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  1. For anyone still sitting on the fence about getting nodes to level 10 and if they help with drops.

    A round of applause to the people who put in the work for this and a smack over bdo's head for making them do it in the first place. Their lack of communication once again sends a large number of players towards a massive waste of time and less time progressing in the game. This is way worse then ninja nerfs.
  2. Post on Früchte in Allgemeine Diskussionen

    By Nelunn, posted
    gibt es eigentlich nur 1 Node in Olvia "Trauben" Früchte ? Sehe sonst nirgendwo weitere Nodes. Für Gemüse gibt es immerhin abgesehen von den Oliven glaub 3 Nodes
    Gibt es weitere Nodes für Früchte ? 
  3. I don't think I need to explain anything else. I'm just wondering how much CP do you guys have, and how many active workers.
    By active workers I mean those that are working all the time ... not interested in extra workers that you are not using.
    Right now I have 158CP and 39 active workers. I have more than 10 unactive workers, waiting for more CP to spend on nodes, but I decided to invest only in good nodes that produce something that's always in demand and priced at over 500 silver. So mostly some kind of timber and ores. And ofc. all 10 nodes for cooking beer.
    So let me know, how many workers and CP do you have guys  
  4. A rank one house is when your decoration points have the most in your server, having a rank one gives you the ability of, 1 being able to invest in banks and 2 it lets you pick up crates with a lot of contents and a lot of values. this however is something that is not limited nor can be obtained by people that have spent money in the game. I speak in behave of people that can't even pay 10$ in the game that this feature in the game is indeed pay to win, i would like kakao games to make something about this, it shouldn't be taking the feature out of the game but rather make it more open for other people as well to get it, like top 100 or top 1000 houses. it is unacceptable that even spending up to 150$ doesn't even get you in the top 100... kakao games fix.
  5. Post on Problem with Hwachas in General

    By Nevyah, posted
    In the last 2 weeks, everytime we are under a massive attack (tons of white dots around our base), when I try to move the target or shot, my game freezes and finally I went disconected with a bdo error. I'm not the only one, I know that the same happens to other 3 individuals.
    One of the times, as soon the hwacha was destroyed, everything went perfect (movement, casting skills...). No lag. Only using the hwacha.
    Anyone notices that? Is a bug?
    Thank you
  6. Hallo Community, 
    ich habe eine Frage bezüglich der Erkundung der Weltenkarten und da in Bezug auf das Meer.
    Wie man auf dem Screenshot 1 sieht habe ich laut Wissen, alle Nodes erkundet, schaue ich aber in der Gesamtübersicht (Screenshot 2) fehlt irgendetwas.
    Auf Screenshot 3 findet ihr meine aktuelle gesamte Meereskarte.
    Screenshot 1

    Screenshot 2 

    Screenshot 3

    Vielleicht findet ihr den Fehler / Rest  Oder könntet mir einen Hinweis geben.
    Für jede Hilfe bin ich dankbar
    Danke im Voraus.
    VG Trinkerbell / Meliesandre
  7. Post on Nodes invest energy in PVE

    By DeadlSsue, posted
    My question is energy investment to a node, I had node at sausan lvl 10, for 1 hour of grinding, my profit from 8-12 mill. now I have same node lvl 1 and my profit is same.Why energy investment and S knowledges not work at all?
  8. Halfway between Ostra and Iliya islands is a fishing POI for Porgy.  The node is therefore south of (the large) Iliya Island.  EVERY fish I caught there was labeled as being from Racid.  Racid Island is considerably Northwest of Iliya.  Therefore, despite connecting the nodes, all my fish sold at reduced rates.  In addition, despite having fished for a considerable time at the POI, I have yet to catch a single Porgy, and nor have the other fishermen in my guild.  Everyone gets the same results.  Thanks.
  9.  So I have a quest "What is the Taste of Heaven?" and I need to purchase Leight Ale from Norma Leight in Northern Wheat Plantation. I traveled far and wide finding any node I may be missing, I went back and forth on the BDO tome, I don't believe I need EVERY single node from all of BD, but I went even as far as exploring the ocean region without a boat, going to as many islands as possible before giving up. I found some that were missing in the Calpheon region and all that. Oh also, I know I need to be Apprentice 2 in trading to purchase anything from her, but I still don't know about the missing connected nodes. Please and thank you to anybody  (Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I don't know where else it would be appropriate in)
  10. Post on Node Usage in Suggestions

    By Tensai, posted
    Is there a way that it can be added to the nodes that you have invested in an icon to the main node showing that you have additional contribution points into the node?
    This would make it a little easier for players to know where they have additional points invested and also to help keep workers working on siad nodes instead of sitting idle.
  11. Hey I know this is probably a dumb beginner question, but where do you find the node manager in Olvia town? I have been running around for an hour now and I can't seem to find the node manager  I could really use some help!
    EDIT : Nvm, I found the answer and I feel dumb now haha. Cities don't have node managers...
    If anyone else comes across this and has the same problem as I did, read this: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/60598-where-is-node-manager-for-olivia/
  12. Hey Leute ^^ ich finde man könnte doch auch die Patchnodes schon einen Tag vorher Veröffentlichen mit den Text Drunter das sich es unter Umständen noch ändern kann ider so ^^, oder zumindest wenn eine Wartung mal länger geht die Patchnodes um die eigentliche zeit Veröffentlicht, würde für m,ich etwas zeit in der Wartung nehmen wenn ich nicht Arbeiten muss
  13. Post on Leveling nodes? in General

