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  1. I've done some searching on this, but couldn't find an answer (mostly just "how to hire a worker!" type gigs). I have a pretty expansive gathering/worker network, so I understand the basics of the system, and it's worked well for me thus far, but I've run into the following issue re: worker caps and non-city/village nodes with lodging available. 
    Tarif has limited lodging space, and I don't want to have to expand to Altinova. I noticed some of the nodes nearby (Ahto, Kusha, etc.) have the option for lodging, and I'd thought perhaps that would expand the worker capacity in Tarif. Such is not the case. 
    What is the point of having lodging available in nodes without a worker manager? How do you hire workers for those nodes/to use that lodging? Does it contribute to the worker cap somewhere else? What am I missing? Is that lodging exclusively for Amity workers in the local vicinity? 
    I'd appreciate any insight into this!
  2. Post on Excavation Nodes in Guides

    By Direpath, posted
    I've spent some time chasing through various forums and threads for this information. I have compiled it all together to provide for anyone else looking for those hidden nodes that provide the Trace of X items. Please let me know if there are any errors and I will update my information.
    Excavation Nodes
    Excavation nodes are gathering nodes which you can assign workers to. Unlike other nodes, they are hidden until you discover them by learning the knowledge from an NPC. You typically need to discover the node and then spend 35 energy at the Node Manager to unlock the excavation sub-node.
    In some cases you may need to invest in the node before the knowledge will be offered to you. So if they do not have the knowledge available, connect the node and check again. I had to do this for at least one. I cannot confirm if all are like this.

    These nodes will typically provide the hard to obtain "traces" which are used in higher end recipes and much of Alchemy. They also provide 2-3 junk items so you need at least 5 storage slots available in the worker's city to start work.


    Ancient Stone Chamber
    Allows excavation of Trace of Earth and Trace of AscensionKnowledge from Jarette Domongatt (Node Manager for Ancient Stone Chamber)Knowledge requires discovery of Ancient Stone Chamber and 35 Energy


    Glish Ruins
    Allows excavation of Trace of Origin and Trace of HuntingKnowledge from Karu (Node Manager for Glish Ruins)Knowledge requires discovery of Glish Ruins, investment in node, and 35 Energy
    Lynch Farm Ruins
    Allows excavation of Trace of Savagery and Trace of HuntingKnowledge from Zara Lynch (Node Manager for Lynch Farm Ruins)Knowledge requires discovery of Lynch Farm Ruins and 35 Energy


    Berniato Farm
    Allows excavation of Trace of Battle and Trace of ForestKnowledge from Griffian Berniato (Node Manager for Berniato Farm)Knowledge requires discovery of Berniato Farm and 35 Energy
    Mansha Forest
    Allows excavation of Trace of Despair and Trace of ViolenceKnowledge from Mansha (Node Manager for Mansha Forest)Knowledge requires discovery of Mansha Forest, investment in node, and 35 Energy
    Rhua Tree Stub
    Allows excavation of Trace of Despair and Trace of ForestKnowledge from Kamasilve Priestess Lunia (Node Manager for Rhua Tree Stub)Knowledge requires discovery of Rhua Tree Stub, investment in node,  and 35 Energy


    Ancient Ruins
    Allows excavation of Trace of Earth and Trace of ChaosKnowledge from Jamo Hasa (Node Manager for Ancient Ruins)Knowledge requires discovery of Ancient Ruins, investment in node, and 35 Energy 
    Other Traces...
    Trace of Memory and Trace of Death are not available from workable nodes. They are only dropped. Trace of Death can be obtained by melting some weapons (Seleth I believe?)Trace of Wave is another trace which cannot be worked (yet?) but there is also little info on where you can get it as a drop. 
  3. I had heard that leveling fishing nodes was bad since it increased the drop chance for silver keys, which is bad for money and exp compared to getting a yellow/blue or a relic shard. I have read that leveling a node increases the quantity of turn-ins before but now I'm wondering if it's also like with fishing where the increased rate of certain items is increased on top of quantity and so rare drops become less likely to pop up. The description is really vague and I shouldn't expect much with the quality of translation with other misleading stuff like fishing speed vs fishing ability or attack vs AP and so forth but here's what it says ingame:

