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  1. Post on Nodes - Energy investment in PVE

    By Chuni, posted
    Capitol/Major City Nodes
    What I would like to ask is that in regards to Capitol/Cities Energy investment (not Contribution Point Investment), does it effect your own personal gathering, collecting, and looting, for example: Say I am near the Node Velia, and I'm doing some farming, or some mining and I've leveled the Cities investment level via Energy up to level 5, would I receive more personal loot (again without workers) as you would with workers in production nodes?
    Again I am NOT asking for the following:
    Gathering Nodes for WorkersInformation Relating to Monster Drops within City Nodes
  2. No Pop Up To Send Workers!
    Last night I spent 5 hours after work trying to figure out what turns out to be a bug? I think? The node system isn't intuitive and is much more complicated than it needs to be. Those are just personal opinions, but the problem that I am having:
    2 Workers: The free one and one I contracted
    A home: set up as a residence for them
    Nodes: Properly set up to work
    No pop Up: That allows me to send workers to them. When I dig and am able to bring up the workers window it doesn't show me as having workers. When it did, they were greyed out with no option to select them. However, I do have 2 workers. They haven't been deployed to work anywhere else. No idea why this is happening. 
    If this is something that I am not doing right on my part, then it is an even bigger issue because it means that with all of the videos I watched, blogs I've read and attempts I've made it is not intuitive enough to figure out, even when I've try to very hard. Never experienced anything like it. Really hoping it's a bug. I do like the game a lot. 
    No idea, but I want to play to have fun, not to figure out why the UI isn't working.  
  3. So i am right outside Calpheon, and i opened some of the closed nodes. But seems all the mines and other farm nodes wont open up. I talk to the NPCS walked allover the area try to open it. . . and nothing. Can somebody please help me out i really need to open these nodes. What am i doing wrong?
  4. Post on Lost energy in In-Game Bugs

    By Griffith Hawk, posted
    I have suspected that every now and then when I invested in nodes i was losing points. When I switch from one char to another to invest all my free energy sometimes the game lags behind and ill click on the button and nothing happens. today i was 10 points away from leveling Lake Kaia to level 4 and clicked on the invest button 4 times (40 points). the bar did not move, I exited the map and saw my energy was still 43, I go back to the node on map and it is still level 3 and when i click invest it says I dont have enough energy, once again i exit to find my energy gone and the node not leveled. 
    This time alone i lost 40 energy.
  5. Post on Node Leveling & Fishing in General

    By Kyifer, posted
    Hey guys! So I haven't been able to get a clear answer on this and I was hoping that some of you that have experience with this might be able to help.
    Does leveling up a node that you're fishing at increase the chances of catching rare or better fish?
  6. Please allow access to the map ("M" default key) while FISHING.  Currently, map access is not allowed during mini games, but fishing has so much "down time" even when actively done, that I would love to micro-manage my nodes and workers during it.  You could have a little bell or sound to indicate when a bite is felt, and with the three (3) minute auto-fish, one would really not lose out on anything by being in a different screen, doing different things.
  7. As the title asks i'm wondering if the way nodes are connected will affect the speed at which workers will gather specific resources or if it will affect trading prices or if it affects anything at all, because if not then it would be smarter to invest only in the cheapest path from city to city (excluding nodes with the resources you want workers to gather). For example to connect Olvia to Velia you could take the path going via coastal cave or your could go from Olvia through the gateway to Western Guard camp and then to Velia. 
    I'm wondering if i really need to invest 3 contribution points into the gateway near the western guard camp since without it being invested in, Olvia is connected to Velia but not directly to western guard camp via that gateway, though Velia is connected to Western Guard camp. So i'd assume without it being directly connected to western guard camp the trading or whatever would first have to travel through to Velia and then back to western guard camp?
    Sorry if this is a bit confusing to read but hopefully you guys understand what i'm trying to get at and can help me out with understanding this.
  8. Hallo Leute,
    ich bin mir einfach nicht sicher, wenn ich den Nebenslot bei einem Knoten also z.B. meine Holzfarm aufwerte verbessert sich dann die Menge Holz die ich erhalte und die Chance auf z.B: Bretter und anderes?
    Oder hat das ebenfalls nur Einfluss auf den Dropp bei Monster Kills? Auch aus Englishen Foren werde ich nicht schlau, da jeder von Monster Drops spricht, diese interessieren mich nicht, ich möchte meine Produktion fördern.
  9. Post on Investing in Nodes in PVE

    By Hexebus, posted
    Whats the point of spending energy to invest on Nodes? Say if its a mine, will my worker there output more resources? Or if its a farming spot will it increase my drop rate? Any info would be appreciated.
  10. I am really new to this game, a day old, and I keep hearing and reading about the importance of nodes and how you need to be careful with them.  Is there a guide somewhere explaining nodes or can someone post up some info about them?  Thanks!
  11. Post on Worker beer farm in Guides

    By Haruno, posted
    Hey all,
    I am fairly new to the crafting and working system, but I saw my workers run out rather fast of stamina.
    I read some guides about using beer and I was wondering if it was possible to use all workers for crafting beer (at the moment I got 5),
    to ensure u never run out of beer and therefor never out of stamina (so you can level up workers as fast as possible). 
    Some questions about this are :
    how many workers would I need to put on farming potatoes or other materials,
    how many workers should I place on crafting the beer itself,
    what kind of work station would I need,
    how could I make this all go automatic,
    and last but not least, is this even worthwhile?
    I would love to hear your views on this matter and see if anyone has experience with making such a setup:)
  12. Hey guys, another quick and dirty guide of about 5 minutes to making beer and using your workers.
  13. My apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere.
    Do we know if investing in a node will increase drop rates for fishing?  Or is it for kills only?
  14. Post on Questions bout Nodes in General

