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  1. See here: http://imgur.com/a/8ku33
    I've just finished up a nodewar on the node Altinova Gateway to find a guild using this absolutely bullshit location. PA specifically design the Node War Grid to ensure that most locations like this are unusable, but it seems they missed a spot here. Please spread this far and wide so it's fixed!
    (also, fix valk shield plz)
  2. About Us:
    What's crackin' swag lords? Spaghetti's core members have been shaking snakes together since playing CBT. Mostly we enjoy PVP(node wars) and concurrently own 2 nodes every week(a combination of tier 1 and 2). We are looking to grow the guild in order to participate in tier 3 nodes more often. We also like open world PVP with higher tier guilds on the server. If you are concerned about making money, don't worry about it, we have plenty of it and pay our members nicely for participation in node wars and guild missions.
    We would like to be an active and high ranking guild(currently number 7 on server) without being tryhard. We offer grind parties and PVP parties for anyone that is lookin' to get squirrel. Video games are for fun, so let's all have fun. 
    Expectations and Requirements:
    Current recruitment: Combined AP/DP of 420 or 160 AP without offhandVOIP: Discord is required, but you don't have to have a mic. All of the important guild announcements for node wars and weekly guild events are posted in discord. You must be in VOIP for node wars, obviously.We have pretty loose humor and anything is up for grabs. Hopefully you can hang loose too and kick it with the noodles! If you have any issues with a member you can easily take it to them in a PM or speak with an officer. We keep it loose though, so if you are a baby or SJW, this probably isn't the guild for you.

    How To Apply:
    1) Pop into discord at discord.me/spaghetti and send a message to an officer that is currently online. 
    2) If you pass our easier than your first girlfriend interview we will swoop you up into our ranks
    All new members will be given a two week trial period. During this time the officers and new swag lord(aka you) will be able to determine in Spaghetti is the sweet spot for both parties.

  3. Post on heyo in Guild Recruitment

    By Frexie, posted
  4. Hi guys, just want to know If you are investing your valuable energy into a node, will it help increasing non-mob killing drop rates / gathering gains? Because right now I have a level 5 node for my gathering spot and small farm, and I haven't noticed anything, in fact I think since I leveled up the node, the overall gains are lesser...
    Right now I'm planning to spend some more to level it to 6 but I'm not sure is it worth?

    Media Blackout Expected for the Next Week, Citing "⚠️️ TOP SECRET ⚠️️" Security Concerns:

    TRADING PLACES, MEME GUILD EDITION: FML wins Serendia after Cho gets knocked out;
    15 MINUTES OF FAME: Chonation OUT of Serendia, meme guild booted by BlackRose and FML;
    Calpheon (ILLUMINATI?);
    So how about that Calpheon:

    NOTHING TO SEE HERE: Valenica (remains Barcode), Balenos (LotD, basically nothing to see), Mediah (passed to Vision); 
    Explanation of Critical's failure from the inside: Top PvPers left to form their own guild, GM was scapegoated, new GM proceeds with terror purge tactics and continues mass kicks.  No turning back.
    Yup Critical is dead, another chess piece off the board;
    Gravity picked up by ManUp, remnants of Iconic kicked to the curb;
    Barcode picks up some from failed Gravity/Iconic merger;
    FROM CALPHEON WITH LOVE: Expected detente between ManUp and Barcode, sources within both sides floating prospect of merger in the event of attrition via boredom or as the contingency in the event that latest Gravity/ManUp merger fails:*

    *Credit to the New Yorker for originally publishing this cartoon, which has been heavily modified for this parody; Also, credit to Kendrox for the suggestion that I use different colored text;
    Is NewEra about to be short-lived?
    Give Lacari some benefit of the doubt, high level source indicates there is a contingency plan already in place in the event of shambolic fallout from Manup's latest merger;
    News from Around NA
    State of the Game: 14 (!!!) guilds drop on a Tier 1 Node on Monday, lol;
    Tier 1s busy as hell, 10(!) guilds total dropping on two tier 1s in Valencia on Sunday;
    Seeing those TRI Kzarka Krieg swords already, have fun Dark Knight rerollers;
    Now collaborating with Skuld's NA Node Wars Report, thank you Skuld. 
    Congratulations to BigandShiney for getting level 62;
    T3/T2 caliber guilds moving down bracket and use of temps/mercs remains controversial, heated thread on General Discussion calling for 7 day guild change CD for territory siege winners gets locked and removed by GMs;

  6. We are a small and Very active Guild.
    Our mission as a meeseek is to help as many people as possible
    The life of a meeseek is not easy ( Turn away u cant deal with it )
    But if you think you can be a Successful Meeseek, here is some info about our Guild.