    Rate from Dictionary.com :
    noun 1. the amount of a charge or payment with reference to some basis of calculation: a high rate of interest on loans.2. a certain quantity or amount of one thing considered in relation to a unit of another thing and used as a standard or measure: at the rate of 60 miles an hour.3. a fixed charge per unit of quantity: a rate of 10 cents a pound.4. price; cost: to cut rates on all home furnishings.5. degree of speed, progress, etc.: to work at a rapid rate.6. degree or comparative extent of action or procedure: the rate of increase in work output.7. relative condition or quality; grade, class, or sort.  It seems slightly different from straight up chance if they really chose their wording carefully. While I'm talking about the subject of node levels, does anyone know what city levels do exactly? I have read a plethora of myths ranging from amity gain, worker craft rates and transportation speed but this is all hard to confirm.
  4. So I have a friend who, despite completing a bunch of quests that reward contribution exp has not been able to even get 1 contribution point. He is still sitting at 0. Does anyone know why this would be? Is it a known glitch on some characters? I know there is a similar glitch with some of the life skills, but have never heard of it for an account bound thing..
    Never mind he figured it out
  5. So, I have the node system pretty much down pat. Buying and reselling houses as needed, mass-producing cooking and alchemy ingredients and even fishing boats like a boss, you name it.
    One question though... if I buy a Lodging house on a node that isn't in a main city, where does the extra worker capacity go? Sounds like it should be an obvious answer, but look at Toscani Farm (in Balenos, southeast of the Western Guard Camp) for a sec.
    If I buy the Lodging at Toscani Farm, is the extra capacity assigned to Velia? Or the Western Guard Camp? What if I have a node route from Toscani Farm to Heidel, but not Velia? It wouldn't make sense to add worker capacity to the Western Guard Camp even though it's the nearest "city" with a worker capacity (no way to hire workers there though), so is the worker capacity assigned to "whatever's connected and needs it first"?
  6. I would have posted this in the newbie thread but I figured I'd get a faster response in the general thread. Ok, so I've only been playing for about 5 days now and I'm starting to get the hang of many aspects of the game except the node/trade system. I fish alot and I'd like to maximize my profits but I don't think I'm doing it right. I understand that the longer the node chain the more profit can be made however, I must be missing something because I rarely make the profit they're worth. So far this is the only topic that Google has failed me on so can ya help a fellow nub out? 
    Could someone please lay out an example node path that's working for them that I may duplicate?  (the fishing spot, each node in chain, and trader npc)
        Weekly maintenance is on Wednesday in the mornings for NA roughly 3am to 8am Afternoon for EU 8:00UTC - 13:00UTC
    Market prices fluctuate with updates and use.
    Example Special Silk/tomato/olive all dropped from 150-180k to 20k=50k
    New players should not go beyond +1 for jewelery or silver embroidered gear.
        First priority should be going upto your cap for weapons and armors. +7 Weapons +5 Armors
      Dim  Combat Crystals go great with your helms early on an extra 6% adds up.  3% Each. 2 Slot helmet.
        Sute Tea "Life Exp" Is for any gathering/crafting/fishing/processing exp gain
        Creating as many characters as you can benefits you.
     First thing I did was make 4 characters. Abuse the early on easy contribution points.
     You can get about 80 CP in a day.
      Manage your main and alternates to have different skills. "1 Cook, 1 Trainer ect." Of course eventually you'll out grow this.
