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  1. My opinion is that a lot of people, I would even say the majority of people are reluctant to using the current gear enhancement system and are actually stuck gear wise. Other people sit on billions of silver waiting everyday for that notice in the marketplace. 
     My suggestion is to add the upgraded version of the current items from the NightVendor to his list. From PRI to PEN for every single items that are already listed with the  random chance of variation in price and their own % chance of being rolled.
    The good points of this system:
    Easy to implement.People who don't use their energy could finally have a use for it.People who do not enhance their own gear can finally have something to work toward.Reward people for making silver on the long run rather than being lucky/unlucky.Catch-up mechanic for the new players.Gives hope to people to reach PEN gear and help with the idea of endless grinding game.People have a choice if they chose not to use the current enchancement system.Bring more diversity in gear among players.Push people to try all aspects of the game to make silver. 
    We all know the longer the game is tout he more catch-up mechanics we need. We also all know that they already plan on giving upgraded gear via ingame events( new world boss PRI Ogre ring for example) so it's not a suggestion out of reach. It will finally be a reachable goal to get PEN with this feature. And even if you roll below PEN (TET, TRI, DUO, PRI) you are still free to enhance it yourself.
  2. Hey,
    laut Patchnotes soll man nun beim Nachthändler (Patrigio) reservieren können, aber ich finde keine Funktion dafür, weiß jemand wie das gehen soll?
  3. Hey all,
    With the awesome server merge coming up, im feeling that it's going to be harder for me to snipe one of those coveted Dandy Weapons off the market. 
    So I don't think it would be too much hassle if the classes that have yet to receive an awakening have there weapons added to the NightVendor now.
    Ive still got quite a few weeks till my awakening (Witch is due in late December) and I think that it's quite unfair that warriors for example have been able to roll Dandy GS from the NightVendor for the previous 8+weeks and I can't roll my own classes (whereas I've seen 6 weapons for classes I don't play rolling the NightVendor so far).
    Im not asking much, but in terms of fair play this is a reasonable suggestion since the staggered releases are essentially removing 1 of my 2 ways of acquiring the Dandelion Weapon. 
     @GM_Dew @GM_Caramel @GM_Zandar
  4. Mich würde mal interessieren, was ihr so für Angebote beim Nachthändler zu sehen bekommen habt. Also.. welche Items zu welchem Preis, damit man mal einen kleinen Überblick bekommt. Vielleicht auch interessant, bei welchem Händler ihr das Angebot bekommen habt, vielleicht gibt es ja regionale Unterschiede.
    Ich fang dann gleich mal an.. 5 Mal in Heidel getestet, davon:
    4 x Schwarzstein Rüstung für je 120.000 Silber
    1x Schwarzstein Waffe - Paket (mit 5 Waffensteinen drinnen) für 750.000 Silber