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  1. Bonjour,
    Quel est le prérequis, en terme de node, pour une guilde, pour pouvoir participer à une guerre de conquête ?

  2. About us:
    Ruthless was founded June 30, 2010 as a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild. In 2012 it was decided to reform Ruthless into a multi-game community for Swedish players.
    Today Ruthless Gaming Community consist of around 1 000 members that play many different games. Other than playing games together we have several contests, lotterys and IRL events within the community.
    Ruthless BDO:
    We are a Swedish guild that are transforming into a more Node war and PvP oriented state of mind. Our core members have played since head start with a vast knowledge of game mechanics and experience on how to get that silver rolling for gear upgrades. We do Node Wars, RBF, GvG and open world PvP. 
    We are now looking for PvP minded, Swedish players who want to join us in our journey in the Node Wars and Siege Wars scene.
    We have daily summons to Valencia City/Margoria for crate turn-ins.
    Guild buffs:
    We have all appropriate guild buffs for PvP along with several life skill buffs for easier way of life.
    Guild Rules:
    Attendance in Node Wars (Thur and Sun)
    No karma griefing
    PvP oriented
    Level 57+

    Mentor system:
    We also have a mentor system for friends/family of guildmembers that are either new to the game or returning players but share the guilds mindset. With the mentor system, an existing member can take a new recruit "under his/her wings" and vouche that the recruit will be able to reach guild requirements within 14 days.
    For more information, please contact the below in-game, in Discord or on our forum

    IGN: Dakeu, Discord: Ljungen#9806, forum: Ljungen
    IGN: Maesterchaefen, Discord: GuDeeN (Maesterchaefen)#6452
    IGN: Gunte, Discord: Gunte#9572

    Click link for discord https://discord.gg/kReRpdU
    (Currently being used in the NA SERVER)
    What we are about: Templarius Is a balanced PvE/PvP guild on Orwens server in Black Desert Online. We are currently a small guild. My goal is to have 10 members by the end of this month and hopefully 50 before all the awakenings are released. I have an urge to do more with node wars so if that is your thing then you can come aboard and help us all get up to speed. Who we are looking for: People that have just started playing to people that bought the conqueror package on day 1! We are pleased to have the people that enjoy the game and can get a long with another gamer. Voice chat is enabled through discord.Rules: The number one rule is NO DRAMATIZATION If you have a problem with a person settle it in a PM or email or whatever. After the issue is resolved you both will feel better. If this issue cant be resolved then one of the leaders can help. If you are into pvp and want to do that as a play style then that is fine! Please be courteous to the requests of other guild mates and their requests.Ranks: We are currently looking for officers! This is one huge plus of joining our guild today!Requirements:  Do you enjoy Black Desert Online? Do you have a will to play at least one day a week? Do you enjoy talking with people in game?(If you answered yes to all three then you can join now!)
    Website: http://blackdesertguild.clanwebsite.com/
    SERVER: North America
    FAMILY: Woodstock
    MAIN: Duarte
    Website: http://blackdesertguild.clanwebsite.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blackdesertonlineguild
  4. Post on [NA] <Ascendants> in US Guild

    By Sansmercy, posted
    Guild Information
    Ascendants is a PvP focused guild that started since the North American launch. Our roster consists of a chill witty group, sassy sarcasm is encouraged. We're aiming increase our numbers with fun and active individuals. We offer you a place where you can enjoy Black Desert together with our members!
    Our current focus is 2 to 3 node wars a week, with line of sight towards participating in siege.
    20% Combat EXP buffs during night cycleCommand to Gather for Trading5 AP / 5 Accuracy / 100 HP / 5 Damage Reduction / +3 Gathering / +3 FishingElephantsGuild GalleySupport group for TET failsGuild Red Battlefield nightsGeneral Rules
    Be helpful to one anotherDedication and willingness to push forwardBe active in the guild chat, feel free to ask anything!Competitive aspects and participate in all guild events.No mandatory guild mission participationPayouts based on node war activityJoin us in Discord. Voice chat is necessary to PvP.Always have funRecruiting Status: Currently OPEN
    Recruit Requirements: We're looking for applicants who have made it to at least level 58 with a bare minimum of 420 gear score. Group applications will be considered on a case by case basis after deliberation. Overall we'd like to see everyone at 59+ with a gear score of 450+ gear score.
    Also open to smaller guilds merging into ours.
    PM Erissia, Lickasikle/Holylicious, Bzaw, Turtles, Dr_Death, and Black_Swordzman/RaijinHime, in-game for inquiries.
  5. We have more than one Guild Elephant, and we keep taking out the wrong Guild Elephant.  It just seems random.  Anyone know how to take out other elephants?
  6.         Facade now recruiting
    Focus of guild:
    Looking for competitive node wars, to earn our victories. Keeping tight knit guild to max payouts and focus on progression.
    Simply want mature and relaxed players just wanting to be competitive in PvP with no alliance, currently paying 1mil/daily, increasing pay depending on gear score.
    About us:
    We are a small group of GS450-497 Lvl57-60 simply wanting to enjoy the pvp aspect of the game with no spams of memes or causing drama that's simply nonsense.
    Requirements:56+ GS400+
    GM Ivillis
    Officers: Deez_Nootz, Yuu_Shinoda, Sarinas
    We may not all be on in discord 24/7 as we got things to do in IRL as well, but we will respond asap
    If interested in this hop in discord.
  7. Post on Node War Suggestion in Suggestions