    1. Mr_Meeseek is a small ( But GROWING ) Guild.
    we have a community of 3,500+ members backing us.
    2. We have a teamspeak server with 100+ people on all times,
    Also have a Discord for BDO itself.
    3. We have a few Requirements to join.
    Must be 18+
    Have a mic
    Be Active on the website [ Mr_Meeseeks ] 
    4. The most important one of them all
    HAVE FUN, ITS A GAME . Not a JOB !
    If you think about dropping bye ask for Weeder_76 [ aka Denz ]
    here is our TS address --->
    Here is our Discord ---> https://discord.gg/MNBYnCE

    The following is what we do on a day to day basis for you wanting to know
    Grinding [ Power lvl toons ]
    Boss Scroll's
    Guild Missions
    [ Soon ] Node Wars
    Life Skill
    Scream LOOK AT ME !
    Make jokes about Meeseeks
    Just hangout and have fun
    All i gotta say is were a relaxed group of Men and Women
    have no hardcore requirements other than 1,000 Activity weekly [ Not hard ]
    Just be active on the Team-speak and Forums.
    Hope to see you all in the TS

  7. Post on ΩOLYMPUSΩ in US Guild

    By HeroUnknown, posted
    *Disclaimer* I created a new thread because I've changed the name of the guild and some of the rules and wasn't sure how to close the other posting. Old post can be found here: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/121729-onus-newly-formed-guild-on-na-server/ *End Disclaimer*

    Hello everyone, OLYMPUS (formerly Onus) is currently recruiting and searching for new gods. We offer ambrosia for all qualifying mortals (=P) 

    Seriously though, we are currently growing, only being a few months old and experiencing those growing pains but all in all we are moving forward together. 
    Currently, we have the following guild skills: +5AP. +5Acc, +5 Dam Reduc +1 Fishing
    Acceptance to the guild is based on quality and desire to progress. No, we have no gear or level reqs atm, as those things can always be worked on, personality, however, is usually pretty set, so thats the most important trait. Any and all members incoming are screened and interviewed, most times this process works to ensure we're getting quality people. We are PvX with plans to compete for nodes and are moving faster towards this direction. GvG’s, pvp,  Boss scrolls, grind groups etc are all things we take part in. We teach, share/adventure with and take care of each other and have a wealth of knowledge to offer about the game. 
    The environment of the guild and the discord is one where any one can feel comfortable to be whoever it is they are (so long as you're not harming/negatively influencing anyone else). 
    The guild is structured, we have a calendar of events and a schedule and we do expect members to be active (no that doesn't mean you have you play every single day, just that I shouldn't ever get to the point to where I'm like "wait, who is that again"). If you'd like to know more, please visit us in Discord @ https://discord.gg/qv2wSf4
    Update 2/10/17: New Forum posting with current name. Still working towards guild skills, focusing on +HP next. Having first "practice" node war today to familiarize newer members on node war mechanics etc. Also, considering new guild emblem and revising guild documents.

