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  1. Post on Ninja PvP vid collection in Ninja

    By nclacs99, posted
    Hey all, I like watching people's PvP vids so I wanted a place to put all the ones I've seen. Feel free to add to the list. Thanks to all who share their videos.
    In no particular order:
    TamaO ChiniChi
    Alpha Uchiha
    Fei Moca
    AltPlusC (aka BG)
    EDIT: Names are either in-game, Youtube channels or forum names.
  2. Hey fella brothers and sisters of ninja brotherhood. Anyone knows if we have a discord channel for QA and practice between each other maybe? assistance and etc...
  3. https://youtu.be/Re2U0Irirss
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re2U0Irirss
  5. Hey guys, Could you please share some high endgame gear, you guys think is best for ninja in pvp or share yours that you think is endgame. Thanks
  6. Post on Skilled Hunter? in Ninja

    By Warshade Z, posted
    I just hit 58 and used Dave's to reset my skill points a bit, (since there are so many needed @58)...and I have 10 left over that I can spend (or hang on to for now), and was wondering if using 8 of them for Skilled Hunter (x2) for the +6 mob AP.  Seems lackluster, but it would contribute towards everything else in my kit.  What do you guys do?  
    This is my build currently, and I have a total of 1020 skill points, (I might be missing something, as the points aren't adding up...)
  7. Every class except ninja has baldachin boots in the baldachin set. It seems like the set effect of the ninja does not contain the 15% cooking ep and 2 seconds cooking time reduction. does someone bought it and really knows if this set effects are contained in this costume set? otherwise it would not really make sense to buy it as a ninja.
  8. Bei dem Ninja beinhaltet das Baldachin Kostüm als einzige Klasse keine schuhe. Außerdem steht dort nicht der Set-Effekt, dass man 15% Koch-EP und 2 Sekunden gesenkte Kochzeit bekommt. Ist das wirklich der Fall oder bekommt man evtl. doch diese Effekte, denn sonst würde es recht wenig Sinn machen sich als Ninja dieses Kostüm zu kaufen.
  9. Hey guys,
    What are the best grind spots for ninja awakening?
  10. Hey there I'm a ninja level 55 AP:100 DP:102 I was told to do rogues to get good exp and silver, and was told that I'll make easy 15 mil or more an hour, however, I seem to be struggling grinding rogues takes a while to kill em , specially the elite ones. Please help me, what should i do? Also what are some good skill guides and gear i would need ? I currently have full granil armor +9, liverto +15 weapon, quitar off hand +15, red colar earings and ring and a belt of shultz. Please help me, I'm still a newbie at the game and don't understand much, Also the node is level 2 and a half in the wondering rogues. In case it matters. Thanks! 
    Edit #1:
    Glad to see community is helping a lot (not)
  11. Increase the ninja's defense or give them better defensive skills! We go in we die, that is the gist of what a Ninja/Kunoichi can mostly do in this game.
    All phrases of Ninja also includes Kunoichi. Ninja = Kunoichi and vice versa.
    Solution 1: Decrease control to increase defense, as an accommodation. Example: If I had full control, my Ninja skill, "Ninjustu: Blade Spin Blade" can cancel at any moment, but no, there is no control whatsoever and when it goes off its a wasted 100% black spirit where people can easily dodge. I get the beat down on me when that happens, and leaves me completely vulnerable to attacks especially when a Ninja's defense is the lowest out of all the classes.
    Solution 2: Make us faster and evasive! We get hit like a truck! Example 1: Take out the 1 second cool down on ghost step so that we can instantly just cast it and move like a Musa/Maewha. Example 2: Increase the speed on Shining blade so that we have more than 10% speed on weapon attacks, Example 3: Take out "Target Chase", it is a useless skill and switch it with us Ninjas being able to dodge attacks and become invulnerable like a zerk when we dash while we ghost step in awakening and main weapon.
    Solution 3: Allow Ninja's to be able to freely attack when we block, Vengeful barrier. When a ninja blocks you are unable to attack except for the left click mouse button which is complete useless.
    As of right now, Ninja/Kunoichi feels more of a support DPS then actually even doing any real damage to other classes. 
  12. 【Kunoichi&Ninja】
    ● Bug fixed where your Concealment status was not showing intermittently while graphic settings- low or lower.
    ● Accuracy increase effect added on the skill Flash Slash.
    ● PvE damage of Flash Slash with Black Spirit’s Rage has been decreased a little bit; PvP damage has been increase a little bit.
    ● PvP damage and attack scope of Ninjutsu: Spin Blade with Black Spirit’s Rage has been increased a little bit.
    ● Camera effect after using Ninjutsu: Spin Blade with Black Spirit’s Rage has been improved to become a bit faster.
     If this is about today's up is unfair, because all classes will gain damage in skills
  13. Post on Ninja Awakening Help! in Ninja