    By Kafziet, posted
    So our guild just finished a node war tonight and it ended in a tie.
    Not because we were evenly matched, but because when their tower got to 5% they turtled and spammed their hwacha.
    Why can we not have the node war victory go to whose tower is the least damaged?
  8. <TeamSAGA>
    TeamSAGA is a fast growing guild looking for new members to share this momentum with us!We are a super social guild with family like and fun atmosphere. 
    We do node wars, grind, PvP practice, and try to have fun! Our two requirements are that you use Discord (if you're shy at first, no need to speak), and participate in the node wars. We do weekly incentive payouts based on your involvement with guild activities and node war participation.. Currently, we have main node wars on two days of the week, but have many other optional ones for fun and practice on other days from time to time. We speak Korean and English!
    We have experienced players who would be happy to help you improve and get stronger with the guild!
     Buffs: Most of PvP and +1 gathering 
    Requirements: lvl58, active, Discord, and a brain
    If you're interested, visit our DIscord and introduce yourself in the new member section or PM me or any other officers listed below in game!  
    Jinus (Ashirizen), Raccoon_SAGA (Raccoon_SAGA), EmpressPenguin (EmpressPenguin)   https://discord.gg/82XZ7kn

  9. <TeamSAGA>
    TeamSAGA is a fast growing guild looking for new members to share this momentum with us!We are a super social guild with family like and fun atmosphere. 
    We do node wars, grind, PvP practice, and try to have fun! Our two requirements are that you use Discord (if you're shy at first, no need to speak), and participate in the node wars. We do weekly incentive payouts based on your involvement with guild activities and node war participation.. Currently, we have main node wars on two days of the week, but have many other optional ones for fun and practice on other days from time to time. We speak Korean and English!
    We have experienced players who would be happy to help you improve and get stronger with the guild!
     Buffs: Most of PvP and +1 gathering 
    Requirements: lvl58, active, Discord, and a brain
    If you're interested, visit our DIscord and introduce yourself in the new member section or PM me or any other officers listed below in game!  
    Jinus (Ashirizen), Raccoon_SAGA (Raccoon_SAGA), EmpressPenguin (EmpressPenguin)    https://discord.gg/82XZ7kn

  10. Here's what you can do:
    - If you are part of a small or a fresh guild just started or looking to start Node Warring please consider allying or merging or anything to bring your fielded numbers up. 1v1 for Node Wars theoretically means 100 players vs 100 players. Yet almost no guild brings that many but if all could atleast try to push to 50+ it would give better fights, requiring to think tactics beyond defensive/offensive teams and give everyone participating more epic fights. With those numbers when you win a required node to participate Siege on saturday you definitely should. One of the biggest problems in Siege wars is that most of the guilds who are able to participate them do not. 
    - If you are part of a siege guild or any other guild that can muster 75+ fielded then try to stop allying up, if there are allies then set allies fighting eachothers while you go 1v1 with the top dog on the field. Starting secondary guild is nice but as long as your whole playerbase doesn't move in secondary guild try to build it up with some new players, make it a viable 50+ guild and if it grows into siege guild then start next "secondary" guild that could be grown similarly. Don't let the field go stale with only consolidating power.

    If you agree with the message then please spread it, specially within your guild. If you don't see results then gather your fellow members around you and poke your guild leadership harder.
    Got other ideas? Please share them!

  11. Die Gilde Crank bestehen seit April 2016 und haben sich seitdem als Gemeinschaft eine gute Position innerhalb der Community erarbeitet.
    Es wird viel Wert auf familiäres Miteinander gelegt. Um so einen Haufen zusammenhalten zu können ist eine klare Struktur in der Gildenleitung und der Respekt vor Entscheidungen dieser wichtig.
    Selbstverständlich wird immer geholfen, wenn es schwierige Questen oder Bosse zu meistern gilt oder jemand an einer bestimmten Aufgabe scheitert. Sowohl im Gildenchat als auch auf dem Discord-Server werden regelmäßig Gruppen gesucht und zusammengestellt, Fragen gestellt und beantwortet und allgemein erheiternde Gespräche geführt!
    Wenn die Gilde in die Schlacht zieht, ist das Ziel ganz klar der SIEG, damit die Gilde sich auch weiterhin in der Welt behaupten kann.