  8. The Massive Potential of Margoria
    The Margoria update increased the physical game size by about 1/3. Naval warfare was introduced. A new continent is available (even if only the small port). Underwater exploration was added. There is a lot here. But somehow, it feels so empty. What I am trying to say here is that this feels like only part 1 of a much larger update. Margoria has HUGE potential. My suggestions below are about increasing what can be done in the massive ocean.
    So far we have:
    GvG naval combat.Personal Sail Boats for travel and trade (with minor combat abilities)Sea Monsters to kill (which pretty much takes a guild Galley to kill, aside from the weakest one). They drop items sell-able for guild funds and mats and to craft ship parts.Underwater gathering (which is very difficult being productive without the shark suit)Cross ocean trade (with max of +150%, same as desert trade bonus, I believe)Pirates to fight (do they even drop anything, or are they just an annoyance?)And that's about it. For a single expansion, this is a decent amount.
    The question is, how can we make this better?
    Node Wars could be held in Margoria with a slight change in how it works (due to there being no land).
    The Magoria node war should be held on Velia 1 at the same time as Conquests. It is not a territory, but does give guild funds equivalent to a T-3 node.Once a victor has been decided, the guild symbol will be visible at Port Ratt.The node war area would be circular in the center of Margoria, about 1/5th the size of the ocean. The map would be visible for the duration of the war. All hostile monsters and ships will despawn.[Guild] Buoy - Purchase-able from guild harbor master for the same cost as a T-3 fort. Marks a guild's territory in the ocean, similar to how building a fort prevents other forts from being built nearby. It is built with the same materials as a normal fort, except the rough stone is swapped out with cedar plywood (common planking for old fashioned boats). Unlike normal node wars, this is not the structure that needs to be destroyed. It is more of a base point for respawn. The buoy acts as a harbor to bring back destroyed ships and buy items. Discovered Buoys will show on the map, just like forts. The Buoy also comes with 4 cannons facing the cardinal directions for what little offense/defense they may provide.[Guild] Guild Flag - purchasable from guild harbor master shop for 1mill guild funds.  The owner of a ship uses this to designate a guild galley as the 'Flag' ship. Only 1 flag ship is allowed at any time. This is the target of the node war. If no flag has been bought, your guild automatically loses the war.During the node war, the flag ship has 4x the hp of normal galley, but takes a 10% speed reduction and cannot be repaired using the usual items. The flag ship must also always be within a distance of 500 from the Buoy. Go beyond that, and the speed reduction increases gradually to a mazimum on 90% decrease until it returns within the perimeter. The Guild Flag must be installed on the ship before the start of the war (no time is taken to do this), and the ship will automatically be transported to the Buoy at the start of the war, including all guild members riding the boat. The flag ship will not show the flag until the node war starts. While other ships can leave the node war area, the flag ship cannot. Once you lose your flag ship, you are out of the war.If players die, they are able to respawn at the Buoy at full hp. Respawn timers are still in effect.If a player's ship has been destroyed, all surviving guild members on the ship at the moment of destruction will receive the option to be transpoted to the Buoy.Offensive items that can be bought from the guild harbor master for the node war:[Guild] Shrapnel Cannonball - only usable by a Flag Ship. Deals little damage to other ships, but massive damage to players.[Guild] Chain (Bola) Cannonball - only usable by a Flag Ship. Deals little damage to players but massive damage to ships.[Guild] Sea Mine - explosive barrels that can be placed in the water to damage enemy ships that hit them. Members on the boats may right click to drop them from the boat.During the node war only and only in the node war area, all participating ships (both Galleys and Sailboats) do not need cannon balls to fire, aside from special cannonballsI feel node wars on the high sees would be an amazingly fun experience. Imagine 4-6 guilds, each with 1 - 3 Galleys and a dozen sailboats waging full on naval warfare!
    Life Skills
    Right now, all we got was an increase of gathering items, but the sea is full of so much more. Lets improve a few other life skills with the potential the sea has to offer.
    Net FishingNet fishing is both a single player and party fishing method for Artisan 1 fishers and above.Nets can be crafted in tool workshops in either Velia, Port Epheria, or Iliya Island using flax thread, rope, and black stone powder. It would take a lot of mats, but nets are repairable.It is only available in deep sea (where the map disappears).Nets are attachable to fishing boats and sail boats only. Once attached, a player can drop the net by selecting it on the boat. The pilot must then move the boat around until the net is full (the boat will slow to a crawl when full). In the meanwhile, everyone can fish as normal or do whatever. Once full, the players then work together to pull in the net. The more players in the party, the faster the retrieval.Each net haul brings in anywhere from 5 to 15 fish of varying rarity and the net's durability will decrease. Each member of the party can individually loot the full fish net.The number of fish obtained is balanced out by how long it takes to fill the net, but active net fishing with a full group far faster than normal fishing and comparable to hotspot fishing when net-fishing solo.A net can be prematurely hauled in at the cost of a major reduction in fish caught.If a sea monster attacks when the net is out, the net will lose durability, but it can be repaired 1 durability by having 10 flax thread in your inventory and going over to it to select repair.Underwater SpearfishingFor Master 1 fishers and above.Only available in the deep ocean (where the mini-map disappears)Fishing Spears are different than the thrown harpoons in that you only have one, the mini-game is different, and it is repairable.Fishing spears can be crafted in tool workshops in either Velia, Port Epheria, or Iliya Island suing flax thread, steel, and pine timber.Spear fishing works like horse taming in reverse. You swim up to the fish and stab it, causing the fish to flail and swim away. You then have the same horse struggle mini-game but constant as you try to pull in the impaled fish. The difference is that when the fish is about to flail, you need to let it have control (let the gauge drop) or the tension will rip the harpoon out and you will lose the fish. Once you completely pull in the fish, you get it. If you lose the fish and