    Spending energy to roll for artisan/professional workers is fine. Got 2 in heidel with about 240 energy. Costs 80k per worker purchase. It is RNG.
         Buying Yuria "Class" weapon is your go to early game weapon for most grind areas and pvp, Purchasable in calpheon weaponsmith. Requires Amity/ Conversation Minigame.
    You can pick farm spots that are human based mobs for increased damage.
         Lvl 45 for open PVP Doesn't require quest. Non flagged players give the killer negative karma
        You also benefit from the +1 Luck Crystal's which can be transferred to your Main character.
     +5 Luck in early game helps a lot with getting various items Flax thread/Soft hide from tanning a wolf hide. 2 Piece set bonuses- 2 sets
     Crystals are sorted by color for gear slot. Exception being dim crystals/luck crystal read info hovering.
     Energy use is vital. 3 Minutes on an active character gives 1 energy.
     Regular Furniture Bed use doubles energy gain, Not while offline.
     Cash shop bed gives 3 every 3 minutes.
     Specialty Furniture has durability "50 Uses left" but gives you buffs. Maybe useful for your pvping.
    Nodes/Contribution Points
        Node investment increases Quantity of drops. There is 0 reason you shouldn't invest in nodes.
    Create a gameplan for your main city.
    Example shipyards Epheria/Ilya/Altinova for Fishing boat.
    Altinova has cheapest Level 3 Wagon production as far as Contribution points. Also allows rank 5 armor "Grunil set" production same house after you're done with wagon.
    Hiedel/Calpheon for your Horsegear Best choice probably.
    +9 Fail stacks is a safe number for enhancing Silver embroidered gear to +1
    I've gotten +1 at lower, But I've also lost millions trying to repeat it. LOLOL
        Quest line costumes do give you an interesting wont be attacked by certain mobs while crouched/"fishing/gathering"
        Silver Costumes. Fishing and gathering +1 suits do NOT give you and extra level of fishing/gathering
    +2's do then +5's for +3 fishing level. "unsure about gathering"
    +1 Silver Embroidered Gathering gives you 10% EXP and +1 Gathering speed.
        Definitely Recommend the +1 Craftsman "+2 Processing" and +1 Trainer "10% Horse Exp". Absolutely.
    +0 Fish level +1, movespeed +1, DP 16
    +1 10% XP, Fish level +1, movespeed +1, DP 18
    +2 15% XP, Fish level +2, movespeed +2, DP 20
    +3 20% XP, Fish level +2, movespeed +2,  DP 23
    +4 25% XP, Fish level +2, movespeed +3, DP 26
    +5 35% XP, Fish level +3, movespeed +4, DP 29
        Small Fences can be gotten from the same NPC over and over. You do not need to go to different NPC's
    Most efficient fences are 3CP for 4 slots. Max of 10 fences.
        Crops do NOT need to be maintained/watered/fertilized if you dont mind losing yield.
    Profitable crops are usually the single slots for More breeding/yield RNG
        Hiedel has 4 Crop workbenches. What I use, still get the 20% distance going to Altinova.
        Farming your own Beer only takes a small farm. 3 contribution points!
    Special Grain items only require 1 for the crafting.
    1 Special Grain 'Wheat' 'Barley' 'Corn' 'Potato'   Wheat/Potato are the cheapest seeds.
    6 Mineral/1 sugar/2 Leavening agent/1 Special Grain.
    Cool draft beer is an RNG of regular beer.
        Promotions are RNG spam away.
        Worker special skills- Such as Fish crate production, Luck increase by level, Crop production skill are RNG and do not have to be any specific grade/class
    Lodgings not in major cities are usually closer to good mines/excavation sites. "Horsetail ranch"
        There is a delay from notification to market.
    You can snipe items from the bots
        Take advantage of the market for extra money
    You see an item that has 0 quantity? Maybe you should farm/process it.
        Black stone powder easily obtained from grinding Skill crystals or grind spots for leveling and grinding those.
    Example- Chimera
    Horses gain experience based on distance traveled get yourself some light horseshoes!