    Was kann Crank euch bieten?
    - Einen eigenen Discordserver.
    - PvP, GvG und Nodewars.
    - Eine gut organisierte Führung.
    - Hilfe und Zusammenhalt.
    - Langjährige MMORPG Erfahrung.
    Was wir suchen?
    - Leute ab 18 bei denen die geistige Reife vorhanden ist. (Ausnahmen beim Alter möglich.)
    - Ein Crankes Miteinander.
    - Kritikfähigkeit und Belastbarkeit.
    - Personen die aktiv am Gilden- und Discordgeschehen teilnehmen.
    - Zuverlässige und motivierte Spieler.

    Interesse geweckt?
    Dann zögere nicht und kontaktier uns!
    Bewerbungsoffizier : Namispatz
    Leader Ingame unter : Herdones / Newherdones

    Level: 57
    Gearscore: 360 (Ak+VK) oder (Aw+VK)
    Bereitschaft zum PvP

  12. (feedback in ^ that topic please) no need to keep bumping this here
  13. Fatum is a new EU guild looking for other members.
    We currently have 2 members including me so a lot of positions are still open.
    The guild skill tree is also still empty and open to suggestions as what the members actually want.
    I personally don't care about how foul mouthed people are, I do it myself too. But I don't want any drama against other members, chill.
    We are just looking to build a family of people to rant with about the game and try to endure the grinding while hanging out in the Discord server.
    Recruiting is pretty simple, either PM me in game, or join our discord and contact me there.
    In game name: Alementum
    Discord link: Click me for discord
  14. Maewha PoV of a Node War VS the toughest guild NA. 
    Cynical is an active PK and Node War clan, seeking active PvPers and PKers to enlist our ranks.
    Contact in game Garken/Eravin/GhostXR/Tiny_Bees or message on forums for voice interview options.

    The Sovereign is looking for active, friendly, and loyal players to fill our PvP member base. The Sovereign is a PvP guild, however we're not strict, very laid back and welcoming to both new and returning players. If you're looking for a group of people to call your family, we may be the guild for you! If you're interested, please either catch us in game or message me on discord!
    WHAT TO EXPECT? Weekly node wars, GvG, guild boss scrolls, guild missions, weekly grinding sessions, PvP training, randomness in discord, and expect a warm welcome from our members.
    OUR GOALS? Currently our goals IS to gear and succeed at node wars. Do not expect us to win every node war, we will fight to very end. However we do win some and we do loose some. Progression is also a main focus within our guild as well as PvP.
    OUR LEADERSHIP Guild Master: :LadySynestra Officers:Ramsay_Bolton, NightsFallens, Sensei_Stark,Plenar, Jun_Snow 
    REQUIREMENTS 400 combined GS & level 57 DISCORD IS REQUIRED(Do not have to be in voice, text is just as good.)
    If you're interested in joining us, please either contact myself on discord Synestra#1907 or message any of the officers listed above with any questions you may have.

  17. Post on Node war Class? in PVP

    By Endimyon, posted
    Trough i played basically every class (excluding Zerker) , i dont really feel any of them to be fun anymore personally. Got my Ranger-Tamer-Musha-Sorc-Valk to 56 and its really boring...even deleted my Musha. So i been wondering to start going to pvp maybe? We are basically a Dual guild : Meaning we have a brother guild that is the pvp Guild War-Node War side of the guild, but not sure, what class would be good for a beginner pvp er. 
    As i hear a lot of ppl say Zerker-Warrior-Sorc and some say Ranger. So i been wondering to play a Warrior, i deleted my lv 50 back in the days pre lv 55 cap. But sort of looks boring even awakened basing on vids, my alternative idea is to play a Kuno (since i have a tri liverto for her in my Warehouse anyway), but not sure...looks like the same boring shit like Musha ? ? Spin to win? ? Or is it actually more fun? How viable are they in Node wars? 
    More like how wanted, and usefull they are. 
    What classes are good-Ez to play for beginner pvp ers, and are wanted or helpfull for the guild in Node Wars right now?
  18. Small-scale competitive node war guild recruiting Lv. 59+ with 450+ gear score (exceptions can be made). Full combat buffs, crate summons, weekly incentive pay, 2M daily contracts. Please PM Eiectronic, Foozy, Scandal, Abracadabr, or Mooniite if you're interested or message me on the forums.
  19. Post on Node Toll in Suggestions