it swims away, you can chase after it again if you still have the breath to do so.If you run out of breath, you lose the fish, so preparation with potions, gems, and even the cash shop suit would be helpful.Target-able fish will need to be added to the ocean, such as tuna, swordfish, orca, sperm whale, sunfish, giant squid, and other yellow grade fish. Only yellow fish are caught by spearfishing, but they would be difficult to find in the ocean. The rarer the fish, the harder it would be to find one, and the harder the mini-game to catch it.Dolphin Taming (1 - use only)For Skilled 1 training and above.Be able to tame a dolphin to take you from the ocean to either Port Ratt or Lema Island, whichever side of Margoria you last entered from.This is an emergency measure to save people from being stranded in the ocean.To tame a dolphin, all you need is chum and a rope. Chum can be made by grinding any fish. Right click it anywhere in the ocean and a dolphin will appear. Lasso the dolphin like with horse taming (further using chum like sugar for horses) then "mount" the dolphin by grabbing is dorsal fin. An option will then come up asking if you would like to travel back to land. Selecting yes will bring you to Port Ratt or Lema Island as stated above. Selecting no releases the dolphin. 
    While GvG is fun and fighting sea monsters with your guild mates is fun, there needs to be something more for the solo player or non-guild associated party. Here are my ideas:
    More "weaker" monsters that can be fought with a single sail boat. From what I hear, only the red whale looking sea monster is feasible killing without the guild galley.PiracyHave NPC trade ships moving across the ocean, similar to the caravans across the desert. Players can take a karma hit attacking these for loot.Drops can include general crafting materials such as logs, rough stones, black stone powder, as well as more valuable items like gold bars, weapons, black stones, and trade items.The better the cargo, the more smaller support ships will be there, so players can gauge reward vs difficulty.5k karma is lost per support ship destroyed and 25k karma is lost per trade ship destroyed.Anti-PiracyThe same trade ships above will at times be under attack by the NPC pirates.Destroying the pirates will result in a small reward from the trade ship.The larger the group of pirates attacking, the larger the reward, so players can gauge the reward vs difficulty.Saving trade ships gives a large karma boost: 2K karma for small pirate boat, and 15k karma recovery for large pirate ship.The reward for saving the cargo ships is significantly less than the loot from destroying them, but karma is recovered in return. 
    Kraken World Boss (We can give it a BDO lore name later)
    The ocean is huge, so why not have a world boss that spawns in the ocean?
    The Kraken would spawn in the north-eastern side of Margoria.The spawn interval for the Kraken would be 36 hours with an 8 hour window.Players will receive a 1 hour warning before the Kraken spawns.Both guild Galley and personal sailboat cannons would be able to fight it as well as attacks from players on boats that are not using cannons.How to fight it:At first, only the 8 minor tentacles will be visible and attackable above water. (if you dive, you can see the entire Kraken)Killing all the tentacles will bring the head up and the two main feeding tenaclesOnly the head needs to be attacked to kill the kraken, but killing the feeding tentacles will rid it of some of it's abilities.Attacking the single large eye will be considered a critical hit.Killing the feeding tentacles creates floating masses for players to stand on to attack the headKraken attacks:In the first stage, the 8 minor tentacles will swat at nearby ships and players. Each also has a ranged attack firing high-pressure water. The damage is minimal, but can knock players off of their boats if they are not pilotingIn the second stage, the two feeding tentacles and the head each act on their own.The feeding tentacles deal more damage with swatting and the high-pressure water. They also get a new attack where they will go underwater and rise back up quickly. It is difficult to see where they will rise unless you have a spotter under water to see where.The head has two attacks:An eye beam that charges and fires in a cone in front of it. This attack deal little damage to boats, but massive damage to players. Dive under water or move out of the way to avoid it.Slamming its mantle down on the water. This attack does massive damage to ships caught under it. It will rear its head back before slamming it down, so there is some time to get away.Loot: (based on party, not individuals, so that the ship pilots can still get loot if other members in their party are attacking)1G to 100G gold barsBlack stonesCrystal ShardsGiant SquidLiverto Weapon BoxMagic Crystal of Infinity - Underwater BreathingAncient Magic Crystal - Air (+30 seconds underwater breathing)Other high grade magic crystalsKraken's Aura (collect 100 to trade at Port Ratt for the item below)Kraken's Eye Alchemy Stone (Boss Class Item)Unlike normal alchemy stones, failure at higher levels will not have a chance at destroying it but instead will drop it by 2 grades.EXP from corals. Low: Coral Piece, Med: red, blue, green, white, gold corals, High: Twilight, Prarie, Breezy, Daybreak, Sun coralsImperfect: +100 Stamina, +25HP, +25 MP/WP/SP, +5% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +5 seconds, Carry Weight +50, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Rough: +125 Stamina, +50 HP, +50 MP/WP/SP, +6% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +10 seconds, Carry Weight +75, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Polished: +150 Stamina, +75 HP, +75 MP/WP/SP, +7% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +15 seconds, Carry Weight +100, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Sturdy: +175 Stamina, +100 HP, +100 MP/WP/SP, +8% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +20 seconds, Carry Weight +125, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Sharp: +200 Stamina, +125 HP, +125 MP/WP/SP, +10% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +25 seconds, Carry Weight +150, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Resplendent: +250 Stamina, +150 HP, +150 MP/WP/SP, +12% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +30 seconds, Carry Weight +200, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Splended: +300 Stamina, +200 HP, +200 MP/WP/SP, +15% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +45 seconds, Carry Weight +300, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Shining: +400 Stamina, +300 HP, +300 MP/WP/SP, +20% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +60 seconds, Carry Weight +400, Duration/Cooldown 10min.
  9. Guild Goals:
    Get to 60 members.
    Get Maxed out HP, Acc, and AP buffs.
    Get all members to level 57/58.
    Win and maintain 1-2 nodes weekly once numbers stabilize.