    By comedychris, posted
    hey guys ok so after few days of playing and getting know some base mechanics of nodes and trading and connecting blah blah blah,,, i still cant find any info or solid answers on what Leveling a node up does... ive heard it increases drops but certain nodes like near velia or the coast there isnt any mobs there... so what drops would it increase? and also why would you level the first towns nodes all thats there is grass bug things that drop nothing so.. again seems pointless?    my idea for the coast was since lots of fishermen there maybe it increased rare fish or those relics?   if not.. help? haha i dont know what to use my energy on while fishing dont wanna run miles to buy energy potion or gather as im fishing... and leveling nodes seems to be only afk energy spending... anyway any help what to spend energy on or facts on what leveling nodes does would be great thanks.
    ps certain nodes you can level the node itself and then 1 or 2 mines or farms where the workers work so... what would leveling the node up and 2 other things up sure that would affect drops 3 times... so its pointless doing more than 1 its all just  a mystery haha thanks again and hope everyones having great time in game  
  14. As node wars requires polished stone and the market does not sell enough of it.  There is a lack of rough stone.  If there were stone quarries nodes where we could send our workers, this would help a lot.   
  15. Somos Black Sail, una guild de Black Desert Online creada en Marzo de 2016. Venimos de EU (Jordine) y contamos con más de 80 miembros en nuestras filas.
    Nos consideramos una Guild semi-hardcore, donde nuestros principales requisitos son el compañerismo y las ganas de pasarlo bien. Para nosotros ante todo está la persona, no el personaje.
    Buscamos gente comprometida, Hacemos node wars 2 veces por semana y buscamos mejorar cada día y crecer para llegar a ser una guild española top.
    Pedimos respeto, actividad y equipo mínimo para PvP (idealmente, armadura tri y armas tri), pero se puede hablar.

    Aquí encontrareis algo más que una Guild; encontrareis una familia muy especial con sus más y sus menos, a la cual, os iréis enganchando cada día más y más.
    No encanta hacer el payaso, cantar y trolear con el bot del discord, pero también pedimos compromiso y seriedad en las node wars, misiones de clan y distintos eventos de pvp y grindeo que realizamos a menudo. Si lo tuyo es la buena compañía, disfrutar del juego aprender y mejorar, únete!
    Contacto ingame: Dragon_Axel, Sokyy , Ashara_Stormborn, Ylahs, IZeusSI, Ziaus, Sajorami, Politoxicomana o pregunta por nosotros en channel.
    PD: Aceptamos grupos de amigos o guilds que quieran progresar y estar en un clan con posibilidades de realizar pvp organizado a mayor escala.

