everyone told me to get Yuria for weapon and Grunil for gear. But I found Agerian EQ recently. Isn't that better or the same level?What gear should I wear at level 50+ and where can I get it?What acessories should I get (belt, ear rings, rings, ...)? And where can I find them/how can I get them?That is maybe a verry difficult question but: What kind of stone should I put into my EQ as a sorceress (50+)?On the last post a got a verry good ranger guide linked. Does anyone have one for a sorceress?Maybe also a skill guide?Whats the best grinding area?How can I "level" the stats like movement speed?Maybe a short cooking guide? Or a list of items you can easily cook that are quite good.What horse should I get? And how?Do the effects of my second weapon also boost my 1st weapon(and vice versa)?What are the most important stats as a sorceress?What happens if an upgrade fails? Does the item get destroyed?I am currently level 20breath, 18Strength (Level22) is that okay? What level should I be at 50? 
    Note: I m going to play pvp most of the time. I am willing to put quite some effort into getting all the stuff I need if necessary.
    Again HUUUUUUGE thanks for your help! 
  22. Hey guys i'm new here, i've been looking around for game trials like an hour now, it seems that all the trial key giveaways have stopped. I just found out about this game and registered an account but i would like to try it before i buy it, do you guys have an extra key that you aren't gonna use?

    You can find keys here
  23. Hello,
    im pretty new to the game and i´m not even sure if im posting in the right threat (sorry if not).
    Well I´m mainly following the quest of this black demon thing ^^ and my question is, if this is some kind of the tutorial missions or something. My last Quest I did for the "Demon" is something with a dragon stature. 
  24. Post on BDO Wiki? in New Adventurers

    By Axxael, posted
    Is there an official Wiki guide outside of the game?  The BDO Website is really terrible for introducing a game of this magnitude to new players.  There is so much content, on multiple levels (Node management, crafting, knowledge, etc..)   I know there is in-game guide, which is good, but I don't want to explore the ins and outs of this with my live character and jack things up through trial and error.  I'd like a detailed guide via wiki page or something.
  25. I'm downloading the game at the moment... 13%.
    I'm really excited to get started.
    I didn't even realize it was localized for North America until very recently. 
    I'm pretty good (ok) at MMOs. I play(ed) Tera, DCUO, FFXIV and XI. 
    So, I wanted to know, in just one sentence, what would your advice be for a complete Black Desert newbie like me?