    Guild Requirements:
    150AP+ or 300 GS total. (Lower gear scores will be considered just not guaranteed entry)
    Level 55 or higher.
    Play at least 10 Hour a week.
    4k Contribution Per week.
    Must be at least 87% Human.

    Guild Activities:
    Group World Bosses.
    Group Gathering.
    Group Grinding/Leveling.
    Group PvP Training/Practice.
    Node Wars in the Near Future.
    Water Monsters/World Bosses.

    Guild Overview:
    We are a semi-casual PvX multi-activity guild. We do a bit of everything and have room in the guild for anyone who is willing to grow stronger with us. We are currently looking to take in new and returning players to try to teach them more about the game while building the foundation for a solid community of friends and acquaintances. We are also looking for older more experienced players to help guide newer players and share and help fellow veterans improve their overall experience in game.

    Right now we are 11 members strong out of our 40 member roster and are looking for more members so we can continue to grow. We eventually want to participate in node wars and control a few nodes, this however is a future aspiration until we increase our numbers.

    This is not a hardcore guild, however we do all of the guild quests we can daily and expect members to participate when able. Our 4k guild contribution per week is loosely enforced but not iron clad so long as we continue to improve our guild level/funds at a constant rate. Payment is based strictly on contribution and the funds available in the guild bank. So long as you are contributing and we can afford to pay you we will pay as much as we are capable.

    If you have any interest in joining or would like more information please whisper Regret, Blindness, or Caitln in game. You can also alternatively contact me via discord at Regret#9620. 
  10. Post on No Wars Channel in Suggestions

    By Webby, posted
    I suggest a channel group that never have wars (Conquest, Node, etc) or at least have channel groups on a separate schedule. When we have wars of any type, the #1 of every channel group has the war, but all the channels go to complete crap on all sub levels. It makes the game almost unplayable at times.
    BDO has a lot of positives, but one of its biggest problems is server stability and optimization. Until this gets fixed (if it ever will) please consider allowing some channels to be war free so those not participating can have a better game play experience.
  11. Post on About fishing in Margoria in PVE

    By ariga, posted
    Hi i noticed when you fish close to margoria fish are linked to Varabin but the thing is there is no varabin node manager at all(did look for it in kr map etc doesn t exist...)
  12.     Today I'm voicing my concerns on some recent occurrences on the NA server. As of late, several Region Tier guilds have taken to dropping their guilds during the week to join smaller tier nodes. While harmless on the surface as they're free to do that so long as they fall within the current guidelines/restrictions, this has become a regular occurrence where specific guilds (I won't drop names here, though will give guild names to a GM/CM if asked), have taken to exchanging these services as payment for taking up region slots, and this needs to be reevaluated.

        As it stands, no more than 10 Guilds can contest a region, and so if a guild holds a castle, they can simply ally with smaller guilds, have them build forts, and simply not have any opposition for said region war. This effectively means that there's not legitimate way to contest a castle. In exchange for this, during the week, these region holding guild members will join the guilds who dropped for the region, and give a significant boost in support to said guild for node wars.
        The big issue is the fact that there is legitimately no way most guilds can compete vs the upper echelon as they receive significant payouts for regions, and for node wars (heck, one of the region holders cuts himself up to 500 mil a week). Regardless, this is a significant issue and will likely have an adverse effect in the long run. When it happened once or twice, it wasn't nearly as much of an issue but, it's become so frequent, that I've run into these "injected" guilds several times a week for the past month, and it needs to end. If this keeps continuing, I foresee a major drop in participation for node wars among the more casual/medium player base. There's even a region guild that has a dedicated alternative guild that they join during the week to assist their allies for taking nodes as payment.

        Additionally, the idea that "allies" are even a thing directly contradicts the spirit of this game. If the game was intended to force long term alliances, the systems would be in place with it. Instead, workarounds for said alliances are paid through abusing in game mechanics (ie; Handing off nodes, Final Wars, etc).
    Some Suggestions I would make would be the following:
    Initiate a seven day cooldown for new recruits. This would work in the sense that guilds would NOT be able to assist guilds during the week, and would effectively deter these actions. However, I don't think a seven day cooldown on joining a guild is necessarily healthy. Just simply disallow participating in any Region/Node wars for one week.
     Make dropping for regions more expensive. While I don't like the idea of an expensive drop as it significantly drops the number of eligible guilds for a region war, this will definitely FORCE guilds who do consider allying to determine whether a significant price (say 1 billion) is worth it. Not many guilds are willing to pay 1 billion out of pocket for some alliance/ally, as it ultimately is detrimental, AND it forces a guild to seriously consider their resources and whether or not they're ready for region wars.    Again, this has become a consistent issue on the NA server, and is growing by the week. More and more Region Tier guilds are abusing this system, and will only serve to hurt the game in the long run. Please reach out through the appropriate channels and see that this issue is resolved, as I do enjoy the game, and I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say their gaming experience is being ruined by this issue.