    By Nox Demon, posted
    So, I finally reached level 56. And was super excited to finally use the Ninja awakening, which had been the say in my decision to main the Ninja all the way back when it came out. But then I noticed a problem... Skill points. Jesus, I have like 10 skill points to my name and I see all these skills in the Awakening branch that cost like 80 skill points to max out.
    Just checking I have 11/ 657 skill points. I'm still gaining some, but I have used all 657 on my main hand. And the problem is I heard the skill soft cap was like 520, which I assume they increased, but I'm probably close. Once I hit that, I will stilll need to grind hundreds more to skill up the Awakening branch.
    So basically, I'd like:
    Some clarification on the skill soft cap
    An in depth analysis of what skills to get and which to not
    Anyway to get more skill points
    Suggestions on if I should remove some of the skill points from my main hand (I have two level 56+ skill re-setters that I have been saving)
    And any links to similar questions so I can view those answers
    Cheers to anyone who does any or all of these things!
  14. Post on Ninja or Kunoichi in Off-Topic

    By Dave137, posted
    Can someone please tell me what the difference is between these two classes? I tried to find another thread about this but I didn't see any that were up-to-date and all none of them have any clear answers anyway.
  15. So, I was wondering how much AP I would need on the Sura Katana until it would be viable to use? With a DUO Liverto, an Awakening weapon with the same damage would cost a fortune (if even on market). Does it need to do the same damage as pre- Awakening weapon or is it fine if its damage is like 2x lower?
  16. Hey there! This is my first time playing Black Desert and I've finally reached level 30 on my Ninja. As much as this game is a huge pain to learn, I'm slowly understanding how it works, but I'm completely stuck on trying to figure out how to activte the Ninja's Black Spirit's Rage. I may have missed the skill since it's 2am, but I'm pretty sure I'm lost. 
    Can someone help me? 
  17. Here is what I heard about the Ninja awakening when it came out: I
    It was the worst of them allIt was no different from the non awakening (gameplay wise)Was basically a slightly buffed non awakened NinjaTook tons of AP to even compare to any other class' awakeningIt's slow as hellMakes you stationary when doing skills -> venerableLike 0 CCsEveryone switched from maining NinjaNinja is now weakest class post awakeningAre all these things still true? Has the Ninja gotten a buff by now? Or is the awakening still crap? I'm thinking of maining a Wizard if it is still most of these things. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi all,
    So, a friend of mine is rolling a ninja and he says Black Moonlight level 4 doesn't work, like he can't use it through keyboard or mouse click, the skill just doesn't activate. Does someone know what is happening and how to solve it?
    Thanks friends
    EDIT: Don't mind, the problem was that he had unlearnt the skill time ago, and so he had level 5 in the quickslot but only level 4 in his build. Since he has notifications deactivated, he wouldn't see the message "you dont have this skill". lol
  19. This happens very often in my fights, i use block jump in range of enemy but when i land behind the enemy im facing the other way thus failing a grab or other cc's.
    if not during a fight just pure testing, it works fine.
    So bug or desync?
  20. Just my little interaction with @GM_Caramel today. Good times.
    It was a pretty normal meetup. You know, no biggie. Just showin' my respect.

    I wasn't worried, gold don't phase me. BUT....

    Gotta show a little more respect ya know, just in case. (Don't mind the groupies.) 

    Ok, this was just me cheesin'. Had to get my face in there, know what I'm sayin'? Lookin' fly. ANYWHO...

    We rollin' out son. Movin' on to the real deal. No more games here ya dig?

    We in it big boys. We creepin' and we crawlin'. He don't see nothin'. Ninja for life.

    He is oblivious. My skills ain't nothin' to play wit. We settin' up, it's the moment of truth ya'll.

    BAM! Flyin', spinnin', upside-down, hold-my-tanto, pray-to-heaven, put-me-out-I'm-on-fire, kick to the dome! 1-shot-1-kill!