  16. Hey everybody. I'm a new player and I'm very confused about almost everything in the game right now lol. I figured out how to connect nodes by investing contribution points, but I don't know how to assign a worker to one of my nodes. I tried scouring the entire web for any help regarding this matter, but all the guides seem to lack any info on how to actually get workers to, you know, work. I already hired a human worker from velia and I tried to figure out how to get him to work on one of the nodes nearby, but there is no option in node management to assign a worker. Could anybody help me with this?
    Also, is there a node management in velia or is that automatically an activated node?
  17. I'm starting a series of guides about everything BDO. I'm trying to make it to the point without a lot of unnecessary information.
    Things that seem simple and obvious to some are counter-intuitive and obscure to others.
    The goal is to help people with those things so they can have a more enjoyable BDO experience.
    Please check it out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOOZskEyN8LYWwad2HXfVDA
    Any constructive criticism or further questions are more then welcome! 
  18. Hey everyone, you might remember me from the Top 10 Node video from a while back - I've released a Valencia Worker Node guide and thought some of you might find it useful. Feel free to ask questions
  19. Hello, I'm a level 56 sorc fairly geared on Edan, I have a few concerns and inquires about a few things in the game and decided to start a thread about it to read and see how other players have experienced in the game so far. I self admit that RNG and I do not agree, and as such my luck, when it comes to anything other than enhancements (the fail stacking part not the succeeding part ) is down the drain. I always have +5 luck in case anyone wants to know that.
    Players having better luck than others and node investments: (I will use Hexe node for witch earrings as that is what we tested it on)
    So my buddy (a ranger) and I created an account literally right next to each other, in the same room! So far, he has had way better luck than me when it comes to any rare loot. He does not care about knowledge grades (he does have mostly C's, we've checked to make sure), and he does not care about node investment or connecting the nodes, he knows going any where and farm for an hour he should have at least 1 if not 2 rare loots by the end of it (haven't gone to Valencia yet, do not have pri+ gear yet) I even had him kill 1 mob at a time to make sure its not a massive number of mobs he is killing per hour compared to myself. On the other hand, I spend hours, even days just to get 1 rare drop. So I started to reset my knowledge on mobs in the hope of getting an S or at least a B for a better chance, no luck with that. So I then invested energy in the node, that helped for a while, I got plenty of relic shards (I want to say a total of 50 max in the span of weeks) and 2 witch earrings and junk loot, but as soon as I got it to level 9, I rarely even get witch pouches (no witch earrings, no relic shards either)... So my question is, is the luck account based? as in if I create 10 accounts, each account will have random luck with it or what? Also about node investment, is that even worth it? because I have a level 9 node, farmed for 5 hours a day for 3 days straight, and only got turn in loot and 3 witch pouches only and I am sure I got better results before I had the level 9 node.
    To put it in perspective, my buddy, another guild member (a witch), and I went there to farm, in 20 minutes my buddy got 19 relic shards, while me and the witch got nothing after staying there for about an hour and a half, and by nothing I mean not even a witch pouch. Is this normal or what?
    Shard gathering for gear improvement:
    I am a PvP minded person, while I understand I have the chance of sniping them of the market or pre-ordering them for over 15 mil for 1 sharp, I have taken to gathering in order to improve my gear. The result so far have been abysmal to say the least. Professional 4 gathering on my main, 232 energy, 5 characters. Over the span of 2 weeks, I have gathered a total of 5 Hards and 1 sharp (nowhere near enough with the amount I need with the luck I have). I then started crafting tools in the hope of getting lucky tools, got 5 of them, used 4 of them and got none. I thought using Lucky tools would improve my chances, but so far they have diminished my chances instead, I can however confirm that I have gotten way more trade items using them than the regular tools. Is this normal when it comes to lucky tools? Is the drop rate that I got normal compared to you? And lastly, has anyone found a better way (consistent way) to get them?
    I really want feedback on your experience when it comes to node investment and luck when it comes to getting rare loot.
    I know I'm a sorc, heard it all, really, best one is "Oh you are a sorc, set it to free looting, we have an extra pet in the party" *party leader set party loot to free looting*
  20. Ok guys,
    What's the node to level in order to improve your Ogre Ring droprate ? I've leveled Calpheon Castle Site Western Forest up to level 9, but I've just noticed the "Affiliated Node" is Calpheon Castle site.
    Which one is the correct one ?
  21. I have a simple question for you all, why is it that there are worker nodes for every other Tree logs/Timber like Ash and Birch but not one for just normal Logs. I can't understand why there is no Worker nodes for Logs, since it's not worth grinding and selling on the Marketplace there is never any Logs available on the Marketplace, i think  they need to Increase the price for Logs to make more people grind and sell then or give us at least one worker node for players so we don't need to spend 2 hours to make 20 Usable scantlings.
    Thoughts? should they keep the system they have now or make it more easy to access logs for players?
  22. Hi,

    This is my current setup near Heidel. (it's an image)

    The node with the red square around it is not necessary for any connections to Heidel. In fact, on both sides, the node chains to other locations bypass it entirely.

    However, when I try to retrieve the contribution points from that node, I get this:
    "Cannot collect on a node that is currently connected to two other nodes."

    That is such an arbitrary restriction on node management that it's sad. That'd mean I'd have to collect on at least 2 other nodes before collecting on this one, and there was no purpose in that. 

    I get why the rule exists generally, i.e. to prevent breaking a connection to a city and leaving a node with investment but no city. But this rule does stupid stuff like this which goes against the logic of why it was made in the first place. This node of mine is entirely unnecessary for other nodes' connection to a city, but I can't collect on it without taking down other chains?


    I am going to leave this for posterity as I was being dumb.
    I had yet to remove investment into the Dwarf Mushroom harvesting sub-node on that node. Once I did, it let me retrieve the contribution points from that node.

    Maybe the wording of that warning could be changed to be unique instead of just "connected to two nodes".
  23. Post on ORWEN: Game of Nodes in General

    By Lokien, posted
    REJOICE!  With node dates set, the chatter and e-peenery on Orwen has officially begun!
    Like many of you, <Rage> has been looking forward to this day for quite some time.  As such, we could not let such a special occasion pass without the proper commemoration.  In honor of the day, we present a collection of the GoT House Sigils of some of the major players--friends and foes alike--that will seek to take control of nodes in the upcoming wars.
    See you on the battlefield!
    The guy from <Rage> who made that cooking thing and that crystal thing but never quite finished that alchemy thing.

    P.S. You can make your own sigils here:   http://www.jointherealm.com/
  24. Bonjour tout le monde, 
    Je partage ici une map interactive en français (à jour de Valencia II). Toute aide est la bienvenue, que ce soit pour partager des positions ou pour suggérer des ajouts et/ou modifications. Pour ce faire vous pouvez utiliser notre forum ou répondre ici. Toutes les informations données seront vérifiées avant d'être ajoutées.
  25. Hey guys, 
    I share here an interactive map (Valencia II). Everybody are welcome to help, to share locations or to suggest anything ! You can use this forum to help us. All information given will be checked before being added.