    By Prochilles, posted
    Main: Pay an optional Node toll to the guild that currently holds the territory at an amount set by Black Desert. Paying the toll removes the option of being pk'd by members of the guild who owns the node, those who pay the node toll cannot pk any player within the territory (although can defend themselves), and applies a bounty to members of different guilds who pk those who pay the toll within the territory of the node. (The bounty only being able to be collected by individual members of the guild who owns the node.)
    Increase the participation and competition in node wars by giving a greater reason to obtain areas that are highly contested for grinding, as well as, grant the node's guild some governing power over the territory, while partially granting protection for those grinding. 
    Paying the toll will grant a 'Combat XP' buff for the length of time paid to be in territory. Also, perhaps an increase in drop rate of items.
    Effects/Other: Pro&Con TBD
    Grinding in certain node territories (e.g. Sausans) without paying toll will increase likelihood of being pk'd by the nodes guild. While paying will decrease the pk from both the nodes guild and other guilds.
    At what distance from node and how long will an active bounty be able to be collected. Where does the silver for bounty come from? What happens if player with active bounty disconnects or channel hops.
    What happens to highly contested grinds in the event that multiple parties both protected by toll (neither able to pk) desire an area? (Frequent)
  20. Okay, so the servers merged, essentially tripling the amount of competition in Node Wars.  This is GREAT for the health of the game, I do not argue that.  A large amount of competition results in more players looking to make more end-game oriented gains, etc...  Kakao makes more money, less people quit the game, the community remains healthy.  Understood.
    But what about the small and medium guilds?  Why are we just left to 'git gud' (read: 'get big') or choose to forego Node Wars entirely?
    I'm the leader of a guild with just over 40 members.  We have slightly more than a third of our members show up to every Node War, and we win against guilds who bring equal numbers.  We have a strong core of 58+/450+ players.  But yeah, 'guilds who bring equal numbers' are few and far between.  The chips have fallen, and the scrub lord extra large guilds who get demolished in fights for T2/T3 nodes have sunk to warring for T1 nodes exclusively.  They bring 40 or 50+ people against our 12-20, and it's not fun.  We don't make it easy for them, we relish a good fight, and we hold our own for a respectable period of time.  But in the end, nobody on our side is happy when the War ends.  Everyone feels demoralized.  None of us are interested in being in a guild with that many members.  We like the size and close-knit environment of our own guild community, and we don't want to lose that.
    @Kakao; Is this how BDO is going to be for us medium guilds from this point on?  The 2-hour Node Wars you are implementing again just make matters worse for guilds our size.  Are you purposefully trying to cull the number of guilds, pushing the end-game Node control meta towards larger and larger guilds?
    Conquest Wars already have a hurtle to separate the balance of power.  Guilds strong enough to take an entire Region are not allowed to steamroll other less powerful guilds at Nodes.  The T1/T2/T3 design for tax disbursement was meant to be a trickle down balance of power, allowing smaller guilds to go for T1 nodes while larger guilds compete for T2/T3s.  Now, the sheer number of large and extra large guilds has skewed that entire balance of power, and the rest of us are just left to struggle with the hope that one of those 4 or 5 castles built isn't a guild with quadruple our numbers.  Now, even if it isn't, the reality of demolishing that many enemy castles in only 2 hours with our numbers.  Seriously, WTF?
    TL;DR Is it too much to ask that T1 nodes be restricted to guilds with less than 50 members?
  21. So my guild did node wars yesterday at Pilgrim's Sanctum: Sincerity and it felt super buggy. I had an issue where I fell through the map and couldn't participate in fighting the node war and that has cost us dearly. 
    We were getting a node fort and was onto the opposing guild, but falling through the map put me out of the fight and I couldn't support my team.
    Here are the two instances:

    Also we had a flamethrower that couldn't be used. When we tried to use the siege weapons, it would give an error "Must be installed near a fortress/command post". Had to spend extra guild funds and waste silver to replace it down. And this is the 2nd time it happened: https://youtu.be/cImBqPRjlJ4?t=1h25m57s
  22. For some reason devs have decided to lower the node war times from 3 to 2 hours.

    When you have 6-8 forts in one node, 2 hours is simply not enough for a victory.
    Which time is in your opinion?
  23. We are looking for PvPers who will not shy away from a fight. Node wars GvG Open world PvP and the obligatory PKing. 55+ and 400gs (negotiable) 
    Now accepting merges into us!!!!
    We do node wars twice a week.
    Discord is a must even if you do not talk. We post our info there.
    We are a tight community and some of us have played games together for years. 
    Please comment or shout out in server chat and one of my officers will get back to you.
    The candy is free but the ride is not.