        Horse Training should be done a non 45 character in my opinion so you don't get sniped while autolooping.
    Want to level 4 horses at once? Craft a Merchant Wagon, Way cheaper than noble, and the accessories as well.
        T2 Horses have a distinctive Redish color, May be near impossible to identify if you're colorblind.
        There are no T3+ horses yet. They will be identifiable by their braided tails.
    Horse shoe enhance to +2 is easy enough with 0-3 failstacks
    Horse Breeding I've constitantly gotten t4 Male's/3Fe/male's from T2 lvl 12's   3T4 Males
    Lvl 30 T2's are the way to go though.
    Horse taming do not press space bar until horse is on hind legs.
    My method is 1 rope 2 sugars. Make sure you delay trying to get ride it or it will fail.
    Horses can be ran behind your mount so long as you successfully captured it. Get on get off ride away as far as you want to your stable thats open. Pker's and creatures can kill it...
    Building Stamina DOESN'T require you to actually be running. I've walked and gotten upgraded.
        Amity/Conversation minigame is between account and not individual characters
        There is an Amity Booster potion.... WISH I KNEW THAT! It's only 8minutes 30% increase.
    Grunils set is purchasable in Altinova armorsmith. Requires amity/Conversation minigame.
        Fishers. You have 0 Reason to not craft a Balenos or Epherian Rod. They have no level cap and can be repaired from any blacksmith.
    Unless you are trying to upgrade it. the 5% gain of afk fishing time at +5...not really worth it.
        Epherian is worth upgrading because of the increased durability meaning longer afk fishing.
    I don't think the +1 Fishing speed on thick rod is worth the slots or regular production.
    Steel Rod gives you the +2 speed at Skilled 5. So afk away.
     Then get your nice rods at Professional/Artisan
     Cash shop fish suit increases fishing level. Cap at +5 Fishing level.
    Easy way to farm silver keys is afk fishing.
    Clicking the throw away useless will toss white fish be warned if you're just starting out.
    Special Gear.
     Blue/Yellow  "Yuria Amulet of Destruction"
            Armor and Weapon Enhancement Houses do not require you to have a non upgraded gear.
        It can be +15 and you're good to go to try and upgrade to blue/yellow
            Enhancement failures remove 5 durability from your items.
        So in order to restore it you need to sacrifice same item. Yuria +15  -50 durability= sacrifice yuria weapons to restore the durability. Can be extremely pricey if you've a Liverto worth 9million a piece ><
    Oxen are cows. Which give tough hide.
    Horse gear tool tip calls a combat stirrup a saddle.  ><
    Want Lucky Tools use a lucky worker maybe you'll get lucky
  8. I was wondering if anyone knew the uses for these items as I can't seem to find much information on them. I was thinking they might count as 5 in crafting recipes but you can plant breed the blue quality types of these plants, so I wasn't sure if there was an alternate use for them.
    Any help is greatly appreciated
  9. Please consider adding Rough Stone as a byproduct from workers who work at mining nodes.  Also consider adding logs as a byproduct of workers at lumber camps. 
    If not then can we have AFK mining and lumberjacking like we do fishing?  Go to some mine or lumber camp with the right tool equipped and do hard labor AFK. 
  10. Bonjour à tous,
    Je suis heureux de vous annoncer la mise en ligne de ma nouvelle chaîne Youtube: MishaX - Gaming - http://www.youtube.com/c/Philippevileich-MishaX-Gaming
    Vous y trouverez des guides divers et variés du plus basique (comment acheter le jeu, les paramètres de l'interface, que prendre au cash shop...), en passant par des guides de leveling (Leveling 1-13 (full gameplay), Leveling 13 - 50), à des guides plus spécifiques (Les Nodes, Le Housing, Les Ouvriers, Les Ouvriers Spéciaux...). Tout ça en Français!
    Vous trouvez également d'autres vidéos sur Black Desert Online, mais pas que! Je prévois de faire également pas mal d'autres jeux.
    N'hésitez pas à jeter un oeil, en espérant que cela vous aide à avancer dans ce jeu magnifique! =)
    Contenu & Playlists:
    Guides Généraux (G)
    G1 Présentation générale & Achat du jeu
    G2 Créateur de personnages
    G3 Cash shop & Conseils
    G4 Réglage de l'interface
    G5 Quêtes journalières de Calphéon
    G6 Leveling 1 à 50 | Partie 1 [1-13]
    G7 Leveling 1 à 50 | Partie 2 [13-50]
    G8 Les chevaux & Comment les capturer?
    Guides CRO [Craft/Récolte/Ouvriers]
    CRO1 Les Nodes
    CRO2 Le Housing
    CRO3 Les Ouvriers
    CRO4 Comment bien débuter en craft?
    CRO5 Comment upgrade les armes et armures?
    CRO6 Les ouvriers spéciaux
    CRO7 Les banques d'investissement HOT
    CRO8 La pêche pour les nuls! HOT
    Trucs & Astuces (T&A) HOT
    T&A1 Gagner des points de contribution facilement et rapidement HOT
    T&A2 Gagner des points de contribution facilement et rapidement HOT
    T&A3 Où trouver des informations sur le craft? HOT
    T&A4 Comment traire une vache? HOT
    T&A5 Comment monter les compétences de son cheval? HOT
    T&A6 Comment troller les autres joueurs? HOT
  11. Ok I understand about linking nodes for trade and better sell prices. 
    I also understand that leveling up area nodes increase drop rates and such. 