    Thanks for taking the time to read.
  13. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 1/22/2017 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege & Node War/ Awakening / Fame System / Various Topics / Guest
  14. Post on Node Toll in Suggestions

    By Prochilles, posted
    Main: Pay an optional Node toll to the guild that currently holds the territory at an amount set by Black Desert. Paying the toll removes the option of being pk'd by members of the guild who owns the node, those who pay the node toll cannot pk any player within the territory (although can defend themselves), and applies a bounty to members of different guilds who pk those who pay the toll within the territory of the node. (The bounty only being able to be collected by individual members of the guild who owns the node.)
    Increase the participation and competition in node wars by giving a greater reason to obtain areas that are highly contested for grinding, as well as, grant the node's guild some governing power over the territory, while partially granting protection for those grinding. 
    Paying the toll will grant a 'Combat XP' buff for the length of time paid to be in territory. Also, perhaps an increase in drop rate of items.
    Effects/Other: Pro&Con TBD
    Grinding in certain node territories (e.g. Sausans) without paying toll will increase likelihood of being pk'd by the nodes guild. While paying will decrease the pk from both the nodes guild and other guilds.
    At what distance from node and how long will an active bounty be able to be collected. Where does the silver for bounty come from? What happens if player with active bounty disconnects or channel hops.
    What happens to highly contested grinds in the event that multiple parties both protected by toll (neither able to pk) desire an area? (Frequent)
  15. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 1/15/2017 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege & Node War/ Margoria / Various Topics
  16. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 1/8/2017 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege & Node War/ Special Guest's / Various Topics
  17. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 1/1/2017 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege & Node War/ New Year Salutations / Various Topics
  18. Alright, so I'm not new persay, but I'm not experienced. My buddy and I are playing this game together and having a blast. He went with wizard. I myself haven't decided what i want to play. I am stuck between a few classes deciding which will work best for us.
    First is warrior. In most games i play, i end up playing a warrior type class. With this game, im nervous from everything i hear about the class, mostly being that its boring. My warrior is currently lvl 32, and its kind of a drag leveling. I don't hate it, but its not awe-inspiring and I don't feel like a beast lol wondering if the class becomes more fun later on.
    Second up is musa. Musa seems like a really cool class, and the spear awakening really captures my attention. Out of the 4 classes, this class seems like its just back and forth spin slashing later in the game. Seems like a dull style of play, even tho the class itself looks awesome.
    Third is tamer. Tamer has its unique style of bouncing around and what not for combat which seems really amusing. I hear this class is pretty weak though, which is discouraging.
    Lastly, we have ranger. Ranger being the be all, end all, best class in the game. That in and of itself turns me off. Not tryna be a fronting jockstrap who chugs mana pots for a living. Im normally always gravitating toward archer classes, and i'm not sure how well this class will do with wizard.
    So my point here is what goes well with wizard for the majority of combat aspects of the game. Whether it be pvping in gvgs and node wars, or pve farming.
    out of warrior, ranger, musa, and tamer, what meshes best with wizard in combat aspects of the game like farming and pvp.
  19. I'm still learning so much about the game, and I'm no where near the end game; but I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking something. So I have a couple of questions about node investment:
    Do I care about investing in nodes at this point in my BDO career?
     When would I want to start investing in Nodes?
  20. Friends:
    Week 2 was pretty interesting.  As predicted, there was a dip in the competition at the higher tier weekly nodes because the stronger guilds would be locked up in their territories.  What is interesting, however, is the surge in Siege participants.  Whether this is a burgeoning “mid-major” circuit, or mercenary/alliance relationships being formed, is yet to be fully seen.  I, for one, think it is most likely a little from column A and a little from column B.  As evidenced by the explosion on the T1 scene, it appears that people in guilds of all sizes are hungry for PvP.  I think some smaller groups are taking the steps to make a larger impact on the Saturday sieges.  
    Once again, the God @Skuld comes through with the daily data, which can be accessed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kV17QvxRP1AQgPQ4-JaGIsAx7nsQksOxgj3NLHedSiU/edit#gid=1627623236
    Total:  465 (↓ 4.32%)On Tier 3 Nodes: 40 (↓ 42.03%)On Tier 2 Nodes: 105  (↓ 23.91%)On Tier 1 Nodes: 293  (↑ 13.13%)On Siege War: 17 (↑ 58.82%) 
    Day with the biggest drop in activity? Monday
    Day with the biggest spike in activity?  Thursday
    Empty Nodes (0 built):  8  (+6, including two Sunday T3s)Uncontested Nodes (1 built):  32 (+5)Contested Nodes (2 or more)  119 (-11)3 Built:  29 (-14)4 Built:  20 (-8)5+ Built:  24 (+6)Overall Contest Rate :  75%  (-7 points)Tier 3 Contest Rate:  78% (-2 points)Tier 2 Contest Rate:  70%  (-18 points)Tier 1 Contest Rate:  82%  (+ 5 points) 
    Overall Stalemates:  24 (+1)Tier 3 Stalemates:  0 (-3)Tier 2 Stalemates:  3 (-1)Tier 1 Stalemates:  16 (+5) 
    Qualifying for Sieges – 42 (no change):  
    Audacity, Badthorne, BlackRose, Cynical, Elevate, FML, Fortune, Gravity, Iconic, IlIlIlIlIlIlIl, Kyoukai, Oasis, TradeFederation, Aftershock, Alloy, Argent, Ascendants, Bridge_Burners, ChoNation, DeadSerious, Dreams, Equilibrium, Eternidad, Fire_Nation, Hybrid, IT_TI, KithSaHunter, Magnitude, MoonCake, NemesisAsylum, Nephalem, Nigh-----ch, NqpZ, PeaceMakeRs, Republic, Savanna, Spaghetti, Spetsnaz, StopResisting, Support, Templar, WolvesofWar. 