    He ain't recoverin' from this one boys. He out. He done. I'm a bad mamma jamma.

    I ain't gonna lie. He got back up faster than I expected. BUT DID YOU SEE ME STICK THAT LANDING THOUGH?

    For real though. I ran away faster than a fat kid chasin' an ice cream truck.
    It was nice meeting GM_Caramel. I'll just not try that again.
  21. Post on Valks Rerolling? in Valkyrie

    By Valkrys, posted
    Hey fellow Valks,
    Just kinda curious how many of us are left? My guild still has a fairly high amount of valks compared to our numbers(about 10% of the guild is Valks) but I notice a lot of guilds seem to be lacking Valks when I face them in Node wars.
    Curious how many have rerolled and if so to what class?
    I said the second I saw Darknight if the awakening looked fluid and mobile I was 100% going to reroll and after seeing the awakening video that more or less decided it for me. For me when I first chose Valk i thought it was more of a hybrid between warriors and Sorc/Witch but that was not even close to what the class was. Valk isnt bad its just average at everything.
    As such I'm spending the next two months preparing myself for DK release and awakening, gonna have to go back to Karanda and Kzarka camping to get fresh boxes and go do Kutum for another one of those again but I think it will be worth it in the long run. Valks have become increasing stale for me now and seeing how little the devs care for our class with the lack of attention we receive when we so badly receive it has more or less killed my drive to remain relevant.
  22. Hello,
    Can someone tell me what's new in Black Desert since Ninjas were released.  I'm starting anew.
  23. Interested in buying Kokro set Max price.
  24. Please rework The Ninja Class They have such a hard time clearing monsters even with high level AP/DP they don't even Seem like a Real class anyone should play to get good at the game, Understand this Mr. GM you as well Mr.Korean GM's 
    We all Love us Ninja Movies and Assassin Movies, Yet this class that everyone holds to high standards as being the Burst Damage Pk'er is not doing the Damage that it idealistically should.  
    All I'm upset about is that they cannot Clear Mobs fast on their own, 
    The Tamers BowStaff is also very weak 
    I'm tired of Taking all the Kills in my party even when We are at an equal in AP.
    I hate watching them fight with me doing nothing but be a Ward for me to help clear mobs around.  As they pretty much are not needed in a group party, when farming mobs. Its sad my Friends get Jealous and wanna switch classes but they worked so hard to almost reach lvl57 with +200ap/+200dp  I want them to be The Ninja class i like it please HELP my Friends Class
  25. So I have done PvP in MMO's such as WoW, Guild Wars 2, EVE and other off the wall things of that nature. In WoW and Guild Wars, I played the rogue (or thief from GW2) types and always noticed something. The stealth mechanic is generally never used as anything more than a gap closer. This game being no different.
    To me, that makes me sad. As half the reason I play these classes is for the exact reason of stealth. The ability to decide when to attack and when to run. If I wanted to run and gun, I would have made a warrior. So in every one of the guides I lookup, it seems like everyone is building for run and gun as opposed to, what I feel, is the stealth types main advantage. The "one shot backstab". While I am aware its never ACTUALLY a one shot, it almost always does a ton of damage.
    So in this game, I noticed that quite a few people in PVP do build for resistances and such. Thus I would think if you are trying to build a viable attack on them, you should subvert at least some of the defenses. So why does nobody use gear such as Rosar? (linked two pictures so you may see) It gives attack, accuracy and minor resistance subversion. I will admit, I am still new to this game, but in the videos I watch and the minor bit of PvP I have been inquiring people in the game about, they all tell me to start off in grunil armor and go straight for Yuria until you can afford a Liverto or Kzarka.
    And last point, the shuriken is almost ALWAYS in every build, never the kunai. While it seems the ninja was more built towards the shuriken, I noticed it didn't seem like most actually got any skills for the shuriken past just leveling their throwing power. So....Why not go kunai? As opposed to leveling the throwing damage, couldn't you just do the poison to slow their attack and casting speed for 15 seconds?
    So my question is this, why does it seem like nobody really utilizes the "Heart Aiming" skill with stealth? Normally in builds its only up to level one. And why does it seem that Rosar is not the proper choice in weapon? (I mean starting, I understand why you shoot for Liverto or Kzarka) And why go for the shuriken as opposed to kunai?