    What benefit do you get from leveling up a Farm or Mine node?
    I have
     Lead mine to level 5
    Chicken Farm to Level 5
    Imp Horn mine to Level 5

    It seems as I am getting the same amounts from my workers almost every time and no "special" items even from my 2 Very Lucky human miners. 
    Am I missing something or just wasting the energy?

    Thanks In advance!

    Naelyn Mawr on Orwen.

  12. Hi,
    In the past few days I raised my contribution points from 18 to 21. But for some reason my points spent were also raised by 3: from 8 / 18, 9 / 19, 10 / 20 to 11 / 21.  And I did not change anyting to spend more points. When looking at how its distributed it says: 1 for house, 9 for nodes. Well, that's still 10 total and not 11. But as far as I understand this it should have been 8 / 21 since I never changed a thing. Someone care to explain?
  13. Hallo leute ich habe vor 1 Monat ein Ticket erstellt zur Frage, was es bringt Energie in Posten zu Investieren und heute wurde mir dies endlich beantwortet, leider wurde diese Frage im Daum Interview ignoriert...
    Daher gebe ich euch hier die Original Antwort (inklusive Tippfehler).
    Also in Kurz: Eure Farmen, Minen, etc. mit Energie zu leveln bringt nichts, nur der grundlegende Knotenpunkt um dort Items zu farmen von Monstern.
  14. So been playing this for several days now and enjoying it immensely but boy is it complicated.  If this was a single player game I am to the point now where I would start over and redo things I messed up on the first time. Several questions that I thought I would ask the wonderful people here.  Watched the in game guides but they didn't seem to answer these questions
    1. The node, trading, and worker system confuses me immensely.  Done the quests and picked up my first worker and using him.  Tried to recover him today and move him to another location but it told me I didn't have enough food.  Um what?  I only have one so I don't need lodgings if I understand how things work correctly.  What food do I need?  I assume this is something I can cook?
    2. The node system is super confusing.  Trying to connect every node between oliva and valia but now since I have the imp cave connecting in two different directions it told me I couldn't invest in the copper ore nodes around it.  Hmm?  So you don't invest in each node...?  How do you decide on which ones to invest in?  What controls the trading economy and how do you decide which routes make the most money?
    3. That leads into the next question - can workers do trading if you give them there own horse/donkey/cart?  Done some of the trading quests and wow - boring and not all that lucrative (though I just have a donkey) can this be automated like mining and producing of resources?
    4. I love the idea of the conversation system and it is fun to mess around with - but it is not explained well.  It seems some connections lead to extra dots that travel around and give bonuses but I don't know how to predict when that will happen.  Because of these choosing the highest interest character is not always best (assuming you don't have the fail to spark interest quest)
    5. Sometimes the system seems to not work as intended.  I reach the required amity level but I don't get the quest or the info.  For example I got myself up to 150 amity with the female stable lady in oliva but I didn't get the quest from her.  Am I missing something?
    6. Cooking is interesting but recipes seem fiddly.  It makes sense that fried fish is fish deep frying oil and some sort of flour.  But the amounts I would not have guessed.  Is it possible to experiment with cooking and find recipes?  Looking them up seems kind of like cheating.
    7. Map seems to have things about node wars and conquest buildings - I assume this is a guild thing but I can't find anything about it.  Help?
    Thanks!  Oh also keep the energy system - anything that makes people choose what to do and not be able to do everything and have a reason to leave for real life (aka job, family) is a good thing.  I expect there will be some backlash though as there was in the final fantasy mmo.      
  15. Post on Distance to great? in General

    By Albadaran, posted
    Bought Velian Fresh at Bartali Farm and want to sell it at Marino Farm (next to Bartali). I've done this frequently, but now all of the sudden I get the message: 'distance too great'  when I try to sell. What's going on??
    Edit: Maybe the mean distance to mount? Logged out and in to retry but have to wait 10 minutes - is this new?
  16. Hey, was just wondering if anyone has actually connected up all the nodes yet across the map?
    This was my aim to complete before Media came out, but that was released really early, so looks like I will have to set my goal to getting it done in time for Valencia!
    Just curious!