    By Maylina, posted
    Is it really worth leveling up a node, if so what does it do (besides lvling up). Does it increase the items your gather or decrease the time it takes for your worker to gather stuff?
  15. So my friend and I have been doing some fishing up at Cron Castle and selling at Heidal/Velia. I've been able to sell no problems, but my friend keeps getting told by the game that his nodes aren't connected. Here's a screenshot of his nodes:
    Anyone have any idea why it's not working right for him? I can't for the life of me see a problem (and he's checked the origin of his fish, they say Cron Castle on them). Can't figure out what's going on at all.
    Hello folks! 
    I recently started making quick guides for BDO, here is all of them!
    More are on the way, trying to balance actually playing the game and making the guides. 
    If anybody has ideas on what parts of the game that I should make guides for please leave your suggestions. =)
    AFK/Auto Fishing and Fishing in general.
    How to connect nodes
    How to get workers
    How to make beer
    How to get pet food
    How to increase Breath Strength and Health
  17. Leveling fishing, and leveling nodes increases "Item drop rates"
    Does this mean for fishing as well? Or just monster drops?
    Doing some research I found some people say that merchant prices go down, workers getting more resources and such, but nothing has really been confirmed.
    Would rather not spend a bunch of energy into a node if it's not really helping me on my fishing.
  18. So newbie question: I'm getting this message in my map under my node manager.

    I thought at first somewhere in my chain something went wonky. So I took all my CP out of my nodes and put some on just the farm south of Velia along with the potato node attached and sent a worker off to do his thing. But I'm still getting the message even though I'm getting my taters. I'm not sure if this is something to be worried about or not. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Hey guys, I am sure these videos are a dime a dozen. at this point, but if this video helps even one of you, mission accomplished! This is also my first tutorial video, ever. If you are new and wanna chat about the game, I can be found on Edan server (USA).
  20. Im new to the game, I have read a lot of guides on workers and nodes and I get how to set it up now, my question is what should i set up initially some sort of beer producing place and a black stone refinery?
    If someone with a good heart and sympathetic ear would kindly go through an example set up of what they consider the bare minimum node/worker set up ready to take a player forward once they have more fully grasped what they want their workers to do for them later on.
  21. Hello all! 
    I cannot get my workers to work  no display pops up when I re-visit a node, hopefully i'm just a noob and I am missing something. 
    I have done the following:
    I have connected Nodes from Olvia to Velia, and all are displaying orange lines connecting them.I have purchased lodging for my worker in Olvia.I have hired a worker in Olvia, (which now displays in my worker list).I have visited a linked Node and talked to the manager, however no menu pops up to assign my workers to do something. Please help!!
    Figured it out! 
    Just for anyone having issues; not only must you invest contribution points into the node, you also have to click on the Icon of the material you want and invest another point into that material before you can assign workers.
  22. Post on node trade in General

    By BTTANKER, posted
  23. Edit:  The adage of "turn if off and back on again" resolved this- fully exiting the game and relaunching corrected all the issues, and the workers have all just begun their repeat of the previous tasks (all timers/progress fresh). Leaving this up in case it helps others.
    All of my workers, regardless of city, are full stamina yet idle:
    Issue began about 12 hours prior to this posting. Worker stamina has not decreased during this time; it may have occurred when intentionally using 'cancel' to interrupt repeat tasks to top off stamina levels, as I was unable to repeat or re-assign after feeding them all.Attempting to assign them to a new task the game returns a "Worker is already working" error and there is no change.No resources from the previously assigned nodes are being collected (not a display bug where they are working but appear not to be).Attempting to assign another (newly hired) worker to the node that worker was previously using returns a node already-in use error message. Assigning these new workers to previously unused nodes does work normally.Attempting to 'Contribution Withdrawal' from a node that a bugged worker was previously using returns a "Exploration nodes that are being used cannot be collected" error message.Attempting to "Repeat", "Fire Selected", or "Promotion" a bugged worker returns a "worker is already working" error.Bug effecting six workers across Velia, Hidel, and Calpheon; seemed to occur to all workers at the same time.Have not changed channels since the workers were initially assigned to those nodes. 
    Server: Uno
    Channel: Calpheon U2
    Edit:  The adage of "turn if off and back on again" resolved this- fully exiting the game and relaunching corrected all the issues, and the workers have all just begun their repeat of the previous tasks (all timers/progress fresh).  Leaving this up in case it helps others.
  24. Hey guys,
    I've been really enjoying BDO and learning all the different systems and features that the game has and doing little videos on them for people who have not yet played the game and might be interested! I just finished making a video on Crafting and Workers. I hope it'll come in useful for someone!
  25. Hey guys,
    I made a quick video for my channel to show off the trading system which is something unique to BDO that many people who don't play the game may not be familiar with. I thought it might be useful for some people here. I hope you enjoy a quick luck at the trading system for those who aren't in yet or who don't know how it works. If you're going to tell me it's shit then please be constructive, always looking to improve!