    Holding 2 Qualifying Nodes – 18 (+4):
    Aftershock, BlackRose, ChoNation, DeadSerious, Dreams, Fortune, Gravity, Hybrid, Iconic, IlIlIlIlIlIlIl, Kyoukai, Magnitude, NqpZ, Oasis, Spaghetti, Templar, TradeFederation, WolvesofWar
     Territory Holders (5):  LotD, Audacity, Gravity, Vision, ManUp.
    Lokien's Week 2 Power Rankings:
    See you next week.  Until then, thanks for the PvP!
  21. Friends:
    In case you were wondering, the Great Server Merge of 2016 has changed the game for the better.  The amount of meaningful node PvP that took place this week was off the charts.   All participating guilds--from the T1 gym rats (who, btw, constructed over half of the forts of the built this week) to the Übermensch Zerg (who, btw, destroyed the other half very, very quickly)--should take a moment and pat themselves on the back for this one.
    Big shout to @Skuld for compiling the daily data here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kV17QvxRP1AQgPQ4-JaGIsAx7nsQksOxgj3NLHedSiU/edit#gid=1627623236
    So, without further ado...
    Total:  483On Tier 3 Nodes: 69On Tier 2 Nodes: 139On Tier 1 Nodes: 258On Siege War: 17CONTESTS
    Empty Nodes (0 built):  2     (one of which was Mediah Castle... c'mon man!)Uncontested Nodes (1 built):  27Contested Nodes (2 or more)  1302 Built:  353 Built:  434 Built:  285+ Built:  24Overall Contest Rate :  82%Tier 3 Contest Rate:  80%Tier 2 Contest Rate:  95%Tier 1 Contest Rate:  77%STALEMATES
    Overall Stalemates:  23Tier 3 Stalemates:  3Tier 2 Stalemates:  4Tier 1 Stalemates:  16SIEGE GUILDS
    Qualifying for Sieges (42):  Aethereal, Aftershock, Alloy, Argent, Ascendance, Ascendants, Audacity, Beast, BlackRose, Bridge_Burners, CHONation, Chuck_Norris, Critical, Duneriders, Equilibrium, Eternidad, Fire_Nation, FirstLight, FML, Fortune, Gravity, Hikikomori, Iconic, IlIlIlIlIlIlIl, Infernal, Insomnia, KithSaHunter, Kyokai, LoTD, ManUp, Mooncake, Nigh-----ch, NpqZ, Oasis, Republic, Savanna, Spaghetti, Spetsnaz, Support, Sushi, Vision, WolvesofWar.

    Holding 2 Qualifying Nodes (14): Gravity, Iconic, IlIlIlIlIlIlIl. LotD, Manup, Support, Alloy, Argent, Ascendents, Bridge_Burners, FirstLight, Infernal, NpqZ, Spaghetti.
    Territory Holders (4):  LotD, Critical, Vision, ManUp.
    Lokien's Week 1 Power Rankings:
    ManUpIlIlIlIlIlIlIlGravityIconicLotDSee you next week.  Until then, thanks for the PvP!
  22. Hello, every time i try to place a tower i get this message that pops up says "Can be installed only on last weeks node." may someone please help me!
    ~Ok i got the tower down and i get 1 blackstone powder and than all the other workers stop and now i get the message "Assembly not available at this time/date"
  23. I wanted to place a Flamme Thrower on the node (with my warrior), I had the "PEARL ABYS" screen that showed up during the "placement screen", then it cames back at the game, I tryed to put the flamme thrower and CRASH !

    Now if I try to go on my Warrior it Crash just after the loading screen...  

    1) I can't defend my node
    2)I can't play on my warrior

    UPDATE : Even if I try on an other channel it crash.

    Erst kam Ragnarok, und jetzt kommt "Die neue Welt"!
    Und ganz frisch bringen wir auch noch 2 neue Galeeren mit in die Schlacht!!

    Tretet heute der Flotte bei und schließt euch uns in Schlachten zu Land und zur See an!
    Ragnarok ist die Gilde der Barbecue Camp Multigaming Community. Ein Zusammenschluss von Gamern, Gamer wie Ihr,
    die sich Ende 2012 dazu entschlossen hatten eine Gaming-Community aufzubauen. Seit damals ist einiges geschehen.
    Wir sind gewachsen, leiten einen gut besuchten Teamspeak auf dem eine angenehme Atmosphäre vorherrscht
    sowie gut laufende Gameserver die ihresgleichen suchen. Egal ob After-work-casual bishin zum Profigamer, jeder findet einen Platz bei uns.
    Auch wenn bei uns die geistige Reife mehr aussagt, als die Zahl auf einem Ausweis, liegt unser Altersdurchschnitt immer bei 25 ± 1.