    This is my map and connecting nodes so far and I have been playing since conq-headstart (been taking my time though). Sitting at 152 points at the moment.
    Would love to see everyone else's maps and current contribution points!
  17. Hey, was just wondering if anyone has actually connected up all the nodes yet across the map?
    This was my aim to complete before Media came out, but that was released really early, so looks like I will have to set my goal to getting it done in time for Valencia!
    Just curious!

    This is my map and connecting nodes so far and I have been playing since conq-headstart (been taking my time though). Sitting at 152 points at the moment.
    Would love to see everyone else's maps and current contribution points!
  18. Hey guys! I put together a guide for anyone looking to start a business in Black Desert! I was inspired to make this after I saw a couple people talking about how they were level 45ish and still had no clue how nodes and housing worked, haha. If you're already experienced this won't be of much help but if you have no clue what you're doing I try my best to break down the basics and everything that you'll need to get started  
  19. Hi,
    So I was wondering if anyone can give me an estimate the amount of materials you get from sending a worker to these nodes. For example, do i get like 10~ birch wood or 1 plank if I were to send a worker there once? Thanks.
  20. Hey all
    Havent managed to find any info on if its worth investing energy into worker nodes..as far as i can see in game there is only a bonus if the node is owned by the a guild.
    if anyone has any info on this please let me know
  21. Post on Node Investment (Energy) in PVE

    By triggered, posted
    Hey guys,
    So this is what I know so far: Nodes can be invested in, up to level 10. Of the nodes (Mansha/Catfishman Camp down to Lumberyard Shelter) are spots I've invested in. I have most of all these nodes at least to level 2, some at 3. I haven't kept perfect track record, but I did notice most of these ran me 100 energy to go from 0 to 1, 150 to go from 1 to 2, and 200 to go from 2 to 3.
    This is something I just started looking into today, but haven't found really any information on which leads me to my questions.
    1.) Are any nodes unique in how much energy they require per level, or are they all the same?
    2.) Do we have an obscure chart that tells us how much energy a node requires at each level? As stated above, I have kept slight track of what the ones I've invested in ran me, but I'm interested to see how costly the higher level nodes run.
    If such a chart outlined in #2 does not exist, would anyone like to collaborate with me on a google docs spreadsheet so that we can build out and share this information for those who'd also like to know.
  22. First suggestion is regarding investment of contribution points in nodes. I can see how much points a node costs if I have discovered it, but once I invest in it I have no idea how many points it takes up unless I withdraw my investment. Could we see the contribution cost of nodes regardless of whether we have invested or not?
    Second suggestion relates to cities, lodging, and storage. It would be nice to have some numbers available at the city level showing how much additional storage and lodging your building investments have provided. It would also be nice to see how many spaces are available.
    For example, Velia lets assume that Velia has 20 base storage (not sure what the cities start with). You have invested in a level 1 storage and level 1 lodging and have two workers hired. You have 5 items in your storage.
    The numbers would show as follows:
    Storage: 5/23 (+3)
    Lodging: 2/2 (+1)
    Make sense? Its easy enough currently to see how much storage space you have left but harder to figure out how much lodging you have left. I think this info would be very handy and a good QoL addition. There are likely other bits of info which these city interfaces could display, but I feel these two are ones that should have been there to begin with. Thanks for reading.
  23. I think the in-game map icon for the Florin Gateway is wrong. It should be a gateway, but it is the icon for a connecting node (the two curved arrows). I was expecting, and had calculated, a string of nodes from Olvia to Florin that would cost 1 CP each based on their icons, and so was suprised to get to the Florin Gateway and have it cost 3 CP.
  24. Hi peeps.

    Have been looking around for a concrete answer and cant find one. 

    Fishing in that sweet little spot near Velia (but not in Velia region)

    Have all the nodes around the sea area and they are STILL only offering me 30% trade value on all the fish in Velia or Heidel - Why??
    Heidel and Velia are working fine, can trade between them at 100%+ trade value.

    Thanks for any help. This is really pissing me off at the moment. Nodes are great, but its kind of hit and miss as to whether they even make any sense.