    Zusammenspiel gestützt durch eine große Community (seit 2012)Eine gute OrganisationDie üblichen Kommunikationsmöglichkeiten (TS³, Forum, Website, Facebook, usw.)Mehrjährige Erfahrung in diversen Massiv Multiplayer Online TitelnPlayer vs PlayerGuild vs GuildEin offenes Ohr für alle Fragen 

    Territorien und Burgen weiter einzunehmenErfolgreiche Schlachten zu schlagenKommende Spielinhalte frühzeitig zu meisternSowie den vollen Umfang des Spieles zu bietenDen Spaß am Spiel aufrecht zu erhalten 

    Jeden der folgende Eigenschaften mitbringt
    Spaß am Spiel
    Ehrgeiz andere Spieler zu übertreffen
    Bewerben kannst du dich hier im Thread, über das offizielle Forum
    der BBQ-Camp Multigaming Community oder eine Private Message an mich.
    Nach all den Jahren MMO-Erfahrung und der vielen scheinbar kaputten Headsets, welche stets als Ausrede der Kommunikation herhalten mussten,
    bitte ich um Verständnis, dass eine Zusage für unsere Gilde ausschließlich im TeamSpeak erfolgt.
    Es hat sich bewährt, insbesondere im Hinblick auf Sieges,
    dieses Kommunikationsmedium zu nutzen.

    Was macht ihr im PvE?
    Den Content nehmen wir natürlich in vollem Umfang mit.
    Das bedeutet natürlich gemeinsames grinden, Bosse, Dungeons und instanzierte Spielinhalte.
    Irgendwie muss man ja die Zeit zwischen den Node/Siegewars überbrücken.
    Was sind eure Schwerpunkte im PvP?
    Das große Ziel ist es gemeinsam in Nodewars und Sieges (GvG) erfolgreich zu bestehen.
    Natürlich gehört dazu auch das verbessern der Kampffähigkeiten im kleineren Rahmen,
    so wird sich immer wer finden der gemeinsam in der Arena hilft an dem eigenem Kampfstil zu feilen,
    aber auch andere PvP Inhalte werden ausgereizt.
    Wie steht ihr zu Playerkill?
    Seit Tag 1 wissen wir das Spot-Verteidigungen normal und notwendig sind.
    Dementsprechend kann jeder seinen Spot nach eigenem ermessen verteidigen
    was nicht heißt das wir mit Absicht und um jeden Preis andere von ihren
    Spots verdrängen müssen.
    Selbstverständlich ist auch das Karmabomben bei uns nicht gerne gesehen, entweder kann man seinen Spot behaupten oder nicht.
    Kriegserklärungen aus Karmagründen werden nach einer kurzen Meldung bei einem unserer Offiziere geschehen.
    Wird Black Desert Online bei einer Multigaming Community vernachlässigt?
    Nein. Zwar ist das Barbecue Camp eine Multigaming Community, aber die Spiele sind als eigenständige Vorhaben
    mit unterschiedlicher Leitung anzusehen. Unsere Spieler konzentrieren sich also in der Regel nur auf ein Spiel,
    wobei es nicht verboten ist, die Vorteile einer Multigaming Community zu nutzen und zusammen mit anderen
    Spielern in andere Spiele hineinzuschnuppern oder ab und an mal eine Abwechslung hier zu genießen.
    DeathPhoenix Stomi
    Leader / Recruiting Officer

    Server: EU ~ Web: Website ~ ts³: Link
  25. Hi =)
    As every knows, we can invest energy into nodes and cities and, for most of them, it seem to do something (atleast according to the tooltip info given) by increasing the drop chance from mobs killed within that node's area.
    However, there are nodes who do not have a zone of control and only exist so we can send workers there in order to obtain various items or silver. What's weird though, is that we can invest energy into these nodes but the game doesn't say anything about what it does, if it does anything at all that is and everything surrounding this seem to be contradicting speculations. So to sum it up...
    1. What happens when we invest energy into monopoly nodes (the production nodes that require a 1st rank house)?
    2. What happens when we invest energy into Investment Bank nodes?
    3. What happens when we invest energy into cities?
    4, Granted that cities seem to have some monsters within their area, how come 1) and 2)'s info (that you get when selecting them and then hover at the "?" next to node level) tells us that investing in the production node will increase the drop rate of monsters?
    5. If 4) turns out to actually improve the drop rates from monsters I take it that bonus count for the "main node" that the production node is linked to and thus, do those bonuses stack?
    6. If investing energy into certain nodes doesn't do anything whatsoever, why isn't that "feature" disabled until they actually do something?
    Thanks for reading and hope this get forwarded to some community manager for investigation and an official response.